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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:46 pm

Patience is a virtue. Investigation is like a fruit, it must become ripe to pick and unveil! :gardner:

Good things come to those who wait! :coffee:

I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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A Nightmare, Together We Share!

Postby CR » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:02 pm

A Nightmare, Together We Share!

Poetic Justice!

Hope for Tomorrow?

It’s Up to You!

Sins of the Fathers


Ahreeman X Laid it all out!

40 years of arguments and waste of time, is there an end?

In regards to all of your discussions and all of your talks, you do understand that he wrote this about 1979, right? This is exactly what happened, this is exactly what everyone is discussing after 40 years and this is exactly why it is useless and this is exactly what we should do to change things and this is exactly the only solution to our common problem. It is all in there and he wrote it just like that. Read it again, it may open a new window and shed some light for those who want some light and those who want a way out to the light. It’s all in there.

A Nightmare, Together We Share!

Tomorrow is bright if we build it today!


Reminiscing the Dreams of Yesterday
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Admzad » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:51 am

Gush, I haven't done any posts in IPC for ages.
I read my old post again after so many years & brought back memories ...

As the GTX ad says: oil ain't oil!
So not every monarchy is good, depends who v r talking about.

qajarollAhi hA ridand be Iran.
So, they can go to hell.
most-deq & most-deqi hA & their hate/nefrat & doruq hA.

as for gAv/olAq removing shAh, see these by soheyl malekpur
from radio shahyAd, ashkAn publisher.

The fact is that Pahlavis loved Iran & saved Iran, so I vote for them any day, I owe them so much.
Just follow mehrA maleki to find historical facts, not the BS KIRollAhi hA & most-deq hA have been saying.
About the K*Keshy & past fetrati of tudeh/pudeh/kudeh & koponist hA & jendeye zedde melli hA.
It's shocking what tudeh/koponists did & still do (supporting KIR).
Hell, they had broken parts of Iran off after WW2.
Stalin wd've moved millions of ppl out of iran like he did in other parts.
KK koponist hA in Iran wd've helped him.

Also, I totally agree wt khosro fravahar & manook & amir tAheri others that Pahlavi card is the only card that can be used & should be used against KIRollAhi hA, koponist, mojAhede jalq, jendeye zedde melli.
mashruteh law is still valid, the system is there to replace KIR.

I like these 2 clips:

Also, I love ashu zartosht & his values & real Iranians values of avestA.

I love what zartosht setude says about the real forgotten Iran (below are from him):
hame Alam tan ast, irAn del, nist guyandeh zin qiyAs khejel, chon ke irAn dele zamin bAshad, del ze tan beh bovad, yaqin bAshad --nezAmi
din or da'enA is vojdAn, but there is no vojAn in islam, so it is not din
namAz in avestA means dorud, but muslims do it wt closed hands like slaves
islam says ppl are slaves of allAh
namAz is full of fear & slavery
even arabs are slaves, so Iranians are slaves of slaves
if the arab lord was asad, his slaves became bani-asad; or slaves of ahmad became Ale-ahmad

Setude says zende yAd shAh freed slaves in Iran(ra'yat), which is true.
most-deq was a big slave owner, qajars considered Iranians their slaves.

Setudeh says:
avestA knows 2 far: fare Iran , fare shAhanshAhi
far = shokuh va tavAnA'i of Iran

Culture of Iran before Piss-lAm was all about celebrating life & shAdi & rAsti & niki.
I love all that.

So, I like shAhanshAhi & real Iranian values.

amir tAheri had a nice talk recently about shAh, which I liked.
T says he never praised shah wn he was a jorno coz he didn't see a need for it, but he is sorry now
shah thought there was no need for debate & protests for women-right, he gave them voting right; he had all fair rules for workers so no need for unions
shah gave ppl what was needed
T thinks ppl like to feel they gained something & brag about it, so if u keep on giving them too many things they become talab-kAr
they won't thanks u, they think u sd've given more but didn't
land reforms lead to 23 yrs war in Germany, but was done in Iran over night; but nobody was grateful for it in 78

dAni ke pas az omr che mAnad bAqi, mehr ast va mohabbat ast va bAqi hame hich ---molAnA
But, mollA hA, komonist hA, mojAhed hA, most-deq hA, jendeye zedde melli hA believe:
…, zahr ast va nefrat ast va bAqi hame hich

la'nat beh jaddo AbAde all opposition leaders of goh-khoriye-78 (AyatollAt tAzi hA,
qajarollAhi, khari'ati, so/goh-rush, Al-ahmaq, shAmluye gohe mo'tAd, komonist/koponist,
tudeh/pudeh/kudeh/kundeh, gohe sorkhi, jendeye eslAmiye zedde melli (JM), most-deq-ollAhi,
mammad lenin/amini tahini, mojAhede jalq-ollAhi, BBC (British Brainwashing Co), bani-zahr,
anjomane goh-teh ye AlmAn, bAzargAv, qotb/goh-zAdeh, ebrAhime gohe yazdi,
dariyush homA-un-khA'en, jafar kasif emAmi, goh-seyn khar-dust, jamshid Amuz-gAv,
abbAs gohe qara-gAvi, nAser moqaddam, shApur bad-bakhti-Ar, simin gAvesh-var,
abbAs anam barAt morabbAs malak zAdah milAni, mohsen goh-bAf, masud susule chos-bud,
kasife badi-nezhAde qomi, guzollAt zam, sAzgAvA, masume ebtegAv, omid kasifi gAvA,
shahrAm homA un dozd, guzi-alA, guzi-zAd, guzi-zAdeh,
mohsen gAv-ju, masmum noqre-gAv, gAv-nune nevisandegAn, bAqer & rAmin par/khar-khAm,
khamir kharbAz sharm-Avar (parivash), zesht-kalAm, sa'id khar-jAriyAn, KIRaj mess-gAvi,
hushang khamir ahmaqi, akbar gand/goh-ji, va va va), and all their tuleh sag hA
now living comfortably in US/Canada/EU.

Iranians are khodA parast and nik-sefat (pendAre nik, goftAre nik, kerdAre nik).
DIVollAh Khomeini (Piss buh) & his supporters are div-parast and div-sefat (pendAre div, goftAre div, kerdAre div).
Iranians love khodAye mehro jAno kherad, not al-lAto ahmaq.

jAvid shAh!
rezA shAh, ruhat shAd!
khodA, shAh, mihan!
pAyande Iran!
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Monarchy is an Outdated, Illogical & Flawed System

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Sep 22, 2019 12:53 pm

Monarchy is an Outdated, Illogical & Flawed System of Government
Letter to a Monarchist


Dear Admzad:

I have just got back from overseas, read your post and now I have to respond to it. You do understand that I have the highest respect for you. I consider you a friend, an artist, an intellectual (not In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All) and a good man. Everything that I will state here is not meant to be insults but they are facts, so do not get offended but instead take a look in the mirror to see the reality and judge yourself before judging others.

Yek suzan be khod zan, qabl az in ke yek javalduz be mardom zani!
“Stick a pin in your own skin before you stick a needle in public’s skin!”
(Persian Expression)

Now let’s Rock & Roll:


I am responding to this post:

Admzad Post

For those of you who have no clue who Admzad is, there you go:

Admzad Index

Admzad is an old activist, artist, graphic designer, writer and a friend.


I am going to be very blunt with you because that is how I am.

Over 10 years ago, you quit activism, closed your site, stopped writing, quit graphic design, seized posting and basically quit politics.

I urged you to continue writing, drawing and activism.
You said, no one cares, no one reads and no one rises up against IRI.
I said, you must keep up the good work and never disappoint.

Your political activism became limited to once a blue moon posting in the club and sending me e-mails.
To motivate you and keep your work alive, I published all your major material in IPC. I personally format, designed and published them.
You said, no one cares, no one reads and no one rises up against IRI.
I said, you are wrong. Check the stats and see many read and view your writings and art.

Since over 10 years ago, you quit writing and drawing. You seized your activities. You killed yourself. You made yourself irrelevant.

Because you are a talented writer and artist, I kept you alive on the life support. I kept you alive online. I kept you relevant.

Seasonal Activists

Since then, every 3 years you show up and post a rhetorical nonsense in the club.

Same as you, Reza Pahlavi (your Hee-Row) also shows up every 3 years and conducts some 3 minutes interviews with international and Iranian media. Every time we (The True Opposition) create a hairy situation inside Iran and things get rowdy, Reza Pahlavi shows up with his 3 minutes interviews, only to state that he is still alive and relevant!

Monarchists are Not Men of Battle

It is not only you and RP but it is the Monarchists by majority (not in general) who are inactive, indifferent and let’s be blunt, useless! Almost every monarchist that I know, have abandoned the battle ground, become irrelevant, seized political activity, and indeed become useless.

Monarchists by majority are not “Men of Battle”. Monarchists are “Half Way Comrades”. They never stick with the struggle. They abandon the battleground. They have various reasons such as attending to personal life, cowardice, being cautious, indifference, being busy and so on. The reality is that they are not cut from the same cloth as brave activists. They are “Middle of the Road Friends”!

I am using your creative terms such as “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All” and “Hee-Row” because you are the master terminologist of the creative Penglish terms! This way, you relate better!

Now let’s dig in:

Letter to a Monarchist

You stated:

“So not every monarchy is good, depends who v r talking about.”

The argument here is not about good or bad monarchy but it is about the “System of Monarchy” which is outdated, illogical and flawed. Of course, there were useless monarchs and there were hardcore nationalist monarchs but this is not the argument. I am saying that the Monarchy as a system of government is outdated, illogical and flawed. I have proven it and it is done:

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New? ... /index.htm

How Republicans and Monarchists view the world? ... /index.htm

Judgement of the Qajar Dynasty

You stated:

“qajarollAhi hA ridand be Iran.
So, they can go to hell.”

Once again you are generalizing. You cannot generalize a Dynasty as a whole. As you stated yourself, there were good and bad monarchs and also there are good and bad people.

If your criticism is pointed at me being a Qajar, I do not get offended but I prove with logic that you and the critics of Qajar are wrong.

Let’s say that Iran of today, in one piece as a nation exists because of the sacrifices and hard work of Aqa Khan. Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar (primarily) and Reza Shah the Great (secondarily) kept Iran intact or else, long ago, Iran would have been disintegrated in to many pieces.

The last Persian Emperor (Aqa Khan) kept Iran as an empire and he fought with the skin of his teeth to keep it intact.

Abbas Mirza, his nephew was one of the greatest Iranian military generals of all time.

Qajar gave you and Iran, Culture, Civilization, Art, Painting, Poetry, Literature and Identity. Take a good look at all the Qajar monuments, architecture, paintings, poetry, and literature which exists until this day.

It is easy to talk Shiite about Qajar but it is hard to close eyes to the reality of what Qajar had done for Iran.

There is no argument here that majority of Qajar Shahs were useless but you cannot generalize. You are not a fan of Iraj Mirza but he is one of Iran’s greatest poets. Abbas Mirza is one of Iran’s greatest military strategists and you and Iran exist in one piece because Aqa Khan existed. So, let’s be fair judge of the history.

Just because you are a Pahlavi-ist, this does not make Qajar Dynasty garbage!

Why don’t you educate yourself, I know you like to read:

Last Persian Emperor: Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar ... /index.htm

Judgement of the Pahlavi Dynasty

You wrote:

“The fact is that Pahlavis loved Iran & saved Iran”

See, you people must make up your mind. Is Constitutional Monarchy practical and good or not?

If so, then how come Reza Shah abolished the legitimate and Traditional Constitutional Monarchy of Ahmad Shah Qajar?

Why Constitutional Monarchy Will Never Work in Iran?

OK, let’s for the argument sake, say that Ahmad Shah was a bum but Ahmad Shah’s Constitutional Monarchy was the most legitimate and Traditional Constitutional Monarchy which Iran ever had! Then why did Reza Shah abolish it?

Because Constitutional Monarchy does not work in Iran. That’s why!

Reza Shah ended it and started an “Absolutist Monarchy” and a “Nationalist Dictatorship”. Get it?

Reza Shah was a true Republican but Reactionary Monarchists and Shiite Clerics would not allow him to create a Republic in Iran:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

I know you have read all my work but read it again, this time in depth!

Pahlavi Dynasty had done many goods for Iran. There is no dispute there. Reza Khan was Father of the Nation. Alahazrat was a great Nationalist and had done many goods for Iran:

White Revolution of Shah and People ... /index.htm

Toward the Great Civilization ... /index.htm

Answer to History ... /index.htm

Shah of Iran Comic Book ... /index.htm

But any way you look at, on his watch, Iran was handed to Islam (for the second time around)! No matter how much goods he had done for Iran, still historically, he will be remembered as the last Shah who lost the Imperial Iran to the Islamists.

My beef with Alahazrat is not only losing Iran to the Islamists but also his cowardice, abandoning Iran in 2 occasions on 1953 and 1979. I do not care that he had cancer or what, but he did not stand his ground and fight but instead he fled!

Another issue was him to scapegoat his close comrades, cabinet and statesmen; furthermore, jailing them for no reason whatsoever! Example Hoveyda! So Hoveyda and likes of him were jailed for no reason at all but Pahlavis stole Billions and fled Iran!

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

The Orchid Man ... /index.htm

Monarchs and Monarchists: Their 21st Century Role


You always speak of “Ta’asob” (Fanaticism) and how bad it is to be a fanatic but you, yourself have a “Ta’asob” (Fanaticism) towards Pahlavis! You see the good they have done but you refuse to see the flaws! You refuse to see the crimes!

I, on the other hand, do not deal with Fanaticism but I deal with historical facts because I am a scientific historian!

“so, I vote for them any day, I owe them so much.”

You said it, you are a blind follower of Pahlavis! You are a fanatic. You are a hypocrite. You are not a logical person! Frist you speak bad about fanatics but then again, you are a fanatic and behave like a fanatic!

So, what you say is that because Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah had done some good for Iran, then you and the Monarchists must support Reza Pahlavi! Just because his last name is Pahlavi!

Do you see how illogical, flawed and baseless is this statement?

Historical Facts

Reza Khan was father of the nation, he had Balls of Steel
Alahazrat was flawed but done many good, he had Balls of Copper
Reza Pahlavi is a bum with Cotton Balls

You cannot generalize and judge a dynasty but you must judge the characters separately.

Reza Pahlavi is a Block to End IRI

Reza Pahlavi is one of the major blocks and major reasons that for 40 years, we the Iranian Opposition were not able to get rid of the IRI and the Mullahs.

If RP would get the hell out of politics and abdicate his claim to the crown and monarchy, then all of these numb nut monarchists would finally comprehend that the monarchy is done with and RP is done with, so then they will sit down and seriously work with the Republicans to free Iran, but Noooooooooooooo this Useless Bum has been wasting the Iranian people’s time for 40 years!

Game of Throne

RP is a coward, a bum and a useless leech who had done nothing for 40 years to free Iran. He wants the people to revolt, free Iran and then erect him as a Shah! For 40 years he had been playing this game of throne with the Iranians!

First, he wanted to become Shah, then President, then Shah again and now whatever! He simply will not pack the hell up and leave for the kitchen where he belongs. He is a good cook, so he must attend his kitchen and cook. Leave politics and activism for real activists.

In addition, with a slight threat and bribe by IRI, he made a deal with the Mullahs to only talk but no action. In return he got his hush money! Stay tune for my future expose on the deal RP made with the Mullahs.

Why Iran is FAQed?

So, people like you support RP only because you owe Pahlavis this much! And you wonder why Iran is FAQed? Iran is FAQed because of people like you with this mentality! Iran will always be FAQed because of Fanatics like you who claim to be Logical, Practical, Open Minded, Free Thinking but in really, they are simply Fanatics!

Buddy, you are the worst of “Mote’asebs”. You have “Ta’asob” towards Pahlavis. What is the difference between you and that Hezbollahi in Qom tearing his ass apart for Khomeini? You do the same for Pahlavis!

I want you to read this post over and over and seriously think about everything that I am stating here.

Fanaticism is Fanaticism, may it be towards Imam or Shah.

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter! ... /index.htm

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

I am a Pragmatist

“Just follow mehrA maleki to find historical facts, not the BS KIRollAhi hA & most-deq hA have been saying.”

No, just open your eyes to History and open your heart to Reality because 40 years of stagnation by you monarchists have been a crime towards the motherland! Stop your Fanaticism and start being logical.

You know very well that,

I am not a Mossadeghist but a great critic of Mossadegh
I am not a Hezbollahi but a great opposition to Hezbollah
Neither am I a Tribalist of 1001 opposition groups of left, center and right

But I am pure logic; therefore, I work with all of them.

You bash the Opposition of 1979 but if we don’t work with all the opposition groups including opposition of 1979, then how the hell are we going to free Iran from IRI? According to you, we shall not work with Mojahedin, Marxists, Jebhe Meli, Meli Mazhabi, Socialists, Revisionists, Republicans and many, then what the hell should we do?

Should we become like you, nagging about 40 years ago and cuss the Opposition groups, worship Pahlavis, remain faithful to Reza Shash de Zepert de Nim Pahlavi for another 40 years?

Baba jan, you are not an illiterate man, on the contrary, you are an educated and bright man, so open your eyes! Read what you wrote in your post, twice, three time and more. See how illogical, impractical and fanatical you sound!

Constitutional Monarchy is Obsolete

You stated:

“jAvid shAh!”

What Shah? Pahlavi Dynasty ended 40 years ago. Good or bad, they are done with. Constitutional Monarchy is an outdated, illogical and flawed system of government. If it worked, then Reza Khan would not abolish it.

Constitutional Monarchy is nothing but discrimination by heredity. Constitutional Monarch is nothing but a leech sucking the blood of the masses. He is a useless bum, a burden on taxpayers’ back who must support him financially. At least the Absolutist Monarch has a job, a purpose and a duty. A Constitutional Monarch is a waste of oxygen!

British Rotten Monarchy

Think about it, as an Australian, Canadian and British, all of you are “Subjects of Her Majesty the Queen”. You are not even Freemen! As an American, I am a Freeman! They do not even refer to you as a Freeman!

The British Subjects work hard and pay taxes to finance the Queen, British Monarchy and their lifestyle! You are nothing but Subjects. You are subjects who keep some monarch in her or his monkey suit alive!

Future Iran

Now you want to bring this garbage to Iran and put a monkey suit on RP and declare him King! Buddy, I rather eat Shiite and die than to work in the future Iran, pay taxes and to finance this Faggot Bum’s lifestyle and his lousy family’s luxurious habits! Over my dead body, future Iran will once again become the grazing ground for a bunch of cows (Gav O Guspand as you say) to roam around worshiping some Shah, Imam, Dictator or some other Dayus!

Nature of Monarchy

The problem with you people is that world progressed but you lagged behind! The world evolved but monarchists are still modeling the Dead Monarchies of the “Euro-Pee-On Nations” as role models! Baba jan Monarchy died and people have evolved since the 18th century! A handful of Kos Kholz still cling to their cheesy monarchs in Europe as symbols of unity and in Asia as thug dictators!

European Flawed Monarchies

Why on earth would a free human being admit that he is a subject of some monarch? Why on earth would a free human being admit that he is inferior to some monarch because of heredity? Monarchy is discrimination against the masses!

Do you know why these Euro-Pee-On Nations have lost their colonial glory? Because of Monarchy! Now they are little toy nations with their puppet monarchs living happily ever after in their storybook powerless socialist countries like UK, Netherland, Sweden Belgium, Spain and so on! They all live in their little Environmentally PC LaLa Land!

American Exceptionalism

Do you know why America only after a couple of centuries rules the world? Because in America, president is relevant, has a job, has a purpose, has a life and True Unique Democracy in US has no match elsewhere in the globe!

In America, we do not have the nonsense of having a head of state and a head of government! Why on earth do you need two?

Buddy, Freemen such as me have stopped supporting Dictatorial Monarchs on 1979 and surely Useless Constitutional Monarchs for 40 years!

I do not owe or support a Dynasty because they done some good for Iran.

I support government of the people by the people and for the people.

I rather die than refer to myself as a British Subject or Subject of some Monarch!

This is why on 1776, we the Americans made a Revolution and created America.

We did so to throw the garbage of the British monarchy in the harbor like the tea in Boston!

Unfortunately, some people will always be followers and blindly follow some Kos Kholz on YouTube, TVs and Radios preaching Bull Shiite on how to be Obedient Dogs faithful to Pahlavis and Monarchy! Some people are born slaves, you are correct! However, you fail to see that the Hezbollahi in Qom is as much of a slave to Imam as you people are slaves to a Shah!


Buddy, Freemen and freewomen can never accept themselves as subjects of some monarch, supreme spiritual leader, dictator or puppet constitutional monarch!

Freemen are born free, live free and die free.

There is no difference between you and RP. He has no superiority over you. Only because his father was a Pahlavi, this does not make him eligible by merit! Monarchy is truly discrimination by heredity. We said goodbye to this garbage on 1979. Never again we will be slave to any one God, Dictator, Shah, Imam or another Figurehead. You simply do not get it because you simply have never evolved to become a Free Man!

You were an Imperial Iranian Subject of Alahazrat and then you became the Imperial British Subject of Queen in Australia! In a way, all your life, you have been a Subject. You have never become a Freeman!

Soon or late Iranians must learn to become Free Men and Women without some dictator banging on their heads and refer to them as subjects. The Free Men build the world upon their merit. They will never accept subjecthood!

Plastic Warriors

Buddy, now most likely you will go away and come back in 3 years (like Reza Pahlavi) to lineup some meaningless rhetoric. Same as Reza Pahlavi, you have made yourself “Irrelevant” in our struggle to Free Iran. You have abandoned the Struggle, Writing, Drawing and Activism 10 years ago. Fortunately, I have been keeping you alive on life-support in IPC now for over 10 years! Unlike you and Monarchists, I am man of the battle and I have been fighting with IRI now for 40 years. I do not have the luxury of being a part-time and seasonal activist!

On 1979, I made an oath of honor to the blood of our nationalist revolutionaries to never forget their sacrifices and always to fight IRI. Since then, I have been keeping my word and my struggle to fight IRI. Unlike Monarchists who struggle with booze, nicotine and opium, I take this struggle seriously and I struggle with life and death to keep this opposition alive until the death of IRI.

Yes buddy, my comrades and I are men and women of battle because we have taken a blood oath!

Take it from the Plastic Persian:

Plastic Persian 1: Persian Sunset ... /index.htm

Plastic Persian 2: Persian Sunrise ... /index.htm

“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes ... /index.htm

Now please go and take a good look in the mirror while thinking about everything which I have stated to you.

Best wishes to you and your family

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man

More Power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran
More Power to the People


Dr. X
Watcher in the woods
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby CR » Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:38 pm

Doc welcome back

I wanted to respond to this post but I decided to wait for you to reply and I’m glad I waited because I couldn’t have said it better than you. Well done Doc. Maybe something will come out of these arguments and discussions after all. Time will tell. For Iran’s sake, hope so. Political evolution is the key word here. Will we learn? We’ll see, as Trump says!


A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby LatifSimorghi » Mon May 18, 2020 2:21 pm

Hello Everyone,
Though I am against monarchy in general, I think if local communities vote for a truly constitutional monarchy they should be able to. I think though that Iran and the wider region can thrive without strongmen. The dictators, the kings, and the mullahs have all failed to bring true prosperity and freedom to the region so I think a republic would be best, if the people of Iran vote for one.

I wanted to share a document that I have worked on that I think would be relevant to this conversation. I have designed a constitution for a decentralized mutliethnic, multilingual superstate based on the idea of the cultural continent Iranshahr. I would really like to get opinions about this constitution and continue this dialogue about what the future of Iran and the wider region could look like. What works? What doesn't? The link below takes you to my page. It includes a link to a free pdf and a link to buy my constitution from amazon as a book called A Vision of Iranshahr: Constitution for Change. My goal isn't to make money from this but I do want to move this conversation forward.
Latif Simorghi
"Rise United, or Stay Low Divided."
Author of A Vision of Iranshahr: Constitution for Change
Twitter Handle: @LatifSimorghi
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Who is Man of the Battle?

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:51 am

Who is Man of the Battle?
Are Monarchists Men or Women of Battle?

Dear Members

Ahreeman X:

“Monarchists are not men of battle.”

I have a comment on that. It depends who is the monarchist? If the monarchist is secular and none-Muslim, that effects this statement because it makes him or her closer to Nationalism and Pan Iranism and less sympathizing with Islam, so he or she is more likely a man or woman of battle to free Iran from Islam. If the monarchist is a Nationalist, that would also divert him or her more towards Iranian Nationalism and Pan Iranism, so he or she is more likely a man or woman of battle. If the monarchist is a liberal or liberal democrat, he or she is more likely lesser man or woman of the battle because he or she is not a serious activist, a seasonal activist, a pacifist and a soft person.

So, let us summarize:

* If Monarchist is Non-Muslim, then more likely he or she is man or woman of battle.
* If Monarchist is a Nationalist then more likely he or she is man or woman of battle.
* If Monarchist is a liberal democrat then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle
* If Monarchist is a Muslim, then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle

These experience based and mostly proven factors conclude that for example certain monarchists such as Reza Pahlavi II and the Constitutionalist Party of Iran who are more or less Muslim, Liberal Democrat, Pacifist and Constitutional Monarchists and who are not hard-core Nationalists, are tended less to be men and women of battle and tended more to be soft activists, seasonal activists and talkers than doers.

On the opposite side, I am aware of monarchists who are not Muslim, not Liberal, not Pacifist and are Secular, Nationalist and all of these factors make them men and women of battle.

The reason in which I brought this up is because I believe we cannot generalize. Monarchists in general have given a bad name to the term “serious political activists” but we should not allow this to cloudy our judgement about all of the monarchists. If the majority are useless to our struggle to free Iran, it doesn’t mean that all of them are useless in our struggle to free Iran.

There are still some serious, hard-core monarchists who are also hard-core nationalists, love Iran, are not soft and they are formidable opposition members. They make great men and women of battle. We should not generalize and pull monarchists out like weeds, which most are, and say that all of the monarchists are not men and women of battle. We could use some of them as positive factors towards our goal which is the preparation for the Nationalist Revolution of Iran and establishment of a secular, democratic free regime in Iran.

Some monarchists make good and constructive opposition members. I see no contradiction between our goal and some battle worthy monarchists’ goal.

Thank you for your time reading my post and pondering about it.

Ba Sepas
Atusa Qajar
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Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

Postby Shahrzad BB » Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:07 pm

Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?
That should be the question?

Dear Club

This is true and I agree. It all depends to the person. Even if ideology is flawed and outdated but the person maybe a nationalist and an Iran lover. The person maybe action and not all talk. The person maybe not a phony. We can’t generalize. In general, many say that people don’t change but I disagree on that. People do change. We are not the same people whom we were when IPC started, are we? People change, some evolve and some devolve! I know I’m not the same person whom I was a decade ago, are you?

Maybe back then I called myself a monarchist but now I call myself a nationalist. I have to agree that Reza Pahlavi was a disappointment to the Iranian opposition, Iranian nationalists and Iranian people. I also agree that Khomeini, Mullahs or even Ahreeman did not destroy the monarchy in Iran but Reza Pahlavi with his bad decisions, unworthiness, incompetence and betrayal had ended monarchy in Iran. Reza Pahlavi was a down syndrome for the monarchist movement and most of the monarchists are disappointed by his actions. He is no leader, not even a sincere activist. I would not go as far as calling him a traitor but he is surely no constructive activist. His leadership skills are now in the minus! It’s a sad story when still some people call him a hero when he is more like a zero!

OK, I confess, I used to be a monarchist and I have evolved. I also used to be sweet on RP, never a follower but only sweet, but now after years of disappointments, lacking and sad decisions, I have changed a long time ago. Still, we must understand the difference between a RP fan and a monarchist. Many people are monarchists but they cannot stand RP. Well I’m neither and I have not been any for a long while. I guess, I woke up to reality that both RP and monarchy are things of past, fairytales, and a good dream which lasted a while. Now I can clearly see the reality. Now, I’m focused on Reality, trying to be a positive person to find the solution and not be a part of the problem. Unfortunately, it looks like RP is now a part of the problem!

Long Live Iran

That’s my two bits of wisdom.


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Why Monarchists are not Warriors?

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:30 am

Why Monarchists are not Warriors?
Why Monarchists in General are not Men of Battle?

Dear Atusa:

A response better late than never!

Ahreeman X:

“Monarchists are not men of battle.”


Atusa Qajar:

“Are Monarchists Men or Women of Battle?

* If Monarchist is Non-Muslim, then more likely he or she is man or woman of battle.
* If Monarchist is a Nationalist then more likely he or she is man or woman of battle.
* If Monarchist is a liberal democrat then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle
* If Monarchist is a Muslim, then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle”

I would like to clarify a few points here,

I. Iranians by Majority are Addicts
Iranians by majority have become some of the greatest addicts in the world. Iranians do drugs, alcohol and nicotine. You don’t need to go far but drop by an average Iranian party, concert or cabaret, specifically large house parties and you will see that Iranians young and old drink like a fish, mostly vodka, whisky and beer; do drugs, mostly marijuana, hashish, opium and cocain; smoke cigarettes or vape, many are chain smokers.

These are not segments of the Iranian society, if you go to an average Iranian party, high class wealthy business people Iranian party, Intellectual political Iranian party, artists and poets Iranian party, young and naïve Iranian Disco party or whatever else Iranian party, you can witness this trend.

Almost everyone gets buzzed, many totally lose control and make ass of themselves. In general, the whole place is full of smoke to the point that a healthy person cannot breath! Everyone is drunk, smells like alcohol and cigarette and somewhat weed and opium.

Now, don’t go bring some examples of healthy parties without any of these drugs because you and I both know that your examples are not the norm!

II. Iranians by Majority are Cowards and Lazy
Today’s Iranians are not yesterday’s Persians. I elaborated on this issue before. Islamic slavery of Persians and in general religion of Islam has made Iranians corrupt, weak, immoral and cowards. They are afraid of their own shadows and you know it. They have been the silent majority for centuries and have no intention to make a move. They are happy slaves with Stockholm syndrome.

III. Iranians by Majority are Immoral
Iranians are highly immoral people. We have again elaborated on this issue in the past. In the future, I will write more about it. The society in general sees no problem with lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, being two face, deceit, conniving, being con artists, being a traitor and back stabbing; furthermore, they see these characteristics as positive and being smart and a go getter (Zerangi)! Again, Islam played a big role because Islam is the most corrupt religion which corrupted the Iranians.

IV. Monarchists by Majority are Worse of the Iranian Addicts, Cowards and Immoral
Take a good look at the monarchists and the trend shows. They are addicts which leads to cowardice and laziness. They are immoral which leads to everything goes!

You made a good point that Liberal Pacifist Monarchists are no use to the struggle for freedom of Iran and to us. Take a look (as you stated):

Reza Pahlavi and Constitutionalist Party of Iran are good examples. The worse of the monarchists are these types.

* Pacifism makes one weak, passive, lazy and useless.
* Liberalism makes one immoral, without principles, and with no code of honor
* Monarchy is flawed, outdated, illogical, backward, fanatical and medieval.

Muslim, Pacifist, Liberal Monarchist!

Now if in addition they are also Muslim, then Vaveyla! Khar biyar o baqali bar kon! You will be in deep Shiite!

Imagine a Muslim, Pacifist, Liberal Monarchist! That is Reza Pahlavi! That is the clear definition of a Sheep!

A whore in the whorehouse and a bum in the street is more use to us and the opposition than a Muslim, Pacifist, Liberal Monarchist such as Reza Pahlavi. Now go chew on that one if you can?!

Was that enough logical analysis for you buddy?

Now, let’s view this issue from your perspective and I input on that.

Atusa Qajar:

“* If Monarchist is Non-Muslim, then more likely he or she is man or woman of battle.
* If Monarchist is a Nationalist then more likely he or she is man or woman of battle.
* If Monarchist is a liberal democrat then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle
* If Monarchist is a Muslim, then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle”

The key points are “More Likely” and “Less Likely” but not “Completely”!

Your statements are estimates but not absolute facts. To some points, somewhat your statements make sense but still not absolute statements of facts. They are somewhat logical. That is why I am somewhat in agreement with you.

But allow me to complete your statements:

Statements of Fact

* A Converted Republican Ex Non-Muslim monarchist is more likely a man of battle.
* A Prospect Republican Ex Non-Muslim monarchist is possibly more likely a man of battle.

* A Converted Republican Ex Nationalist monarchist is more likely a man of battle.
* A Prospect Republican Ex Nationalist monarchist is possibly more likely a man of battle.

And I have no dispute with these statements:

* If Monarchist is a liberal democrat then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle
* If Monarchist is a Muslim, then less likely he or she is man or woman of battle”

So, we can conclude,

If an Ex monarchist was a non-Muslim and a nationalist, he would surely have a better chance of becoming a warrior for the opposition.

If an Ex monarchist was a Muslim and a liberal democrat, he would surely have a lower chance of becoming a warrior for the opposition.

Change Factor

Still I do not make solid statements here and dispute the power of “Change”. People can change. The change is the only absolute. Age, experience and time makes people change and hopefully become wiser.

Maybe at one time, a person was a Muslim, an Internationalist, a Liberal Democrat, a Pacifist and average but now he becomes a totally different person. He could become of a big use for the opposition and us.

Have 2 factors in mind:

Uno: When I speak of “Man”, I mean mankind in general. I am not PC to mention man and woman! I just say Man and it means man and woman. No disrespect to women!

Dos: There are exceptions to these rules. When a person deep inside, has tendency to change and has backbone, then he could change and become a positive member of this opposition. However in Reza Pahlavi’s case, there will be a fat chance on that! He is too old, too lazy and too opportunistic to change. He has no principles.

Some of these exceptions can be seen in API and Tondar. There, you can see some monarchists with balls. I am sure there are more in other organizations; however, they are the minority exceptions and they are well misguided ideologically and amateur practically. They are not pragmatic. That is why they fail over and over. Look at Fouladvand and Sharmahd episodes!

In Conclusion

I do have agreements with you on the overall nature of your statements. I do not have in detail agreement with you on the specifics of your statements. Your statements make sense in macro aspects. Your statements makes no sense in micro aspects.

So overall,

I somewhat agree with your statements.
I somewhat agree with your analysis.
I somewhat agree with your root base of argument.

I am a logical person; therefore, I do not make absolute statements.
In General: Monarchists are not Men of Battle.
Exceptions: Some Monarchists could become Men of Battle.

Why I am so pessimistic about the Monarchists?

Only take a good look at the history of IPC, read the threads, see the arguments, look at their illogic, see their actions, witness their betrayals and then tell me if there is hope for monarchists? And if so, then what percentage of hope is there for monarchists to change? I do my analysis based on experimentations, history, psychological analysis, and logic.

I also believe in change and I am not dogmatic; therefore, I do not believe in absolutes.

Yes, people can change and yes there are exceptions to the norm. that is why,

I am somewhat in agreement with your statements.

More power to the IPC Club Admin
More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran


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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:09 pm

Hi Doc

Thanks for the response. Getting a “somewhat agreement” from you is better than a “none agreement” from you. I call it a progress! I take “somewhat agreement” any day of the week with or without a 9 foot pole! Its good. Doc, when someone makes a comment on your writings, sometimes you respond much later. These late responds are sometimes and somewhat years late and the commentator is by then dead or dying!

But I take a late response better than a none response on any day of the week Doc, any day! Especially when I’m still alive to read it!

Seriously, good analysis and rebuttal to my logic. Good work. At least we are somewhat in agreement!
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Shahrzad BB » Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:17 pm

Doc and Atusa
You guys crack me up, so logical but so funny. Very sensible argument.

Doc, no one matches your humor or logic but your style is unique.

Atusa, you are so sarcastically slick and funny. Your sarcasm is priceless. You’re logical too. You crack me up so bad!
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Surenareal » Mon Sep 28, 2020 3:27 pm

Biased Sample Fallacy

The overall personal characteristics, such as being; honest, patriotic, being altruistic, having respect and empathy for others, obeying the law, being brave, nationalist or being a good fighter.

All of these personality traits are formed by the quality of education system and the training received by each citizen; from kindergarten, to primary school, to secondary school, to University and beyond.

Change the entire education system in Iran by modernizing it according to the standards of developed world, and most of social problems of today’s Iranian society will disappear in less than 15 years or, at most, after 25 years.

All generalizations are wrong including this one.

Extrapolating our personal experience to the whole society is always wrong. Just because we have encountered certain type of persons, because of our own habitual social interaction does not imply that we have encountered a representative sample of the whole society.

This Logical Fallacy is called “Biased Sample”, if a sample drawn from a smaller pool has a bias, the conclusions about the sample cannot be applied to a larger pool.

For example, imagine you poll people in your neighborhood and find that 30% have two alcoholic drinks per week. Then you conclude that 30% of Americans have two alcoholic drink per week.

You have committed the biased sample fallacy, because the people in your neighborhood are not a representative sample of the American public.
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Asghar Ghasab » Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:50 pm

Mooaleykom :jahel:

Rokhsat Pahlevanan, nosokh mikeshim, marekeh migirim, kafe be ham mizanim, bazi vaghta ham mozakhraf ziyad mishnavim, miyaym vasat pa berehneh midovim vasate goud!


Does anyone understood what this baba said? He can’t speak or write English worth of crap! Maybe its better to write Persian, so people can understand, no? Nah forget it, his Persian is also bad!

Reading in between his gibberish I can approximately get his broken English remarks and reply to them.

Pool is where people swim, you mean poll. Over here Ahreeman is most likely speaking of IPC operations experiences of the past and historical experiences of the past 4 decades which he and operations including opposition had. Are you a fortuneteller? Do you know Ahreeman’s experiences, how many in quantity, quality, time frames, locations, how often and where they were? During the time you were lool on vafoor and chatvale aragh, lots of things were going on sourat!

This is not a poll or survey, this is actual experiences by a major opposition figure, historian and journalist. You want us to take your gibberish broken English academic arajif over his actual experiences? Your arajif made over lool of taryak and chatval of aragh in basement. His conclusions are made by actual experiences of life time.

I have been reading your mohmalat and arajif for a while. I don’t write often but your arajif are getting out of control. You do a lot of khali bandi, aseman be risman bastan, mozakhraf baftan, academic parazit andakhtan and other zerto zoort. You talk a lot of crap.

The time for arajif of piro patal monarchist hags like you is over. The decisions are made by the youth inside Iran and outside Iran who are active opposition. Professor Suren you do too many maghlateh, safsateh, arbadeh and parazit. The results of your monarchy is shown 40 years ago. The results of your monarchy has also been shown through past 40 years from 1979 until now. Monarchy failed big time. This is not poll or survey, this is history and people’s lives. Gand zadid be Iran, dadid tahvile mardom!

Professor Suren, kheyli mozakhraf migi, savad ham nadari, charando parand mibafi. Ingilisi ham balad nisti, farsit ham ab rafteh, madraki ham ke dari bayast bezari dare koozeh ab bokhori. Kheyli parazit midi bi mohtava va bi ja.

People can see the results of a mess prio patal monarchist like you have done to Iran before 1979, on 1979 and after. It got us in the hole, in fact a hell hole. It doesn’t take polls, surveys, rebuttals, fallacy, logic or other mozakhrafat by professor Suren to see the reality and facts.

Professor Suren, I have a question, for how long you professors want to hand gibberish to the Iranian people on foreign conspiracies, 1979 coup, guilt of every single opposition group and the responsibility of the whole world for 1979, except self responsibility of the Iranian people for being stupid and self responsibility of the monarchists like you for allowing things to get out of control to the point of no return on 1979? You Shahis are most responsible for 1979 because you suffocated the people by no freedoms, then when 1979 happened, your military surrendered and didn’t fight! Your officials escaped and you gave Iran as a present to Ayatollahs! Now its 40 years you bitch and moan and blame everyone except yourselves!

Professor Maghlati, listen ostad, you are sourat of this club. Ayeh vo soureh vo ravadid migi, kheyli ham elteghati vo parazit andaz bedune estedlal va madrak hasti. Arajif ziyad migi va ma in arajif ro 40 sale shenidim. Shoma ye kam kootah bia vo arajif baseh. A little short bia!

This sourat reminds me of that crazy guy what was his name Joe Blow? Id Joehohoho, another crazy one piro patal antique of the past. Where do these old monarchists come from? Wood work?

Why monarchists are not men of battle?
Take a look at Professor Sourat Suren!
Go figure the rest!

Pahlevanan rokhsat
Mibakhshid bi hava paridam too sahneh! Pa berahneh paridam too goud.

Rokhsat Ahreeman, Cat va baqiyeh pahlevanan

Zat ziyad

Jahele Mahal
Salakhe Nahiyeh
Asghar Ghasabe khodetoon
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Fine Halaal Meat at your service
Kheyr Pish
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:26 pm

Pahlevun Rokhsat :rofl:
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Reza Pahlavi Cyber Army

Postby Atusa Qajar » Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:41 am

Reza Pahlavi Cyber Army

Fate of Bache Kooni AKA Ey Iran Wanna be Monarchist Hacker
Referring to himself as the Army of Reza Shah (Reza Pahlavi)

I Guess Hackers Army of Reza Shah was Guz Farts in the Wind!

I am referring to this loser:

Who brought the Ayatollah to power?

This is the content of one of his final posts:

Ey Iran:

“Now you will learn to never censor me again!

I hacked your site, you can’t even secure your site, how you will fight IRI?

For censoring me

I will find the owner of this site and I will break his teeth and shove them up his ass

I will find Atusa Qajar and shower her filthy apartment walls with her blood!

Ahreeman is a loser
Cat is a fat cunt
Atusa Qajar is Turke Khar

Dance for me Meymoon Atusa Qajar

Army of Reza Shah hacked your stupid ass site

Don’t Fuck with Army of Reza Shah”

This Bache Kooni thinks he is a hacker but the reality is that he has too much time on his hand. Before, we banned him only by one trend but now, we banned him by all trends. We can totally remove his posts and delete his ID but we want to leave all of them in the club for the world to see who are Bache Kooni monarchists followers of Reza Pahlavi who try to disrupt the club.

He used his ID and posted tens of illegal posts all over the club in every room. He went through so much time and trouble making numbers of memes mocking the IPC Op. members, then linked them to the posts. He spent hours doing these tasks. We deleted his posts, obscene memes, links and rhetoric. When a person has no life, no job and no brains, he follows Reza Pahlavi and tries to be a hacker!

Bache Kooni did not hack IPC and he wasted his time posting all the posts. He posted these posts because we allowed him to do so. Now his posts are removed, his ID is disabled and banned by all categories and trends. His few posts are still remaining to display what type of persons are young bache kooni followers of Reza Pahlavi. Everyone must understand who these people are and if given a chance, they can be cyber threats worse than Hezbollah. I hope all of us have learned a lesson about monarchy and monarchists.

I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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