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Q words

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Feb 11, 2005 8:23 pm


QQ = Big Breasts, Boobs

Qavasi = Literally Scuba diving, Chatr Bazi, Free Loading (Moft Khori), Using people, inviting oneself to stay in people's houses

Qosl = Islamic Shower (after sex)

Qater = Mule

Qerti = Westoxicated

Qeymaq = Pat, Pat-e Khaye, dried pubic cream

Qozmit = Deranged

Qambad = A gas inflammation of stomach due to sorrow (sarcastic)

Qoqnos = Sarcastic for a nerd, a legendary bird

Qerqere = Repetition, repeating oneself, literally a thread roll (going round & round)

Qer O Fer = Taking too long to make up & get ready, very fancy dresser

Qompoz = Pride
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Re: Q words

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:28 pm

Qoromsaq = Pimp

Qarapet = Traditional Bartender (usually Armenian)

Qoltashang = (1) Dumb and Backward Man, (2) Silly and Offensive Man, (3) Big Odd Slob

Qereshmal =(1) Raunchy and Rowdy Woman, (2) Dishonest and Whorish Woman

Qash = Faint

Qashi = Fainter

Qolopi = Giant Food Bite

Qalebi = Endakhtani, Lemon merchandise, Item of low quality sold as a high quality item

Qaleb Kardi? = Did you sell a Qalebi (Lemon merchandise)?

Qod Qod Mirza = Prince Chicken (literally), Talkative Person, Someone who comments a lot

Qolop Qolop = Gulp Gulp (drinking), Fast Drinking

Qiyamat = (1) End of Times, (2) A Big Incident, An Episode, A Big Fight

Qar O Yar = A lot of family and friends, Ex:
Kheyli Qar O Yar dareh = (1) He got too many family and friends, (2) Everywhere he goes, he drags along too many people with him as sidekicks or guests

Qashang = Pretty

Qeymeh = (1) Small Pieces (Turkish), (2) Small Pieces of Meat, (3) A Persian Stew made up of small pieces of meat

Qeymeh Qeymeh = (1) Cutting down to small pieces, (2) Slashing someone to small pieces, EX:
Jahel (Persian Traditional Thug): Qeymeh Qeymat mikunam = I’ll cut you to small pieces (flashing knife)

Qab Qab = Double Chin

Qermezi = Reds

Qal Gozashti = Making a date and not showing up

Qif = Cone

Qaedeh = (1) Women’s Monthly Period, (2) Base of objects

Qel Qeli = (1) Little Round One! (2) Little Persian Meatballs

Qelefti = (1) skin something, someone or an animal in one shot!, (2) Quickly removing something

Qolabi = Fake

Qarbal = (1) A large plate with little holes, (2) A large strainer, (3) Something full of holes

Quz = Hunch backing, Bending over, Bent forward

Quzi = Hunchback

Qafar = (1) Victorious, (2) Thug, (3) A Jahel (Persian Traditional Thug) nickname

Qurbaqeh = (1) Frog, (2) Ugly person, (3) Someone jumping around, (4) Someone jumping branches and not sticking with one task or career

Qazanfar = (1) A Persian Name, (2) A funny and silly person, (3) A backward person

Qap Zadan = Snatching, Swiping

Qer = (1) Dance, (2) Shake

Qod = Stubborn

Qeyz =Anger

Qasam =Swear

Qovat = Power

Qaz = (1) Goose, (2) A Tall and Big Sloppy Person, (3) A person with long neck

Qeyqaj = Virazh (Zig Zag), Zig Zag driving or walking
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