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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Surenareal » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:51 am

Crime Against Humanity Committed Against Iranian Nation and their National Army, within 10-days after 11 February 1979 Coup d’état and Foreign Powers' Sponsored Regime Change In Iran

The Foreign Powers that Plotted 1979 Regime-Change in Iran, also prepared a Kill-List of 4830 Iranian Government Officials, to be hanged within ten-days of the Coup d’état and foreign sponsored Regime-Change in Iran on February 11, 1979.

Using the foreign powers' puppet Mullah Khomeini the accursed (Khomeini-e maloon, inn vatan foroosh-e khaa-en, mes-le mullah Ali Khamenei-e mal-oon inn vatan-foroosh khaa-en; nowkar va dal-ghak-eh ajnabi)

The Kill-List of 4830 Patriotic Iranian Officials to be hanged by Mullahs and their arab mercenaries, to bring about an irreversible political change and regime change in Iran in 1979, all of these killings were to protect the interests of those Major Powers and their Crude Oil Companies.

For the 1979 Kill-List by the UK (under Prime Minister James Callaghan) and US (under President Jimmy Carter). See the link below

New Addition: For 634 of the names of the patriotic Iranian Military Commanders, Generals, Colonels, and other Army Officers, on the Kill-List (prepared by Colonel Guast in Jimmy Carter's administration) to be killed within three days, listen to the following two audio clips; from the middle of the first link below, to the beginning of the second link.

This Crime of Massacre of Iranian Army Generals, Army Commanders, Colonels, and Officers is similar to the Katyn massacre of 8000 Polish Army Generals and other Military Officers in May 1940 by NKVD (for more information see the link below):

Similar massacre was perpetrated by these foreign powers in Iran after the 1979 Coup d’états, (Coup d’état va tow-te-ah 22 Behman 57) and 1979 regime change plot.

These Iranian Officials, Army Generals, Commanders, Colonels, and other Army Officers, Ministers, Majles Deputies, University Professors that were on Kill-Lists of US (under President Jimmy Carter) and UK (under Prime Minister James Callaghan), they all were to be hanged in the first 10-days after February 11, 1979 Coup d’état, and Regime-Change in Iran.

3000 persons were on the Kill-List provided by the US (under President Jimmy Carter) they were mostly Iranian Army Generals, Colonels, and other Army Officers.

There were 1830 persons on the Kill-List provided by the UK (under Prime Minister James Callaghan) they were mainly Civilians, including Iranian Government Officials, government ministers, University Professors, pro-government mullahs and other government officials.

Also 31 imprisoned pro-Government mullahs were murdered by machinegun in Ghasr Prison, the same night that four Army Generals; Nasiri, Naji, Khosrowdad, and Rahimi were murdered by the arab mercenaries (from the terrorist group Hamas brought to Iran from Lebanon) on the roof-top of the Alavi School that traitor mullah Khomeini the accursed and his arab mercenary terrorists were staying.

These 31 pro- government mullahs were murdered by traitor foreign puppet and mass-murderer terrorist mullah Sadegh-e Khalkhali, they called that night "the night of mullah killing", or in Persian "shab-eh akhond koshan".

See also the parts related to how Mrs. Durian McCray (a cia agent allocated to bring orders from DC to traitor mullah Khomeini the accursed (her handler was Colonel Baker that lived in a house next door to the cia agent Mrs. Durian McCray she has arranged to have delivery of 117 US Diplomatic Passports for traitor Mullahs and collaborators (including Mullah Ali Akbar-e Hashemi-e Rafsanjani, Mullah Beheshti, Sadegh-e Ghotbzadeh and his brother with a fake name Aboo Sharief, Abolhassan-e Banisadr, and several other traitors involved in the 1979 foreign plot against the Iranian people.

For more details on all of those who received US Diplomatic Passports at that time so that these traitors could feel safe during the plot, listen to the links below.

These diplomatic passports were provided by Jimmy Carter Government for these traitors to insure that traitor Khomeini's mafia cliques and foreign mercenaries would be able to escape Iran at any time, if the foreign powers' 1979 plot of Regime-Change were unsuccessful, so that these traitors will have no fear for their lives, since they could use their US Diplomatic Passports to escape Iran anytime they were in danger.
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Kargozaran » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:23 pm

Alo Haji Joohoodeh :jew:
Are you mental? Or do you just act mental on the net?

Baz to mast kardi oomadi mozakhraf neveshti? :lush:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Khob ebghadr Aragh Sagi nakhor! :pokey:
Enghadr aragh mikhori, hanooz zendeyi?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


This was all a dream and then you woke up and then you found yourself still in Ghorbat, writing Mozakhraf on Internet.


The only list in this conspiracy theory was the list of a group of Koon Goshad Imperial Generals of Mamad Damagh Shah who ran away from the people’s Islamic Revolution and left his Sag Nokars so called Generals to be executed.


Imperial Generals was a group of Nokar without any free will, mind or public support. Mamad Damagh left, like 28 mordad, and like a piece of crap, they collapsed. They were Nokare Khaneh Zad. CIA told them to jump and they jumped. CIA told them to die and they died. They are better off dead. People of Iran executed them for their crimes against people.


Who’s the narrator of this 60 parts of Mozakhraf which you feed the people and you wrote about it for 100 times? Is that gay Fouladvand? Is he still alive? Did he die of Aids? He sounds like a Kooroose Bi Mahal!


You have pictures of Reza Damagh, pesare Mamad Damagh in your YouTube channel. Do you kiss his ass for money? How much you make buddy?


Nokars of CIA and MI6 were Mamad Damagh, Reza Damagh and Pimp Timsars. Islamic Revolution happened and they got kicked out and executed by the people. That’s what happened Haji Joohoodeh. Wake up from your dream or nightmare and smell the Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh!

Now let’s talk reality and stop talking Mozakhraf and Conspiracy.

Reality is our Republic is here to stay. Almost 4 decades past and we are still here. You will die in Ghorbat in dreams of going back to Iran but I am going back and fore to Europe, America and Iran. You only wish you could go to Iran and do the things that I do and see the things that I see and eat the goodies that I eat. You are an old, sad man with conspiracy for brain living in Ghorbat and will die in Ghorbat. Nothing will change, no regime change will happen because people love our republic. With a few yaghi gari and riot, things will not change.

So instead of writing mozakhraf like you, I am changing things from inside and reform from inside to make our republic a better place to live for everyone.

You can scream until next decade but nothing will change because people want Islamic Republic of Iran.

Now go ahead for the 101 times, line up mozakhraf about Fouladvand and 60 part conspiracy of 22 bahman Coup. The only coup was 28 mordad. The more you talk mozakhraf, the more people will hate your kind which is Taghouti. People are laughing at you buddy.

To tell you the truth, people in Iran hate Taghoutis more than Mohafezeh Karan Fundamentalists. The reason is that you fellows are so full of crap and lies that no one believes you. All of you are on bang va taryak va aragh sagi.

Hey buddy, go to rehab and stop your conspiracy.

Stop drinking 100 proof and write mozakhraf online. Drink some chai and give your brain a rest. That’s OK, send me the good stuff because you got some good stuff which you smoke and drink. They must be great because they give you great imagination and fantasy!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Emrooz mikham beram jat khali Kaleh Pacheh bokhoram. Bah bah, miram Tajrish. :food:


Iranian Technocrat busy building Iran :irannational:
A New Look, A New Iran
Hame Ba Ham; Kar

Executives of Construction Party of Iran
(Hezbe Kargozarane Sazandegie Iran)
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Monarchist and Mullahs Lies - Shahollah and Hezbollah Lies

Postby Minoo Mojahed » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:32 am

Shahollah and Hezbollah Lies
Monarchist and Mullahs Lies

Iran Doostan va Hamrazman
Yaran-e Gerami

“Repeat the same lies over and over, and the people will begin believe in them.”
(Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister of Nazi Germany)

Shahollah repeats its talking point memo given to him in every post he makes:
UK and US made the 1979 Coup in Iran.

Hezbollah repeats its talking point memo given to him in every post he makes:
IRI is Great and the 1979 People’s Revolution was an Islamic Revolution.

One is agent of Reza Pahlavi and one is agent of IRIB Broadcasting. Take a look at the forum’s history and since the beginning, there were characters like these two who wrote nothing but their talking point memo given to them.

Same as Bahai agents, the Shahollah and Hezbollah only repeat themselves over and over more because they are here to repeat a talking point given to them to advertise, so the repeated lies will make people believe in lies! This is what they do.

They are not like you and I. They don’t post debate, news or normal posts. They post propaganda. The propaganda is for their own cult. The talking point of Bahai, Monarchist and Mullahs are more or less the same.

Monarchists and Mullahs refuse to see the Iranian Revolution as the Revolution of People. One sees it as a UK Coup and one sees it as an Islamic Revolution. The goal of the people was something totally different! The goal of the people was to achieve democracy.

The end results were not desired but the not desired end results does not make the Revolution wrong and tens of thousands who fought and died for this revolution did not die in vain.

Monarchists and Mullahs want to change the true history by repeated lies propagated on this forum and other media. Do not fall for these lies. You are better than that.

Do not be distracted from Revolution by lies
Do not be distracted from historical lessons by lies
Do not once more become fools by lies

Shahollah and Hezbollah are goaled to reverse the Revolution and everything we achieved. People will say No to Dictatorship of Shahollah and Hezbollah.

Over here you can see two sides of the extreme. One monarchist and one Hezbollah liars.

The Monarchist

The Monarchist, Suren Areal refers to the Iranian Revolution of 1979 as the UK and US Coup because he has to somehow justify the disastrous defeat of his Shah and Imperial Regime.

He has no evidence beside his fabricated book supposedly written by some Hezbollahi thug and then the books added to the original book by many chapters by monarchist liars. In addition, he has 60 parts of lies recited by some monarchist liar which sounds like that joker Fouladvand.

No evidence, no document and no research has been done. As always, monarchists refer to the 1979 Iranian Revolution of the Iranian people which was goaled for democracy and freedom from Shah’s Fascist Regime, but unfortunately hijacked by Hezbollah and Mullahs to establish an Islamist Regime, as the 1979 Coup.

Dai Jan Napoleon and Suren Areal always see UK as the sole decision maker in all of the 3rd world countries and Iranian affairs. They live in Fantasy land. What they lecture is not history but more like a mental problem, conspiracy theory and psychological issue. They have no shame at all, to fabricate history by grand lies.

The Hezbollah

The opposite end of the Monarchist is the agent of the Regime, Kargozaran. Hezbollah lies and lies big. For near 4 decades they have referred to the Iranian Revolution of 1979 as the “Islamic Revolution”!

They pretend that people of Iran demanded an Islamic based system rather than a secular system. This statement is also a fabrication of history and denial of what all of our parents fought and died for.

IRI jailed and executed near 40, 000 Iranian Opposition members with over 33,000 of them NCRI members consisting of Mojahedin, Fedaian, etc. That is real history. All of these martyrs participated in the 1979 Revolution and fought to bring freedom and democracy to Iran which was taken away by Shah’s Rastakhiz Fascist Party. Shah eliminated all political parties in Iran except Rastakhiz and now the Monarchist Suren Areal gives the remedy of creating political parties in Iran!

Mullahs and Hezbollah also eliminated all of the political parties in Iran except Hezbollah Fractions. Kargozaran is a mercenary of the ruling class. He is a shrewd businessman living in luxury at the cost of the people of Iran’s blood. Their money is blood money. They live on blood money. His job is to spew lies on Internet and IRIB Mullah Broadcast.

So, you can observe how two liars on two ends of the extreme try to divert the Revolution of the Iranian People in to their own corner by twisting the historical facts. One tries to return Fascism to Iran and establish a monarchy and one tries to remain the Mullahs in power.


People of Iran want democracy, secularism and freedom. They want social justice, jobs and freedom of speech. They want food on the table and good economy. People of Iran are fed up with both monarchist and Hezbollah lies which has been spewed for over 80 years.

Iranian 1979 Revolution was and is about the struggle of the Iranian people for freedom. Don’t let charlatans may he be a monarchist or a Hezbollahi to steal it from you and twist the history for their benefits.

The 1979 Revolution of the people will continue until Iran will be free.

Down with Enemies of the People
Monarchist Dictatorship of Shahollah
Mullah Dictatorship of Hezbollah

People of Iran know better and they are not fools to Shahollah and Hezbollah lies

Zendeh Bad Khalgh-haye Ghahraman-e Iran
Long Live Heroic Masses of Iran

Resistance will continue until victory

NCRI is the Only Alternative
NCRI is the Only Active Opposition to Mullahs

NCRI English

NCRI Persian

Iran Focus News

Iran Lobby

Hambastegi Meli News

NCRI Organizations

Maryam Rajavi English

Maryam Rajavi Persian

Maryam Rajavi Books and Articles

Iran-e Azad

Ashraf City

Iran Efshagar

National Liberation Army of NCRI

Ba Sepas az Yaran

Minoo Mojahed
National Council of Resistance of Iran

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Daughters of Iranian Revolution Reject Hejab

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:37 am

Daughters of Iranian Revolution Reject Hejab

Daughters of the revolution: The Iranian women who risk arrest for protesting against hijab laws and demanding equal rights

Homa Hoodfar, who spent 121 days in an Iranian jail for ‘dabbling in feminism and security matters’, says the world must not ignore the social and legal inequalities women continue to face

Homa Hoodfar


The Conversation

Thousands of Iranian women took to the streets to protest against the hijab law in Tehran in the spring of 1979 Hengameh Golestan

On International Women’s Day last year – 8 March 2016 – I walked the streets of Tehran by walking in the streets, riding the Metro to attend a discussion group and reading some Happy Women’s Day greetings on social media. In my heart and mind, I celebrated these Iranian women in the women-only train compartments in their colourful outfits and loose scarves, resisting the regime’s attempt to control their bodies and eliminate their choices.

I celebrated their incredible entrepreneurship, which has turned the women’s sections of the busy Tehran Metro into platforms for public discussion on matters that concern them and a shopping mecca full of women from all walks of life, shopping for an incredible variety of goods despite ongoing pressure from the authorities to shut down their informal and innovative methods of boarding and exiting the trains to sell their kitchen equipment, clothing, makeup, sports gear and other goods.

Women protest daily against their lack of bodily autonomy in Iran. The number of women making flags out of their headscarves in public spaces is increasing

On a high note, I went to sleep that night feeling optimistic as I prepared to leave Iran two days later. But on the following evening, as I was packing, my apartment was raided by Revolutionary Guards. I was eventually arrested and ultimately sent to Evin prison, charged with “dabbling in feminism and security matters” – a crime that does not actually exist.

Knowing that my incarceration was just one tiny incident amid a huge history of women’s struggles helped keep my spirits up for the 121 days I was in prison. So did the songs that played in my head: The feminist anthem of my youth, “Bread and Roses”, and the Iranian song “Zan” (Woman) by Ziba Shirazi, telling Ayatollah Khomeini that women are softer than flower petals and stronger than iron, do not try to veil us, reminding him that he and all other men owe their very existences to women.

Unified global voices

As we remember the struggles that have brought us closer towards gender equality, we also must consider the social and legal inequalities women continue to face worldwide. While women’s quests for gender equality, dignity and justice are arguably universal, strategies and solutions vary widely under a vast range of social, cultural and political conditions and constraints. Not recognising this multiplicity has undermined feminist solidarity and has prevented a diversity of strategic solutions.

As an Iranian woman, I well know the fragility of gains women have made. I recall my pain and frustration in the weeks following the 1979 revolution, when Ayatollah Khomeini and others in charge passed sharia laws in conjunction with practices straight out of the Middle Ages, and rendered Iranian women second-class citizens. In Pakistan, President Zia ul-Haq soon followed Khomeini’s lead.

Mandatory hijab laws in Iran spurred similar policies in Pakistan, leading to protests such as this one in Lahore in 2006 (AP)

These developments encouraged Algerian Islamists who kidnapped and sexually enslaved women throughout the 1980s. They harassed unveiled women, and women working and studying outside the home. A similar story unfolded in Sudan. In Afghanistan, beginning in 1994, the Taliban, once considered US allies and championed as freedom fighters by western media, took the oppression of women to new levels.

Throughout the 1980s, Amnesty International – then the most prominent of human rights’ organisations – refused to campaign for jailed and tortured gender activists, insisting they were not political activists and so outside their mandate. Amnesty also refused to condemn governments that ignored non-state actors’ violations against women. Among feminists and within women’s organisations, frustration and disappointment with Amnesty deepened.

This disappointment, spurred the emergence of a truly transnational women’s movement. At that time, I could not imagine Amnesty would one day take the lead in campaigning to free me from Iran’s Evin prison 25 years later.

But that was during the 1990s, and well before Amnesty’s change in mandate. The internet and social media, and even affordable international telephone connections and fax machines, were not yet a reality.

Determined to establish women’s rights as human rights through the development of global legal tools and political and social structures, women formed networks such as Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (Dawn), Women Living Under Muslim Laws and the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights.

Advocates of all ages, nationalities, religions, gender orientation and political affiliations mobilised to research, and collected thousands of testimonies of violence against women: Second World War rape survivors; German women raped by Russian soldiers; Korean women used as sexual slaves for Japanese military personnel; Bangladeshi women raped during the 10-month Liberation War of 1971; Bosnian women raped as part of the “ethnic cleansing strategies”.

The data was presented at regional meetings, national and international tribunals and finally at the UN Human Rights Committee in June 1993 that established women’s rights are human rights with the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. The global demand for gender equity and justice is also reflected in the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action signed by UN members at the 1995 Women’s Conference in Beijing.

Protestors march through heavy snowfall in Toronto, Canada, on International Women’s Day in 1980 (The Canadian Press)

These declarations provided women around the world a framework for working towards gender justice and for holding their national governments accountable in the process. But even though change continues to ripple, the full achievement of the goals laid out 30 years ago are far from realised.

The North America-based #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are among many ongoing fights against the commodification and victimisation of women as sexual objects and the gendered power differentials that persist in ways that gravely constrain the lives of girls and women everywhere.

Though it may seem obvious to younger generations, the ideas of “women’s rights as human rights” is only 25 years old, and is still frighteningly tenuous in many contexts.

1979: Imposition of the hijab

As an Iranian, this is not a hypothetical issue for me. In 1979, I saw how easily the limited reforms and modest gains that Iranian women had previously struggled for were annulled within two weeks of the end of the revolution. As post-revolution generations of Iranians have learned, without protection and nurturing, rights perish.

In the early days of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), leaders decided that women would collectively symbolise the Islamicisation of the nation to Iranians and the world. On 7 March 1979, the IRI imposed a compulsory hijab for women. The next morning, thousands of women all across the country poured into city streets to protest compulsory veiling.

Demonstrations at the time of the Iranian revolution in 1979 (David Burnett)

The vociferous opposition took the new leaders by surprise and they temporarily retreated. Over the next two years, however, the regime used the rhetoric of patriotism to gradually reimpose veiling, first for government employees, then for any woman accessing government offices and buildings, then for students.

Ultimately, public veiling was imposed for all females, Muslims or not, over the age of nine. The state claimed that unveiled women caused men’s immoral thoughts – a persistent trope in the history of female diminishment and male impunity.

Extreme political suppression in the early years of the IRI and the bloody and costly Iran-Iraq war (1981-88) made organised, collective action for women’s rights impossible. Yet various strategies for resistance continued. For example, many women refused to wear the all-enveloping black chador (literally tent) favoured by some conservative groups and promoted by the Republic, arguing that the black chador did not exist at the time of the Prophet.

Instead, they wore scarves and “manteaux”. They challenged the government’s colour restriction as well, (brown, white, navy blue and grey), arguing that even the most conservative interpretation of Islamic text fails to even hint at colour restrictions, and that the Prophet’s favourite colour was pink.

Women on the streets of Isfahan, Iran (Shutterstock)

In those early years, many women, myself included during my visits, wore the very bright and shiny colour known as Saudi green, which annoyed the regime to no end, but which the morality police were at a loss to address since green is generally considered the colour of Islam. Within a few years, women started to appear in public in other bright colours.

The hijab was also intended by the regime to demonstrate national pride in opposition to the alleged Western hedonism of fashion popularised by the previous government. Iranian women continued to subvert the regime’s intentions by styling “traditional” attire in new ways, donning bright-coloured ethnic patterns that nevertheless completely conformed to Islamic codes of modesty.

Thus the morality police and other state agents had no easy justification for arresting women for dress-code violations, and tactics for expressing agency and opposition by this first generation of women living under the IRI continued.

Daughters of the revolution

Over time, among many demographics, successive generations of girls born and raised in the IRI have worn increasingly shorter and tighter tunics over their leggings; their scarves have become ever smaller and looser. Older women, claiming as a result of age to no longer be seductive, have allowed their head coverings to slip lower as they moved through their cities and towns going about daily business.

Despite the state’s investment of massive resources to employ hundreds of thousands of paid and volunteer morality police, and almost 40 years of school curricula designed to inculcate “Islamic” values as defined by the regime, the regime has not accomplished its goals.

The world has been surprised recently by a new wave of women’s activism in Iran. Bareheaded Iranian women climb on platforms and benches in public spaces, white scarves tied to the ends of poles, waving their hijab flags to protest compulsory veiling.

Women have been climbing on platforms to protest against compulsory hijab (White Wednesday Campaign)

Alone and silent, the women can hardly be charged with mobilising against the state or disturbing the peace – the usual justifications for arresting demonstrators. While some have been arrested for baring their heads in public, often the authorities are generally looking away to avoid escalating tension, drawing attention to the women and fuelling the movement.

But videos and images of these actions are shared widely on social media, bringing a new sense of empowerment to women in Iran and drawing increasing interest from media elsewhere.

The young protesters are being called “daughters of the revolution”. The movement has taken the regime by surprise – there has been no coherent response and the number of women making flags of their headscarves in public spaces is increasing. There is no organised, central orchestration of these actions, though they have attracted many supporters.

Rather, we see an organic civil movement manifesting the widespread dissatisfaction of large segments of both the male and female population, including many women who will wear the veil regardless but object to the compulsory hijab.

There has been at least one instance of a woman in full chador climbing onto a platform on a busy street and waving a scarf to protest her lack of bodily autonomy. The struggle is not about a piece of cloth on a woman’s head, it is about the gender politics that cloth symbolises, and its use to silently and broadly communicate a rejection of state control over women’s bodies.

The political aspect of the struggle over the veil can be perplexing to outsiders, who wonder why some groups of women in Turkey and Europe fight for the right to wear the veil while in Iran many women – including some devout women – have fought for almost four decades for the right to remove their veils. In all cases, women are demanding state recognition of bodily autonomy as an essential step to recognition of their full personhood and citizenry rights.

And so I will continue to both protest and celebrate on International Women’s Day. We need this day of conscious connection to the long, sometimes violent history of women’s struggles for personhood; a day to reflect on the rights we have gained; and a day to recognise the vigilance required to retain those rights – rights women of many nations and contexts have yet to achieve. This I know from personal experience.

Homa Hoodfar is a professor of anthropology, emerita, at Concordia University.
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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Ahmadinejad is now Opposition to IRI Regime!

Postby CR » Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:10 am

Ahmadinejad is now Opposition to IRI Regime!
Ahmadinejad is back & Running for President!
Article + Photo Gallery

Ahmadinejad’s Mixture of Freedom, Nationalism & Populism Message
Works on the Underpaid, Underworked & Unemployed Workers & Labor

Ahmadinejad with his double victory sign!
President, Populist and now Opposition, his popularity amongst the working class and labor is due to his populist stands.

The Strange and Bizarre interlocked IRI Government Political Structure Chart

Ahmadinejad arrested, released and now refuged to a Shiite Shrine for safety!
Ahmadinejad Operates from the Shiite Shrine as his Headquarter!

Ahreeman X Analysis:


Ahmadinejad is Now Opposition to the IRI Regime’s Injustice!
Article and Gallery
Ahreeman X
March 31, 2018

The Nationalist Ahmadinejad photo op. at Pasargad, tomb of Cyrus the Great!

Ahmadinejad from president to populist and now opposition is surely shaking things up in Iran! Ahmadinejad is building a reputation for himself as the Iranian Robinhood! With blending Freedom, Nationalism and Populism, Ahmadinejad is becoming quite popular again!

Read more:

Ahmadinejad is Now Opposition to the IRI Regime’s Injustice! ... /index.htm

Ahmadinejad getting off the car to refuge to the Emamzadeh Saleh in Tajrish, a Shiite Shrine, safe from the Security Forces’ arrest. A sea of his supporters surrounds and protect him to keep him safe!

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Surenareal » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:56 pm

Mullahs' Illegitimate Regime in Iran is Defacto a British Neo-Colonial Protectorate.

Regim-e Ghyre-ghaa-nooni-e Eshghaal-gar Mullayaan- e Vatan-foroosh-e khaaen va zed-Irani, dar haghi-ghat yek MOS-TA-MAR-EH NAVIN va TAH-TOL- HEMAA-YEH Engliss ast

It has been recently revealed that, the despot, tryrant, dictator and anti-Iranian traitor Mullah Ali Khamenei and his son, traitor Mullah Mojtaba Khamenei both have British Passports, (Sources: Amad News & Bayan TV).

So they are actually British Citizens, and do not need visa to visit London. As his son Mojtaba did this week, for real reason of transfer of funds in their family bank accounts in London, and the fake news of so-called "medical treatment".

Also Mojtaba's son is born in London and is therefore a British Citizen by birth.
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Kargozaran » Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:27 pm

“Mullahs' Illegitimate Regime in Iran is Defacto a British Neo-Colonial Protectorate.”

Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha haaaaaaaa Ha
You killed me laughing. :badgrin:

And then you woke up and it was all a dream. Why do you have to drink too much Aragh and smoke too much Bang, so you get absolutely knocked out and write arajif and delusions on Internet? Moderation is the key to not write “Hazyan” on Internet. Khob kam bokhor!

“Regim-e Ghyre-ghaa-nooni-e Eshghaal-gar Mullayaan- e Vatan-foroosh-e khaaen va zed-Irani, dar haghi-ghat yek MOS-TA-MAR-EH NAVIN va TAH-TOL- HEMAA-YEH Engliss ast”

Haji Joohoodeh, cheshman roshan, to ham Farsi baladi? Ya Ali, Hajii Joohoodeh can write in Farsi too! Your Farsi is getting better Haji Joohoodeh!

“It has been recently revealed that, the despot, tryrant, dictator and anti-Iranian traitor Mullah Ali Khamenei and his son, traitor Mullah Mojtaba Khamenei both have British Passports, (Sources: Amad News & Bayan TV).”

Your sources are like yourself Nist dar Jahan. Some Salavati site and TV that no one heard of or watches. Are you sure you live on Earth? I think you live on Mars and your sources are Arajif!

“So they are actually British Citizens, and do not need visa to visit London. As his son Mojtaba did this week, for real reason of transfer of funds in their family bank accounts in London, and the fake news of so-called "medical treatment".”

Haji Joohoodeh you forgot to tell that you are also a citizen of Israel and work for Mossad!

“Also Mojtaba's son is born in London and is therefore a British Citizen by birth”

Also Netanyahu had a sex change, became a woman and gave birth to 2 twins, one shamoel and one Rafoel. You are their uncle Suren!

Haji Joohoodeh, you are God of Khali Bandi and Arajif. My new theory is that you drink too much, smoke too much and eat too much Kosher food. Give it a break, take a break, fast from alcohol, drugs and Kosher Food for 1 week. Maybe you start thinking, writing and speaking normal.

Unfortunately, as of this minute, you are still delusional, bipolar and schizophrenic!

Khoda hameye Bimarane Iran ra shafa dahad

Allaho Masalo Ala Mohammad va Alleh Mohammad

Slavate Boland khatm konid

Daste Ali hamrat

An Iranian Technocrat
A New Look, A New Iran
Hame Ba Ham; Kar

Executives of Construction Party of Iran
(Hezbe Kargozarane Sazandegie Iran)
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Ahmadinejad took it directly to the people & against Regime!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:48 pm

Ahmadinejad took it directly to the people and against the Regime!

Ahmadinejad with the Iranian youth.
People rush the Shrine and wait hours to take a selfie with Ahmadinejad, get his autograph, shake his hand or hug him!

Ahmadinejad and Media always have a love hate relationship!

Ahmadinejad outside the Narmak Mosque, during Rowzeh Khani, paid a visit to the people and people took selfies with him and chat with him. Large crowd of people hugged him, supported him and some cried due to happiness. People gathered around him and cherished him.

Here are the videos of Ahmadinejad with the people and a number of his latest speeches and interviews in critic of the IRI Regime.

Selfie of People with Ahmadinejad

In critic of Leadership and Judiciary

Sadeq Larijani has more power than Leader!

Ahmadinejad to Soleimani Qods Force IRGC Commander

Ahmadinejad destroyed the Leadership

Ahmadinejad Trashed the System!

Leadership’s Decisions are against the people!

On Sadeq Larijani Head of Judiciary

Supporters surround Ahmadinejad at the Shrine Headquarter and take turn to take selfies with him.

Ahmadinejad in one of his mass rallies. The populist president of the masses! Lower working-class hero and upper middle classes subject of hate but the Regime was always doubtful of where he really stands!
I am a Liberated Woman.
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Iran will not wait for approval to produce weapons!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:23 am

"Iran will not wait for approval to produce weapons!"
(Hassan Rouhani)

IRI Mass Weapon Production
"IRI will not wait for approval from the world."

Iran Online News
IPC Central


Hassan Rouhani: We will not wait for approval to produce weapons

Al Jazeera

In a speech marking Iran's Army Day, Rouhani warns Western powers against flooding the Middle East with more weapons.

Rouhani said peace and stability in the Middle East 'are not feasible in the absence of power' [AFP]

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has declared that Tehran will not wait for any permission to produce the weapons it needs to defend the country.

In a speech marking Iran's Army Day on Wednesday, Rouhani said a strong military is an effective deterrence against foreign threats.

"If there is any weapon we need, we will develop it for the most part, or procure it if necessary," Rouhani was quoted by Iran's Mehr news agency as saying.

"We will not wait for approval from the world."

Rouhani said countries that rely on their domestic capabilities "feel the true sense of sovereignty and power".

In recent days, there have been reports that European countries are considering measures against Iran's ballistic missile program, in an effort to persuade US President Donald Trump to maintain the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran has insisted that its missile program is not negotiable. It said it is only for defense purposes, and not intended to carry any nuclear weapons.

During the military parade in the capital Tehran on Wednesday, Iran's military unveiled its domestically manufactured missile system, Kamin-2, which is a portable device designed "to target enemy drones flying in low altitude", according to the English-language state television, Press TV.

Other military hardware on display were several missile and radar systems, as well as tanks, armored vehicles and sniper rifles.

'Regional influence'

At the event, Rouhani declared that Iran's armed forces have never been more influential "on the course of regional and global developments".

He warned Western powers against flooding the Middle East with more weapons, saying they are driving conflict in the region.

"I am calling on them to stop filling up our region with various weapons for the sake of their own interests," he said.

Rouhani said the only path to establish peace in the region is through diplomatic and peaceful means.

"Our policy towards the region is based on good neighborliness; we want to be a good neighbor to them and want them in turn to be a good neighbor to us."

"We want friendly ties with neighboring countries and want them to know that our weapons, missiles and tanks will not be used against any of them," Rouhani said.

Saudi Arabia and its allies consider Iran as a threat to regional security, accusing Tehran of being a "state sponsor of terrorism".


Iran parades missiles and jets
in a veiled threat to the US, UK, and France after Syria strike
Bozorgmehr Sharafedin,

Business Insider


A military exhibition displays a Revolutionary Guard missile, the Shahab-3, which is claimed to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reaching Europe, Israel and U.S. forces in the Middle East, seen under a picture of the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Tehran, Iran. Hasan Sarbakhshian/AP

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran would make or buy any weapons it needed to defend itself in a region beset by "invading powers."

• Iran's military paraded missiles and soldiers in front of him on National Army Day.

• "We are not living in a normal region, and we see invading powers have built bases around us.

Disregarding the principles of international law, they intervene in regional affairs and invade other countries without U.N. permission," Iran's president said.

LONDON (Reuters) - President Hassan Rouhani said Iran would make or buy any weapons it needed to defend itself in a region beset by "invading powers", as the military paraded missiles and soldiers in front of him on National Army Day.

Fighter jets and bombers flew overhead as Rouhani told the Tehran crowd and a live TV audience on Wednesday that Iran's forces posed no threat to its neighbors.

"We tell the world that we will produce or acquire any weapons we need, and will not wait for their approval ... We tell our neighboring countries that our weapons are not against you, it's for deterrence," Rouhani said.

"We are not living in a normal region, and we see invading powers have built bases around us. Disregarding the principles of international law, they intervene in regional affairs and invade other countries without U.N. permission," Rouhani added.

U.S., British and French forces pounded Iran's ally Syria with air strikes early on Saturday in retaliation for a suspected April 7 chemical weapons attack, which they blame on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government.

Britain, France and Germany have proposed fresh EU sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missiles and its role in Syria's war, in a bid to persuade U.S. President Donald Trump to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.

Trump has delivered an ultimatum to the European signatories to fix what he saw as the "terrible flaws" of the deal, threatening to refuse to extend U.S. sanctions relief on Iran.

U.S. sanctions will resume unless Trump issues fresh "waivers" to suspend them on May 12.


More Iran News:

Iran Online News
IPC Central
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Surenareal » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:57 pm

Majority of Iranians Know that Mullah Ali Khamenei is a Traitor, and a British Puppet Agent that receives his daily agenda from London.

Mullahs' illegitimate regime occupying Iran today is defacto a British puppet regime, a neocolony, and the other countries in the world have started to treat this illegitimate regime of traitor mullahs as a Neocolonial British Protectorate.

Mullah Ali Khamenei receives his daily orders from London through a so- called Islamic Center in London, with more than a thousand mercenaries working there for traitor mullah Ali Khamenei.

The BBC Persian Service News starts everyday by intensive propagada news about their puppet and traitor mullah Ali Khamenei, to legitimize his illegitimate regime in Iran.

Mullahs' illegitimate regime's mercenaries in London at so-called Islamic Center are paid billions of pounds from the sales of Iran's Crude-Oil money, that is stollen from Iranian Nation by traitor mullah Ali Khamenei, this proven British agent, and his criminal mafia cliques occupying Iran today.
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Qambujiye » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:55 am

Suren Areal

Have mercy on people’s eyes. Your repeating posts have given me migraine headaches!

If IRI is a British puppet, then how come IRI has been standing firm in the face of UK for near 4 decades? IRI is a thorn in the eye of not only US but UK and more or less EU. US, UK and EU would like a stable and normal regime in Iran, so they can do business as usual with Iran. This way, they make more profit. It is not good for US, UK and EU to have a radical, terrorist regime in Tehran because it is not good for business.

In other words, as you conspiracy theorists refer to them as “Masters” would like an obedient regime in Tehran to do business as usual and to pillage Iran’s resources. At one time IRI was a block on the way of Communism (Soviet Union) but now there is no USSR. Existence of IRI is good for no Masters.

Your conspiracy theories are nothing new. No one except some old monarchists and some old people inside Iran and Middle East believe in these farfetched fantasy conspiracies. In fact, majority of people inside and outside Iran laugh at these conspiracy theories. Take a look at this forum which is a small sample of the Iranian society in the world. No one has been convinced of what you have been repeatedly posting on this forum. Everyone is mocking you. IRI agents mock you, opposition mocks you, students mock you, professionals mock you and ironically non political people also mock you. Since you started posting on this forum, you have been repeating yourself untiredly for so many times. You and your 60 parts boring audio tapes, your conspiracy and your tall tales.

You could not manage to change the mind of one person on this forum or off this forum, the ones who read this forum. Many people read this forum, few people post on this forum but a great number of people email IPC. Not even one person so far has changed their minds about your tall tales. Your conspiracies are typical tall tales of old men in Middle East. You truly need to wise up and not live in fantasy land.

Honestly, do you have Alzheimer disease? You keep repeating yourself. Every post you posted is the same story told. You write like a dementia or Alzheimer patient who repeats himself.

I hate to agree on anything with Mojahedin but Minoo is right. You sound like a robot who repeats himself. You sound very much like IRI agents and Bahai agents who are here to propagate their ideology. The difference is that you propagate monarchy and you try to illegitimize the IRI by branding them the British Puppets.

You will never bring down IRI by branding them the British Puppets. People like the British Puppets and Britain because they are civilized and IRI is not! Everyone knows about the British influence in the third world and Iran but you are going one step beyond in fantasy land.

IRI is puppet to no one. It is an independent regime who is building a Shiite Islamic Empire to rule Middle East and to export its doctrine globally. IRI’s mistake is that first you need to create a great economy and a powerful finance system before you import Khomeinism! IRI’s economy is collapsing.

IRI Regime is dictatorial, theocratic, totalitarian, backward, lacks logic and freedoms, but one thing it’s not is a British Puppet or anyone’s puppet. IRI has been fighting the west for near 4 decades despite sanctions and wars. IRI must have good relations with UK and EU because it cannot have it with US. IRI must sell to UK and EU to make revenue and they do. UK and EU would benefit much more if IRI was a civilized Regime.

Stop your farfetched stories and tall tales. Middle Easterners and Iranians to be precise the old people are very much in to conspiracy theories but this would not help anyone, any movement or any resistance. Reality would help all of us to overthrow IRI. You are not about reality. You are about fantasy.

I am speaking to you as an Iranian Freedom Fighter, an Iranian Nationalist and a sincere opposition to IRI. The difference between you and I is that I am sound and you live in fantasy.

Lot of people read your gibberish conspiracy theories, some get bored, some ignore it and some argue with you but everyone heard it before and majority just pass. Your posts are so basic, repetitive and loaded with the same old conspiracy that once a while people just get fed up and jump on you by trashing your silly posts.

Everyone knows that I’m not a talker or a writer. I barely write on this forum but you overlap my patience by your silly repetitive gibberish posts. I had to respond to your crappie posts, I finally had to because you are giving me and many others migraine headaches!

Everyone knows about the British Influence in Middle East and Iran. It has been going on for centuries. We have all read history books. We don’t need you to inform us. Give it up and find a new tale to write about. Your subject is getting too old and too boring. You get on people’s nerves. Come back to reality.

Have mercy on my migraine

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Freedom comes with Blood.
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Iranian Moral Police Beats Up Woman Video

Postby Atusa Qajar » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:17 am

Iranian Moral Police Beats Up Woman Video

Woman was Beat Up for Bad Hejab
New Video is Causing Outrage in Iran

Iran Bad Hejab Girl Made a Stand
Persian Women Shall Always Defy the Arabo Islamic Hejab
No one knows her name and the police took her away. She was one of the first who enflamed the protests in Tehran. It is ironic that she protested Islam and the Islamic Regime by her act but she was not even a participant in the protests. Before she had a chance to participate in the later protests, the Islamic Moral Police took her away. The box where she stood is now a shrine! She became the symbol for the Anti Hejab, Anti Islam, Anti-Islamic Regime, Freedom Loving Persian Women. She started something that became nationwide.


Video of Iran 'morality police' wrestling with woman sparks outrage
Saeed Kamali Dehghan Iran correspondent


Female officer shown slapping woman and wrestling her to floor because her hijab was loose

Shocking video footage of a young woman being wrestled to the floor by Iranian “morality police” because her hijab was loose has sparked outrage after it was posted online.

The footage shows members of the special taskforce tackling the woman, believed to be in her mid-20s, in Tehran. Under Iranian law, it is compulsory for women to cover themselves from head to toe in public, but many defy the boundaries by wearing loose hijab that shows their hair.

The video shows two young friends, one wearing a maghnaeh (similar to a nun’s cowl) and the other wearing a loose headscarf that reveals part of her hair. The latter is verbally cautioned, before a female police officer slaps her in the face and wrestles her to the floor. The young woman is heard screaming repeatedly: “Let me go, let me go.”

Within hours of the video going viral, Iran’s minister of interior, Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazil, ordered an inquiry, according to an official statement that called the incident “an unusual treatment of a woman at the hands of the morality police”.

The statement insinuated that the young woman had provoked the police by swearing at them when they asked her to respect the law. But it said the reaction of the police was also “unconventional”.

Masoumeh Ebtekar, Iran’s vice-president for women’s affairs, denounced the treatment of the young woman on Twitter. “How could this treatment be justified?” she tweeted. “Even if they were insulted, should the police react like this? I categorically condemn this behaviour and will pursue the matter. This is a harsh and anti-religious treatment that no human deserves.”

The footage shows one of the young women threatening the police with legal action, to which an officer can be heard responding: “You can’t do a damn shit.”

The incident, which happened on Wednesday, emerged a few months after scores of women staged protests across Iran in which they climbed on to telecom boxes, took off their headscarves and waved them aloft on sticks. The Guardian understands that the two women in the video were not out in public protesting, but celebrating a birthday.

The video was posted on Instagram by Masih Alinejad, a US-based Iranian activist behind a number of campaigns fighting the compulsory wearing of the hijab, and has been viewed more than 1.6m times. Her post drew more than 21,700 comments in half a day. “The video broke my heart,” commented one user.

“People are angry because such mistreatments are happening over and over again. People have lost their hope because the morality police acts with impunity in the name of law,” Alinejad told the Guardian.

According to the information Alinejad has received, the victim became so frail after being wrestled that the forces did not take her to the police station, but arrested a couple who had intervened on their behalf.

Alinejad said: “People in Iran can’t fathom this and demand how in the 21st century, someone can be beaten because of her hair. That’s why after all these years such treatments take people by surprise and cause public shock.”

Not every woman wearing a hijab in Iran does so under pressure, but millions are against it being obligatory, which has been an integral policy of the Islamic republic ever since the 1979 revolution. Iran’s moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, has made clear that his administration is against enforcing the law so harshly, but his powers are limited when it comes to the conduct of the police, who are under the influence of the unelected faction of the Iranian establishment.

In February, Iran said it had arrested 29 women accused of being “deceived” into joining the telecoms box protests. Many are still in jail and some have been given lengthy prison terms.



Video 2 – Backup File

Video 3 – Backup File

More Articles

Video Shows Iran's Morality Police Beating Woman for 'Insufficient' Head Covering ... -1.6012645


Related Photos and Article:

Iran Revolutionary Protests Photo Gallery 2017 – 2018
Iran Nationwide Protests ... /index.htm
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End of Islamic Reign means Freedom of Iranian Women

Postby CR » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:39 pm

End of Islamic Reign means Freedom of Iranian Women
Decline of Islam means Rise of Iran
IPC Web Mistress Editorial

Islam’s Death = Women’s Lib

Dear Friends

Long time ago I told Ahreeman, if only for one day, all the Iranian women come to the street without hejab, what will IRI do? What can IRI do? Are they going to arrest all the women? The Iranian women must recognize what a powerful force they have. At least half the Iranian women according to the rigged IRI survey, reject hejab. They have no desire to wear hejab. Ahreeman has been using this logic in his speeches and writings since.

How long will the Iranian women allow these Muslim animals to boss them around, tell them what to wear and treat them like second class citizens? How is it possible that in bright daylight, a bunch of low lives Moral Police thugs and whores attack, assault and injure women in Iran? How do these Chadori Muslim Sisters of Zeynab allow themselves to insult, assault and injure Iranian citizens for not wearing the pathetic Islamic hejab properly.

Atusa wrote:

Iranian Moral Police Beats Up Woman Video

Women of Iran must rise up and they will rise up. Women will be the end of the Islamic Regime. We are not Muslims, we are Persians. Islam and Muslims are our natural enemies. Any Iranian who is a Muslim, is naturally an Arab Worshiper, a traitor to Iran and a disgrace to the Persian Culture.

In this day and age of mass information and cyber space, one must be really ignorant, not knowing what Arab Muslims have done to Iran and Iranians since 7th century BC.

Then again, I can see morons in American Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube banning people and suspend their accounts only for insulting Islam or merely criticizing Islam. These fools must read some of Ahreeman’s writings such as:

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! ... /index.htm

An ignorant liberal is the best friend to a Fundamentalist Muslim. Liberals will prepare the fall of the western world by opening the floodgate to the Islamic Invasion (Muslim Refugees) on the land and on the cyber space. Liberals are self-righteous fools who will bring the Muslims in to power and they will be the first who will be killed by the Muslims.

Mayor of London is a Muslim and he has already established Shari’a Law legally in vicinities of London. He declared knives illegal. Not that people have no guns, now they have no knives to protect themselves from the criminals, Islamists and the Big Socialist Government in UK.

Liberals are the bigger enemy to the western civilization than Muslims. Ahreeman said it best:

“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

Will we learn? Will the western liberals learn from our mistakes and our experiment with Islam in 1978? Look what happened to Iran? That will be happening to the west. It is already happening in Europe. We must not allow America to become another Europe infested with Islam and Muslims. This is not a Muslim Refugee flood but it is an Islamic Invasion of the west.

What they are doing to the Iranian women inside Iran, will be done to the western women in the west. They are doing it in Europe now. Women are not safe in Europe. America is next.

Do you want to avoid the Islamic Invasion of America?
Get rid of all the liberal politicians and trim the power of the liberal Tech Giants:

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons ... /index.htm

Stop voting for liberals and close the floodgate of Muslim Refugees to America.

IRI Lobby in America is also another factor for rise of Islam in America:

Catayoun Razmjou Index ... /index.htm

Iranian women are the only factor which can save the Iranian women. The Iranian women must rise up and stand against Islam and Muslims.

End the lifespan of IRI, that is a good start.

The only path of salvation for Iran is to end the reign of Islam in Iran

Iran will rise when Islam will decline

Long live Iranian women
Death to Mullahs and Hezbollah

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Surenareal » Fri Apr 27, 2018 5:31 pm

Younger Brother of Foreign Puppet Mullah Ali Khamenei is the Missing Link to His Puppeteers; the International Crude-Oil Consortium, for at Least the Past 35-Years

lt has been recently revealed, by Amad News & Bayan TV that the younger brother of dictator, foreign puppet mullah Ali Khamenei has been the main link to his puppeteers, the International Crude Oil Consortium for at least 35 years.

This younger brother of dictator tyrant mullah Ali Khamenei has been directing most of the Iran's revenue from Crude-Oil export, that is stollen from Iranian people, to the house of traitor mullah Ali Khamenei and his criminal mafia cliques, the pasdars and bassijis.
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Re: Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go!

Postby Shahrzad BB » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:31 pm

Cat Wrote:

Long time ago I told Ahreeman, if only for one day, all the Iranian women come to the street without hejab, what will IRI do? What can IRI do? Are they going to arrest all the women? The Iranian women must recognize what a powerful force they have. At least half the Iranian women according to the rigged IRI survey, reject hejab. They have no desire to wear hejab. Ahreeman has been using this logic in his speeches and writings since.

Bravo Cat =D>
Exactly to the point. What can IRI do? They will be helpless. How many women can they arrest or kill? Women have the key to Revolution. They must know how powerful they are and they must know that they are the key to victory.

Cat you give a new definition to the word Feminist. I love you. Cat, you are a great value to Ahreeman. He must really appreciate you. We can use more and more gutsy powerful women in the movement. You are the pride of opposition.

Love :iloveu:
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