Z words

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Z words

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Feb 11, 2005 8:38 pm


Zaloo = Mullah Leeches

Zereshk = Barberry, a sarcastic remark to exaggeration (Persian Style)

Zer Zer = Mumbling and talking too much

Zolf Ali = Curly, Sarcastic for a person with a high bed of hair

Zobeydeh Badum = Sarcastic for center of attention

Zulbia = An Iranian Sweet, a sexy babe in a sarcastic way!

Zulbia Bamiye = A sexy babe in a sarcastic way

Zam Harir = Very cold

Zeperti = Weak, powerless, made of cheap & weak material

Zurzuraki = With force

Zeyqam = sarcastic name for a person who self pitty much, person of sorrow

Zeynab Sister = Khahar-e Zeynab, Islamic Religious Female Police, One who becomes Siqeh & sleeps with Muslim men (religiously correct) at night & roams the streets in a 4WD Vehicle to make sure women's dress code is religiously correct at the day time!

Zepeleshk = A sarcastic remark to exaggeration (Persian Style)
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