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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jan 31, 2005 4:33 pm


You are talking about this:

Shah's 'secret daughter' lays claim
Thursday, 23 May, 2002, 17:14 GMT 18:14 UK ... 005004.stm

An Iranian woman has gone to court claiming she is the daughter of the late Shah of Iran, a newspaper has reported. Reza Pahlavi: Woman claims he was swapped for her

The woman, identified only as Masumeh, told the Tehran judge she was born on 31 October 1960, the same day as Reza Pahlavi, the former Shah's eldest son and former crown prince.

She said she was secretly swapped with the baby boy, after she was born, the Iranian newspaper Abrar said.

Masumeh told the judge that her real name was Fumika Pahlavi and that she was switched by her disappointed parents for Reza.

She asked the judge to order genetic tests to prove her claim.

But the judge placed her provisionally in a rest home, after her father told the court she had mental problems.

Judgement has been suspended pending a verdict from doctors.

'I want truth'

"I have no doubt. I am the legitimate daughter of the former Shah and (former Queen) Farah. I have come to court with proof," Abrar quoted the woman as saying.

"I have no complex about being a princess. What I want is the truth. If the Pahlavi family does not fear that the secret of the exchange with Reza be found out, let them carry out tests."

The Shah and his family fled Iran in January 1979 in the face of the Islamic revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini.

The former Iranian ruler died in 1980 in Egypt and his son Reza now lives in the United States.

The immediate Iranian royal family now consists of the former Queen Farah, two sons, Reza, 42, and Ali Reza, 36, a daughter, Farahnaz, 39, and their half sister, Shahnaz, 61.

The Shah's youngest daughter, Princess Leila Pahlavi, 31, was found dead from an overdose in a bedroom at a London hotel last year.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:15 pm

Dear Peter:

Peter you try too hard! :ovweight:

Relax! Will ya? :B

"Get your dool out of that boston creme donut"

But how can I? It feels good in there!
I am a Donut-o Sexual! Specially the Boston ones!
Nothing like a Boston Creme Donut with a Hole in the Middle!
Well, that & also Rotten Bulgarian Cheeze!

" when you address me as well as your facts straight."

Oh pardon me Sir, let me try again,

Your Royal Hiney, Oops Sorry, :pcharm: :announcement:

Your Royal Majesty, Prince Peter Khan Zendran de Aq Qoyonlo, de Turkmen Mirza:

Hows that?! :devbrowed:

"I simply trained those protestors at the dnc in protest tactics, I did NOT go there, read what you get."

Now you talk like me! I simply ............. :devgrin:

Pardon me your Highness, but that was what I got from the tone of the beautiful English writing of yours!!!!!!

But its not your English! But it must be my fault, will you forgive me?!

I mean you speak beautiful English! :devprised:

"if you were for Iran you would not be going on about using american forces to go into Iran. It didn't work for Chalabi in Iraq, it didn't work for Mohammed Zahir Shah in Afghanistan, and it sure as hell will never work in Iran."

I don't know any better! It must be my limited itellect! :devnoid:

" You support american intervention, you are against Iran and Iranians."

What can I say, I could not help it! CIA tricked me! 5 years ago, they sent Robert (Allah rests his wondering soul!) to San Diego to tempt me to become a CIA Puppet!

All he had to do was to take me to Chelo Kaboby & buy me Chelo Kabob-e Kubideh! Thats my weakness! After that moment, I went on CIA Payroll & betrayed Iran & Iranians!

Peter Khan, can you help me to stop my treason & return to the arms of the Mullahs like you?! Pardon me, sorry, I meant, can you help me come back to the arms of Mother Persia?!

I am even willing to go to Qom & drop Ab-e Doa, Holy Water on my head & on Haji Kuchike's head! Will ya help me see the light of Allah?!

" And if Iran has achieved nothing since 1979 then why is bush so edgy about invading Iran? Because he knows he would get his ass kicked if he did."


Yes indeed! The other day W took me to the side in White House & told me:

Dear Dr. X, I am truly afraid of Mullahs of Qom & Sepah Pasdaran! Can you show me a guarantee tactic to victory? If you do, then I promise to support your Iranian Campaign to overthrow Mullahs!

I gave him the tactic & the secret to overcome the Mullahs! I handed him Khomeini's Tozihol Masael:

Imam's Resaleh


IPC Persian Library

to ponder about! Presently president of United States is studying methods of how to do Islamic Butt Wash, with proper techniques of Taharat using 1/3 of the middle finger up the Shiiter (Islamic Style), as Imam ordered!

W must really be getting deep in to the philosophy of Imam & Islam, cause I haven't heard from him lately!
:usa: :arabj:

"Oh you want evidence about reza pahlavi not being a Pahlavi just ask Fumika Pahlavi."

Unfortunately she is not reachable! :cheer:

Fumika Pahlavi (Masumeh) is in the Looney Bins getting Fragged Up The Shiiter via Abbas Qol Tashan & Qolam Ali Pashmaloo (the psychiatric aids) every night! These two also bang Masumeh's head with their Shambools, by sets of 10, on daily bases to shove some sense in to it! This new method of treastment is called:

Bang Head, Shock Therapy! :lolbang: :discobanana:

But theres also another woman in San Diego who also claims she is daughter of Shah & replaced with RP @ birth! This one is a total Nut Job & her name is:

Fatima (Frag-ima) Pahlavi! :cheerpom:

Even though I am not a medical doctor, yet I am planing to personally Do a Therapy on her! I am going to Frag The Shiite out of Frag-ima, most likely this weekend to bring her back to her senses!
:cheerpom: :whiper:

I will even do some:

Bang Head, Shock Therapy! :lolbang: :discobanana:

I will keep you posted! :work:

Boy, where is your hard evidence? You actually believe these conspiracy theories of yours?!

"Plus reza looks NOTHING like the rest of the Pahlavis."

Open them Shahla Eyes of yours:
(Specifically look @ the Damn Nose)!



Got it?

" Richard Nixon looked more Pahlavi than reza pahlavi."

Well actually now that I am thinking, Richard Nixon does look a bit Pahlavi!
Its all in the Nose!



Maybe you got something there after all! :idea1:

Could it be Nixon was somehow an illegitimate son of Reza Khan?!

There is a theory for you to ponder on Peter! Go work on this one!

" Just ask yourself why have the mullahs not demanded the extradition of reza pahlavi, Iran's most wanted fugitive, for this case?"

I been asking myself this question on & on & on...........
But you know what kind of answer I got?

Heres the answer & it has nothing to do with Reza not being son of Shah:

Islamic Republic of Iran extradites or assassins only the opposition that means business & is a threat to IRI! Example: Shafiq, Aryamanesh, Mohaqeqi, Bakhtiar, Farokhzad, etc.

Reza Pahlavi, our buddy, is a type o opposition who conducts his campaigns against Mullahs from the kitchen of his house as a Gourmet Chef!

Reza Pahlavi, his tall chef hat, and his famous Spatula are not a threat to the existence of IRI!

Therefore, Mullahs do not care if RP conducts another 100 interviews with CNN & FOX or Voice of America! So Mullahs are not worry a bit about RP!

RP is a good old pacifist boy making Kabob Kubideh in his kitchen for Yasmin & the kids!

RP is often exactly on time, preparing the food before Yasmin gets home from work (as a lawyer), cause if the food is late, Yasmin might get pissed & spank the hell out of "Reza Shay-e Doyom's" (Dahati Accent) hiney! Yasmin can be very violent, she can lay that Prince O Nim Pahlavi on her knees & spank the shiite out of that Royal Hiney. She be whooping that butt real good! Picture that!

Whoop that butt girl! Whoop that Prince into some sense! Whoop it good!
:chef: :whiper:

Oh ye my friend, so as you see, Reza must be always on time preparing the food for dinners or his butt will be in danger by Yasmin (Killer)!
:scared: :whiper:

I hope I have explained to you on why IRI does not give a Frag about existence of Reza Pahlavi!

:chef: :arabj:

Got it boy? :devlaugh:

" Because he is secretly collaborating with the mullahs that's why."

Oh God, another Bull Shiite Conspiracy Theory! :devprised:

You know what? Please stop with your conspiracy theories! :shocking:

Every time you create another conspiracy theory & talk about it in IPC, you make one of my body parts hurt!

This time, after I have heard this latest one, my right testicle (Imam Hassan) started to pain!

The first one about Famika Pahlavi made my right hand crippled!

Are you trying to make my hole body numb?

Please stop, just stop these theories! They are dangerous to my health! They damage my nervous system!

" Any kun tanbul can see that for themselves."

Beche (Esfahani Accent):

Persian please! People do not speak Turkmen around here! specially Lori's blend o Persiano_Turkmen!

First of all,
Its not Kun Tanbul,
it is Kun Tanbal!
and its not correct!
How many times do I have to teach Persian to you?
Its Kun Goshad!

Between you & Lori, who needs a Persian Teacher?! You two together, Fragged the Persian Language!

:belly: :pcharm:

If Ferdowsi was alive, he would have shoot both of yous!

"Peter Khan Zendran"

You mean

Your Royal Highness, Peter Beyk de Aq Qoyonlo? :pcharm: :announcement:

Peter, Peter, Peter,...................... :ovweight:

What would we do without you?!
What would the Office of Homeland Security do without you?!
What would the Iranian Opposition do without you?!
What would I do without you?!

Peter, one question: :question:

Will you ever return from LaLa Land to Earth? :pcharm:

Love that Peter Khan! :ovweight:

Now lets Rave!

Ahreeman Mirza-ye Qajar
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:16 pm


Now can we stop the Conspiracy Theories and get back to the serious question of:

Monarchy or Republic?

State your opinion please?
Facts please?
No Fiction please?


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Postby peterkhanzendran » Tue Feb 01, 2005 9:25 am

Currency means shit when dealing in resistance. Let's see you try to kill someone with a dollar bill in a hand-to-hand fight and you'll see why.
First, learn how to address me right.
Second, you mean to tell me you studied martial arts, lift weights, hang around south central la and don't know how to stand up to one little cia cocksucker? Then how can you call yourself resistance then. Just beat that little fuckers ass and dodge all those who come after you, like Tito did.
Third, nose means shit, look at the face and body structure. He doesn't even resemble Ali Reza, Farahnaz, or Leila. Even Leila's friends told me something ain't right about reza.
Oh, you forget that khomeini wouldn't let reza pahlavi return to Iran, not to serve in the war against saddam or for any other reason. If he wanted to get rid of him what better way than to let him return to Iran, arrest him on some charge, then dispose of him. But they haven't done this because he is with the mullahs secretly. It's not conspiracy, it's logic. Conspiracy is what chumpsky and coward zinn say about 1953. You use conspiracy to dismiss fact the same way a judge says hearsay to dismiss eyewitness evidence.
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Wed Feb 02, 2005 9:57 am

I've worked in non-profit work, so I know first hand that money means shit. I've seen people get enough money to pay their bills for two months and piss it away in a week. At least the people in Iran have something to fall back on when their cash does not come, unlike the poor in america.
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:34 am

If you have to ask then you'll never know.
Peter Khan Zendran
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Postby Admzad » Wed Feb 02, 2005 2:32 pm

Yaa Ax,

Sorry for the delay.

> I will tell you that, Iranian Psychi cannot accept Constitutional
> Monarchy, simply because we are used to Dictatorship!

In fact, in that whole region, if u don't dominate, u will be dominated.
Nobody will say u'r a nice guy, they will look down at u & crush u under
their feet. It's called the PALANG factor.

> People did not want it.

If Miran had real 'people', they would not have allowed KKOL78 to F* their lives.

If I had any doubt, watching a Doc on Afgan 'election' removed it.

Every guz was running for namaayandagi. No education, no savaad, no fahm,
no nothing. One woman ran for it, but got only 8 votes & was embarrassed
in front of TV. So she left & talked to other women saying how she should've
paid people & how some asked her for money but she didn't give them money.
She said something like: yaa pool yaa qodrat
In the car she was complaining: even my cousin didn't vote for me.
In contrast another woman, who was treated like shit for 25 years, got enough
votes & was 'glowing'.
The 1st woman bugged the minister everyday, till she got a small generator
for her Mosque. In the opening ceremony, all the saraan va bozorgaan gathered
there with the minister. She stood there as if she owned the place.
Other bozorgaan (a few uneducated olaaq) tried to take over & 1 started
complaining that they fought for 'demokraasi' & now must have 'barq'.
If were allowed, they would've skinned the minister alive.
One war-lord was beating his horse with his all-being. This is all they've
knows 'beating' & savage violence & vahshigari & koshtaar.
American had to set-up their meetings & take of the logistics, or the savages
would kill each other.

> Are you a Monarchist or only in Iran's case, you prefer a Monarchy?

I'm not a Monarchist.
Republic is not for gaav/olaaq.
Try to watch the Doc it was called "AFGHANISTAN - HELL OF A NATION"

> Do you believe Reza Pahlavi is worthy or fit to become Shah?

'shah' means different things to different people.
I don't know him enough to comment.

For Miran, I'm pro a 'system' that would provide 'unity' & prevent
a new 'ruling-family' come to power after every eRection decide-by
or bought-from gaav/olaaq.

Miran is too F*ed to be run by its pee-poles & Goh-mullahs & Goh-anqollaabi
& Goh-jendeyeh-melli & Goh-mosaddequn.

It should be mngd by its most educated people that 'care' about the country
(not their own pockets & families).

When a country is full of gaav/olaaq, vote of 1 olaaq should not be the same
as the vote of kasravi or dehkhodaa or prof-hashtrudi or shaamlu.

I think & know that goh-khori of 78 should've never ever happened. The
change towards the F*ing demokraasi should've come by educating the mass gaav/olaaq.

> According to you, Gav O Olaq do not deserve Democracy or a Republic!

The issue is not deserving. They simply can NOT & will NOT.
Read what Brzezinski says about democracy in my killing-hope.

> to create a Totalitarian Regime of the Nationalist kind

Masters can not allow no F*ing 'persian' or any kind of anti-eyrab regime
in their region (X-cept Israel). Even if they did, ey-rabs will force them
to change their mind.

> Elite Minority, can create a Regime Change in Iran, if they provide a
> Win_win situation with Western Powers? In this case, we do not need the
> consent of the Majority!?

It all depends on what the Masters wish.
"consent of the Majority" doesn't egg-zists in the whole region, yet it
seems to run. Never mind the poverty & shit that egg-zists, which will
eventually hit the fan.

> In that case (above), do you approve "Armed Struggle"?

It will be decided by the Masters, they know how to do it best.

The Goh culture of Miran means that u-ni-tea will not egg-zist no matter
what happens. The opposition will be there & will have to be forced out
& OFF. There will be:
secret police,
Goh paasebu,
Goh zhaandarm;
Goh dahaati joining the sercet police to torture others;
many jendeh khuneh, where mardomeh sharifeh Mirun could F* their own 'sisters';
Holy Goh Mullahs charging Miranians to F* their 'sisters';
Many Goh Mullahs going under ground;
Many Gog pee-pole invading the houses in north of Tehran (but this time
many of the 'owners' would be Goh Mullahs or their filthy familes);
New goup of families rising to the top to get filthyrich;
etc etc.

> Would you agree that you have @ least a bit o "Conspiracy Theorist",

I don't like the term.

> Do you believe I loves you more

No, I lovz u more.

> this is like "inside a family" thing! But if they do, its like animosity!
> ... Do you get my point?

Unfortunately the PALANG factor is extremely important. This is why u don't
see the TOP guys being criticized in Mid-East, coz if u allow it, every
gaav/olaaq will start insulting the TOP guy.

U must dominate in order to prevent being dominated!

> Where is my beloved Robert?

Yes I miss him too.

> Alahazrat Homayoun, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Nure Aryai, Nure
> Melate Parsi, Shahe Shahan, Shahe Iran, ...

I call this the ROSTAM factor:
u egg-zajerate;
do yek-kalaaq chel-kalaaq;
blow things out of proportion;
u use 50 million laqab & titles;
his horse wasn't just a normal horse, it could jump from 1 mountain to another;
big is always better, but humonges is even better;
u raise the profile of whatever it is u talk about, to raise u'r own profile.

The guy who used to read shaahnaameh, was very poor & often taryaaki & miserable,
yet he'd lift himself high up like a God talking about Rostam.

This is 1 reason y the 12 SHIiT leaders were not just the top clergy, but Gods

Or a KK Goh-Mullah like the eblis KH could be turned into a God overnight.

When u talk to anybody from Pakistan or Mid-East u see this in their body
language & attitudes, specially when they say 'no', they do it with their
whole body & soul.

Even though many Eyrabs don't grow up with Rostam, they always go out of their
ways to egg-zajerate & blow thing out of proportions.

Perhaps, it shows their desire to dominate.

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Postby Liberator » Wed Feb 02, 2005 3:21 pm

Dear Admzad,

I'd just like to urge you to use the quote commands available on this board, it's easy and makes reading responses much easier :intel:

You simply include the text you want to quote inbetween the command:
[quote] [ /quote]

The command is located above the message body were you type a response. You can't miss it

All the best,
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby IPC » Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:32 pm

Dear Peter:

"Second, you mean to tell me you studied martial arts, lift weights, hang around south central la and don't know how to stand up to one little cia cocksucker? Then how can you call yourself resistance then. Just beat that little fuckers ass and dodge all those who come after you, like Tito did."

CIA's Chef has recently made some tasty Kabob Kubideh & Shish Kabob. Dr. X is usually the most resistant when comes to CIA temptations, but the Kabob done it! Dr. X is now fasting to become a full vegetarian but CIA's future plan is to cook some new Kabob Chenjeh & Bareh. We don't know how anyone even the great Dr. X can resist the CIA's new Iranian Chef & his kabobs!

Peter we believe you have now REALLY lost it!

Peter, a bit of advice,

Can you conduct yourself in a more civilized manner? Less profanity and less tantrums? We promise you if you do so, people will take you more seriously. The way you behave and speak, how can anyone take you seriously? One out of four words that you make is a profanity!

Acting like a filthy mouthed thug, as you call it "Your Style", is not a "Style", but it is uncivilized behavior in a civilized society. It will get you no where.

You are an old IPC member, We respect you as an old member, thats why we don't get rid of you. But threatening to torture, rape and kill people (in old IPC club) and cussing members, moderators and scholars (now) is not the way. What are you going to accomplish by behaving this way? No one is taking you seriously but they are laughing at you.

You are now directly assaulting not just members but operation members. It is very easy for any operation member to revise or delete your posts and ban you out of here, but thats not their style & thats not our style!

The only reason you are still here and not kicked out of here is because hamrazman like Ahreeman, Camran, Liberator or others are keeping you here as a court jester, & humor break to amuse them! They prefer to keep you as a Comic Relief than to get rid of you!

We suggest:

1. Start behaving yourself.

2. If you want people to take you & your ideas seriously, then change your tone and act in a civilized manner and change your thug style of cunducting yourself.

Show some respect for others and for yourself.


IPC Office
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Postby Admzad » Wed Feb 02, 2005 5:52 pm

A few interesting points about the Doc:

-the savage gaav/olaaq killed so many of their own people & were
supposedly peace loving 'moslemz', but ended up having savage
taalibaan. They had to fight the taalibaan but could beat them.
Masters had to go in & destroy what was left to kick Taalibaan out.

-What do they do in their 1st eRection?
They have some idiot 'read' Qoran, which many wouldn't understand.
But they just sat there like drugged olaaqs, some feeling like
crying coz it felt like a 'sad' wailing-music.
What a F*ing way to start a 'nation'! A wailing song that most
would not understand!

-Some Goh Muslim shouting & demanding that the Americans shouldn't
be allowed to practice their religion there!

-The top American guy, very young, was extremely intelligent, so much
so, that it high lighted how savage the Afgans were.

-The Americans thought of everything : where & how should the eRection
be held, how to disarm the gaav/olaaq so they would kill each other,

-Many Goh 'leaders' behaved as if they were all angry Gods, shouting this
& that & demanding this & that to make themselves look important. These
gaav/olaaq would not even wash their hands with a soap after the toilet,
& would stink like shit, unless they stank of strong shity perfume.

-One of the gaav/olaaq said something like they were fighting too long,
but now they build the country to catch-up with the west.

U could see the EGO talk here.
Asshole, u guys F*ed u'r own country, can't sit in the same room together
without foreigners controlling the situation. Millions of u'r own people
live in poverty doing gedaa'i in Mid-East alone, because they don't trust
their own people to go back. Millions have no education & can't have any,
coz they've been so F*ed that it's too late for them, their 'brain' can't
handle it no more. Yet u r demanding this & that & brag about 'catch-up'
with the west, while selling u'r own mother for $10?!

-Every guz in the ministry wore KIRaavaat to look important!

-In every Doc I've seen on Afgan, some Goh-olaaq is beating, with full
body & soul, somebody or some kid or some woman with a stick!
They r so conditioned that u just have to raise the stick & they all run
away. Just like the DOGs in Mid-East, just bend over to pretend u r picking
a stone & all the dogs run scared shitless!

-One of the gaav/olaaq, speaking Afgan, used the word 'sistemaatik'!
For some reason this really got to me!
I bet he was trying to stand out of the other gaav/olaaq to make himself look

-There is no F*ing way such gaav/olaaq could have demokraasi in the next 200 years!
Not to mention that without help from the Masters, they'll blow up their country
in 6 momths!

-Sure, many of their top gaav/olaaq would brag & talk about demokraasi, but
it would be only to raise their own profiles.

Just like the Miranian Goh-AN-qollaabi who destroyed their country, to go
khaarej to shout ch-miran-lavaashak on EGO-Boards& fight each other for 25
F*ing years, denying what really happened, blaming it all on the old regime.

Demokraasi my Ass.

efaade haa tabaq tabaq, sag haa bedoresh vaqo vaq
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Postby Kian » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:32 am

Peterkhan, for starters, you'r just full of shit and not even aware of it, do you'r self a favour and stop embarrassing you'r self.
Regardless everything that has been said here, a costitutional monarchy is the best way to put our homeland back on the right track. It's not just about Reza Pahlavi as a leader.
Emrooz ( mibakhshid ) har bozghalei yek television baz mikone, konesho boo mikone mige bah bah booye raise jomhouri miad.
Monarchy is the only link to our past, everything that we are and we must have a symbol for it, that's what Reza Pahlavi is going to be. Our symbol for beating the shit out of tazian and taziparastan, the symbol of a united nation who fought for democracy and gained it. Here comes the problem with unity, that we hear so mutch about. Unity should only be certified between groups who believe in freedom and democracy and fights for it. Why should I stand next to a mojahede jaani & maghzbakhte and declare unity ? why do I have to forgive the tratory that distroyd many generations progress twards the future. The mujahed didnt asked me or anybody outside their sekt if we accept their choice for president. Yek billakhe gonde be hame dadan va hanooz hichkas bejoz khodeshoon-o ghabool nadaran [-(
Unity ONLY between democratic forces, this way we can have a parlament worthy of it's name, who forms our democracy. A primeminister chosen by the people and a king as a symbol of what persians are about and represents.
What can a Leninist, mujahed or hizbollahi achieve in sutch a system with their sickminded ideologi, nothing but sabotage the freedom, but are we going to let them ? I surtainly hope not.

We dare call the Pahlavi dynasti a dictatorship, and blame them for everything. Still today I here the old generation blaming shadravan Aryamehr for their f""""ups, and state their infamy of a revolution a gloriuos triumph. They say they did wanted the republic but not a islamic one, then why did you asked for khomayni and saluted him, stod there and cryed when the illiterate bastard gave his speech ( witch by way the is forbidden too listen too in Iran today, becouse of all the nonsence bullshit )

Anyhow a republic today is a close step too civil war, constitutional monarchy is all we' v got for turning the clock back, Uhm, say, 26 years and begin again.
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Ze khabe geran bayad az chashm shost, Ze rokh barafkande nangin,shost.
Bia ta bekoshim va jang avarim, boron sar az in bare nang avarim.
Biarim an abe rafte be jooy, magar ze an biabim baz aberooy.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Feb 03, 2005 7:28 pm

What is The Real Goal?

Kian and "All":

All shall ponder upon What is The Real Goal here?!

"Regardless everything that has been said here, a costitutional monarchy is the best way to put our homeland back on the right track. It's not just about Reza Pahlavi as a leader."

@ least say: "I believe" constitutional monarchy is the best way ...........
You are releasing a verdict, a law, a Dogm!

"Emrooz ( mibakhshid ) har bozghalei yek television baz mikone,"

Baaaa Baaaaaa! Just picture a baby goat on TV Screen!

" konesho boo mikone mige bah bah booye raise jomhouri miad."

I agree with you. This is the reality of the "Iranian Disease"

However, I hope your comments are not directed @ me! Because:

a) I bathe with Watermelon Shower Gel and my ASS smells like Watermelon! Actually my Ass smells better than Holy man's face!

b) I don't want to become President! I only want to:

I. Be Minister of Education or Culture to educate the Gav O Guspandan!

II. Have a steady rounds of Kabob Kubideh, Nun Sangak & Gojeh Pahlu coming in to munch on! And I emphasis on Nun Sangak, because Kabob without Nun Sangak-e Zire Kabob means nothing! Don't try to hand me replica Nun Barbari or Lavash or that damn Arabic Pita!

"Monarchy is the only link to our past, everything that we are and we must have a symbol for it, "

So without Monarchy, we have no past?!

"that's what Reza Pahlavi is going to be."

I didn't know that you also are a Fortune Teller & read the future! You already decided the future!

So are you saying that you want Monarchy but only if Reza Pahlavi is the Monarch?

Thats What Shahollahis say!

" Our symbol for beating the shit out of tazian and taziparastan, the symbol of a united nation who fought for democrati and gained it."

Nationalism has nothing to do with Monarchy.

" Here comes the problem with unity, that we hear so mutch about. Unity should only be certified between groups who believe in freedom and democrati and fights for it. Why should I stand next to a mojahede jaani & maghzbakhte and declare unity ?"

Only stand with those Mojaheds who are also reaching out for you.

" why do I have to forgive the tratory that distroyd many generations progress twards the future."

They can say the same thing about you & Shahollahis! Coin has 2 sides!

" The mujahed didnt asked me or anybody outside their sekt if we accept their choice for president."

You don't have to join them. You don't have to unify with them. Only reach out for some of them who are willing to reach out to you. Forgive the rest, thus they do not know better!

" Yek billakhe gonde be hame dadan va hanooz hichkas bejoz khodeshoon-o ghabool nadaran"

This is not true. There are other groups in the NCRI beside Mojahedin.
Also, like it or not, today, Mojahedin are against the IRI & part of this opposition.

"Unity ONLY between democratic forces,"

A Lesser Half of Monarchists are not Democratic! Are you going to unify with them just because they are Monarchists?

Every day I hear rhetorics all around the Iranian Community coming out of Monarchists mouths that:


"If tomorrow, there be a Democratic Republic established in Iran, regardless of its nature, we will still plan a revolt in exile to go to Iran, make another Revolution and establish a Monarchy in Iran. We don't recognize a Republic, democratic or not!"

This is the mentality of a great number of Monarchists!
Is this Democratic?
You simply got to admit that Monarchists have a long history of being Un-Democratic themselves!
Why do you think a great number of Iranian Opposition despises Monarchists with a passion?
Do you think people are just crazy to hate Monarchists for no reason?
Monarchists have a long history of Un-Democratic Behavior (nicely put)!
Always remember:

The Coin has 2 sides to it!

" this way we can have a parlament worthy of it's name, who forms our democrati. A primeminister chosen by the people"


" and a king as a symbol of what persians are about and represents. "

That King will not be King of Sweden!
Iranian King can never be a Puppet Figure & a Ceremonial King.
Limited Powers maybe, but a strictly Ceremonial King, that is not possible in Iran.

"What can a Leninist, mujahed or hizbollahi achieve in sutch a system with their sickminded ideologi, nothing but sabotage the freedom, but are we going to let them ? I surtainly hope not."

Reach out for only those Marxists, Mojahed or Islamists of the opposition, who are willing to reach out for you!

Otherwise, you will be reduced to a Sectist and a Cultist who is shouting slogans, pro his own tribe, for another 26 years!

Shouting slogans in exile pro your Shah, is easy!
Taking Action to create a "Change" is hard!

If there is no Iran & if there is no country for you to live in it, then who the hell cares if you scream Javid Shah & that Mojahed screams Javid President?! Both of you can shout till the next eclipse, but Mullahs will remain in Tehran!

"We dare call the Pahlavi dynasti a dictatorship, "

Facts: They were Dictators. Check dictionary for definition of dictatorship please!

"and blame them for everything. "

I'm not blaming them for everything!
Actually I am very keen on Reza Khan and somewhat on Alahazrat.
I am keen on individuals.
I can be careless about Pahlavis. I don't worship a Dynasty or a Cult.
I value individuals.

"Still today I here the old generation blaming shadravan Shahansha for their f""""ups,"

Forgive them, thus they do not know better.
We try to educate them.
Alahazrat was a great man & he done so many goods,
His good deeds were 20 times more than his bad deeds,
But he was also guilty of many wrong doing.
He made many mistakes.
some of his many mistakes:

some of Alahazrat's many mistakes:

I. Not to separate Mosque & Government by allowing Shiite Islam to be the official state religion.

II. Leaving Iran in times of need.

III. Not killing 10,000 Islamists in the streets to avoid Islamic Revolution.

IV. Not gradually giving democracy to people before 1979.

V. Jailing Hoveyda, the greatest Nationalist of Iran as a escape goat.

VI. Not stopping the great corruption of his own family, The Pahlavis!

VII. Pushing Iran to total Dictatorship by creating only one party (Rastakhiz) & banning all other political parties of Iran.

Do you want me to go on?
The list goes on....................
Shah had many flaws & he made many mistakes.
His wrong doings were one of the factors for Reaction of 1979, but Shah's Flaws were not The Major Factor.

We need to look @ the history with an open mind & free of our own Tribal Views!

" and state their infamy of a revolution a gloriuos triumph."

They consider their Islamic Republic a great republic.
I call it The 2nd Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation of Iran!

" They say they did wanted the republic but not a islamic one, then why did you asked for khomayni and saluted him, stod there and cryed when the illiterate bastard gave his speech ( witch by way the is forbidden too listen too in Iran today, becouse of all the nonsence bullshit )"

You are speaking of those who associated in Disaster of 1979 & they consider themselves Republicans (Jebhe Meli, Nehzat Azadi, etc.)

There are people who did not participate in Disaster of 1979, furthermore, they were on the Imperial Regime's side, even more further, they were insiders of the Imperial Regime, but they were not Monarchists then & they are not Monarchists now! Example: Myself.

"Anyhow a republic today is a close step too civil war, constitutional monarchy is all we' v got for turning the clock back, Uhm, say, 26 years and begin again."

The Republic after 1979 is not a True Republic.
The Monarchy before 1979, was not a True Constitutional Monarchy.

We must be unbiased when we read history.

Just because this present joke of a regime is called a republic & is non functional, it does not necessarily means that what we had before 1979, was a great functional regime!

If the Imperial Regime of before 1979 was such a great functional regime, then the disaster of 1979 would have never happened!

How come a Theocratic Reaction (Islamic Revolution) does not happen in Germany or United States?

"Ze khabe geran bayad az chashm shost, Ze rokh barafkande nangin,shost.
Bia ta bekoshim va jang avarim, boron sar az in bare nang avarim.
Biarim an abe rafte be jooy, magar ze an biabim baz aberooy.

Those who do not learn anything from the history, are bound to fail again!
(Yours Truly)

OK, lets roll,

Allow me to clarify a few points:

As far as the future Iranian System of Government & its name goes, personally, I do not care nor do I give a flying fandango if it will be a Monarchy or Republic. Neither do I care if you call it the Imperial Iran, Republic of Iran, Democratic Republic of Iran, Constitutional Monarchy of Iran, Persian Union, United States of Iran, Pars The Third, or Shambool-e Babam!

I could be careless if a Shah or a President or a Prime Minister or a Chairman or Haj Kuchike rules over Iran!

The only thing that I care about is for the future Iran to be a Democratic Iran! Thats all!

That is the only thing that I care about! Do you know why?

Because, before 1979, no matter how much family or personal ties I had to the Imperial Regime or how much I respected Alahazrat's visions, yet as an absolute believer of Democracy, I could have not & I would have not lived in the Imperial Iran, even if 1979 would have not happened & even if the Imperial Regime would have stayed in power!

I would have most likely gotten a job as a Foreign Ambassador to a western nation, to not live there, simply because the Imperial Iran was not a democratic regime & that was that.

Let me clarify this for you:

Just because presently, the Iranian Regime is the Arm Pit of the world, it does not automatically mean that Shah's Regime was or is the Role Model for salvation! Far from it!

As I have said, The Imperial Regime had many major flaws and all of those flaws contributed somewhat to the disaster of 1979.

But the difference between you & I or specificaly a Shahollahi & I, is that:

I make God out of no one, I do not hero worship, Nothing is Sacred for me & I belong to No Tribe!
This allows me to have a clear & open mind to view history & the present situation of Iran.

This also allows me to have open arms for "All" The Opposition to join & work together in IPC.

Unification of the Opposition maybe a dream & not possible, but IPC exists & it is functional & it is consisting of "All" Opposition members belonging to "All" Opposirion Groups.
IPC is the best that the unification of opposition gets!

However, you are bounded to your tribal sympathies. You are chained to your own sect & you worship your own heroes. How can you think with an open mind?

Yet I must admit that you are not in the same classification as a Shahollahi! Because if you were a Shahollahi, you would have been with your own tribe members in your own sect & cult, one of the 101 existing Iranian Political Sects, & shouting 100 Javid Shah per day, the same as Hizbollahis reading 100 Qol O Vallah a day!

To see you in IPC, means that you have courage to be here. To have courage to be here, means that you have an open mind. To have an open mind, means that you are not such extreme Shahollahi after all!

Let me be very frank with you,

If I would have had the same chain of thoughts as you do, then IPC would have never existed!

You are disappointed by the beliefs & behavior of Mojaheds, Marxists & Islamists of the opposition!

I got news for you, I am disappointed in the way this whole opposition behaves & believes! I am dissapointed with every single group in this oposition. I am dissapointed with every single person in this opposition from top to bottom, from Reza Pahlavi & Maryam Rajavi all the way down to the foot soldiers!

But, there is a but...........

But do you see me sitting isolated in my room & condemn everything & everyone?

Hell no, I am trying very hard to create an alternative, a solution, a final chance for "All" Opposition members to get together & do something.

If I would have thought like you do,
If that Mojahed would have thought like you do,
If that Monarchist would have thought like you do,
If Hassan would shout Javid Shah & Down with the rest,
If Hussein would shout Zende Bad Rajavi & Down with the rest,
If Taqi would shout Viva Marx & Down with the rest,
then there would have been No IPC.

For 26 years, nothing has been accomplished! Everyone sang their own tunes.
5 years ago, I started IPC to change that!
A year ago, IPC has become so relevant, & a threat to IRI, that Islamists bounded to destroy it.
Last year they gave us such a blow that if it was any other organization, even the most powerful ones of them like Nehzat-e Moqavemat-e Meli, would have been never rise up again!

NAMIR (Nehzat-e Moqavemat-e Meli) was a powerful organization, but after Dr. Bakhtiar, it could never rise up again! In fact, it died out!

IPC is still here and do you know why?

IPC is not about,

Javid Shah
Javid Rajavi
Javid Mosadeq
Javid Lenin
Javid Banisadr
Javid bla bla bla

IPC is about Iran first, ideology second.
IPC is about "Everyone is welcomed here".
IPC is not about Hero Worship
IPC is about you and I.

Today, in United States of America, we have Communist Parties, Nazi Parties, Fascist Parties, Islamist Parties, and 101 other Non Believers in Democracy. All of them are allowed to do political activities. Non of them are banned. However, as long as they do not attempt to take over the government by violent overthrow, they are welcomed to participate in the political process & elections.

That's is called Democracy.

That is what we need to comprehend & practice in Iran.

Referendums & Elections are tools for the masses to decide their destiny. But to get to that point, we cannot sit on the corner & each, shout slogans & worship our Sect Leader.

No Opposition Leader from No Opposition Group, could so far accomplish anything constructive on their own! Rhetorics are sky high but results were zero!

Shahs and Presidents erected in Exile or Opposition Leaders, Self Appointed in Exile, have failed to do anything during the last 26 years.

That's why IPC is here!

The only person who can make a meaningful "Change" possible, is you & I.

You & I can capture the skies & there will be No End & No Limit to what we can do.

You & I can do anything that we desire. Together, we can capture the Moon & hang it in our backyard.

Its all about You & I.

IPC is about You & I. Only You & I.

Everything else is garbage.

The Real Goal is to Free Iran & Create a Democratic Iran,
so you & I can live there.

Everything else is garbage.

Nothing is Sacred!

All of you have courage
All of you care about Iran
All of you are "Doers"
Cause if you were not,
Then you would have not be in IPC.
To be in IPC, means that you are Doers,
And I respect that
And I respect "All" of you.
And I Love All of you.

I hope I clarified my stands better than before.

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated."

More power to All


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Postby Amirza » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:49 pm

As a democrat minded Iranian - I must say: the grounds for democracy are not yet in place in Iran. As long as there are a large number of Iranians whom are willing to sell their votes for a dinner. As long as there are many Iranians who look for short-cuts, with no regards for others. Iranians who have trouble accepting good people may have weaknesses - causing them to burn their leaders at the sight of the first weakness !!

Remember -
Good cultures have good governments - regardless of the type.
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Postby Kian » Fri Feb 04, 2005 5:38 pm

Dear Ahreeman
I guess I'm going to thank you for you'r constructive critisism, eventhough I believe it too be quit lecturing.
Let me begin by saying that I'm not releasing a verdict or anything by that nature, it's just my vision for a constructive tomorrow. I am not directing anything too anybody.
I dont care about the shahollahis as you call them, There is a big diffirense between saltanat talaban and mashrotekhahan.
Saltanat talab believes that the king is the highest supreame being after god and everybody have too bow down too every verdict, witch contraducts anything humanity should stand for and that is mainly freedom.
( personally I'm galaxies away from beliveing in any god, never the less a person as god )
Mashrotekhah is the one who wants the state stay monarchist for preserving the national and historic value, but with a parlament where partis from left to right working together.
I am not a fortune teller eather, but it dosent take a genius too see Reza Pahlavi az a suitable leader for sutch a movement, if you have a better candidate so please do tell me allso.
Let's say that the monkey regim is going too fall tomorrow, how long will it take untill a national referendum is going too take place ? 1-2 years ? the people as you like to refer to as trible gavo gosfand, must slowly get to know the candidates of the diffirent parties and what they are all about ", ta betoonan agah va hooshmande beran sooye sandoghe ray " in the meantime the infrastructure must maintain and people must feel secure, whos gonna provide that ? the UN or american forces ? better yet, why should we let bigane come and take care of us. In my belive, a state of monarchy with a wellknown candidate like Reza Pahlavi witch is based on democratic constitution is the best way too gather people and start out. But make no mistake, in the final run, on the day of referendum, he allso must be elected for continuing as a leader. It preserve and strengthen the scense of nationalism, and dont say that nationalism and monarchy is totaly apart from eachother, it would just be you'r opinion, all I'm going too say is, father of modern Iran" Reza Shah Kabir " and leave it at that.

Going back too unity issue, let me tell you this, find me a marxist or a mujahed who will accept a mashrotekhah and want to work progressivly toghether and I will bow down and kiss his/her feet. But please do not oversimplify my opinion as the coin have too sides or anything like that. Fekr nemikonam ke bande shoari inja dadam, ke ta bekhad bija bashe. I have the deepest respect for any republican as long as they follow a democratic path, who am I too tell anybody what they should belive in, I'm simply one man with one vote just like you, anybody outside Iran who clame more than this before a national referendum bayad bere somagh bemake. This is why I have a problem with mujaheddin, offcourse they are in the opposition, that's nothing new, but the hypocracy lays in that they became the opposition after the mullas betrayal, same shitheads they helped coming into power. They even was showing of their army at the borders after they became allies with saddam hussein. They have chosen a president without asking the nation. a democratic partie chooses a partieleader for their movement, not a leader for the hole nation without asking anybody. But have they miraculasly changed, I think not. Just listen too that Madani guy and you'll see.
Regarding the Pahlavi dynasti, you'll have too be a very naiv person too belive that it was paradise on earth. No, Shadravan Aryamehr did a lot of mistakes but I do believe that he had a good vision and his heart was in the right place, many say that he should have killed the demonstrators, I dont agree, he would'nt be more than what Pinoche is today. The biggest mistake was leaving the country in that time, that I agree on, and that the purpose of having a history is too learn from it, once again my friend you shouldn't simplify things refering too my signature.

Too sum up, there is not mutch diffirence between you and me. The IPC with 41-registred user so far, is a good ide', just like any other forum where people come together and discuss about issues, I doubt that it's going to be the salvation we need for a regim change tough. But I'm just schooled and you'r truely educated, so you must know better.

Bedrod va Payande bashid
Ze khabe geran bayad az chashm shost, Ze rokh barafkande nangin,shost.
Bia ta bekoshim va jang avarim, boron sar az in bare nang avarim.
Biarim an abe rafte be jooy, magar ze an biabim baz aberooy.
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Reality Hurts!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:30 pm

Reality Hurts!

Camran Mirza:


"Now, Reza Pahlavi II is doing a fine job as a westerner with clean cloths, well shaven, very polite, well educated, peaceful and calm, but can he think the Iranian way as well?"

To a Free Thinker
Beyond and Above Cultism & Political Sectism,
Reza Pahlavi is a good member of the Iranian Opposition.
Nothing more, Nothing less.

The young generation of Iranians in exile are divided in two:

I. Ones who have no clue about Iran & Iraians.
This group is accepting the host country's culture & is totaly detaching with Persianhood.

II. Ones who ache for an identity & they discover their Persian Herritage. This group is trying hard to cling to an identity, so they study & preach their Persianhood to the world. This group, if Nationalist, has no Hero, no Superman, no Leader to identify with & to cheer for; therefore, the only person they see on TV or hear on Radio is Reza Pahlavi. That's why they identify with him, purely because he is son of Shah.

Lets get back to your points:

Clean Clothes?
Yes, he wears them.

Well shaven?
Yes he is.

Very Polite?
Indeed he is.

Well Educated?
He has a High School Degree. He attended College but right away he dropped out. He has no higher education.

Yes he is a pacifist but I am not so sure if that's a good quality? All our useless Shahs of the past were also pacifists! Ahmad Shah Qajar, Fath Ali Shah Qajar, Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid, and every single useless Shah who gave away many states of Iran!

Well, it goes beyond that! Pardon my lingo but more like Pussy Whipped by women!

but can he think the Iranian way as well?
Isn't it obvious? The only people who believe that Reza Pahlavi is fit to rule Iran, are:

Believers in RP

I. Young Monarchists, whom themselves were either born outside Iran or moved to exile in very young age. In other words, they have no clue of what is going on in Iran today! They identify with Reza Pahlavi because that's all they have in Exile.

II. Old Timers who got well fed off of Pahlavis before 1979. They piled up fortune & fled to the west. Back then, they used to Hand Kiss & Ass Kiss Alahazrat & now they do the same to RP. They know very well that RP is not fit to rule anything, but due to their politics & social status & possible future benefits (if by some odd chance they return to Iran), they have no other choice but to support RP.

III. Gullible number of folks with very low intellect, the every day folks in exile who have no one else but RP to identify with.

IV. "Thinking People" who support RP, simply because there is no other choice. They are well aware that RP is another Ahmad Shah, yet without a crown & throne, but they are forced to stand by him.

Now allow me to clearly state here that:

As soon as a Real Leader enters the political scene of Iran. All the above groups will follow him & abandon RP, much quicker than the rest of the society!

* Group I will drop RP because they will see the new guy is providing results that RP could not provide for 26 years!

* Group II will drop RP because they are basically old Monarchist Leeches with no back bone & no ideology! They are in it for money, so they will cling to the best person to try their investment on a wining ticket.

* Group III will drop RP, because The Public Cattle follows the latest fad. These are folks who often scream Long Live This & Death to That! One day they cheered for Shah for benefits, next day they cheered for Mosadeq for future promises & the day after, they cheerd for Shah because they got paid Dollars to Roam the streets on 28 Mordad! This group will sell their mothers for a buck. If the new guy feed them some dollars, free dinners, future promises, etc. They will drop RP in a second!

* Group IV. This is the only decent group that follows RP for ideological reasons, even they know that RP is a useless pacifist. As soon as the new guy rises & this group sees that the new guy is a promising leader, then they will drop RP, not because of opportunism but because of Realism!

The bottom line is RP is a soft spoken pacifist, too westernized to even live in Iran!


Take RP to Amjadiyeh Stadium (Shiroodi) on a day that Taj (Esteghlal) & Piroozi (Persepolis) have a game! From time to time people will riot & turn loose by breaking the fences & the line of security & police forces to invade the referee or other team's fans or players! The police will hit the people with batons & push them back. People will scream:

"Davar Kos-e Nanat!"

........ and other beautiful Persian Literature!

Crash will start. Fans of both teams are hitting each other & scream profanity to each other.
Fans of one team cusses the hell out of referee.
Police does major clashing with people.
People will roam from time to time like a wild cattle to break police lines!
It will be a jungle out there!

Now imagine someone like Reza Pahlavi is sitting in the middle of this episode! I love to see his facial impression! They will swallow him Alive in Amjadiyeh! In his whole life he has never seen a site like that! That is the real Iran!

I remember, back then, we used to go to Amjadiyeh. I was a Taj fan, my budd was a Pas fan & we used to switch places, sometimes sit in Taj territory and sometimes Pas & sometimes in Neutral territory such as Persepolis, Homa or Shahbaz fans territory. We would never miss a Taj _ Pas Game!

We had a Soosool Lilly Ass, Wus Ball, friend (Bache Khar Khun-e, Dars khun-e Soosool). He was Armenian & he was the type who would sit in front of the class! He was the only one who would actually listen to the teacher & take notes! He was sitting between me & my Pasi friend. For a long time he was begging us to taking him to Amjadiyeh.

Over & over we told him that Amjadiyeh is the real face of Iranian Society. You are safer to go to Down Town Tehran (Hairiest Neighborhood) or Shahr-e No (Tehran's Whore House) or Laleh Zar Cafes(hang out of Jahels & Thugs), than to go to Amjadiyeh Soccer Stadium! But he insisted!

Finally one day we gave up & took him along! We strictly told him that he has to tag along & stay with us @ all times! We made it clear to him that Amjadiyeh is not Kharazmi High & people will swallow him alive! We clearly told him that stay with us or you may get beaten up, mugged and raped up the shiiter!

And he thought we are exaggerating until he saw Amjadiyeh! Boy did he see Amjadiyeh! A Culture shock for him! @ the first glance he said:

Oh my God! How do you guys come here every week? These people are so primitive! This is like a jungle! Where do these people come from? How come I don't see them around?

I cracked up! Pasi guy told him:

Because you do not live in the Real Iran! You go home & come to school. You have never seen the real Iran! You don't even go south of Shahreza Avenue (central Tehran)!

That day, we had to watch over him, even buy all the snacks & Hot Dogs (Sosis), so he would not run around by himself! For a second, he went to bathroom by himself because we were so involved in the game! We said, OK, go the hell by yourself but be careful & be right back!

Imagine this chubby blonde hair, green eyed, paled face little boy with his glasses & chubby cheeks runing lose in Amjadiyeh! He was like the perfect pray for Big Boned Thugs of Amjadiyeh who would screw anything that moved! I mean Hooligans (Lat o Poot O Obash) of Amjadiyeh would dream about a Chunky Little White Skinned Boy Toy like our Armenian Buddy to appear! It was like a prayer answered by Allah!

So we were so involved in the game & suddenly we noticed that our chubby Buddy has been gone for a long time!

Pasi: Go after him?
X: Frag that! And miss the game?
P: He been gone since the half?
X: His not a child. He can find his way from bathroom to here.
P: He might get lost?
X: Then go find him & shut up. I am not missing the game to go find Topoli!
P: Screw that!
X: I am sure he can find his way back. I mean how stupid must you be to get lost?
P: OK then.

The game finished & Topoli was almost gone for the whole half! We were not kids but Junior High Students. But Topoli had never seen the real Iran before!

finally he came back from the bathroom!

P: Where the hell have you been?
X: We been waiting for you here! Everyone left! Everyone except you!
T: What a zoo!
P: Couldn't you just piss & get back?
T: I got lost!
P: You idiot!
T: What's the score?
P: Game is over you fool!
T: Who won?
(@ this point I cracked up!)
P: You spent the whole game in the bathroom!
T: Its a jungle in here!
P: Did they bang you in the bathroom? Let me check?
T: Shut up. No they didn't!
P: Then where the hell were you? Did you get raped?
T: No, but there were these guys chasing me, I was holding on to my wallet!
P: Maybe they were not after your wallet, but something else!
T: Many people pinched me. Many pushed me & bumped on me!
P: They weren't pushing! They were molesting you & fingering you!
T: Oh shut up! I will never come here again!
X: Are you OK? Are you in one piece?
T: These are animals. How can you come here?
P: Well, we are not little wus ball soosool boy like you!
X: We put up our Real Iranian Face when we come here!
P: Are you sure no one"Angul" you?
T: Shut up!
P: Let me check your ..............
T: Stop it!
X: OK lets go before we hit the traffic @ the bus stop.
T: You mean theres a traffic @ bus stop?!
X: Oh ye, & they be love fingering little chubby Topol Mopoli White boys like you!
(and we all cracked up laughing!)

Now putting RP in middle of Amjadiyeh reminds me of Topoli on that day!

Now have in mind that before 1979, Amjadiyeh & generally Tehran was much more civilized than today! Today's Hairy Areas of Tehran are like Pirate Island & Wild Animal Park!

A friend of mine just came back from Iran & told me about all our old hang outs & he told me that they got 50 times worst than back then!

So imagine on how they will swallow RP alive in Amjadiyeh! Or in this case, they will swallow any of these young civilized Western Grown Monarchists Alive in the middle of Amjadiyeh!

These folks have no idea about the Real Iran & Iranians!

An Episode!

The other day I was Video Net Meeting with a dear female engineer friend in Tehran. She has a sensitive role in a Ministry! She travels around Iran a lot (due to her job)!

X: So what's the backing of Monarchists & Reza Pahlavi in percentage over there?
E: What backing, are you kidding me?
X: No seriously?
E: You mean beside our fathers & mothers & our old uncles?
X: Get serious will you?
E: Well beside those, there are also a few old family friends!
X: Hypothetically if RP lands in Mehrabad today, how many people will surround him to protect him & support him in Tehran?
E: I didn't know you're such a joker?
X: You mean that low?
E: Dr. X, get real, will you?
X: You should see the way Monarchists preach here! According to Radios, TVs & Websites, they are landing in Tehran soon & RP will become a King & Monarchy will return to Iran & .........
E: Doc, I don't have time for jokes here. I am very busy these days! Ask me serious questions & ask me quickly cause I have a lot of work to do.
X: But Monarchists. ...........
(She interrupted me)
E: Monarchists have been saying these things for 26 years! Get real. This is not Los Angeles, this is Tehran. We don't live in LA Fantasies!
(and we continued.......)

These are some of the few pointers & episodes that I wanted to bring up here!

I do not mean any disrespect, but What is happening in some Monarchist Bashes in LA or Western Europe is far from the realities of Iran.

Some Backing of Monarchists in Exile with above four groups are one thing & major backing or even minor backing of masses inside Iran is another! Monarchist Media has been feeding these stories to the gollible people for 26 years!

Its time to get a new story!

"Can you imagine his face chewing his finger with amazement (angosht bedahan hyran shodan) of the scenes of poverty stricken retarded people of a country once he imagined in his study rooms and college desks?"

Pardon me, no disrespect but RP spent a very short time in College. He is not the scholar type!

He has neither the University Education nor the Street Education.
He has been pampered all his life in his fantasy world.
He has no skills whatsoever & never held a job in his life.

I am not being harsh but I am only stating the realities of life.

"I have a great respect to him for being a son of the Late Shah"

We should respect someone for who he is as an individual & what he has done so far!
Who your daddy is, cannot be a respect measurement in today's world!

"and a man of peace "

I have no respect for Pacifists!
Pacifism is like Syphilis, very contagious!

"and above all persistence in what he wants. "

Tell me Camran, what does he want?
Does he know what does he want?
Does he know how to get what he wants?
What has he done so far to get what he wants?

"I would dare say Iran is not good enough for such a man, therefore either Iran will destroy him or he will destroy Iran. Two of them are not compatible!


"Incase you don't understand how he could destroy Iran: "

Well I do, but go ahead & tell us?!

"1- Wasting the people's time for taking on a job he is not fit to either positively or negatively. "

He maybe wasting people's time but he really wants to become a Shah or President or whatever Washington allows him to be, but the question is:

What has he done so far & what will he do in the future to get the position?

Reza Pahlavi never says:

I am going to become Shah of Iran.
I am going to fight for this position.
I am going to free Iran.
I am going to Take over Iran and become Shah.

Reza Pahlavi always says:

If people allow me to become Shah, I accept the position.
If people let me be the Shah, I become one.
If people ask me to become Shah, then I accept.
If people ask me to take a political position as a Shah or President or whatever, I take it.
If people chose me as a president, then I become one.

You see, he is waiting for people to give him a position!

No disrespect but:

"This sounds to me like a Dog who is waiting for the owner to throw him a bone!"

Why would people ask him to become a Shah or a President?
What has he done for the people so far, so the people would appoint him this position?
What is his future plan for Iran so the people even notice that he is still alive?

Today, Reza Pahlavi is as irrelevant in the Iranian Politics as Senator Kerry to the American Politics!

Reza Pahlavi is only relevant in the minds of a few Exiled Monarchists (the four groups mentioned by me)

Now I know this may sound harsh but maybe its time for our buddies to be hit by the punch of reality upside the head!

"2- causing more chaos and mayhems to the country that will lead to more than ever disillusion which is worse than confusion and disarray."

No comments!

"That's why the well polite, peaceful and persistent which are the core elements of the western societies can't run a country with such opposite understandings and clashes of personalities. "


"My recommendation is: "

Tell us Camran Mirza?
What are your recommendations?

"1- To elect a leader subject to review every four years, should Mr. Reza Pahlavi II wishes to take such stand. "

I have been waiting for 26 years for Mr. Reza Pahlavi to take a solid stand on anything!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi for years to Take a Political Action!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi for years to get the Pile O Ass Kissers & Hand Kissers, useless Leeches around him, away from himself & get a few Technocrats around him to finally see what the hell he can do for himself & for Iran!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi for years to have a decency to @ least respond to my 30 different major questions asked from him by myself & our operation members!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi for years to finally "Do" something to Free Iran, than to Tag along DC Senator's Behind for a Green Light or advise!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi for years & decades to finally stand on his own two feet, come out of the cloud of corrupted elements of the old regime, Ass Kissers & corrupted members of Pahlavi Family and grasp & reach out for the Intellectuals of Iran, Masses of Iran, Youth of Iran or anyone who has an idea to offer and a worthy advise to suggest!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi for 26 years to finally act like a True Exiled Prince, doing something to claim his Crown & Throne!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi to finally grow some balls and Take Action & Do something to end Mullahs reign!

I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi to reply to my 30 questionares E-mail and I have been waiting for Mr. Reza Pahlavi to reply to "Creation of The Iranian Resistance Army Corp"!

I have been giving 2 chances to RP to redeam himself. To redeam himself from 26 years of vegetation & failier to support any nationalistc move since 1980s when he failed to support the Coup of The Generals in 80s to overthrow IRI.

I have been waiting for years for RP to face me like a man!

How many more chances should we give to Reza Pahlavi?

With or without RP, we will move!
Reza Pahlavi can sit in DC & wait for the people to hand him the Crown!
Old Fart Monarchists around him can also continue sucking RP Fudge Cicles!
Bon Appetite! Bon voyage!

I tell you what?

I got tired of waiting!

I got sick of waiting for a pacifist Muslim Seyed-e Olad-e Peyqambar Mellow Yellow Type O Career Exilist Prince who wanna be Shah but does not have it in him to do anything about it!

I got sick of all of these Spineless coward Old Fart Monarchists around him who been barfing out the same garbage & false promises to the people of Iran in their TVs, Radios, Websites & Bull Shiite Ragazines & News Papers for 26 years!

That's why I gave Mr. Pahlavi 2 chances (my E-mail & my call for creation of the Resistance Army) to redeam & revive himself & for once in his baseless life, stand for something!

I made it clear to All, that:

I should not support Reza Pahlavi!
Reza Pahlavi should support me!

I am The Doer who is trying to Do Something for this God Forsaken country!

Reza Pahlavi has been sitting on his Ass for 26 years & on going!

What pissed these Spineless Old Fart Monarchists most, was when I stated:

My name is not Taj-bakhsh (Crown Giver), my name is Ahreeman!

I am here to Free Iran!
I do not give a Hell on whatever that may happen to Pahlavi Family!
Basically the complete "Living" Pahlavi Family, except a few, are Corrupt Useless Cowards!
Who the Hell cares what will become of them?!

Unfortunately, as RP has failed to support the Coup of The Generals in the 80s, he has also failed to actually do something by starting a Dialogue with me & True Nationalist Doers of this doomed nation!

Presently I have given up on Mr. Reza Pahlavi & have accepted him as he is.

I still consider him a good member of the Iranian Opposition who can from time to time do a 5 minutes interview with Media & release an announcement, just to say that he is still Alive!

That's all that he can do for this opposition. That's all.

But I tell you what?

I rather he does that, than doing nothing!

I rather have RP to make some noise from time to time than to be totally silent!

RP is better than No RP!

Ka Chi beh az Hich Chi!

But what RP does, is not what an Exiled Prince or King should do to regain power & free his nation.

Reza Pahlavi is far from a Shah or a Prince or a Leader of Opposition or even an Active Member of This Opposition!

You cannot inject courage to people!
Some people have it & some don't!

I have a feeling, he will be waiting in Exile for another 26 years for someone to ask him to become Shah or President or whatever! He is waiting for people to call him for Shahdom!

Best of Luck to Mr. Reza Pahlavi.

"2- To find a new dynasty to own the kingdom."

New Dynasty, Old Dynasty, New Republic, Old Republic, New Emperor, Old Emperor, New President, Old President, anything would do! Anyone & anything is better than this stagnation!

This is not struggle, this is stagnation, this is garbage!

"IRAN, has been suffering by kings since last 8,000 years. If you don't agree with me, please count how many of our kings have been good against how many being bad. Surely this must be simple enough for us to calculate, although maybe by fingers. In every dynasty, their has been just a few rightful kings, the rest just got drunk with power and wealth of what was left to them by heritage. Isn't that the truth?"

Don't tell that to Monarchists, they might have a fit! They might actually jump up from behind their Opium Den & bang you on the head with their Vafur Opium Pipe or spank your hiney!

(No offence to our IPC Monarchists or other Active Monarchists with Balls!)

"BY the way; I see no-one has responded to my "Questions on democracy". I thought as much, cause no-one knows what it really is. But, I give you a clue: It is opposite of dictatorial."

I will respond to you as soon as I get a chance to read it. I have 101 things to do these days, otherwise, nothing feeds my urge for intellectualism, more than a High Level Philosophical Discussion with Supreme Brains of IPC, specifically Camran Mirza.

I can tell you a few things:

1. Presently I am disgusted with the Leadership of this opposition, & I mean all of them!

2. I am doing the best that I can to Create an Opportunity to actually Move out of this Stagnation & Dead Calm Situation of this opposition.

3. I am very privileged and honored to have The Creme of The Crop, & the most Courageous Sons & Daughters & Friends of Iran in IPC, and from all sides of the opposition, here to pick their brains & collaborate with them.

Its all my pleasure folks.

I still have no political ambition. I seek no position. I only want to jump start this stagnating Dead Beat opposition.

If You and I, don't do anything to Free Iran, I assure you that these Cheesy Opposition Leaders, Shahs and Presidents & Media Lords of your community will never, in a million years, do anything further than "Talk"!

It comes down to:

You and I.

That's all.


More power to Resistance

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