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Postby Liberator » Sat Apr 07, 2007 11:36 am


Changing topics... would you be able to elaborate on the meaning of the term "aryamehr"? I've come to interpret it as "The Light of Aryans" but others seem to disagree - could you please give me your take on this?

Wikipedia entry on "Aryamehr":

As for addressing the Iranian Imperial Family by their titles I feel obliged to remind you (with the limited knowledge that I have) that HIM Reza Shah II / Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, Reza Pahlavi (you are at liberty to address him as you like) took an oath to serve as the legal heir to the Peacock Throne of Iran after Ravanash Shaad Shahanshah Aryamehr passed away - and as far as I'm aware no democratic procedure has taken place, since HIM Reza Shah II swore to serve as the country's monarch, in which the Iranian Monarchy has been abolished; taking these facts into consideration it's my belief that the Pahlavi Family are still the Imperial Family of Iran, with Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi as head of the Family, and I will refer to them by their titles - not because I have to, but because of my own personal convictions.

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Edelge » Sat Apr 07, 2007 3:03 pm

Liberator wrote:Amir-jaan,
...would you be able to
elaborate on the meaning of the term "aryamehr"?
Ba Sepaas

Trainee Liby. JOON:

Glad that U asked the question. That CHOSKOR Amir is too weak in the balls & brains to educate U, so allow me:
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Postby Amir » Sat Apr 07, 2007 4:31 pm

Dear L,

With regard to Aryamehr:

I am a bit confused as to the nature of prior comments and question regarding the word Aryamehr. Who has interpreted it in a different way, and when? When did this become an issue? I haven’t seen anyone attacking the word Aryamehr anywhere. Please enlighten me as to what alternative interpretation has been presented, and by whom.

I am not an expert on Persian linguistics. In fact, I believe that your grasp of the language is at least as good as my own, if not better. Nevertheless, I will give you my understanding of the word.

Arya needs no great expansion. Obviously, it refers to the Aryan people, or Iranians.

Mehr has multiple meanings. Generally, it portrays that which is good, in its multiple forms. Mehr can mean love, kindness, etc. Also, Mehr is associated with the sun and therefore light. Mehr has many mythological and ancient religious connotations. It is synonymous with the Persian God Mithra, who was also associated with the sun. Mithra was the God associated with the sun, light, knowledge, and love. When Mithraism spread to the Roman Empire, a sister religion that it sparked was the one dedicated to the Roman God Sol Invictus, meaning the Invincible Sun.

Of course, the Mehregan Festival is also linked to the word. It happens in the month of Mehr, and on the day of Mehr, of Mehr Rouz. Mehr Rouz was believed to be the day of man’s creation by the Zoroastrians. On that day, it was believed that God gave man a soul.

Therefore, the word Mehr has religious and mythological origins, which in turn have translated over time into the positive qualities of the sun, light, love, knowledge, kindness, etc.

My interpretation of the word Aryamehr is therefore very close to your own. I take it to mean “Light of the Aryans,” or “Love/Kindness of the Aryans.” A close alternative is “Light to the Aryans,” or “Love/Kindness to the Aryans.” Either way, as the word Mehr has nothing but the most positive connotation attached to it, Aryamehr must imply a most positive association to the word Arya, or Aryan, or Iranian.

I am curious to hear the alternative and contradictory explanation to the term Aryamehr that you say you have heard. Please explain it.

With regard to HIM:

You know well that I have nothing against the Pahlavi family. Certainly, I do not consider them to be of much relevance in the opposition to this regime, which is of course a consequence of their own relative inaction. However, I do not have an overtly negative view of them either, and it is not my agenda to criticize them. I believe that their intentions for Iran are positive ones, much as that of most of the Iranian diaspora.

To demean and attack them is counterproductive to any efforts of opposing the current regime, serves no real purpose, and only highlights the unfortunate fact that pathetic Iranians within the opposition cannot get off of each other’s throats long enough to mount any kind of meaningful counterstrike to the Akhounds. It is sad indeed.

Nevertheless, when people live in a world of fantasy, they cannot serve a real cause. If one is under grandiose delusions, whether those delusions apply to oneself or one’s leader or role model, that person’s effectiveness and credibility drops. This is why I criticize the use of such terms as HIM. Such a term is based in the past, and any application to the present with regard to any Pahlavi is a delusion. Unfortunately, Iran is not an Imperial power currently. It is under occupation by a Taazi regime. As there is no Imperial Iran currently (and there probably never was an Imperial Iran even under the Shah, and Iran has not been an Empire since the time of the Saffavids), and as there is no Iranian monarchy in power, the use of the words HIM cannot apply to any Iranian. To do otherwise is to live in denial.

Please understand that I say this not because I wish it to be so, but because it is reality. If it were up to me, I would have preferred that Shah never lost power, and that we could go on calling this family by HIM. However, my wish does not make it so. The truth is that unfortunately the Pahlavis were overthrown, and currently no Iranian monarchy exists. To close our eyes to that fact serves no purpose other than drown us in a delusion.

If I wanted to live in a delusion, I would stay home, put on a paper hat on my head, and declare myself king of my imaginary realm, and at least make myself the center of my delusion.

The reason you give for why RP is still the heir to the throne, that he was ousted from his position of heir by an undemocratic method, is quite irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how the Pahlavis were removed from power and stripped of the monarchy. All that matters is that it happened. Throughout history, almost all the instances where a royal family were ousted and were no longer considered to be “Majesties” occurred under force and without regard to democracy. Crying “no fair” doesn’t change anything.

Now, I think I know you quite well by now. I know that you are filled with nationalistic pride, and I know you love and cherish the memory of Shah, the same as I do. I understand that you feel a certain sense of loyalty to your country, and by extension to the Shah, and by further extension to his surviving family. That is quite admirable.

However, don’t let your loyalty and nationalism cloud your judgement or your perception of reality. If you wish to serve the cause for Iran by serving the cause of the Pahlavi family, that is fine. It is not what I would do, because I think that it is a dead end path. Nevertheless, do it with both your feet planted on the ground. To make baseless and grandiose salutations to them will only prove self-defeating.

Knowing your stern resolve, I do not delude myself by thinking that my explanation will change your mind. I am fully aware that you will go on using the term HIM. However, as a friend, I felt it my duty to give that explanation to you.

On another note, I hope that all that has happened is your resignation as moderator. I hope that you will remain an active member here, as you said before. Don’t let Ahreeman get under your skin too much with the monarchy bashing, Shah bashing, and Pahlavi bashing. You know him by now…he is pretty much nuts, but we love him anyway.

BTW, can someone get me a magas-kosh please, so that I can squish this khar-magas that keeps buzzing around?

I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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Postby Liberator » Sat Apr 07, 2007 6:47 pm


It's always a pleasure to read your posts and responses. If only all Iranians could be more like you - calm and civil.

It's not my intention to bash "SarbazeKuchak" here but my intention is simply to understand what would have him write something like that: ... html#links

This is someone i've looked up to as an "authority figure" and have posted some of his better posts on other sites with nothing but respect in mind...therefore it came as a surprise that a different interpretation of name, which acknowledgedly can be interpreted differently, would require such a change in character...

As for your interpretation of why HIM Reza Pahlavi should not be addressed by any title I can understand your viewpoint but in rebuttal I can say that as someone who believes in democratic principles I must exhibit that through my actions - one such action would be that I do not recognize any illegal regime, its actions, nor the statements coming from this regime.

Furthermore as Reza Pahlavi has not renounced his claim to the throne and as an ardent and active Iranian Royalist/ Constitutional Monarchist (Tarafdare Padeshahi Mashrooteh) I will not address someone which I see as the only legitimate and legal representative of my country as anything but the title which has been passed on to him. However let me clarify that I do not view any member of the Imperial Family as some kind of "God-like" figure; nor is any other human being. In regards to HIM Reza Pahlavi I see flaws and I will do whatever is in my power to address those flaws, in a civil manner ofcourse.

Just because Iran is under Taazi occupation doesn't mean that the Imperial Family all of a sudden become nobody's. The Imperial Family is not dead and as i've pointed out does have a claimant to the throne.

As for the titles of His Imperial Majesty (Empire) and simply His Majesty (Kingdom) I've pondered about that, but seeing that Iran at first consisted of several different "Kingdoms" which were then united by Cyrus the Great into the "Persian/Iranian Empire" - and as modern Iran is made up of parts of the old "Persian/Iranian Empire" - I see His Imperial Majesty to be the correct title. Previously i've used a variety of different titles (out of ignorance) but from now on I will try to be more consistent.

Hey, if the island of Japan is still an "Emperor" then so does modern Iran which is actually made up of several past Kingdoms/Territories, although it might not be a fraction of what it was at its height.

As for the Khar-Magas it looks like it's here to stay as per AhreemanX's latest directive granting immunity to what is now IPC's official "malijak"; who according to AhreemanX is fun to have around and abuse even if his only mission is to sabotage this club! (confirming my suspicions that AhreemanX is into sadomasochism!)

Ba Sepaas
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Postby Edelge » Sat Apr 07, 2007 6:50 pm

You fart and you laugh yourself
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Postby Liberator » Sat Apr 07, 2007 7:40 pm

Wikipedia entry on "Iranian Emperor":

What is known as the Iranian monarchy went through many transformations over the centuries, from the days of the Persian Empire to the establishment of modern day Iran.

The Shah was the hereditary ruler, though the title, when used by Westerners today, generally refers to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shahanshah. According to royal order of precedence, the Shahanshah was equal in status to an Emperor, though, from the time of the Arab invasion of Iran until 1967, when Farah Pahlavi was crowned empress, the monarch's wife usually bore the title of Malika (Queen consort).

The modern Iranian monarchy was established in 1501 after the Safavid dynasty came to power under Shah Ismail I, and ended the so-called "fourth era" of political fragmentation.

For most of its existence, Iran has been ruled by absolute monarchy, though it was in the control of various dynasties.

Wikipedia entry on "Emperor":

An emperor is a (male) monarch, usually the sovereign ruler of an empire or another type of imperial realm. Empress is the feminine form. As a title, "empress" may indicate the wife of an emperor (empress consort) or a woman who is a ruling monarch (empress regnant). Emperors are generally recognized to be above kings in honour and rank.


Distinction between Emperor and other types of monarch

Both kings and emperors are monarchs. There is no single rule to distinguish the one from the other; several factors, like interpretations of historians, the size and characteristics of the governed realm, and the title(s) chosen by the monarch play a part in distinguishing the one from the other. General characteristics indicating that a monarch is to be considered an emperor rather than a king include:

* The monarch goes by a title that usually translates as "emperor" in English, and/or is accepted as the equivalent of "emperor" in international diplomatic relations;
* The monarch rules (de facto or nominally) over other monarchs, without stripping monarchy-related titles from these subjects ("vassals" or non-sovereign monarchs);
* The monarch rules several formerly sovereign countries, or peoples from different nations or ethno-cultural provenance.
* The monarch assumes divine or other high-ranked religious characteristics, which may manifest itself in several ways:
o Imperial cult, for example in Ancient Rome and Japan.
o Caesaropapism - Imperium maius - Investiture Controversy: In Christian Europe a king recognises that the church is an equal or superior in the religious sphere, emperors do not. This was illustrated by Henry VIII of England who started to use the word imperium in his dispute with Pope Clement VII over the annulment of his first marriage. By stating that they were emperors the Russian Tsars claimed to be the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and did not recognise any superior authority but God.
* European (Christian) tradition: The monarch traced his imperial title to Roman precedent or recognition by a Roman (Byzantine) emperor or supreme ecclesiastical official (the Pope or the Oecumenical Patriarch), see also: translatio imperii.

Where the title chosen by the monarch has become a separate concept in the English language, the distinction whether this monarch would have been an "emperor" or a "king" is often no longer made: for instance pharaoh, caliph, sultan or khan as a concept of a type of monarch is usually defined separately, making it redundant to apply the emperor/king distinction to these types of monarchy.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Edelge » Sat Apr 07, 2007 8:54 pm

Trainee L. Joon,

Please define the Epistemology of what U said?
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Postby Amir » Sat Apr 07, 2007 10:56 pm


I see…thanks for the link. It gave the needed clarification. You are obviously referring to the following post by SarbazeKuchak:

Thanks to Wikipedia, I feel some explanation may be necessary here, although I’ve written about it before in passing. The term “Mehr” does not mean “light”; it means kindness and affection. As to “Arya”, that is where the name “Iran” finds its origin. The trick used here is to equate a Persian term with the non-Persian, racially charged “Aryan”. Follow this with a mistranslation of “Mehr” and you can equate the Shah of Iran with Hitler himself, as Islamist “scholars” do and “activist” bloggers try. As to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi claiming to be Aryamehr, let alone boasting about it, all that that requires is common sense.

That paragraph is just silly. The thrust of the author’s point is that Mehr means kindness, and not light. I fail to see how that makes a significant impact on the implied definition of Aryamehr. Whether it means light or kindness, the implication is the same, as I told you before.

Nonetheless, as I said before, Mehr means both light as well as love and kindness. There is link to Mithra (Mithra – Mehr), which was the God associated with the sun and light as well as kindness and knowledge. Therefore, this author’s premise is flawed.

Furthermore, I am surprised to hear this author claim that the term Aryan is non-Persian. One only needs to look at the ancient stone carvings in Iran dating to the Achaemenid times (and probably even before that) to see the reference to the word Arya in there. Persians have for long referred to themselves as Aryans. For crying out loud, look at the quote that is used as my signature. That was carved at Naqshe Rostam by Dariush the Great, who clearly identified himself as an Aryan, as did all other Iranians before and after him.

Of course, ignorant folks such as that islamist scholar (and many others in the west) are not aware of that fact, and have the Nazis as the only reference to the word Aryan. Their ignorance is no reason for us to dissociate ourselves from our heritage, or refute the fact that we are Aryans. It is noteworthy that the true Aryans of Asia (Iranians) have been known for millennia to be Aryans, and have for centuries been the powerhouse of that part of the world, yet have never claimed to be “the master race” or used it as a pretext for the extermination of others. In fact, the first Aryan Empire of the world (Achaemenid) was, as you know, the most tolerant one in world history.

That a nut job like Adolph would come along millennia later and erroneously claim Aryan heritage, and exterminate others in that cause, is not a reflection of the Aryan race. He was a nut (although a clever nut) for even claiming to be Aryan. The Germanic people are descendants of the Nordic people, and not Aryan. In the nineteenth century, a few goof balls came up with the theory that the Aryans were initially descended from Northern Europe, and linked Aryans to the Nordic race. Then, Adolph used those half-baked theories to embrace the Aryan link to Germany. This was of course a beneficial propaganda, because Aryans were for long recognized to be distinct from the Semitic peoples, and contrasted to them. Calling Germany Aryan was a perfect tool for him to stand in direct contrast to the Semitic people and promote his anti-Semitic agenda. To put two neighboring races (Aryan and Semitic) in direct contrast and direct conflict with each other was far more applicable than pitting two races that are separated greatly geographically and historically (Nordic and Semitic).

As is evident by SarbazeKuchak and that Islamic scholar’s comments, some people open their mouths and shoot out garbage out of ignorance. If I were you, I would let them sulk in their own stupidity, and not waste your time any further on the matter.

With regard to the HIM issue, I spoke my mind, but will not press the issue any further.

With regard to the empire issue, I will say that you are correct with your referral to Japan not being an Empire either. Japan has not been an empire since WWII. However, two misnomers do not make for a correct nomenclature.

I understand the link you provided, and you are correct that out of convention, the Shah was referred to as an emperor simply by being a monarch. However, by that connotation, Vatican City and Monaco (the two smallest sovereign nations in the world) are empires as well. If a monarch of any sovereign state can be an emperor, then the monarch of Monaco and the Pope are also emperors.

The difference between an emperor and just any sovereign ruler is that the term emperor historically has carried an understanding of “large, expansive territory” with it. Of course, since this is not a quantitative description, the concept of expansive can be interpreted in a relative manner. However, more importantly, the concept of an empire has carried with it the notion of a conglomeration of territories and peoples of various different nations under one rule. Usually, this interprets to the accumulation of new territories with its subject peoples having a distinct national identity that is different to that of the mother nation. For example, the acquisition of India or African territories by the British, or of the Philippines by the Japanese defined those nations at that time as empires. Modern Iran does not really fit that definition, because its ethnic groups have been a part of Iran for so long that they identify themselves as Iranian, even though it is a mix of different ethnic groups. If we base empire on only the presence of ethnic diversity, almost every nation will be considered an empire, because almost every nation has to some extent an element of ethnic diversity.

Either way, I understand that the term empire is to large extent a matter of semantics, and I’ll leave it at that.

With regard to the Kooni Khar-Magas, Ahreeman is right. We keep him around for entertainment as well as punishment. He is our plaything.

Oh, look what I found…

I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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Postby Edelge » Sun Apr 08, 2007 1:56 am


When was the last time that U had your Gynecologic Exam? With all that JOOON between U and the GOSHAD, U need one!
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Postby Liberator » Sun Apr 08, 2007 6:46 am


Thanks for the thorough explanation on the term "Aryamehr" - I completely agree with you on that point.

Now regarding the Empire...Emperor etc...

I had initially written "Japanese Empire" because I knew Japan had an "Emperor" and consisted of "thousands of islands", but I followed it up to make sure and found out that the "Empire" was dissolved after WWII; however the title of "Emperor" was kept and so I corrected my post to read "Emperor".

It's not so that "a monarch of any sovereign state can be an emperor" - they must fit the description which I posted. I don't know how any of the descriptions relates to the monarch of Monaco but in regards to the Pope, the Pope (who is an "elective monarch") has not taken on the title of "Emperor" or even "King" but sticks to "Pope"; so therefore that is a special case.

Now as we've found out the term "Empire" involves much more than "large expansive territory" and people could argue back and forth. But perhaps we should leave it at that or otherwise we will as you said engage in a fruitless debate of semantics.

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Apr 08, 2007 11:53 am

Final Words O Wisdom to Chubo and Chubette

To Turk-Zadeh (Kia) + Turkette (Catayoun Afshar):

At first I wanted to go step by step and quote each piece of your posts and respond to them; however, I figured the two of yous unappreciative traitors are not worth of my precious time to do so. Therefore, I just state the cream of crop of my thoughts in a nutshell as final words on this subject to yous.

So the two of yous want to put Ahreeman on a trial in IPC?

Let us go back in history,

Turkette used to be a Disco Bunny in Discotheques of LA, and then Bang O Salavat Iranian Tabloid forums of AOL and MSN Iran Boards! then she found her way to the old IPC club, I discovered her and I turned her to the Mighty Chic Moda Immortal Guard. As an honorary title, I granted the title of IPC Club Admin to her.

Turk-Zadeh was a viking caveman under a Rock in Malmo, Sweden. Once every 24 hours he would come out of his cave, yawn a bit, stretch, scream Javid Shah (Arbadeh Keshi) and run around in Peyvand Hezbollah Sponsored Forum, shooting shiite with Hezbos, Old Hens, Torshideh Dokhtars and other Kos Kholz! Then he found his way to the old IPC club, I discovered him and I turned him to the Mighty Liberator Immortal Guard. As an honorary title, I granted the title of IPC Club Moderator to him.

Both of you back-stabbing, Unappreciated Turks, in your old forums, used to refer to me as:

The Greatest Iranian Opposition Leader

Deny it and then I bring on alive witnesses from those forums who bashed the both of yous for your love and admiration for me.

Then I told both of yous and “ALL” that I am no opposition leader, no politician, no guru and no other Big Shot title. I am only “Servant of the Masses” and the “History Teller”.

In other words, through the years, I have shaped you, framed you, formatted you, mold you, educate you, transformed my knowledge to you and constructed a couple of great Nationalist Wise Soldiers out of you.

Both of you were a couple of clowns on Iranian forums. I saw potential in yous. I was the one who created Chic Moda and Liberator. I made legends out of yous! I have made yous Household names.

Ferdowsi used to say:

Ke Rostam yali bud dar Sistan
Manash kardamash Rostam-e Dastan

I say:

Turkette and Turk-Zadeh were a couple of Susul Nechro-Monarchists on tabloid forums
I had turned them to Mighty Chic Moda and Liberator

Yous were a couple of Turk-e Portaqal Forush in Tabriz. You were selling oranges in Shanbeh Bazaar of Tabriz. I discovered and bloomed yous. I even own the deed to your heroic names and natures of Chic moda and Liberator. I made yous who you are today!

You got balls wanting to trial me, but I even given you those balls! Them balls are the direct results of being IPC Op members or else, if your paths had not crossed mine, then you would have never grown Big Balls. You would have been a couple of Chubby Rats the same as your other Cum-Patriots Doodool and Susul!

It is The Ahreemanic Path which distinguished the two of yous as Youth Role Models amongst the Sea of your other Gusaleh Cum-Patriots and Nechro-Monarcho Bozos!

In other words, both of you were nothing before me. You were a couple of piss ant bache susul monarchists. Both of you are what you are today, simply because of me and my teachings.

You are nothing but figments of my imagination. I have shaped you to role models for the youth.

Now, you two want to put me on trial?
Turk-Zadeh the DA and Turkette the Hanging Judge?
Tof be surat-e unappreciative little bache susul monarchists!
Aqebat Gorg-Zadeh, Gorg shavad.

I stuck my hand in the pure honey comb jar and then stuck it in your mouths, but you bitten my fingers off!

Dast-e man namak nadareh!

So yous want a trial?
I’ll give you a trial!
Why don’t the both of yous Trial this (I am pointing at you know what)?

Trial of Haji Kuchike
Hear yee Hear yee

Why don’t all of you Monarchists help together and carry him to the Witness Stand?
One two three, Ya Ali…………….

Allow me to direct you because he is a Big Boy and too heavy!

Background Info on the Carriers of Haji Kuchike:

The History of Iran, not taught in Monarchist School of Lies

Farah Pahlavi
Also known as Farah Bolandeh, a starving student in Paris and Europe. Used to go to Ardeshir Zahedi whom was always having a diplomatic post around various embassies of Europe and beg for loans, grants and money! Ardeshir Zahedi who was a Kudeta-Chi and all his family including General Zahedi were Kudeta-Chi and CIA pawns of 28 Mordad Coup, and servants of Shah, figured that this Farah Bolandeh would be a good match for Shah. Back then Shah was in search of a semi good looking woman who could get pregnant. That is why he divorced Soraya due to not being able to get pregnant. Shah was in need of an earl, a son! Little did he know that his earl would grow up and turn to “An”! So Zahedi primarily “Test Drove” Farah Bolandeh to make sure she can get pregnant! Once Zahedi made sure that Farah can get pregnant, then he introduced her to Shah and caused Farah to become Queen! Until this day Farah is in debt to Zahedi for introducing her to Shah. Above info can be confirmed via Kudeta-Chi, oops excuse moi, His Excellency Zahedi, which yous often kiss his ass!

Ashraf Pahlavi
Even though this woman has big balls, much larger than Shah ever had, yet she is a known promiscuous drug user and drug dealer! Once she even got arrested in Italy for trying to traffic Heroin through Europe. Her great number of young lovers and opium dens were legendary in Darbar. She was a known owner/operator of much Iranian Drug Business and she was the fertile grounds to many young boy toys! Ashraf is the true meaning of corruption. Most likely the most corrupt Pahlavi! The funny thing is that even Ashraf supported our 2nd coup plan back in the 80s, but Reza Pahlavi de Faggot did not! It is amazing that from a corrupt mother like Ashraf, came a brave soldier of Iran, Shahriar Shafiq, a great hero!

Farahnaz Pahlavi
Following the path of Ashraf, a drug addict and a common whore!

Reza Pahlavi
Do I even need to explain what is he all about? I think I have said enough about this guy! Just read the IPC Website! His Kun Goshad Imperail Majesty, the widest Ass in the Imperial Darbar! More lazy, illiterate, useless and worthless than Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid and Ahmad Shah Qajar! Reza Pahlavi, the leader of Monarchists and the Symbol of Iranian Monarchists and Pahlavi Ball Polishers, is basically a Sack O Shiite! Seyed Reza Pahlavi in action!

Ok I better stop the history lesson right here.

Man-Handling Haji Kuchike via Monarchists

So all Monarchists will handle Haji Kuchike in this manner:

Farah can lift Imam Hassan (Ahreemanic Right Testicle), well hold it above her head.

Reza can lift and man handle Imam Hussein (Ahreemanic Left Testicle) and rise it above his head.

Farahnaz can carry the waist with a leather Dick Choker pulling it tight.

Ashraf a lover of heads can grasp the head with an open arms and lift it way above the skies of LA!

Turk-Zadeh and Turkette can help lifting the heavy body of Haji to transport him from his resting-place (Ahreemanic Tonban) to the Witness Stand Box!

So one …..two …….three, say Ya Ali madad! Let all the Imperial Majesties, Royal Highnesses, Oliyahaz-Rats, Valahaz-Rats, Vala-Goh-Ars, Crown Princes and Princesses along with their Khayeh Mals, well Man-Handle Haji Kuchike to the trial!

Hey, while man-handling Haji Kuchike, you all can sing:

Sorud-e Shahanshahi!

C’mon everybody, dam begirin:

Shahanshah-e ma zende bada,
Mihan be farash bovad, javedan
Kaz Pahlavi shod molke Iran,
Sad rah behtar ze ahde basetan!
Lala alal lala lalayyyyyyyyyyy….

Hows that for a trial?

Couple of Fat Turk Rats in Desire to Trial Ahreeman!

You two chubby checkers were nothing before and will be nothing after me. You are what you are because of me. The Chubette in LA and the Chubster under the Rock in Malmo were both a couple of piss ant kids before Ahreeman. Same as Roya, I made you what are today and the same as Roya after she left, she had faded away in the dust, then you will do the same.

Not that I embraced both of yous with open arms, loved and cherished yous, trained yous, taught yous, educate yous, entered you to Darbar-e Ahreeman, opened the Mighty gates of Qajar Aristocracy (The True Persian Aristocracy, not that fake Pahlavi Bull Crap), and finally granted the honors of becoming IPC Operations members; furthermore, assigned yous a couple of easy ceremonial posts (IPC Admin and Moderator), only to make yous happy, relevant, sound important and included in the game.

I nourished, and loved yous so you grew big and strong. I evolved yous spiritually, mentally and psychologically so you became Gods.

I invested my heart and soul and my knowledge into yous. I loved yous like true comrades and friends.

“Ma ba ham nun o namak khordim!”

We went through episodes together and we were comrades.

And what have you done?

Betrayed IPC Operations
Betrayed Me
Betrayed our Friendship
Betrayed the Tradition of comeradery
And now,
You want to put me on trial?

Khak bar sar-e man ke ba shoma dota ayaq shodam.
Man Gorg bozorg kardam!
Man vaqe'an bayad kheyli khar basham!

Relax, Haji Kuchike comes voluntarily!
I’ll erect and send the accused to LA to put you Turkette in a chokehold and drag you to SD.
I’ll send the accused to Malmo to wrap around you Turk-Zadeh’s neck and drag you from under the rock and pull you up in the sky, right on to SD.

Then both of yous can act as DA and Judge to trial Haji.

By all means start the trial. I guess these days you have retired from polishing Reza Pahlavi’s cotton balls, with not much to do, so by all means put Haji on trial.

Haji is ready to face his destiny in an official international trial. Haji is brave. Haji is a martyr.

Now start preparation by calling all Imperial Majesties as witnesses!

Reality Check

Imperial Iran ended by the end of Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar’s reign.
Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar was the last Imperial Majesty HIM.
After Aqa Khan there existed no more HIMs.
After Aqa Khan, Imperial Iran became Kingdom of Iran.

For the last time educate yourselves:

First and Last Persian Emperors ... -emperors/

Now run along Wikipedia, Doodool-e Kuchak Blog, Compatriot Doodool-e Kuchak, Compatriot Azar KIR, HIM Reza Faggot and other Bache Susul Monarchists to justify that Pahlavis were Emperors and Reza Pahlavi is the Emperor of Khala (Toilet)!

Keep on calling Farah Empress and Reza Emperor and believe you live in Imperial Iran! Keep on dreaming for another 28 years.

Now call yourselves His Imperial Majesty, His Excellency, His Royal Highness, His Royal Empress, His Royal Hiney, Oliya Dool, Vala Kun, Valahaz-Rat and other crap!

I used to look upon monarchists as mentally Challanged and Intellectually Inferior
Then I used to begin to Hate them due to their betrayals and treasons
Now I have no hard feelings towards them, but I feel pity for them!
Why you ask?
Because these people live in Denial!
They live in a Fantasy World!
28 years ago, they have been kicked out of Iran.
Today they still play Shah-Vazir in LA and London!

As I have always stated:

“De-Nile is not only a river in Egypt, but Denial is also a state of mind for Monarchists!”

These people are detached from Reality and they are still crowning and throning themselves, granting titles and competing on who can polish RPs balls better to become the next his or her Excellency! Little do they know that RP has no balls but cotton balls!

At The End of The Day!

At the end of the day, when they hit a problem and they have a question, they run back to Poppa Ahreeman! Why don’t they run to Reza Pahlavi, Compatriot Doodool-e Kuchak, “Cum-Patriot” Aryo Pirouznia, Cum-Patriot Olaq-e Bozorg or Dasteh Khar? Why you ask?

Because all of these Monarchists are inferiorly illiterate! How can they teach history, Persian Language, Philosophy or Linguistics? They can’t even wash their own asses! That Gusaleh Reza Pahlavi had to get some bozos to even write two cheesy books and call him the author! How can these people educate these Jujeh Monarchists like Turk-Zadeh and Turkette, if themselves are not even educated?

So once these cheesball exiled born, pig headed, Jujeh Monarchists have a technical, historical, linguistic and nationalistic question, they run back to Poppa Ahreeman! Why you asked?

Because only The Master can satisfy their never ending thirst for nationalism, knowledge, history and true meaning of the terms such as Aryamehr!

They know better not to ask their illiterate Shah Reza de Nim Pahlavi about the meaning of the term Aryamehr because that would be like Blind asking the blind to lead the way!

They always run back to Ahreeman! Because they know better that They Can’t Touch This! But they can always touch Haji and drag him to trials!

There is a big difference between Monarchists out there (out of IPC) and the Monarchists in here (inside IPC)!

Wild Barbaric Monarchists (outside IPC)
The ones out there in the jungles, sneakily and in hiding read Ahreeman’s articles and books on the net, admire him and worship him in hiding, but never reveal to the world that to whom they owe their knowledge to!

Domesticated Civilized Monarchists (inside IPC)
The ones inside the civilized world (inside IPC) have the pleasure of direct interaction with Ahreeman. This is a great pleasure and honor to directly consort with Ahreeman and his Sea of Ahreemanic Knowledge. But then again, some of them are stupid enough to go and Frag it all up to destroy all their ties to Ahreeman and by doing this, Fragging themselves out of Ahreeman’s company, friendship and sea of knowledge! So in a way, they Frag themselves and cheat themselves out of Pure Persian Pride and Knowledge.

Yes siri bobby,

I don’t hate Monarchists and Specifically Jujeh Monarchists
I pity them, thus they live in denial
I pity them, thus they deprive themselves out of Ahreemanic Knowledge
I pity them, thus they cheat themselves out of True Education about Iran
I truly pity them for wasting most of their brain capacity by not using it!

But Ahreeman is Generous and he forgives All, even Jujeh Monarchists, thus it is not their fault that they are foolish, yet it is the chromosomes and their genepull, the inferior monarchist genes! It is not their fault that they were born that way! It is not their fault that they worship False Gods and False Monarchs and scream 3 to 5 times a day “Javid Shah” or in Reza Pahlavi’s case “Shashid Shah”! Look at Monarchists as your poor mentally Handicapped brothers and sisters and try to help them to Evolve!

For Ahreeman to communicate with Monarchists is similar for A Sophisticated Alien, light years of intellect away from Earth to communicate with Rats! But I have faith, eventually Ahreeman shall Evolve them!

OK children, now run along and play Shah O Vazir in exile. C’mon one can be Oliyahaz-Rat Qaart and one can be Valahaz-Rat Qoort! RP can also be HIM Foot Footak! Bon appetite! Yous kids kill me! Yous kids are so playful!

Is there any wonder why people inside Iran, laugh at Monarchists?!

Chubo, your posts passed 1979. Yous are officially dead now. Yous are the only ones whom are not aware that yous are dead! Yous have burried yourselves in IPC same as yous done it in Iran on 1979.

As I have always stated:

“De-Nile is not only a river in Egypt, but Denial is also a state of mind for Monarchists!”

Ahreeman forgives you
Enjoy the voice of logic by
Ahreeman Mirza Qajar
(Real and Pure Aristocratic Prince O Qajar)

God bless Ahreeman (How Ironic)
[Rioooooooot, Murrrrrder, Killeeeeeeer!)



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Postby IPC » Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:04 pm


You should enter the complete definitions of Ahreemanocrat and Ahreemanocracy to the IPC Dictionary of Alternative Terms. You are most fit to define the true meanings of the terms plus your added terms! :D
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Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
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Postby Edelge » Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:24 pm

Well said X! Kick the treacherous slimy Turks ass.
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Postby Amir » Sun Apr 08, 2007 1:32 pm

It is my pleasure to list my own words. However, I will not list or define Ahreemanocracy or Ahreemania, since I did not invent those terms. I invited CA, the author of those terms to define them in the dictionary. I cannot take credit for them.

Consider it to be my “Tribute to Ahreeman,” with an honest account of my opinion. ... =5999#5999
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Postby Liberator » Sun Apr 08, 2007 1:57 pm

You asked for it X.

Disgraced Prince X-o-Qajar,

in your old forums, used to refer to me as:
“The Greatest Iranian Opposition Leader”

X-dude get out of this megalomaniac fiction you've created for yourself. What the hell was that!? I sure haven't referred to YOU as the "Greatest Iranian Opposition Leader"!! If anything I have commended you for your anti-Islamic posts and sure haven't gone as far as you seem to have hallucinated; stop smoking that crack/hashish whatever it is that you're on. You should be appreciative of the praises which have been attributed to you and don't exaggerate them. When will you stop this ridiculous charade which you've embarked upon?

Ardeshir Zahedi who was a Kudeta-Chi and all his family including General Zahedi were Kudeta-Chi and CIA pawns of 28 Mordad Coup

The more you talk recently the more I become convinced that you've been a FAKE all along. Now you are condescendingly referring to one of Iran's greatest patriots General Zahedi as a "Kudeta-Chi" and "CIA pawn" - man ghalat kardam to think you are a "friend"! If I had known you're a chameleont who changes colors as he pleases i'd never have sung ANY praises of you in the past!

If it wasn't for this man (General Zahedi) there would be a Soviet Republic of Gilan! It was General Zahedi who apprehended that filthy Arab Sheikh Khazal and brought him before Reza Shah the Great! It was Zahedi who brought order back to Iran after Mohammad Mossadegh commited a coup against the Shah! X-man you have grown bigger balls than you can carry! What is all this treacherous talk that is coming from you!?

With your low-class petty lies against the Imperial Family you must have hit the end. You know why you can't back up any of your petty lies? Because there is no proof! nor are your un-founded stories/allegations against the Imperial Family genuine to begin with for there to be any proof! You continue this charade in hope of snarling some Iranian "gaav o gusfand" of the same type who saw Imam's face on the moon in 1979! You're expectations are that some "gaav o gusfand" will fall for your strong sensational rhetoric despite all the inconsistencies, grand lies, deceits, mockery of the truth etc - afterall that is how Khomeini was able to ignite the "gaav o gusfand" to do as he wished!

Your an evil sensationalist and opportunist (hence the name "Ahreeman") seeking to capitalize on the common peoples' ignorance! You are not looking for the brightest of the bright! You are looking for petty commoners who can't tell the difference between an apple and an orange! You're looking for petty commoners like the filth of '79 who claim to have seen Imam's face on the moon! You are looking for people that are easily influenced! For people that you can control easily and who will promote your false agenda! You deserve to hang out with foul-mouths and jendeye melli left-overs like gand-chi!?

Qajar Aristocracy (The True Persian Aristocracy, not that fake Pahlavi Bull Crap)

You say you are a Qajar and there is no need to go into the incompetency of that Dynasty which lost the greatest amount of Iranian territory ever recorded in our history! and who cared more for spending their time in European capitals than in Iran! That Dynasty was one of the worst Dynasties of Iran if not the worst!

Today though I do admit that many Qajar descendants are accomplished individuals. For example, I respect Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar who is an ardent promoter for monarchy in Iran - if you are a Qajar which you have not proven in anyway - you should learn a thing or two from this man and not follow in the footsteps of your incompetent descendants who proved their overall worth with their carelessness.

Haji is a martyr.

That's what you are trying to do with this whole charade of yours - acting like the "victim" to gain some compassion from those who "can't see the forest because of all the trees"!!

For the last time educate yourselves:

First and Last Persian Emperors ... -emperors/

Bring me one academic article that you've written for us to "educate ourselves". You claim you are a professor and all that but I have not seen one article by you which doesn't contain profanity, slander, lies, ridicule etc! let alone a sound academic article!

Again you had some good SATIRICAL articles on Islam which where ALL BASED ON REAL academic work by historians and Islam-experts like Dr Ali Sina! So being a young teenager back then of course I would be attracted more to your "fun"/sensationalist articles - but you grow out of that phase and start demanding better material. If I wanted to educate myself i'll read a book or article by a real academic and not some megalomaniac chameleon who sings praises of the late Shahanshah one day and the next is bashing him and the entire Imperial Family with disgusting language. It truly is sad that it has come to this and that you've come to prove your true self.

To finish off on a slightly funny note...

Turk-Zadeh and Turkette

Last time I checked it was the Qajars who were Turkmen - hence non-Aryan - hence if you are a Qajar you shouldn't be referring to yourself as an Aryan but rather as a Turk and leave the title of Aryan to us real Aryans (Persians, Azaris, Gilakis, Kurds etc)!

Sag bolung hosh!
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