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Postby Liberator » Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:58 am


Dr X-jaan,

Your attempts to discredit the democratic institution of Monarchy is getting worse by the day! but I have to hand it to you that you make a good marketing manager the way you exalt your website - now don't get me wrong, I like IPC but to be honest and realistic with you I don't think hotshots like Reza Pahlavi or even Dariush Homayoun have ever set foot in IPC or know of its existence! But you do a good job trying to make people believe so - bravo! Afterall that's what a good marketing manager needs to be able to do - sell their product (IPC) by all means! :-:

"IPC the best know Iranian website..." "IPC the largest and best Iranian website..." "IPC the only place for free, democratic...discussions..." "IPC the largest Iranian e-community..." these are all catchy phrases to use in a marketing campaign...

As for Monarchist websites not linking to IPC, how about Republican websites lol! Please bring us a study of Republican and Monarchist websites (Iranian ofcourse ;)) who do and don't link to IPC - the figures will be exactly the same!

As for not having a link to the IPC website I just saw it now - but don't you think this is just a slip of the mind since i've had a link to IPC Board ever since I started my blog! and through which you can easily find the website! But as any good marketing manager I do understand your recent entry. I have nothing to be afraid of as I honestly cannot see how you think you're winning the debate on Monarchy ;) and as such I will include a link to IPC website in addition to the one I have to the board (now you will have two links on my blog! how about that! well done Mr Marketing Manager!).

(Regarding the Monarchy vs Republic debate) - Ironically you speak about being rational but only an emotional person would buy your argument that Monarchy is outdated - a rational person would see otherwise. ;) The thread is there for all RATIONAL people to see :)

Lastly, here's a nice little "treat" for my fellow Iranian Republicans like yourself!

Presidential Elections in Iran:

(I hope I included them all :) )

Long Live the Iranian Monarchy!

Faithfully yours,

Protector of the Kiani Throne of Iran and forever loyal to the path of two Great Shahanshah's of the Pahlavi Dynasty
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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It is clobbering time again!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jan 04, 2007 6:55 pm

:evillaugh: It is clobbering time again! :evillaugh:

Liberator, my dear Youth Amnesiac:

Lib, I read through you like a clear glass! I have grown you up since you were an itsy bitsi Monarcho-toddler!

This is exactly the response I was expecting to get by pushing your buttons right! Hee Hee Hee, dear me! You are so predictable! Now prepare yourself to once more get clobbered because once more you have stuck your foot in your mouth, do you know why? Because you never listened to the advice I given you over and over and …………:

Think First, Talk Second!

Take Ginkgo Biloba (Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Pills) for Memory Returns!

But Now,

:D It is clobbering time again, ready, set, let’s roll:

“I don't think hotshots like Reza Pahlavi or even Dariush Homayoun have ever set foot in IPC or know of its existence! But you do a good job trying to make people believe so - bravo!”


I. Since March of year 2000 both Reza Pahlavi’s office and CPI has been in active contact with IPC Office through E-mail.

II. Of course your early Amnesia in your old ages does not allow you to remember but on January 9, 2003, my famous letter to Reza Phlavi was published all over the net! This letter was sent to Reza Pahlavi.

III. Reza Pahlavi’s office confirmed the receipt of this letter, yet failed to respond. A series of back up arguments had been sent to RP’s office since then for a period of 2 months time limit which given to RP to respond. RP failed again. This historical letter will be soon republished in IPC Website.

IV. Since year 2000, Dariush Homayoun and CPI in every occasion informed IPC Office of their updates in party, website and political moves. CPI Officials and webmaster actively have been sending IPC Office memos, info notes, thank you notes and political notes.

V. All: Reza Pahlavi, Reza Pahlavi’s Secretariat, Dariush Homayoun, CPI Office could easily be tracked via Statistics sites and e-mails that since year 2000. All of them have been actively reading IPC Website and Club.

VI. Every single link to any article in website and post in club, related to Reza Pahlavi and Dariush Homayoun, have been sent to their offices by IPC Office since year 2000.

IPC is too huge to be missed by Reza Pahlavi, Dariush Homayoun or any other Iranian political personality! Take a look at how many people have read only this topic so far, will you open your eyes?!

My Advice to Lib:

Think First, Talk Second!

Take Ginkgo Biloba (Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Pills) for Memory Returns!

If not, it all comes back to bite you on the neck and Ass!

“As for not having a link to the IPC website I just saw it now - but don't you think this is just a slip of the mind since i've had a link to IPC Board ever since I started my blog!”

It is all slips of the minds!
Monarchists always have mind slips!

I. We have been openly in touch and have active communication with Hezbe Mihan for years! Everytime they needed an update on their logo and link on IPC Website, they sent us the new ones and asked us to update them. They have been thanking us for years. At first they had IPC links all over their site, but as soon as critics of RP started (due to his unworthiness for 28 years), the IPC links one by one faded away until not a single IPC link can be found in Hezbe Mihan!
II. The same thing can be said about Sazmane Rastakhiz Iran! Same as Hezbe Mihan, IPC links had faded away in Rastakhiz Org! The amazing Monarchist slips of the mind!
III. Anjoman Padeshahi is different! They (all their sites) always thank us for linking them and advertising for them but they would never link to IPC simply because they know how I trashed Fouladvand with documents and logic.
IV. Monarchist CMI (Frontline) and other orgs since the beginning where hostile towards IPC and argumentative about my articles. My debates with them has been published before and will be republished again (but of course your amnesia does not allow you to remember)! But all of them always made sure that they send us their updated logos and links and sites to be published in IPC!
V. Pirouznia is another story! There was conflict since he shamelessly deleted IPC posts in 3 separate occasions in his now Dead Forum!
VI. CPI and Homayoun are the most intelligent and civilized Monarchists of all! We never had any problem with them. We always advertised for them, they never linked to us, but we always have been in touch with one another since year 2000. There are CPI sympaths in IPC Operations.
VII. The only Monarchist org. which since beginning until now has been posting our link in their site is “Sarbaz”. We always had the most respect for “Sarbaz” and their co organization “Padafand”. Do not mistake Sarbaz with Sarbazan and Shirin Neshat!
VIII. ONLPI and Dayani are also have been in communication with us. We respect them, they respect us but they would never link to IPC because of what I say about Reza Pahlavi.
IX. I can go on and on down the list …………….. but why? My point is that every single Monarchist Organization and their leaders are thankful to IPC for linking to them, advertising for them in the site (on the net) and in universities via our student members (off the net), but except Sarbaz, no one since the beginning (2000) has been actively linking to IPC, not even our buddies IIRF! They all have been and continue to read every single IPC article, specifically the ones by myself!

Lib, once more, My Advice:

Think First, Talk Second!
If you keep on sticking your foot in your mouth, you will:
a) Get Athlete Feet of The mouth
b) Never grow up to become a good politician!

Take Ginkgo Biloba (Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Pills) for Memory Returns!

“I have nothing to be afraid of as I honestly cannot see how you think you're winning the debate on Monarchy ;)”


Debate has won years ago.
This is after debate talk!
You and Monarchists have everything to be affraid of! The political membership of your youth is in stake! You will hide, misinform or not even inform about IPC. It is a matter of most importance for Monarchists to use IPC to gain memberships (particularly amongst youth inside Iran) but not to allow their present youth members to read IPC!

“and as such I will include a link to IPC website in addition to the one I have to the board (now you will have two links on my blog! how about that! well done Mr Marketing Manager!).”

Wrong! Once again as always you are incorrect!
You have amnesia @ your age! Do something about it now! What will happen to you when you get old?
Take the damn pill which I perscribed for you!

You do not have 2 links to IPC in your site, but 3 links now! You forgot IPC Calendar!
I know what is going on in your site and every other monarchist site better than you do!
Simply because I am Ahreeman and you guys are not!
I have Digital memory but you guys have Monarchist Memory!

What is Monarchist Memory?
Monarchist Memory is:

Monarchist Memory = Selective Memory + Amnesia

Monarchists manage to forget things when not for their benefit! But sometimes they really forget things, simply because they have memory laps! Monarchist brain cells are regressive, degenerating and dying when it comes down to memory of what they done in the past!

This is a disease noticed in Reza Pahlavi all the way down to Liberator!

“Ironically you speak about being rational but only an emotional person would buy your argument that Monarchy is outdated “

Emotional people get enflamed by my speeches but rational people are the only ones who follow me and my speeches religiously and cheer for me!

Example outside operations:
Is your buddy Amir Arsalan emotional or Rational?
Actually isn’t he the least emotional and the most rational person in Iranian politics which you have ever seen?
He is only one example out of thousands!
The Debate has been lost years ago, you just don’t know it yet!

“The thread is there for all RATIONAL people to see “

Exactly my point! Rational is the keyword Lib.

You are not Rational because you are illogical because you are unscientific because you are a creationist because you believe in God because you are a Monarchist! You see, it is all related to one another! One irrational ideology leads to another one!

Shah gets his justification from God, Ahura and Allah!
Shah doesn’t get his justification from Logic and Rational Reasoning.
You are a Monarchist, therefore you are a Creationist, therefore you are irrational and the only way you can believe in all this nonsense is by Faith and Faith alone!

Reza Pahlavi is a Shiite Muslim
Foroud Fouladvand is a born Again Zoroastrian
IIRF Rep is a Muslim
You believe in God

No Monarchist can be Rational because:

Rational Reasoning = Logic = Science

Monarchy gets its power from Metaphysics and Divine Powers!
There is no other justification for Monarchy!

“and forever loyal to the path of two Great Shahanshah's of the Pahlavi Dynasty”

Absolutely right, the key word is “Two”! Two Great Shahanshah's of the Pahlavi! There will never be the Third, because Reza Pahlavi is a useless bum who sold Iran’s prosperity for his Belly and Under Belly (comfortable life)! Stay tuned for my soon to be republished:

“The Letter That Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Answer!”

:brick: Lib:

:D Was that enough clobbering for you?
I guess not, because your great viking fighting spirit simply does not allow you to roll over dead and accept disgraceful defeat over and over and over ………………, so I simply have to keep on clobbering you under this beautiful topic over, and over and over and over again and again and again ………. ](*,)


Your Greatest Teacher
The Voice of
Pure Persian Logic!
Watcher in the woods
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Postby Liberator » Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:26 pm

Dr X,

Something I hope you understand is that simply sending off an email and receiving a response to it by RP's office does not mean much. I've sent emails before to the Crown Prince and received responses this doesn't mean we are in "active contact" or for that matter that he has visited my blog or anything else; but any good marketing manager would take advantage of this, play with words and end up describing it as being in "active contact" with the Secretariat and Crown Prince of Iran himself! :D Well done "Maestro" :)

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran to my knowledge does not conduct email interviews - if i'm not wrong the second email you received from the Crown Prince is that he would be more than happy to set up an interview!

Secondly just because CPI added your email to their mailing list after your first email to them (lol) this does not mean that they personally send you emails informing you of their activities! This does not mean they've created an "IPC Watch" Sub-Commitee or have a person assigned to monitor this forum. It means that your email was entered into their ELECTRONIC mailing-lists and whenever the party feels something needs to be communicated, thousands of emails are sent out to those in their mailing directory \:D/ I really hope you know these things and that this is all just a marketing tactic of yours!
Taking into account your logic your fellow Republicans at the "Iranian Liberal Democrat Party" (LOOOL) and me are in "active contact" since they continuously spam my email with their newsletters and updates just because I had contacted them earlier to find out their email address (for the IPC Mailing List :)) and although i've asked them to stop spamming me they insists on continuing!!!

IPC is too huge to be missed by Reza Pahlavi, Dariush Homayoun or any other Iranian political personality!

\:D/ Add that to the list I made for your marketing campaign :)

Just for the heck of it i'd like to see the list of your fellow Republican friends' sites who link to IPC :) Btw can you put up the link to the "Sarbaz" website which you say is different to "Sarbazan"?

You do not have 2 links to IPC in your site, but 3 links now!

Which shows how frightened I must be of my fellow Monarchists to fall for your "rational thoughts on monarchy"!!! X-man there is noooooo way you can portray the Monarchy as an outdated and un-democratic institution when the most modern, progressive, and prosperous states in this day and age are Constitutional Monarchies (Ex. Sweden and Japan) :) I'm sorry but only an irrational person would believe that.

BTW do you know if Seyed Ali Geda is dead or not!? word is out on the streets that he has died!

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jan 07, 2007 9:09 pm

Camran Mirza:

Nice survey, but ……….I do not know @ what point of history do you consider your survey (what year) as “Before Revolution”. As of 1978 Iran had 35 million population and as of now it has doubled to 70 million. So my figures are 10 million higher than yours.

On the other hand, your figures of 1.6 mil (inside monarchists) + 1.6 mil (outside monarchists) = 3.2 mil total are in my opinion well stretched! According to my surveys there are max:

1 mil (outside) + 1 mil (inside) = 2 mil total.

Considering their He-Row Reza de Nim Pahlavi had sold the prosperity of Iran for the comfort of his belly and under-belly, sitting his Lard-Ass in exile for now 28 + plus years and going ……….

This 2 million figure will decrease by the day ………… until there will be no one left amongst their ranks aside:

a) Old Fart Ex Imperial Statesmen and Military
b) Exiled born monarcho-youth clinging to these people out of necessity of having no other National Figure to cling to! They try to create a non-muslim national identity for themselves, even if they have to worship illiterate, loser, untalented Zeros like Reza Pahlavi as their Shakh-and-Shakh!
c) Thugs, Qoldors, Qadareh Kesh, Qameh Kesh, Lampoons and Black Shirt Fascisto-Nazis like Sha’ban Bi Mokhs of 28 Mordad, yet this time in exile. Example: Aryo Pirouznia and alike Bache Soosool and Lat O Put of LA and London.

I truly look down on these folks! They are of Low Intellect! These people are confused! They hate Islam but their leader is an opportunist Shiite Muslim, Seyed Reza Pahlavi!

You see, for someone like myself who has high regards for 8000 years history of Iranian Monarchy and our great past Shahanshahs, there is no way in Hell that I can have a shred of respect for the above groups!

How can I have respect for a useless Bum Reza Pahlavi, the coward, the superficial and the shallow illiterate and uneducated Kun Bache plus other Fascisto-Nazi of LA and London and then their Bache Soosool and Bache Kuni exiled born emotional cheeseballs whom the same as Muslim, scream between 3 to 5 times a day:

Javid Shah ……………

Absolutists (Sunni) scream 5 times
Constitutionalists (Shiite) scream 3 times

Muslim read Namaz
Monarchists scream Javid Shah

But ask them what Shah?
The Faggot in Maryland?
Monarchy has been dead for 28 years but these Bold people simply will not give it up! They have become the comic cartoon characters of the Iranian Politics but still will not give it up!

As I have said before:

Ultra Nationalists live in 651 AD
Muslim live in 7th Century AD
Jebheis and Mosadeqists live in 1953
Marxists live in 1980s
Monarchists live in 1978
When will Iranians Move on towards the future?

Dead Worship is an Iranian Tradition:
Some worship Mosadeq
Some worship Shah
Some worship Khomeini
Their agenda is their Cult!
They cannot see beyond their Cult!
Frankly I am really sick of Iranians and their silly cults!

I am pointing at the moon, but these people fail and are only able to see the tip of my finger!
I have a vision of Future, but these people live in the past!

How can we commit to a change and a move forward with these people?
This is called The Iranian Dilemma!


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Postby IPC » Tue Feb 06, 2007 11:57 am


This is a related topic to this discussion:

Comments on Ahreeman's letter to Reza Pahlavi by Amir ... php?t=1276
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Rafiq-e Shafiq, Yar-e Delavar va Dust-e Aziz Camran

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 06, 2007 12:29 pm

Rafiq-e Shafiq, Yar-e Delavar va Dust-e Aziz Camran:


How can we commit to a change and a move forward with these people?

1. Committing to change requires dedication and patient, best by making a religious of the cause.

To illustrate the idea is to look at Christians who first became recognized by the Roman Empire in 350AD. This means, the Christian then nomads waited with dedication and patient for 400 hundred years before first recognized. Had the Roman Emperor refused to recognize them, would not deter the Christians then nomads from their goals, soon or late they would achieve their objectives.

Another example arises from Islam. They too are now 1400 years old, growing bigger and stronger each year by surviving the clashes against other holy religions and capitalism.”

So are you suggesting that we create a new religion? That would best work with the psyche of the Iranians. They are always in need of a religion!

“2. Moving forward requires unity. It is an element that keeps people within itself, without the need for outside.”

Well, unity does not seem to appear by itself, so maybe this new religion will cause the unity. Why say you?

“3. Those people who we call names i.e.; gav-o goosfand, olaq, fat rat, etc...., may soon stop us short with a blow, when facing them. It is fine to see ourselves advance, but does not allow us to practice racial slogans,”

You are correct and I never underestimate my enemy. I am the one who always gives credit and see the true face of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is well established and a fierce enemy. People fail to see that!

“not only because slogans and the street practice but it also against the law. I understand the constitutional law in the west and the human law in the world are perfectly clear on racial remarks.”

I disagree. If you were correct, then Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam and KKK would have not be allowed on CSPAN (Public Access TV) for free airtime to preach racial, religious and hate remarks! They are also welcomed by constitution to hold rallies in the streets and parks and preach all the above. They also have their own media. It is perfectly legal by law of the nation. It maybe illegal by Camran Mirza’s human standards but legal by United States laws! Nazis somewhat have the same rights in Germany, but USA is the most tolerant and free speech, free press nation in the world.

This is called The Iranian Dilemma!

“I appreciate your concerns to Iran, but the dilemma belongs to the world. The whole world is under illusion of prosperity for anything, not to mention the money worshipping. Do you think in theory (never mind the practice) it is probable to free Iran from the dilemma surrounding the world today, knowing problem is an energy that travels around while changing form/shape and can not be disposed? “

Now you are getting too philosophical with me! Before we attend to global greed issue, I would like to solve our local corruption issue by pure force of the future government, but before that, I would like to also try preaching and logic with masses by give the Moral Revolution a chance!

Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?

There maybe a problem with the globe but at least West understands reasoning and reality. Unfortunately East lives in La La Land and Conspiracy Theories! This causes misery, ignorance, superstitions and corruption as the direct results.


“Is that a holy religious term?”

Yes, you got a problem with that?
Aren’t you just right now suggesting that we should start a new religion for Eye-Rainians?
Make up your mind, will ya?


You mean Camran Mirza, right?


You say:

“This is not my world!”

Well, why don’t you help accelerate my Time Travel Project, so we can both travel to the desired world, free of nonsense and pure with logic on year 3000 AD?

Now we are getting too philosophical and away from the topic.

Here is one more religious term for you,


Watcher in the woods
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 07, 2007 8:41 am

Camran Mirza:

“Before I go any further, please explain what you mean by “Moral”? What is it and where has it come from? What are the examples of moralities? You are not referring to follow the St. Gregory the Great’s moral exposition of the Book of Job, are you? “

Throughout the years, you keep on asking me this question and I keep on referring you to this link:

Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?

I do not think that anyone wrote about definition of Morality more than I did! I wrote 30 pages about this subject and I cannot explain anymore!

‘What if I ask you what does it mean? Are you going to throw a book at me or do you have an own experience to explain, Or even say, you don’t have to answer me anyway?”

I am throwing the book at you. Watch out Cam, here comes a Quran, dodge Cam ……….. Dodge!

“Trust me, there is nothing happening in the year 300AD”

Didn’t I tell you don’t drink and write philosophy?
Didn’t I say 3000 AD?
You Fragged Time, about a few Millenniums!

You also messed up your quotes!

“It is ancient and, doe not belong to modern life. Using the kind of words can seriously damage health!”

In that case I need to prescribe:

One dish of Gusht Kubideh
One bowl of Fatty Abgusht with Barbari Bread Tilited in it
Some Raw Onions for Boniyeh
A Chunky Little Blonde
And a portrait of Bertrand Russell as inspiration!


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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:52 am

In Defense of Truth and Sam Ghandchi

Let’s hear the other side of the story,

My dear Necro-Monarcho Youth Amnesiac* aka Dear Galan Gadan*:

* Necro-Monarcho Youth Amnesiac = A naïve but sincere youngen follower of a Dead and Dying 1800s political ideology of Monarchy (Leech Worship) whom is also infected with the famous virus of Amnesia (a Monarchist Disease)!

* Galan Gadan = A part of an old-time non automatic rifle which needs to be pushed forward and pulled back before firing; A tool which is being used to receive information and send false information; Khabar Biyar-Khabar Bebar!

As long as this Necro-Monarcho post:

Galan Gadan Post ... e4ecc#5854
Secular State is a Human Right (Sam Ghandchi and Futurist Party) Topic

Was posted in the wrong hall and room and under the wrong topic by Necro-Monarchs using you my young friend as Galan Gadan, then I shall bring this thread back to where it belongs in “Monarchy vs Republic” Topic in Iran Room and Politics Hall (The Right Place) to once more use Necro-Monarchs’ own short-comings to severely go a round with them, one two knockout them and simply beat up upon them as punching bag and one of my favorite recreations!

Now before I start beating up on Necro-Monarchists (Dead or Dying Followers of the 1800s Dead Ideology), allow me to make a remark to yous people:

Do yous notice,

Monarchists, Marxists, Mojaheds and Mullahs (Muslim) all start with an “M”? This should ring a bell that them “M” ideologies are all:

I. Despotic and Oppressive
II. Emotional and Mob Influenced
III. Undemocratic
IV. ILLogical
V. Unscientific
VI. Unpractical
VII. Irrational
And of course,
VIII. Dead!

Yous must be very careful near them “M” Ideologies!

Now on to the show,

Necro-Monarchists cannot debate, argue, logic and trade opinions, simply because in the past and in every attempt they lost the debates, so the Monarchist tactic is to scoop to name calling, bashing, digging dirt, slander, arbadeh keshi and screaming (Javid Shah), Sha’ban Bi Mokh bazi (Thug Behavior) and other Necro-Monarcho tactics!

When Logic fails or in Monarchists’ case, never existed to begin with, then one shall scoop to Ultra-Curricular activities to defame, damage and bring down the credibility of the other party! This is an old Monarchist style of playing the game. You can see it around the net, you can see it in forums and you can see it all around this forum right here. Just go over the topics and see how Monarchists responded to logic! This is the nature of Monarchists!

This case is no different!

This is called logic:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

I was cruising the topic and Updated Links because I want the new readers to truly get the idea of how Monarchists debate! Of course I was in search of a certain link from some Monarchist Org’s site (Jebhe Azadi or so) where their members were responding to my above article on Reza Pahlavi (supposedly a debate) but it was more like slanders than respond! I could not find the link (find it if you can) but at least I updated the old site’s links to new site’s links.

Admzad asks me Why bash RP? IF Masters and CIA choose a fellow to educate Iranians and establish law and order in Iran, even if he is Gav, wouldn’t you support him? Why not?

First of all, CIA and Masters gave up on RP, long ago!
Second, I don’t follow CIA and Masters’ orders and agendas!
Third, I don’t get my paychecks from CIA and Masters, like average Monarchists do!
Four, I don’t believe future of Iran will be build by America but by Educated Iranians
Five, That is why I am educating Iranians
Six, I have no duty to Pahlavis and Monarchy
Seven, my only duty is to Iran

Now let us see the truth about this recent episode of Sam Ghandchi

The Other Side of the story,

Sam Ghandchi interviewed by VOA. The interview was about informing and educating the masses about how to fight IRI Internet Filters. There was no shred of politics or personal political ideology in this interview. This interview was not a political debate but it was Computer Science Information given to Opposition and Iranians to read the banned sites.

Old enemies of Sam Ghandchi on JM Board whom are David and Amir, go around and dig ancient archives of JM Board (now dead) on Internet. They dig 2 posts in which Sam Ghandchi loses temper and while fed up with Monarchists’ sabotage of his posts, he cusses RP. Sam Ghandchi is such a touchy feely, gentle fellow that it is hard to believe he lost temper like this! He doesn’t even Cuss! I should know, he is an old buddy! I always pull his shorts and finger him to get a response, but Sam is the quiet type and the gentle type! If once in his life he lost control it was this time!

For Sam to cuss is like Mother Theresa to speak like Chris Rock, it is simply unbelievable! I couldn’t even believe it! This post is so old that Necro-Monarcho Youth Amnesiacs such as you or Doolshid were not even born or were itsy bitsy Necro-Monarcho infants in your diapers running around Swedish snow, playing Shah-Wazir (Riot, Killer)!

These monarchists must have nothing to do and have no life to go around dig dirt in Internet Archives and take pictures like this! My suggestion: Get a life and possibly get laid boys!

Of course right after this incident, Sam apologized to RP for the use of language. But of course David and Amir do not find that part in archives, take a picture and hand it to “Compatriot Doolshid” in Monarchist Web Blog of “Dool-e Kuchak” to be published, so in return Compatriot Doolshid would hand it to you to post it in IPC club! They hand you a half ass story (only their side) and they use this occasion (Sam’s Interview) to bash him!

Now Guz be Shaqiqeh che rabti dareh?
What does Fart have to do with Forehead Temples?

These are cheap shots and cheesy attempts of an mentally unbalanced man (David) and Deranged man (Amir) to give the wrong impression about Sam! In other words they want to undermine a person (Sam Ghandchi) whom by himself has more brain than the complete institution of Monarchy in Iran!

Until this moment I have not seen a single bright minded Monarchist Theoretician/Philosopher who can actually get into a hardcore political-Philosophical debate with me and defend Monarchy and prove it is functional! Why? There is no such person! Why? Because Monarchy cannot be defended! It is an outdated, illogical and unscientific dead ideology.

Any two bit half-wit person can read this topic and get it! Facts are here for the world to read.

The closest Monarchists got to a Theoretician/Philosopher is Dariush Homayoun and even he is a Nazi in Monarchist clothing! He is not even a real Monarchist! But even Dariush Homayoun cannot save Monarchy!

The funny thing is that an Ex Nazi and a present Liberal Monarchist is too soft-core for the average Thug-type, loudmouth Monarchists like Aryo Pirouznia and Cheeseballs of Activist Chat! These hard-core Monarchists bash Homayoun for being too liberal!

Another funny thing is that Cyrus Kar is now advertising in (Hezbollah Mouthpeace) for Activist Chat! How idiotic and opportunistic is that? A Monarchist advertises in Jahanshah Javid’s tabloid to revive his dead site and forum!
(Note: Pardon me, a simple mistake of mistaken identity between Cyrus Kar and Cyrus of Activist Chat on my behalf. Look below in to the next posts to see it corrected.)

As I said, any which way you can and any which way the wind blows is Monarchist style! Reza Pahlavi, your Shah is the master of this art!

Anyhow, this Amir unlike David who had a screw loose, was apparently a true monarchist in London who was afraid that if Reza Pahlavi abdicates the throne (as Sam was suggesting) and to run for presidency, then the whole monarchist force would fall apart and in his eyes that meant the end of all opposition to IRI! I think he sincerely believed in this fear. No matter how ironic and bizarre this theory is, yet true!

Sam’s mistake was that he mistook Reza Pahlavi for a Real Opposition activist! Reza Pahlavi is a superficial lazy procrastinator who once a while does some cheap talks against IRI. He has been doing that for 28 years! IRI does not even consider RP a threat to the regime. RP is a humor piece for IRI.

Sam Ghandchi assumed that RP is man of action so he suggested for RP to become president in exile and lead the opposition to glory! How naïve was my friend to even assume RP would lift a finger to save Iran and Iranians! Of course back then, he did not know about my (our) experience with RP in 1984 when we asked him to participate in the second coup to overthrow IRI

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II could not enter!

Reza Pahlavi gives a new meaning to Bi Bokhari and Kun Goshadi! He is simply a lazy and shallow hand puppet to US State Department and CIA, nothing more and nothing less! That is all that he can be! He even did not write those 2 cheesy books by himself, but he had help! Worst than Reza Pahlavi are Monarchists (the majority who follow him) whom are like Old Dogs and after 28 years, they still can’t learn that Reza Pahlavi cannot even lead himself to the bathroom and wash his own ass without help, set aside leading the opposition! These LaLa Landers still follow him like blind dogs!

I look at the majority of Monarchists (Followers of RP) as inferior creatures with low level intellects! Your leader must represent your psyche! If your leader is Albert Einstein then it is obvious where are you coming from! But if your leader is Reza Pahlavi, then it is pretty obvious what level of brain activity and gray matter exists in your skull!

Monarchists are a step above Marxists, Mojaheds and Mullahs on evolutionary ladder! They got stuck in 1880s! Industrial Revolution had passed them by!

It is amazing to me to see Grand son of Queen Elizabeth is going to command a Tank Unit in Iraq! That is so un-Monarchist like! Monarchists by majority are a bunch of loudmouth, no action, alcoholic, taryaki, superficial, brain dead, reactionary, despotic wanna be thugs who live in Dark Ages! They want to be thugs but they are too lazy and comfort seeking to even be thugs! The best term to define Monarchists are LaLa Landers and their Monarchs in 21st Century (Constitutional Monarchs) are useless Leeches who suck blood out of the national budgets and masses of their nations! This institution serves no purpose!

Real Monarchy is Absolutist Monarchy, Persian Style! But then again Reza Pahlavi does not even own Khayeh (Large Size Balls) to satisfy Jasmine set aside overthrow IRI!

Facts are that Sam Ghandchi lost it and he cussed RP, but then again who the hell cares? I cuss RP all the time! He is like my torn punching bag in the garage, which I am about to dump in trash because it serves no purpose! Here are the facts for you that Sam’s dokhtar dayi cousin is married to Farah's pesar amu cousin whose name is ........ Tabatabaei (security reasons). Their son Shahrokh used to play with Sam in his parents’ house when he was a kid and a teenager. Sam’s late mother was invited to the funeral of Farideh Diba's mother, when Farah's grandmother passed away. That was in the last years of Shah's regime. Sam and Farah are relatives. Sam has no issue with Farah’s family (Diba or Pahlavi). Sam’s issue is with Monarchy (same as I)!

Now these trolls in Jebhe BB tried to make the discussions about monarchy, personal. Sam’s view was clear, he had written it very clearly and in many occasions to RP to abdicate the crown and then to start active work as a political leader and even suggested that he run for presidency in a republican platform.

Sam’s view of monarchy and MKO was expressed the best in this last article and after this one
he stopped to write about this topic.

Dissolve Monarchy and MKO to End IRI

Now Monarchists as usual con and twist the episode around! They go to Internet archives to dig dirt! Who cares? Sam same as myself does not care to win popularity contests with Monarchists!

People like Sam are Nietzsche’s Supermen and Monarchists like David or Amir are like ants! This is taking care of old animosities using couple of old pages of JM Board out of context to attack one of the few guys in Iranian politics who looks Forward (Futurist) rather than living in 1800s (Monarchists), 1980s (Marxists), Mullahs (7 BC)!

Another issue is that if they were sincere, how come they did not post Sam Ghandchi’s apology to RP for losing his temper, which came right after these posts? It is all biased garbage, same as Monarchy! It is called Shahollahi Lies!

Sam is not a type of guy who delete posts (unlike Monarchists and you who love to delete posts and people) or articles, but right-away he apologized to RP for losing temper.

Then they go and hand the dirt to Doolshid in Doodoole Kuchak Blog:

to in return hand it to you to post in IPC! Why? Because there is no other way to trash Sam but to scoop to these Bull Shiite tactics! They are not even in the same level of thought to comprehend Sam’s writings, set aside to debate with him! So Slander and Amnesia (Monarchist Style) is the answer!

Monarchists are so predictable that I see through them! This is getting old, way too old!

Now Arash (Another Monarchist) is trashing SCI Foum, same as David used to trash JM Forum! That is why today’s SCI is baseless and contentless.

Let me quote from Sam:

“ Someone used to tell me that Jebhe Meli and Monarchists are the same, they feed off of each other! When Monarchy died in 79, Jebhe also died along with it!”

Now are these words of a Jebhei?

Do you understand what Sam says?

Jebheis and Monarchists complete each other! They cannot live without each other! How you ask?
Let me explain:

Jebhe needs Monarchists to bash, trash, attack and to survive!
That is how Jebheis have been surviving for decades. By concentrating on Shah and Monarchists to attack!

Monarchists need Jebhe to bash, trash, attack and to survive!
That is how Monarchists have been surviving for decades. By concentrating on Mosadeq and JM to attack!

On 1979 shah and Monarchy died in Iran. When Monarchy died, there was no enemy to attack and feed upon! Mullahs could never replace Shah and Monarchists! Besides JM participated with Mullahs!

So Jebhe Meli also died! Today the animosity between Monarchists and Jebheis and Animosity between Monarchists and Mojaheds are getting too old and too boring for public. They heard it all for 28 years!

Today, all of these groups are Yesterday’s News and Day Old Bread! When Monarchy died JM died and then MKO died! They are like old pictures of yesterday’s dinosaurs in science books!

Masses of Iran will never ever forever bring forward and elect a Monarchist, Marxist, Mojahed, Muslim, Jebhei or other forms of Dead Ideologies!

It is pretty normal for Monarchists to call Sam a Jebhei!
Hell, every time I want to pull Sam’s short, I tease him and call him a Survived Jebhei or such.

Same way, it is pretty normal for Monarchists to call me a Tudehi, Commie Mojahed and other garbage!

Sam is as much of a Jebhei as I am a Marxist!

Any fool can see that Monarchy is dead. There is no way that Monarchists can debate and win and prove their ideology is still functional in 21st Century, so they do name calling, bashing, dig dirt, and use young and naïve Exile Borns like you, Doolshid, Buzarmehr, Soosoo and Joojoo with their 101 Cheesy Web Blogs as Galan Gadan and Tools to still say:

“We are still alive….oho oho Zhaviiiiiiid Sha ….oho oho choke, boksovat, capoot……Akh Mordam!”

“Javiiiiiiiiiiiid Shaaaaaaaaaaa ……Javid Chai ……(Fading away dying voice)!”

I have always said:

Ultra Nationalists live in 651 AD
Muslim live in 7th Century AD
Jebheis and Mosadeqists live in 1953
Marxist Islamists (Mojaheds) and Shariatists live in 1970s
Marxists live in 1980s
Monarchists live in 1978

When will Iranians Move on towards the future?

Dead Worship is an Iranian Tradition:
Some worship Mosadeq
Some worship Shah
Some worship Khomeini
Their agenda is their Cult!
They cannot see beyond their Cult!
Frankly I am really sick of Iranians and their silly cults!

I am pointing at the moon, but these people fail and are only able to see the tip of my finger!

I have a vision of Future, but these people live in the past!

These were a few lines of logic in defense of Sam and the Truth.

I maybe 100 years ahead of average Iranian mentality but I am doing my best to educate Iranians and bring them to my level, so at least we can communicate in the same bandwidth and wavelength!


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Postby Liberator » Sun Feb 18, 2007 4:37 pm


the Monarchist tactic is to scoop to name calling, bashing, digging dirt, slander, arbadeh keshi and screaming

This sounds like 70% of your posts! where you make fun of, slander, and bash everyone in the Iranian political scene ever alive! Your most recent example being your previous post!

Now if you want to defend the foul mouth of your friend Gandchi bring us the proof of where he apologizes for his shameless conduct against the heir of the Iranian throne; i'm sorry to say this but when it comes to issues dealing with Monarchy your credibility with me drops to very low levels because I know of your anti-monarchy stance and am yet to see a convincing, logical, case against monarchy made by you - although you'd claim otherwise! Also who does this Gandchi think he is addressing the Crown Prince in that disgusting and unprovoked manner!? Had the Crown Prince engaged Gandchi in a conversation?! I don't think so!

From what I remember of Jendeye Melli Board (this is a term which you have corrupted my mind with :D ) Gandchi was right there defending FILTH like "J", and that shameless lier "Kazemzadeh" who now posts his bullshiite articles on

Also regarding Gandchi, his brother (Ahmad Ganchi member of JM) + 2 Tudehi's were killed by security forces during the Imperial Government because they attacked former President Nixon's motorcade on his 1953 visit to Tehran! So of course he would have a grudge with the late Shah, the monarchy and anything related to it! and it really shows! Your old friend Gandchi also continues to insist that PM Mohammad Mossadegh was "democratically elected by the people" figure when that is as far from the truth as possible (he was appointed)! and you know it!

You will have to do better than that X. The monarchy is alive is not going anywhere. You might think you are winning this debate in here but in the end it will be the people of Iran who will decide based on facts and logic not arguments based on blind hatred/dislike, slander, foul-mouthing etc. We are talking about the future political system of Iran not what you'd like to have for dinner tomorrow!!!

Regarding amnesia!!

Another funny thing is that Cyrus Kar is now advertising in (Hezbollah Mouthpeace) for Activist Chat! How idiotic and opportunistic is that? A Monarchist advertises in Jahanshah Javid’s tabloid to revive his dead site and forum! As I said, any which way you can and any which way the wind blows is Monarchist style!

Cyrus Kar is not advertising anything for Activist Chat! Cyrus Kar is the Iranian documentary producer ("In the footsteps of Cyrus the Great") who has received extensive media coverage because of his detainment in Iraq by U.S. forces as he was shooting scenes for the documentary!
X-man! perhaps you should start taking those chinese herbs which you prescribed to me a few months back! :roll: How on earth you are relating Cyrus Kar to ActivistChat or the moderator on that forum with the very common name of "Cyrus" is beyond me!!! or is it???!!! perhaps in your haste to defend your old friend Gandchi and once again writing a lengthy monarchist bashing post you got carried away by it all.....


Ba Sepaas
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:15 pm

:asgard: Liberator:

I am terribly sorry and I apologize to Mr. Cyrus Kar the filmmaker for my mix-up analogy! I was not talking about Cyrus Kar, but I was talking about Cyrus of Activist Chat! I am so sorry but all these God Damn Monarchists look alike to me! Damn Monarchists like Negroes all look alike (Ooooooooooooooh another Derogatory politically incorrect Ahreemanic remark)! I can’t tell the difference! =D>

What the hell is Cyrus’ last name? I am talking about that Bache Susul Monarchist owner of Activist Chat? What is his last name again? Ye that Cyrus owner of that dopey site, what’s his last name? :question:

Also I made the same mistake in a post to Amir. I meant Cyrus of Activist Chat, not Cyrus Kar. Sorry! :sweating:

What you wrote about me posting a lot of personal attacks is true. It was funny but true! :thumbsup:

I am an honest man and your role model, so I accept the turth and I never said otherwise! I have never claimed to win an award for Akhlaq and good manners! My awards are won for massive brain size and complexity of brain waves, but not manners and good language and Adab! I am a vulgar man! :devgrin:

Personal attacks are good, trashing is good and hatred is also good! War is good, bloodshed is good and beating up on people is good. All the above builds character and strength. Maybe your Shah could use some to develop his Khayeh. :balls:

It is all about Balls! I prefer Large Size Balls!

:mroff: That is why I admire Reza Khan. He had massive Gigantic Balls. Balls of Steel!

:king: Alahazrat, no matter how much good he done for Iran, still his legacy is tainted, because he was a Ship Captain who was the first to abandon the ship (Iran) and left us to rot in Iran! He also betrayed his comrades like Hoveyda. He left them to die in Iran. He escaped like a coward and left the patriots to rot in Iran! Alahazrat had Balls of Copper!

:pcharm: I do not even want to talk about Reza Pahlavi! Reza Pahlavi has Cotton Balls! He doesn’t even have Balls! He is Khajeh! Crown Prince my butt! He is a Dopey Sesame Street Puppet!

BTW, why are Iranians worship the dead? Mosadeq, Shah, Khomeini, Ruzbeh, Jazani, Khiyabani, etc.?

If you have to worship someone, then why don’t you worship someone alive, like me?
:namaz2: :namaz2: :firedvl:

I am better looking than All! I gots the brain, the looks, the getup, the power of speech, the power of writing, the charisma, the whole shebang and I even have Haji Kuchike! Why don’t yous worship me, you dead worshipers? :devbrowed:

Yous can bend over up and down 3 to 5 times a day and scream:

Dorud Bar Ahreeman! :devgrin:


You see no evidence that Monarchy is dead and you lost the debate (years ago) because your eyes are closed to reality! It is all side effects of Monarcho Youth Amnesia! :blindfolded:

Also, was that you in the video clip for 22 Bahman screaming JAVID SHAH? Was that you lecturing? More like screaming? :scream:

Kind o looked like you but much chubbier? I mean you used to be a little Chubby (baby fat) in those older pictures standing next to Reza Pahlavi, but now you are getting like a butterball! :fingering:

Have you gained weight? Didn I tell you cut down on Polo Chelo, Bastani Khameyi, Roulet, Zulbia Bamya and Baqlava? Stop publishing food pictures in IPC and guzzle down them Kabobs and Kashke Badenjan!
You are getting too chubby and we may make a mistake and have you for this year’s Thanks Giving Turkey? All fat and juicy imported Monarcho Swedish Turkey imported from Malmo! Yum Yum the Cannibal in me is coming out! So watch out boy, don’t get too chubby on me! :chef:

Farah’s Office Secretariat (Rais-e Daftar) in Iran, a friend of family used to say:

Do you know when you are too fat? :magnify:

My dad used to say: When?

When you stand straight, bend down your neck and head to look at your Dick, but your belly is on your way and you can’t see it (Riooooooooot, Killeeeeeeeeer)! :discobanana:

He is a funny man. Now he is in America. Memories sweet memories!

OK that is enough of your Monarchist nonsense wasting my precious time! Gots to go, got things to do!

Adios Lib

Evolve Lib, ……………… Evolve :plane:
Industrial Revolution had passed you guys by…….
Evolve Lib………..Evolve…………..

Adios Amigo :hwave:

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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Feb 19, 2007 1:57 pm

Another Monarchist Attempt to Falsify History!

Dear Lib:

Once again I must move this cheap attempt of monarchists to bypass and twist the subject away from its core, back to the proper room and hall:

Shiite Islam is not an Iranian Invention

Above post is a cheap attempt by Monarchists to undermine my article written on Monarchy-Shiite Relations and to falsify history of Iran!

So once more you are wasting my precious time, distracting me from my work by playing the role of Galan Gadan, reporting some Bozo’s illiterate historical remark in some Bull Shiite monarchist forum to me! It’s OK, for you, I take the time to respond. I take the time for the Iranian youth to be enlightened! These days every Ali or Naqi who reads a history book or two becomes a historian! So here we go again using Monarchists as punching bag to once more knock them out and put them back in to their place where they belong (Abyss of History):

Everything I had to say, I said under this section:
Tradition of Shahdom!
Of this article:
Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Above are historical facts written by me, an amateur historian well known by Iranian community.

Of course any Bang O Salavat Seeking Iranian Monarchist on the net can claim to read some history books and dispute my writings. Indeed, they do not have the guts to set foot in IPC and redirect their garbage in my face because they know I rip them to shreds! I done it before and I’ll do it in the future. This is why I created IPC to keep the Thinking Iranians in and to keep the Ignorant Iranians out! Bull Shiite can fly out there in the Zoo! There are plenty of Iranian Forums out there and you do not see me or people in my caliber to participate in them. Kos o She'r is written on daily basis, more power to them.

You are quoting some bozo who wrote some Bull Shiite on some Iranian cheesy forum like Activist Chat or such. Am I suppose to defend my historical stands based on years of research, only because some dead Monarchist spew some barfage in some Monarchist forum? Don’t you think I have better things to do, such as building the future of Iran and the psyche of the future Iranian generation by completing and progressing the IPC Website?

This is the reason people like Sam Ghandchi do not even bother no more to participate on these cheesy forums! It is a waste of time. All the years we spent arguing with numb nuts on the forums, we could write another book or two! People like us have better things to do than to argue with cheeseballs!

The only reason I am responding to you is because:

I. It is you and I still have hopes for you. Maybe you will decide to throw away your life and bright future on a dead ideology of Monarchy and Dinosaurs like Reza Pahlavi and that is your decision. It will be a shame because youth like you does not grow on trees and it surly will be a waste of talent dumped in trash can of history (Monarchy) along with dead bones (Monarchists). But then again that is your choice!

II. These bozos who write or publish garbage in their blogs or forums cannot face me because I represent science and true history. Bull Shiite does not fly with me. They represent Monarchial Rhetoric garbage to defend a Dead man (Reza Pahlavi) and a Dead Ideology (Monarchy). So they hand you the Bull Shiite to bring here and waste my time to renew the same old argument of debating on Monarchy! This is the only way they can keep Monarchy alive, in forum debates!

Now on to some history:

It is common sense and obvious that Shiite started with Ali. It continued with Hussein, but back then the name was not Shiite! It was simply Ali’s way. Ali’s way was defying Bani Abbas power and Ayisha’s power.

But the term Shiite was created and established and documented and glorified by Iranian Monarchists. Right after Ali, they erected the 12 Imams and supported and followed each of them as their own Shahs!

The whole institution of Shiite Islam is a replica of Iranian Monarchy.

Ali started his defiance of the main stream Sunni Ways because he was also a despot and a monarch in nature.

Hussein followed the tradition but Arabs did not buy it.

However Iranians did not only buy it, but expanded on it and re-created Iranian Monarchy in Imamhood format!

Iranian Monarchists created the philosophy of Shiite Islam right after Ali and during Hussein all the way to Safavid, but Safavid Mullahs and Shahs documented Shiite Islam as an Iranian ideology to fight Turkish imperialism.

Persian Empire revived this time as a Shiite Empire, same as today’s Islamic Republic!

Any two bit fool can see that Shiite Imamhood is the replica of Iranian Monarchy. But before 651 was called Persian Monarchy, yet after this date was called Shiite Islam!

Throughout history, Monarchs and Mullahs went hand in hand. Monarchy and Shiite were lovers! There were few times in history that certain secular monarchs with balls of steel, such as Reza Khan found the guts to defy Shiite Islam but then again their earls such as Alahazrat continued making love to Mullahs and Shiite Islam.

The nonsense that Alahazrat used to say about Hussein and Hazrat Abbas and Ali backing him and saving his throne is still documented. Back then people were laughing at his superstitions and it became a joke! How can a person have one foot in Mecca and one foot in Persepolis?

And look who he married?

If nothing, at least Fawziyah and Soaraya were bright people, but Farah is a religious superstitious fanatic!

Farah even managed to fool me all these years because out in public (unlike Shah), she never revealed her real superstitious nature!

Now in exile, after publishing that joke of a document in her website and connecting herself to Hassan and Hussein, first I thought this is only opportunism, Monarchist Style to sell RP to cattle of Shiite! But then again, as you know, my mother who worked directly with Farah, informed me that not true!

Farah was a religious superstitious person since she was a student in her youth in Europe!

After my letter to RP, suddenly Farah took that disgraceful web page off her site! Why? Because she knew connecting herself to Tabatabaei Akhund Family and Hassan and Hussein will back fire for RP! These days youth hates Islam and loves Nationalism so Shiite will not fly!

Farah’s family are Tabatabaei, ancient Akhund Mullah family of Iran. Her ancestor of Haj Seyed Tabatabaei who was a Constitutionalist during constitutionalist Revolution and sided with British and against Russians to import Constitutionalist Monarchy (British Style) rather than Absolutist Monarchy (Russian Style) to Iran!

So Diba is just a name! Farah’s real family is Tabatabaei an ancient Akhund family!

People like Shah and Farah were only progressive on surface but rotted with religious superstitions deep to the core of their brains! Obviously their brain infection and Allahic Virus transferred to Reza Pahlavi.

Allahic Virus moves from one generation to another! At least Shah and Farah were semi sane and half progressive, but Reza Pahlavi is not only a superstitious religious person but he is also a procrastinator, lazy ass bum!

So until this day, the love affair between Monarchy and Shiite Islam continues.

No scientific, logical and progressive individual can believe in these nonsense. Monarchy is as illogical as Shiite and Religion.

Monarchy and Religion go hand in hand and they get their power from Allah and God.

These old Monarchist bones can sell their garbage to young and naïve like you but they know better not to set foot in IPC to face me! They know as soon as they open their mouth about Monarchy and Religion, I punch them in the face with Science and Logic.

They dare to set foot in IPC because Monarchy is Dead and they are Dead Worshipers. I am about Science, Life and Future of Iran.

I invite and challenge any Monarchist theoretician and philosopher to come to IPC and debate me on validity and rationality of Monarchy! Chera Khafeh Khan gereftid? Bring on your garbage to IPC?

Monarchists represent Yesterday. At one time monarchy was progressive and so was Islam! They were even revolutionary! But not today in 21st Century Information Age!

Of course Monarchists can still sell their garabage to teenagers and youth like you, simply because the youth hates Islam and wants to identify with Persian Nationalism. These Monarchists put up a show about Nationalism and they pretend they are masters of Nationalism! So young people out of trying to identify with something Persian, cling to Monarchists and bozos like Reza Pahlavi or Foroud Fouladvand!

The reality is totally different! If monarchists had any balls, they would not escape from Iran and hand Iran to Mullahs! On top of the list, Alahazrat fled the scene! The captain of the ship was the first to save his own neck, fly Iran and abandon the ship! Then the whole disgraceful Pahlavi Family stole Billions and fled to save their necks!

The mighty Imperial Military and Generals with all their myth went upside down like Guz (Fart), simply because they had no mind of their own and they even had to get permission from Shah to piss or fart!

Suddenly 16 years olds like me found themselves in Iran all alone!

All our lives Monarchists and Shah lied to us!

Khoda, Shah, Mihan
Javid Shah

Was all a motto, a slogan and lies! Shah and Pahlavis left us to rot and die in Iran but they escaped to the west with Billions!

We were fighting in the streets against Hezbollah and Pahlavis fled with Billions!

Since that moment, I started to question Monarchy, Shah and Pahlavis?

That was the moment of enlightenment for me! All my heroes were cowards and Con Artists!

Imperial Generals were worst! They signed the paper and handed Iran to Khomeini and Mullahs!

Now their children like Shirin Neshat write garbage in their cheesy websites like Sarbazan and tries to create heroes out of Imperial Generals!

They sold Iran to Mullahs and they betrayed Bakhtiar! Who are they kidding?

On 1978 and 1979, the truth unveiled to me and I have seen the light! What I worshiped as sacred, as Iranian Monarchy and Shah and everything great about Iran was a lie!

You see, Shah did not even give a flying fandango about his friends and comrades! He left them to die! He prisoned Hoveyda and then left him to die!

At lease Hoveyda had the balls to face Mullahs in trial. Hoveyda stayed in Iran to defend himself in trial and died a hero!

Shah escaped Iran like a coward, so did Pahlavis, so did other Imperial Statesmen and Imperial Fragging Generals!

You see, Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi can sell their garbage to teenagers and youth like you who need to identify with something Persian and not Arabo-Islamic! Out of desperation, kids run to Monarchists and wave Monarchist banners!

Monarchists can never sell their garbage to people like me! Because people like me found out about the true face of Monarchy first hand in Ian on 1978!

Starting from your Shah, down to Imperial Generals, by majority they were cowards and left us to die in Iran!

There were people who served Iran and Pahlavis for 20 or 30 yerars and they were abandoned to die.

Now they put Shah’s picture on the front of their website and scream Javid Shah and sing our way is shah’s way and Without Shah never never…………….

Who was Shah?
Everything great that he done for Iran, at last he pissed it away by escaping in times of need!

That is how you can see what people are made of!

When Shiite hit the fan, Shah escaped like a coward. This is your Shah!

Personally I am 100% sure that if Reza Khan as he desired, would end Monarchy and start a Republic on 1925, then Iran of today would have been heaven!

Monarchy and Monarchists are the reason that Iran is Fragged! Monarchial System of heredity of crown is what screwed Iran.

Alahazrat was not worthy to replace Reza Khan and Reza Pahlavi is surely not worthy to replace Alahazrat!

Obviously you are too young and naïve and blind to see the reality but one day you will open your eyes and remember my words that Monarchy is Bull Shiite and all lies!

You have the guts to tell me that I have no credibility when it comes to Monarchy, because I am biased?

Well you would be biased too, if you would have been abandoned by your Shah, Shahbanou, crown prince and the rest of the Pahlavis and left to rot and die in Iran!

Who are you kidding? Frag Pahlavis, Frag Monarchists and the boat they came in with!

I look at Monarchists same as I look @ Mulsim!

Monarchists are of two types:

I. Big Shot Monarchists who continue spew their Bull Shiite while keep Billions they stole in the bank!

II. Young Idealistic Sincere Fools who truly believe in this garbage and lies spewed by Big Shots, like you!

They are the Con Artists and you guys are the toys and tools to keep them alive! It is a plain shame.

As I said before,

I seen the true face of Monarchy and Monarchs on 1978, 1979.
You are lucky to have someone like me who first hand experienced the lies!

You are a young idealist and you will not learn from my experience with Monarchy and it is fine. I love for you to go and experience it yourself. Your head must hit the brick wall and crack wide open, only then you will learn the nature of Monarchists and monarchy!

But alas o alas,

Only if Iranians would have learned from each other’s experience, then we would have not been in the present hopeless situation!

Mark my word,

Dead or alive, one day in the future, you will reach to everything that I am preaching to you on this forum, right here and right now. One day in the future you will see clearly that Monarchy and Monarchists are all Bull Shiite and a block for Iran to progress, a block on the way of a True Nationalist Revolution.

You are damn lucky to have me, because I am the living history of Iran. I am the history teller. I am the heart and soul of Nationalism. You will never ever find a truer Nationalist to the cause than I. Me, I could only wish that when I was young and your age, I had somebody like myself to learn from his experiences to avoid wasting my life on Bull Shiite of Monarchy and Monarchists in my teen years!

Javid Shah my Ass!
Open your eyes and learn from History!


Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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Postby Liberator » Mon Feb 19, 2007 6:38 pm


Stop being such a drama-queen! :badgrin: there you go again with one of your old and over-used anti-monarchy anti-shah rants which we have all been through before. Obviously you have no heart like the late Shahanshah of Iran did when he ordered Iranian soldiers not to open fire on their countrymen; we've been over this X and frankly it would be a waste of my time to engage you in this - I do however see that you have expanded your anti-Shah rants to include "Pahlavi Family stole billions which they fled with"...oh this a sign that you are loosing the argument or what? if you continue like this you will soon be echoing the lies of the Islamists about the Shah and the "stolen billions" which not one shred of evidence has been presented to back it up!!

As for the quote which I brought to your attention it was posted by a Secular REPUBLICAN on the ISP site which is ANYTHING BUT monarchist! lol so I guess this reaction which I got from you just further goes to proof what I earlier pointed to about yourself and your blind hatred/dislike towards monarchy and the Crown Prince of Iran.

(ISP link: ... 983&page=3 )

Does this mean that I can't rely on you for guidance regarding Islamic issues any longer because of your crusade against the Monarchy and Monarchists? This is indeed a talk in a condescending tone about how Iranians are an emotional people but X-man, pause for a second and look at your own writings... [-( you must come to terms with reality and stop living in an imaginary world - the monarchy is alive with some of the most prosperous and advanced nations being represented by it (Japan, Sweden), Iranians are an emotional people and you yourself are a proof to it! and and and....


Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Chief Warrant Officer
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Postby Edelge » Mon Feb 19, 2007 11:47 pm

“Why don’t the Shahi sites reciprocate curtsies”

Jewish Prince asked a real good and deep question , “Why don’t the Shahi sites reciprocate his curtsies”?

Well, the answer is clear as a day to me and I bet to X, as well. All those shahi propaganda sites are orchestrated by a royal deep shiter who is commissioned to project an image, which image does in no ways factor in any such open association with a Jew and above all an exotic politically not so friendly Jew.

I kina find this funny in lieu of historical facts:

Pahlavi royal line was hand picked by the British, not for any historical, cultural, or genetical distinctions, but for submissive qualitiy of being an obedient British nigger. Reza shah was hand picked because he was from GAZVEEN and had testicals the size of a bull and had no problem bulldozing through opposition and leveling flat graveyards in service of his British Masters and toward stability of oil supplies for the West.

No need to go into the details, as U know how ownership of Royal Niggerhood moved to mighty hand of USA and specifically the CIA who played the Shah like a well tuned guitar and eventually sent him to detrimental demise through gross lack of foresight.

What I find most funny are the niggers who are serving the nigger, even to day, and are advocating Nigerhood reinstatement to power, in blind denial of failed ways of the past and irreversible changes.
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Liberator Resigns as a Club Moderator

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Mar 23, 2007 4:19 pm

To Liberator:

Liberator Resigns as a Club Moderator
and I am the last person to find out about it!

Over 2 weeks ago, I sent you an E-mail and asked you to start sending the videos. I also asked you another question regarding Youtube system. You had never answered my E-mail.

Today you sent a PM to IPC Office and resigned as a moderator.

Your reasons were:

1. Club has no activity so your services are not needed

2. Bache Kuni is trashing the club

3. You are joining and helping some Swedish Susul monarchist board to start operating

Let me give you a peace of my mind:

1. Bull Shiite excuse, because as a moderator you had nothing to do in IPC. So why quit a job in which you have nothing to do? You should be happy that club is calm, so you have nothing to do! In addition you have been asked many times to become an admin, so you would have something to do, such as deleting 20 new member applications a day (not suitable to become members)! You (a typical monarchist) do not want to take on responsibility; therefore, you refused.

2. Bull Shiite excuse, because Bache Kuni is a Nokhodi in IPC and we keep him as a toy to play with. We can eliminate him anytime as we desire, but why would we eliminate our Malijak? You see, you (a typical Monarchist) are used to intolerance, dictatorship and suppression of any anti monarchist and anti Shah voice. You can’t help yourself, it is in your blood. So like a little child, you either have to get your way (kill bache kuni) or you will quit your position (moderator)! Like a little child, you go boohoo barahoot!

3. Bull Shiite excuse, because there are already many cheesy bache susul monarchist chatrooms existed before, exists today and will exist in the future. No one cares, never any interesting discussion goes in them, and they are all doomed to die out! Should I name how many monarchist chatrooms died out in the last 6 years? I am sure you recall! Why create another one and drag 20 members there to jerk off? Just go to Activist Chat and play moderator/admin and/or jerk off, no?

Now let me tell you why are you really quitting:

1. Like a typical monarchist you are big with words and small with actions! You love to snoop around operations and ask 1001 questions? But, when it comes time to take on “Responsibility”, you are full of excuses! You never wanted to take on any responsibility! You even did not want to become an Admin! Too much work for you! I had to press you into even becoming a moderator! Big with talk, no action, same as your hero Reza Jello de-Nim Pahlavi!

If you can’t even be a moderator (with nothing to do) or a club admin (with very little to do), then how the hell can you be an active Operations member? How the hell can you commit to the future Revolution? Are you going to cheer the Revolutionaries from Malmo, Sweden, while we run operations now? Will you play the cheerleader when we will fight hand to hand combat in the future? Are you going to cheer from Malmo?

2. IPC Office did not appoint you into Operations, neither did they appoint you a moderator, but I did. You did not even found enough decency to e-mail me before you sent your resignation letter to IPC? Not just that, but you did not even found enough decency to respond to my e-mail which had sent to you over 2 weeks ago?

What is it? Your feelings are hurt because I insulted your Hee-Row Reza Mellow Jello? Or is it because I insult Monarchists? Well it is all true! I am sorry to tell you this, but even the most brave and the brightest of all monarchists, ends up like you! Take a good look @ yourself before you blame me, will ya?

3. There is no problem for me to allow a 100 people into IPC Club, next week and get this place “Active” as you say! But, there is a but ……….. there will be another few dozens Bache Kunis for you to deal with! Can you hack it? Or will you cry and mope to delete their posts and ban them? So which is it? Should I get this place active so you can kick bache kunis out? Or should I keep it inactive so you can rest with nothing to do, so then you quit? Or maybe I should only allow Monarchists in, so all of you can reminisce about the good old times & scream Javid Shah to one another?

4. You know, life is not a box o chocolate, but it is a pile o shiite! The sooner you understand this, the sooner you will accelerate your succes in life! Life is not the monarchist dreamland, which you guys (a handful) created for yourselves in Sweden! Life is what is going on with 70 million Iranians inside Iran! You guys can create as many cheesy forums as you wish but non-of them will be IPC Club and non-of your websites will be IPC Website. Why you ask? Because you guys disallow Freedom of Thought, Speech, Assembly and Democracy. Talk is cheap (Reza Pahlavi) but action means everything. And by action, even you have proven that in your hearts you are a bunch of Fascists.

So as you see, inactivity or Bache Kuni are excuses. Your main issue is existence of Democracy in IPC. Democracy is good as long as it suits Monarchists or else it is horrible! I have been working on you for years. It is a shame to see the results of all my work is turning to nothingness! But I refuse to admit it. I am sure I have effected your psyche and brain much more than you can ever imagine. Deep inside, you were not just another brain drained monarchist, simply because you used to question everything specifically your leaders! And when you met me, this quality of yours evolved and that is good. So I know that I have deeply effected you if nothing else!

On the other hand, I had high hopes for you, very high hopes. But then again, this is not the first time that my hopes turn to Shiite! I am used to it! Another terrible dissapointment!

I had done my best to encourage you to evolve by advancing your education in:

High Tech, Taking Responsibility, Philosophy and Democracy


No matter what I do,

Afterall, Doper Diaper Baby Monarchist (Aqebat Gorg-Zadeh) ends up a Full Blown Nechro-Monarchist (Gorg shavad)!

The problem with you is that you don’t even want to learn from my experiences. I tell you about my experiences on how your Shah abandoned us, his comrades, his generals and Iranians to rot and die in Iran and Pahlavi Family with stolen billions fled to the west, then you mock me and tell me that I am a Drama Queen! You say Shah was a softy and a peaceful man so he did not want to kill people and that’s why he left!

I got news for you:

Shah killed as many as he could, go check the stats! But when it came time to make a stand and to stand his ground, just like 1953, like a coward, he fled Iran and expected CIA to make a coup and return him! But this time Kur Khund! This time almost everybody in Iran hated him and his family!

Even people like myself who were pro Imperial Iran, found out that the whole Monarchy and Monarch is Bull Shiite and Shah only wanted to save his own neck and his families neck! It was all Bull Shiite.

You call me a Drama Queen and close your eyes to tens of thousands of people murdered by IRI as a direct result of Shah’s cowardis! Are you blind or are you just acting stupid? History is there for you to read? @ first, tens of thousands got slaughtered by IRI and later on hundreds of thousands got slaughtered by war and other atrocities as a direct result of Shah’s Cowardice! If he would have stayed his ground and stayed in Iran, die as a hero and remain in Iran, then everybody would have fought and not hand Iran to Mullahs and Muslim.

Hypothetically, if tomorrow, Faggots like Reza Pahlavi rule Iran (chances of one in a billion), once again, by a slight Fart, he will escape to the west and await CIA to return him via a coup!

Monarchs are nothing but weak leeches with no back bones, and Monarchists are nothing but Kiss Asses around the monarch who artificially enlarge his ego! These Kiss Asses are also cowards and in times of need and hardship, they are no where to be found. The monarch and the Kiss Ass boys fly the nation and who will be left there?

A bunch of true believers, soldiers and piss ant kids like me to fight the Islam and Muslim! So some of us die, some get arrested and the rest run to fight another day!

This is Monarch and Monarchy in a nutshell.

You are either too blind to learn from history or you choose to close your eyes to the history!

You are either all talk and no action (typical monarchist) or you choose to be aligning yourself with all talk and no action people (monarchists)!

Either way, there will be no room in the future of Iran for monarchy and monarchists, because they have been dead for 28 years, they just don’t know it yet! Monarchists are a Dead Cult who simply refuse to see that they do not live anymore!

Don’t run around and discuss Monarchy versus Republic, because that is not the issue.

Nationalism and Nationalists

The salvation of Iran, the future of Iran and the existence of Iran will be decided by a Grass Root Movement of Hard-Core Nationalists. The True Nationalists will commit to a "“Change". Nationalism is the key. Nationalism has antagonistic conflict with cheesy Republicans of LA or Republican Jebheis (Jendeye Meli Miran). Nationalism also has a deadly antagonistic conclict with Monarchy, Monarchs and Monarchists. They are all leeches. They are parasites.

Pure Persian Pride and True Iranian Nationalism has nothing to do with these cults.

Nationalism is a movement from the masses by the masses and for the masses.

What I am doing here is building the future of Iran. This is called Nationaism.

What you are doing here is playing forum games, creating another susul monarchist forum, escaping responsibility, escaping back to your little dead crowd, and play your monarcho exiled games.

You are not the first Monarchist who fled IPC. Remember Roya? She took half of IPC Operations out of here with her! Why did she do that? Because I refused to delete posts and ban Hammihan Irani and Derafsh Kaviyani (Jebheis)! I refused to bend my principles and step on freedom of speech.

Roya was yesterday, you are today!

Monarchist is a Monarchist and they can never learn Democracy! So they pack up and fly away ……… Qahr Qahr ta ruze qiyamat!

I had much high expectations from you. I am terribly disappointed in you. But then again this is not my first dissapointment in someone which I assumed he will be the G Man!

Soon or late folks like you and CA will open their eyes and see that


Was and is all Bull Shiite

Khoda was a lie
Shah was a coward
Mihan went to Shiite

Nationalism is the key. I have a vision for Iran of tomorrow. You guys live in the past. Now go along and create another dead-beat Monarchist forum for Bache Susuls and Jujeh Monarchists! This one will be the 6th one during past 6 years which opens up and closes down!

Your services as Club Moderator has ended as you wished. That is a good thing that I had only asked you to be a club moderator and not to run missions back and forth to Iran! But always remember that if nothing else,

Evolve Kia, …………… Evolve……

I am pointing at the moon, can you see beyond the tip of my finger?

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Liberator » Fri Mar 23, 2007 6:22 pm


There is no need to have a fit and go on one of your usual anti-Shah/ anti-monarchy rants. I sent a message to IPC Club some hours ago (its been within 24hrs if my monarcho-amnesia isnt kicking in again loool) since I deemed it appropriate to communicate with "Head Office", also knowing that they would pass on the word to you without any delay - which they have done! I didn't see why there is a need for me to be a "moderator" when there is no activity except negative activity by what you call your "malijak" which is ruining the board quality with utter nonsense; sorry but you don't have insane people running around loose, humping peoples' legs and screaming into their ears in democracies (which is how I would describe the behaviour of your "malijak"), so no need to go off with one of your "democracy lectures for us evil monarchists who seek to silence everyone" LOL (honestly, I really have a good laugh at some of your emotional tirades). Secondly as you have noted I've promised to help a politically active friend of mine with their new forum as an Admin and want to see where that will lead. I have asked of AmirN to post some of hist articles on the site because I regard him as an intelligent and fair man with good material but I have not asked of anyone to "defect"!

As I said in my PM I will still hang around as a regular member. And if it is of any trust yes I have learned many valuable things from you. I must note though that as of late I witnessed a disturbing change of attitude on your part wherein you've gone on a vicious anti-Shah/anti-Monarchy campaign. I am all for fair criticism which you have had to a certain degree on the late Shah (not so much on Monarchy though as we can see from this thread which is full of your emotional baggage towards the Monarchy) but when you take it too far its just too much.

As for your email regarding youtube I do remember reading it but really haven't had time to reply to it and after a while I probably forgot about it! Yes monarcho-amnesia...should have eaten my genko leaves prescribed by you...i'm a selective monarchist... (loool) do understand though that i'm in a very busy period and sometimes I do forget to reply to emails. In the case of youtube please have a look at:

All it takes is a google-search Doc ;) ... gle+Search

Google it Doc! Google it! :D

Chill Dr X and go easy on these not so democratic statements:

Either way, there will be no room in the future of Iran for monarchy and monarchists, because they have been dead for 28 years

That's a bit too hardcore for most peoples' liking! And a bit too hardcore for someone who professes adhering to democratic principles!

Anyways, relax, take a chill-pill and just chill out!! :D

Don't write up another story in reply to this which will only waste your/our time but focus your attention on the enemy rather than these kind of petty quarrels. Take care.

Javid Shah! :)

Ba Sepaas
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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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