The next Tianenmen Square will be in Teheran

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The next Tianenmen Square will be in Teheran

Postby SirZJ » Sun Dec 26, 2004 3:49 pm

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Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 30, 2004 8:01 pm

KIR was the curse of Allah to Miranians for complaining too much
about the old regime & their Gondeh Guzi.

Perhaps an open massacre - as opposed to the killings in dribs
and drabs - will finally alert the world to what is happening.

Masters didn't become Masters 4 their good looks alone.
They can engineer almost anything anywhere.

All it wants is freedom of speech,

once they get that, they would want more & more & more.
Just look at Massoume ebte-KIR, she used 2b Marry,
who took Hostages, who is now a holy jendeh-mother of KIR.
As if she never did nothing wrong.

freedom to dress as it likes,
freedom to listen to rock music

Their fathers had all that, but wasn't enough, they wanted 2 rule
the whole F*ing world. They used 2 brag that KIR was gona take over
the whole world. I heard it from an American educated Miranian
'Mohandes'! Some even wanted to merge SHIT-Islam with Marx!

Initially, it put its faith in President Khatami,

No, Khaayami was erected by the Masters to soften the face of KIR
& Millions fell 4 it. They should've known better.

But after seven years in power, Khatami has been able to deliver little.

Pure BS, he did what he was chosen to do: to buy time & let KIR to drag on.

The mullahs appear to be throwing away any opportunity to reform
peacefully the state from within;

1- They r NOT in-charge (read Killing Hope)
2- They know that if they let go, they'd be butchered eventually
They r in a lose-lose situation now.
Even if they don't do nothing, they'll b removed my Masters eventually

Perhaps 1 good way for the 'good' non-KIR Mullahs to save their families
would be to work with the other non-KIR groups, as I mentioned in
Killing-Hope, to make a win-win deal with the Masters.

True, America's record of entanglement in Iran is abysmal.

For whom?
For them has always been a success & will remain so.
World doesn't run by charity & humanity & honesty & caring & sharing.

Mossadeq, who might well have put Iran on the path to liberal democracy.

Yeh, sure, even PIGs would've been able 2 fly then!
He was a total EGO maniac fool.
British took over a big part of China & sold millions of $$$$ worth
of opium to Chinese, they created almost every country in Middle east,
yet this Miranian Guz wanted to boss the British & kick them out of

proceeded to abuse systematically human rights, ...

If he had done a good job, Goh-Khori of 78 wouldn't have happend.
He was a sweet heart compared to the KIR Mullahs.
At least he cared & provided good education.

... enrich his cronies ...

1- He was not fully in-charge (read killing-hope)
2- Now there r thousands, each with their own filthy families & cronies!

The stupid, short-sighted US policy of backing this man gave
rise to a rare political manifestation of Shia Islam. Normally Shia
clerics stay out of politics,

This is the biggest BS ever !
Mullahs have been on British pay-roll for over 100 years.
Islamic Fundamentalism (Muslim brotherhood) was funded by CIA in order
to create opposition for Naser in Middle East.
Afgan war was engineered by the Masters to break Russia's back.

Ayatollah Khomeini rose to power in a popular revolution.

Pure BS. The KK was kicked out of the Mordaab & was very quiet untill
he was 'contacted'. Read Chossollah in the arcticle section.

The Ayatollah started to butcher his enemies with a ruthlessness that
he had learnt from the Shah, and he began threatening US interests.

Now u r trying 2 make me laugh, stop it pls, u r killing me ...
What r u on?!
Yeh, right, a Goh Mullah can over-power the Biggest millitary power
in their own region?! U read the Killing-Hope & tell me this without

Mullahs don't have a heart, they make money by making people CRY over &
over & over ... !!! SHIT Mullahs have no vojdaan!

So America backed Iraq's Saddam Hussein - another genocidal tyrant -

1- Iraq was doing Gomdeh-Guzi & many wanted to go LEFT
2- Saddam was chosen to put an end to 1 above
3- Saddam was given a list of all who should be killed by CIA
4- Saddam was manipulated to attack Miran: it is called policy of
'dual comtainment'
5- The idiots killed each other & made the WEST rich for over 8 years!

The losers in this half-century of disgrace have been the Iranian people themselves.

& the Iraqies.
What do u expect, idiots always lose.

the neo-cons have been trumpeting the cause of dissidents in Iran for years.

Father Bush did it in Iraq to the Kurds, but he didn't back them up all the way,
so the Kurds were butchered by uncle Saddam.

Many British people seem to have forgotten - ...
Some of them are, indeed, appalling:

They should 1st look at how they F*ed millions in their own empire in the
late 19 & early 20 century.

President Carter tried to ....
by pressuring the Shah to stop human rights abuses.

I bet he did, so that the regime-change in Miran could happen!

Sometimes, at least, US leaders prioritise noble American values
above squalid American interests.

Read Killing-Hope.
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