Monarchy or Republic?

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Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jan 17, 2005 1:45 pm

Monarchy or Republic?
That is The Question!

I would like to start this thread to discuss this very important issue.

They say, the time to discuss this issue is not now! Discussing this issue would cause a distance between factions and endanger the unity of the opposition! We must concentrate on ending the Islamic Regime!

I say, This Opposition has never been united, is not united now, and will never be united in the future!

I say, We have tried for 5 years to unite this opposition and we got no where!

I say, the best example & the highest level that this opposition would get towards the unity, is IPC! If nothing, we have managed to create a coalition from various factions of this opposition. This (IPC) is the best that it gets!

I say, we will remain solid on battling the beast (IRI); however, we must discuss major issues right now!

On 1979

On 1979, everyone united against the Dictatorship of The Imperial Regime to overthrow it and bring on a Democratic Regime to power!

On 1979, no one discussed the major issues, yet everyone followed a unified front and a unified leader!

On 1979, all factions from Liberals, Socialists, Social Democrats, Marxists, Marxist Islamists, Islamists and etc. followed a unified front to establish a unified goal named Democracy!

On 1979, everyone voted for Islamic Republic and for Khomeini!

On 1979, everyone could help Reforming the Imperial Iran, bring democracy to Iran and save the nation.

On 1979, everyone could back Dr. Bakhtiar to save Iran.

On 1979, everyone destroyed a Legal Progressive Regime (Imperial Iran) and brought up an Abomination (Islamic Regime) to power.

On 1979, Fathers of 1979 have decided to destroy Iran, rather than saving Iran.

On 1979 everyone abandoned Dr. Bakhtiar!

On 1979, almost all the confused, cowards Toy Imperial Generals of Iran, incapable of making a constructive decision of their own, have decided to follow General Hoiser & Washington DC's orders and not to fight the Islamists.

On 1979, Toy Imperial Generals of Iran abandoned Dr. Bakhtiar!

On 1979, Toy Imperial Generals of Iran, escaped and fled Iran & today they write garbage on their websites and forums!

On 1979, Toy Imperial Generals of Iran have betrayed Iran!

On 1979, The Coalition of The "Reaction of Red" (Liberals, Leftists, Marxists, Marxist Islamists) and The "Reaction of Black" (Islamists), have jointly made the "Reaction of 1979" and destroyed Iran!

On 1979, Fathers of 1979, may they been Pro Monarchy or may they been Pro Islamic Reaction, both groups have destroyed Iran!

On 1979, both groups betrayed Dr. Bakhtiar, the only person who could save Iran!

On 1979, the only people who stood their grounds and fought to save Iran, were a few Imperial General Legends, The Magnificent Imperial Immortal Guards, a few Imperial Armed Forces' officers/soldiers, a few logical Nationalist Civilians.

On 1979, every one including the complete Pahlavi Dynasty has left & abandoned Iran!

On 1979, instead of fighting for Iran, they fled!

On 1979, everyone from the right or left or center abandoned Dr. Bakhtiar and decided to destroy Iran!

On 1979, Shahollahis (Extreme Right Wing Monarchists), Hizbollahis (Islamists), Marxollahis (Reds & Leftists) and the infamous Mosadeqollahis (Opportunists of Jebhe Melli), combinely betrayed Dr. Bakhtiar and destroyed Iran.

On 1979, everyone could help Reforming the Imperial Iran, bring democracy to Iran and save the nation but the Reformists have lost that opportunity to Reform a "Reformable Imperial Iran"!

Today the same people (Reformists), want to Reform the "Un-Reformable Beast of the Islamic Regime"! They want to Reform a regime which in its nature rejects Reforms!

This was the true story of the events of 1979, the way it has happened.

And look what has happened!


Today, we cannot do the same mistake!
Today, we must settle the important issues via the usage of Dialogue.
Today we must discuss the major issues to avoid the future catastrophes.
Discussing major issues, does not hurt the unity amongst us.
It can only strengthen us more & more.
It can educate us more & more.
We (IPC) are a coalition of all sides of the political spectrum.
We (IPC) are here to accomplish something.
We (IPC) are the "Doers" of this stagnating Opposition.
We (IPC) would put IPC first and our own political affiliation second.
We (IPC) would put "Iran" first, and our own "Ideology" second.

We The IPC

Constitutional Monarchists, Nationalists, Republicans, Marxists, Social Democrats, National Socialists, Fascists, Mojahed and every other member of IPC with any political affiliation must participate in this dialogue. Unless due to security reasons (inside Iran), you choose not to!

We can discuss anything amongst ourselves.
That is the purpose of a forum. To use dialogue for accomplishing something.
This here (IPC), unlike these "Bang & Salavat" forums, has a purpose!
There is a reason for IPC Club (forum) to exist!
Thats why we are here!
So we shall use it for a higher goal.

The Doers of the Iranian community, The Sincere Non Iranian Friends of Resistance, The Movers and Shakers of Opposition are all here.

And thats why,

I say, the time to discuss this issue is right now!

Youth of Iran

Youth of Iran,

Your Fathers, The Fathers of 1979 were Unworthy and they destroyed Iran.

Thats why we are here, and trying to Fix, what they have destroyed!

So Help us revive Iran!

* * *

Monarchy or Republic?

Why Do you believe we should establish a Republic in Iran?
Do you emphasize on a Democratic Republic or a Nationalist Republic?

Why do you believe we should establish a Monarchy in Iran?
Do you emphasize on a Constitutionalist or Absolutist Monarchy?

Do you emphasize on a Federal Government or a Central Powered Based Government?

Eventually we need to discuss these issues. I would like you to ponder, organize your thoughts and state your opinion with back up reasons. Support your stands with back up logic and factors.

Here is my opinion:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead The Iranian Opposition?
The Question and The Critics, Why a Shah?!

What's yours? What say you?

Watcher in the woods
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Postby yani » Tue Jan 18, 2005 5:57 am

Ahreeman finally nice to seak to u, I respect EVERYTHING you have put on this site, man I LOVE U!!!!!!! This is the greatest site ever, and Ive recommended it to all my friends and family, even those at Mashrut-e-Khahan. Yr views reflect ALL of mine, other than the fact that Im a monachist. So I have to say Monachy mate.
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Postby Admzad » Tue Jan 18, 2005 8:34 pm

> On 1979, everyone united against the Dictatorship of The Imperial
> Regime to overthrow it and bring on a Democratic Regime to power!

ehem ... ehem ...
I got to this-agree here

1- NOT every1 did
2- When u deal with Millions of Gaav/Olaaq, u either dominate or
will be dominated, just look at any 3W country.
3- It was the Masters who wanted to remove the old regime
(Read KIRollah to see how KKK was just sitting, waiting for the 'call' ...)
4- U can't have the-mock-RAT-see among millions of gaav/olaaq
5- The whole region belong to the Masters, they run the show,
they decide who should herd the gaav/olaaq.
(Read Killing Hope if u need more proof)
6- How could a nation be able to u-night to remove a regime,
approved & supported by Masters, yet get hopelessly stuck with
the criminal Goh regime of KIR for 25 F*ing years?

> On 1979, no one discussed the major issues,

What the hell for?
Gaav/Olaaq don't this-cuss issues,
hell they F*ed their country & in 25 years haven't learnt
to work together to this-cuss (or is it this-cos ?!) issues!

Their feeders got so hashari from EGO/power, they just went BLIND!

> yet everyone followed a unified front and a unified leader!

stop it Doc, pls stop it, u'r KILLING me ...

U must be joking!

> On 1979, everyone voted for Islamic Republic and for Khomeini!

I didn't!


What do I think?

As long as any 3W country is full of millions of gaav/Olaaq, it
will NOT have a future.

Stop looking for Messiah to leeeeeeeeeeeeed the Gaav/Olaaq.
Even if u find 1 by some miracle & manage to u-night the
Miranian pee-pole behind him, he could easily be 'eliminated'
by some Miranian gaav/olaaq for the cost of $5!

U want future, u must properly educate the gaav/olaaq;
but after learn just a bit, they will try to take over, like 78.
It will take a few generations of constant good education with
'caring' teachers to create a 'civil' society.

1 good way is to work together, to come up with a 'system'
to make a WIN-WIN deal with the Masters to remove KIR

The 'system' has to take into account the nature of gaav/olaaq
& their vatanfurushi & KKeshy & hatred & dozdi ... & try to
prevent all this & to ensure proper education for the majority.

I can't help thinking that 'Republic' would create too much shit
in Mordaab of Miran in the short term, read:

-real RAT race of DOG eat DOG (read anything goes ...)
-back stabbing
-losers go into revenge mode for years after the eRection
-every new guy making sure to push 'his family' to the top &
get RICH & build his own empire.
-every new guy try to get rid of the empire of the old guy &
push his family to the top.
-every party coming in changing all the previous rules to show
they know better & that they r in-charge now.
-corruption galore in the eRection.

In the short-term, it would be safer to have 1 family on 'top';
but have a 'system' to prevent too much corruption/dictatorship;
then have other political parties 'work together' for the benefit
of the country & not their EGO & families, using all the
resources(read best people), to ensure 'survival' in the global
jungle of politics.

The final decision will be made by the Masters, but they r open
to logic & should approve of WIN-WIN deals.

If Miranians fail to work together to make the deal, KIR will still
be removed, but Miran will lose again.

Miranians must stop doing Gondeh-Guzi trying to mess things up in the
region, or else they will be punished again!

c what Brzezinski said in 93:
"Moreover, Iran is clearly an aspirant to regional hegemony & it is
prepared to out weight the United States. It has an imperial tradition
& possesses both the religious & the nationalist motivation to contest
both the American & the Russian presence in the area. In doing so, it
can count on the sympathy of its neighbors. With both religion &
nationalism conspiring against an alien regional hegemony, the current
American supremacy in the Middle East is built, quite literally, on sand."

This guy knows so much about politics, yet he is not the 'leader', just
another one of the thousands of smart people that help the Gov to
run in US. The president often doesn't know much personally, but the
system has many educated people who work together for the benefit of
their country.
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Postby Admzad » Wed Jan 19, 2005 11:08 pm

Some food for thought from Brzezinski:

Conflict & instability are likely to remain as central ...
in the Islamic crescent ... several of the states in this
general area lack any genuine internal cohesion. .. tribal
loyalties are still stronger than a wider sense of national
identity. Ethnic violence will , therefore, continue to
percolate & periodically explode. Traditional Arab disunity
deliberatlely abetted by the Western powers interested in
retaining control over the Arab supply of oil, will also
contribute to persistent regional instability.

Though the notions of 'democracy' are fashionable, in much
of the world the practice of democracy is still quite
superficial & democratic institutions remain vulnerable.
There is no shared global understanding of the real meaning
of democracy, & specially to what degree democracy should
go beyond the political realm & also entail at leat minimum
guarantees for individual material well-being.

In general, people have not wanted democracy for its own sake
or out of commitment to political idea. For the most part
those who have actively sought democracy-in the literal sense
of the rule by the populace- have wanted it as a device to
increase their share in political rule & weaken the power &
authority of those who actually rule. Democracy has been a
weapon of the poor & many against the few & the well-to-do
ever since it surfaced in ancient Athens -Barrington Moore.

Read this again very carefully:
"Traditional Arab disunity deliberatlely abetted by the
Western powers interested in retaining control over the
Arab supply of oil, will also contribute to persistent
regional instability."

I include Miran here too. Not only disunity with the
neighbors, but with themselves (different regions,
different parties, ...).

It means: anybody can be pushed to do anything to serve
the Masters in any way they wish.

U can't have real democracy with millions of gaav/olaaq,
with people who believe in SHIiT & r bullies, EGO maniac
& corrupt who sell their own country to just anybody.

When u look at the European history, they often had idiots
for Kings, but they still needed the king to unite & learnt
to have rules to limit the King's power.

Once the mojority is educated enough to have a civil society,
perhaps in 2200, IFF it is 'allowed', then they could change the system
, if they wish, to anything that makes sense very 'smoothly'.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jan 26, 2005 2:55 pm

Monarchy or Republic?


So in a way you are saying that due to the fact that Iranians are primitive, uneducated, immoral and superstitious, then you prefer Monarchy for Iran!

So Monarchy is an ideal system for the lesser people and the folks below the literacy level, correct? and if Iranians had the progress level of Germans, then would you have preferred a Republic for them?

I can make a lot of points, but I settle for a few:

I. Today's Democratic Monarchies of the globe (Japan, UK, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Norway, etc.) or Semi Democratic Monarchies of the globe (Thailand, Malaysia, Bahrain, etc.) have not become Democracies, due to the fact that Monarchs and Monarchists wished to grant democracy to the people! In fact, people of these countries, through the history, by making Revolutions, Rebellions, Riots, Protests and Strikes, have forced the Monarchs and Monarchists to gradually (UK) or drastically (France), peacefully (Sweden) or Antagonistically (Russia), switch & transform the power to the people.

Lets say, if it was up to the Monarchs, Monarchists and Aristocracy, they would have never willingly, allow the masses to obtain the power.

In a way, Monarchs, through the history, have been forced to rule and not govern, simply because they had no other choice! Either they had to accept the role of a powerless measly symbol (UK) or else the masses would have slaughter them (France).

Above were the reason for today's Civilized Monarchies for still remaining as Monarchies and being Democratic Regimes.

II. Iran, on the other hand, is no European Monarchy! Through the history of Iran, we have never had a Constitutionalist Monarchy, except a short period, off & on between the Constitutionalist Revolution of Iran and the end of Ahmad Shah's era. The best that we came towards a Non Heritary Monarchy, based upon the worthiness of the Monarch, was during Darius era and after the reign of Cyrus, when electively, the elite, had to choose a Monarch (Council of Monarchy). And they have chosen Darius because he was worthy.

So in a way an Evolved Monarchy will ultimately becomes an Oligarchy (Aristocratic Rule) or a Fascist Regime were The Elite Intellects rule.

In reality, Iranian Monarchy, hasn't really been a Constitutional Monarchy! In fact, every worthy Monarch which we had in Iran, were people of Hard-Core Absolutism who Dictated their will to the masses. Of course all the Monarchs were Dictators; however, our best Monarchs were Benevolent Nationalistic Dictators who progressed the nation towards glory.

So if you want to bring to me that line of logic, then I will tell you that, Iranian Psychi cannot accept Constitutional Monarchy, simply because we are used to Dictatorship! Nothing gets accomplished via Constitutional Monarchy! We had Constitutional Monarchy during Ahmad Shah, but the nation was Fragged! That's why Reza Khan saved the nation!

Even I cannot comprehend the Constitutional Monarchy! What is the purpose of it? It is outdated!

When I ask this question, Monarchists tell me that existence of a Monarch, unifies the nation under a Shah!

I say, in the history of Iran, never, a Constitutional Monarch has unified the nation, but there was always an Absolutist Monarch who unified the nation by force!

We had a Constitutionalist Monarchy during Ahmad Shah but obviously Iranians did not welcome it!

So Constitutional Monarchy has never worked in Iran!

I can understand an Absolutist Benevolent Nationalistic Monarchy, where Shah Rules & Governs.
I can even understand an Absolutist Monarchy were Shah has limited powers.
But I simply cannot understand the use of a Constitutional Monarchy!
What is the use of a powerless Shah?

We do not need a powerless Shah as a figurehead to unify the nation, because if we establish Federalism in Iran and allow states to have internal autonomy (USA, Germany), then the unification problem will be solved! If states have internal freedom, then they do not care to rebel and riot, & for us to find a Shah to unify the nation!

Federalism does a much better job than a Shah!

Today's Monarchists of Iran are of two kinds:

a) Shahollahi
This group pretend that they want a constitutionalist Monarchy, but in fact, they miss the good old times of Alahazrat and Reza Khan. They are true believers of Absolutist Monarchy, but they are too shy to admit it! In a million years, they do not want a Constitutional Monarchy, but due to today's civil laws, and international rules, they are forced to pretend that they want a Constitutional monarchy. They put on a Democratic face mask to reach their goals. But in their hearts, they ache for Absolutist Monarchy. In addition, they do not want a monarchy unless Reza Pahlavi is the Monarch! For them, Monarchy is not the issue, but to make Reza Pahlavi the Shah, is the issue!

b) Moderate Monarchists
This group which has a more popular and populated followers, are people who believe in constitutional Monarchy and they sincerely believe that it is possible to establish it in Iran. The fact is that we already had a Constitutional Monarchy during Qajar Time and Mozafaredin Shah. The Constitutionalist Revolution of Iran on August 5th, 1906 = Amordad 14th, 2465 Shahanshahi, forced the Qajar Dynasty in to a Constitutionalist Monarchy but obviously it has failed because:

1. People did not want it.
2. Pahlavis did not want it!

Now hypothetically, lets imagine we establish a regime like UK in Iran. Then what would be the role of a useless Shah? A Puppet figurehead to do what? To smooch out of the National Budget? Like Queen Elizabeth does? Thats what I call a Leech Shah, same as European Monarchs!

I believe Iranian constitutional Monarchists are in Denial! They really do not know what they want and why do they want it! They love the glory of the past, but the glory of the past was never a Constitutional Monarchy! Today's Monarchists love the old Dictatorship Style of Monarchy but they kid themselves in to believing that they want a European style of Monarchy!

III. In a million years, we cannot have a European Style Monarchy in Iran. Because our people (as you agree) are not Europeans! The best that we might do is to achieve an Absolutist Monarchy with limited powers for Shah. That's all.

But Shahollahis are already aware of this fact but they pretend else wise; however, our Moderate Monarchists are simply not aware of this fact and they kid themselves by a various line of reasoning which is outdated and somewhat irrational!

IV. You still need to clarify a few issues:

1. Are you a Monarchist or only in Iran's case, you prefer a Monarchy? I do not believe you are a Monarchist, but you only see Monarchy fit for Iran! So which is it?

2. In the past we have debated over this & you were not ready to decide or release an opinion. Let me ask you again, maybe you are ready now:

Do you believe Reza Pahlavi is worthy or fit to become Shah?
Do you believe Reza Pahlavi is even worthy to lead the opposition?
Do you believe Reza Pahlavi is even fit to become a Company Manager?

V. I do not need to clarify this for you that due to my deep family roots and psychi, I am very keen and found of Reza Shah The Great and to some point, Alahazrat, but not Pahlavis. I do respect Empress Farah but I honestly cannot state that I have much respect for the Pahlavi Dynasty in general. The Pahlavis that I love are dead (Shahryar Shafiq, Kourosh Aryamanesh, etc.). The present Pahlavis (mostly), to me, are a corrupt "Has Been" old stories (26 years old) in history of Iran. You see, I am not fixated on Pahlavis, actually I could be careless about Pahlavis. Way before Pahlavis, we (Qajar) were Aristocracy of this nation!

So, I value the individuals and that's why I adore Reza Khan and I mostly value Alahazrat for what they have done. I do not care to love Pahlavis for the sake of being a Pahlavi! Who the hell cares?!

Thats the difference between a rational mind (Moi) and the irrational fanatical minds (Shahollahis)!

People tell me, if you speak highly of Alahazrat, then you must support his son! Statements like this are as irrational as if I say:

"You must support me because I am a Prince of Qajar and Zand!" Who the hell cares?
People look @ my bottom results, my work and my vision & then they decide if I am worthy of the support and comradeship or not! If they like me, they gather around me and if they don't, they abandon me! They do not gather around me because I am a Qajar or Pahlavi!

Who the hell cares who my Daddy or Grand Daddy was?

VI. According to you, Gav O Olaq do not deserve Democracy or a Republic! but then again, a Dictatorship or a Monarchy might not be keen on educating the masses towards the democracy! So whats the deal?

VII. If not democracy, then tell me, is it OK with you to create a Totalitarian Regime of the Nationalist kind in Iran, and we can for instance call it the Third Pars (in the manner of the Third Reich) or do you insist on a Monarchy?

So if we have to force educate these people into literacy, then shall we only consider a Monarchy (which has been outdated for 26 years) and (almost outdated in the world) or shall we also consider our choices as a "Persian Union", "Persian Empire" (Napoleonic), Nationalist Republic, Falangist Regime, etc.?

VIII. Do you believe an Elite Minority, can create a Regime Change in Iran, if they provide a Win_win situation with Western Powers? In this case, we do not need the consent of the Majority!?

IX. In that case (above), do you approve "Armed Struggle"?

X. Would you agree that you have @ least a bit o "Conspiracy Theorist", Iranian Style in you?

XI. Do you believe I loves you more or you loves me more?!

XII. A Pointer: Some Bozos believe that just because I criticize Alahazrat, they can also do the same! They simply do not understand that I have earned my rights to criticise Alahazrat, due to 26 years of struggle for this cheesy opposition! Besides, if I criticise Alahazrat, this is like "inside a family" thing! But if they do, its like animosity!

This is same as Blacks talking Nigger Jokes and then Red Necks talking Nigger Jokes! Do you get my point?

Thats why, even though I am the greatest critic of Alahazrat, yet when I deal with these Arshimalalanists and Beche Soosool (Esfahani Accent), I speak of Alahazrat in this manner before everytime making a statement:

imagine I am in a middle of a political debate and when I want to name Shah, I go like this, just to piss these Bozos off:

............... and then, Alahazrat Homayoun, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Nure Aryai, Nure Melate Parsi, Shahe Shahan, Shahe Iran, Mohamad Reza Shahe Pahlavi, Pahlaviye Dovom, made this statement in .................

I do this to see their reactions! You can imagine their faces! I love pissing people off! I love a great controversy and argumentation! I live for it! But then again, you already know all of these episodes about me! So why am I telling you all this?!

Dear Me!

Eventually yous guys got to decide:

A) Let me go and start on creating/transfering the New IPC Website on our own server?

B) Yaking with each one of yous on many different on going discussions in different rooms?

Yous cannot have your candy and eat it both! Make up your mind!!!!!?

This reminds me of Robert! @ this point, I am begining to worry about him! @ least I am begining to get news from other missing members or retired members, but not a word from Robert! Where is he?

Maybe he went to South Africa for a mission and Canibals:

a) Banged him and then cooked & ate him!

b) cooked him and then banged him & ate him!

What say yous?

But seriously, I hope he is fine and be back soon. Poor Robert, can you picture 10 canibals Gang Banging him?! (Riiiiiiiiot)!

Where is my beloved Robert? Oh where o where can Robert be?

I might publish his picture (The Haj Mal'oun one) on the Milk bottles as midsing in action!

How soon we forget our friends! I miss my comrade. He is our missing child!

If this Shiite goes on, I might have to send a search team to Jersey or South Africa to find Haj Mal'oun!

Ey Adamizad,

Now ponder on above issues and get back to me.

Ezat ziyad Qorban, eradat darim!

Always your comrade X
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Sat Jan 29, 2005 12:31 pm

You forget what is the most efficent form of government. That is one that gets the most results. Throughout history most of those governments have been monarchies. Remember the reigns of Kurush, Daryush, Ardashir, Shabour, Khosrow, Abbas, Reza Shah, absolute rule got results and real progress. Now all we have to do is put it in place correctly.
Peter Khan Zendran
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jan 30, 2005 10:32 am

Dear Peter Khan:

I. I like the way you always start with: "You forget .....". This reminds me of Babu in Seinfeld sitting in the court, moving his index finger from right to left, as a No No position & with Paki accent saying: "But you forget that ........"! Another good one that you use is "Provocateur"!

II. You always forget that (now I sound like you!), there is a thing called "The Historical Factor". History Evolves, times change and what was working & progressive @ one time in the past, does not necessarily works today! Back then in Persian Empire, things worked that way, because back then the whole world was very primitive and less complexed than today! This does not mean that Monarchy (Absolutist or Constitutionalist) would work or provide results today, & for a nation that we want to change her whole system & build everything from scratch!

III. Do you know what I like about you?

I like your honesty! You say what you feel & what you believe, without beating around the bush. You are not one of these appologists who hide their true feelings about Racism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, etc. You just come right out & admit things!

You openly declare:

a) You support any Dictatorial Regime in the world, including Fascist, Nazi, Falangist, Absolutist Monarchy, Marxist, Totalitarian, Oligarchy and in between!

b) You support any Regime or Movement in the world which is Anti American!

I have to give you credit for being straight forward. I like blunt people.

IV. The Contradiction:

a) You live in Rhode Island, run your family's coin shop, enjoy the fruits of American Capitalistic System, but then claim you are a Titoist (combination of Communist & Fascist). And you associate with every two bit Anarchist, Marxist, Fascist, Nazi, Environmentalist Wacko, Pro Palestinian Cause, or Islamist group known in United States who is Anti America!

b) You claim you are Anti American System, but then you go to Democratic National Congress as a Bully Boy Body Guard to support the Kennedys when they walk from outside to inside the convention!

c) Marshal Tito has been dead & gone for over a millenium and Yugoslavia has been desolved to 5 nations! No one but no one remembers Tito except a bunch o fascist Serbs and You! But then again, you reject Communism and you reject Fascism, but suddenly you grasb Titoism (the combination of the two)!

Do you see any contradiction in your behavior?!

V. I still cannot accept that you are capable of such civilized behavior! What happened to you wanting to torture, mame, decapitate, rape & murder other IPC members, what happened to all the vulgarity?!

There are 2 possibilities:

a) A miracle has happened & Allah or Jesus Christ put the light in you & you have seen the light & turned to a Civil Man!


b) The New Constitution of IPC is not Censor Free, so you cannot run your usual Rhetorics over here!

I am telling you, Camran Mirza works in a mysterious ways!

His theory on "Behavior Modification Devices", actually works!





VI. Any how, the bottom line is that we must progress with time to stay in the global race. In this day & age, if one wants to build a system of government from scratch and destroy everything existing and rebuild it from top to bottom (like we want to do), one shall use the most uptodate system as a model to imply it in his construction. I say, Monarchy in all its forms is outdated; therefore, scientifically, it is not appliable.

In addition, the majority of the masses inside must go for it, which it is pretty obvious that Monarchy fans are mainly sitting in Exile, yet with a very few fans inside Iran! It is pretty hard to return the times to 26 years ago and return Monarchy to Iran! One cannot set the clock backwards!

Now you might say that Mullahs have turned the clock backwards & so far they are succesful!

Then I will respond to you that, yes they done it, but for 26 years they have been running an ILL Regime in an ILL Country with an ILL Economy, falling behind in the world and isolated from the globe! This is not exactly a successful experiment, is it?

One cannot turn the clock backwards & go back in time:


If we want to revive the glory of the past, The time for our great powerful historical Monarchs & their ways, are over.

We must look forward. We must start a New!

Peter, its always great chatting with you!


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Postby peterkhanzendran » Sun Jan 30, 2005 3:58 pm

Get your facts straight.
I do NOT run a coin shop, nor have I been to the DNC. Plus Tito's philosophy has worked as Qaddafi, Castro, and others have demonstrated.
Maybe you should speak with Aria more about me, I support those who are in the right for Iran. Mullahs may be bad, but Iran has still progressed under their rule in many ways. Where is she anyway?
Plus as far as my behavior goes notice nobody here has given me trouble yet.
Peter Khan Zendran
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Postby Liberator » Sun Jan 30, 2005 5:34 pm

The Iranian monarchy being the oldest monarchy (until 1979) has established deep roots within Iranian society. Our country having enjoyed glorious periods under its monarchy and being able to adapt to new circumstances assures me that it will also be able to adapt to this day and age. I feel that Iran at the reign of Reza Shah the Great needed the iron will of that extraordinary patriot, and during Shahanshah Aryamehr's reign what I call "executive monarchy" was also needed. Today though I firmly believe that we can establish a true constitutional monarchy; having a population that is much more enlightened than the one of the previous era's and able to take wise decisions by themselves (unlike previous era's). And I do think that Reza Pahlavi is fit to run such a Constitutional Monarchy. To be quite frank I do not believe that you could switch the roles of the different Pahlavi Kings because they all have different traits. For example Mohammad Reza Pahlavi would never have been able to reign with the iron-will of his father and neither could Reza Shah the Great become a Constitutional Monarch such as say the current Swedish King. Finally this decision on whether Iran should be governed as a Constitutional Monarchy or a Republic can only be established by a national referendum after the fall of the mollah's, in which Iranians themselves can vote for their desired type of government, which they believe could serve Iran the best.

Here is an old article which I found which also stresses the relevance of having an interim government ready to assume the nation's daily affaires after the fall of the mollah's. We all urge the opposition to get its act together and to prepare for that day.

Ba Sepaas


Emersion of Monarchists in Iran

December 02, 2002
Iran va Jahan
Nader Sadighi ... 2&d=02&a=3

“...It is a sign of how nervous the Iranian authorities are becoming after a dozen days of student protests, that a small gaggle of middle-aged monarchists in central Tehran can trigger a full-scale police alert.â€
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Chief Warrant Officer 4
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Sun Jan 30, 2005 5:43 pm

Monarchy may be good but reza pahlavi, who is not even a pahlavi, is nothing more than an american collaborator who'se actions will ruin Iran. There are plenty of Iranians of royal blood more fit to run Iran than that hermaphrodyke reza pahlavi.
Peter Khan Zendran
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Postby Liberator » Sun Jan 30, 2005 6:07 pm

lol Reza Pahlavi is a PAHLAVI now whether he is the kind of Pahlavi you would like him to be is another topic. Once we hold a national referendum you'll be able to vote for whomever you want. This is something else I forgot to mention if a "better suited" individual can be found to serve as Iran's Emperor there should be no restrictions to that. So Peter Khan Zendran who I suppose is someone who believes in the system of Constitutional Monarchy (a bit confused with all the background Dr X provided on you though lol) can vote for someone to represent that monarchy.

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Chief Warrant Officer 4
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Sun Jan 30, 2005 6:19 pm

Pahlavi my ass, reza pahlavi was a little turd who was switched at birth for Mohammed Reza Shah's real child. Don't you know anything?
Peter Khan Zendran
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Postby Liberator » Sun Jan 30, 2005 6:57 pm

Well I think we are in the process of getting to know each other better here, that's for sure! :badgrin:

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Chief Warrant Officer 4
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Peter O Peter!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:22 pm

Dear Peter Khan:

Pay attention boy!
Get your thumb out of your mouth, stop sucking it, you are not a teenager anymore!
Stand straight, pull up your pants, buckle up them pants, chest out, belly in, back straight in orderly fashion. Pay attention,

this is not some Bozo in the New England Radical, Whacked Job, cereal box joint, talking to you! This here is Ahreeman talking to you!


Yeeeeeeeees you called?! :devbrowed:

"Get your facts straight."

Thats what my Elementary School Teacher used to tell me! :intel:

"I do NOT run a coin shop,"

I must have heared that a million times during your arguments with many other members in the old club! Maybe for whatever reason, they were under the impression that you did! But I know that you are a coin collector as a hobby. But the fact is that you are still making a good living, thanks to Capitalistic system of America.

" nor have I been to the DNC."

Now this one, I remember first hand & my Ahreemanic Digital Memory does not makes mistakes! You specifically stated that somehow you were outside DNC to beat up Right Wing Demonstrators or protest against them! You talk so much Bull Shiite that you forget what you said!

" Plus Tito's philosophy has worked as Qaddafi, Castro, and others have demonstrated."

Oh Lord, you are the long lost crazy little brother that I have never had, correct?!

You know what? Many get pissed off by your crazy behavior but me, oh no, not @ all!

I love keeping you around for strictly entertainment reasons! :lol:

Where else can we find a Conspiracy Theorist, Insane Anarchist, Megalomaniac, Radically Violent, Way Out There, Crazy Little Brother like you, all in one!?

So according to you, Castro's & Khaddafi's Regimes are functional, correct?

Peter, be honest, what has really happened in Belgrade? What is this strange tie between you & Tito?

"Maybe you should speak with Aria more about me, "

Lori, Aria, Omid, Ghods, Muhammed al Mubhi (Mamubhi), Shahrzad (BB), and you, were amongst the Absolute Way Way Out There members of IPC, ever seen on this Earth!

"I support those who are in the right for Iran."

Then why don't you support me? I am the best thing that has happened to Iran since Nun Sangak (bread) for under Kabob Kubideh?! Don't you love Nun Zir Kaboby?

" Mullahs may be bad, "

Hell no! They been only misunderstood! Deep inside they are good people!! They are so kind hearted!

"but Iran has still progressed under their rule in many ways. "

But of course she did! 4 permanent wives (Aqdi) for every man & unlimited number of Temporary Wives (Siqeh) for the same man! Where else in the world do we have such progress? Also, there has been much advanced models of Aftabeh (Islamic Toilet Pitcher), & Na'leyn (Islamic Flip Flops) introduced to Iranian Market since 1979! This was exactly what Shah was talking about when he was speaking of "The Great Civilization"! Thanks to Mullahs, not that we reached it, yet we already passed it behind & now we are on our way to "The Beyond Civilization"!

Let me tell you something, whatever you call progress during IRI, had to be 50 times more, if the IRI would have never happened in Iran! Don't give any credit to Mullahs for whatever little that has been achieved! Give credit to Persian Ingenuity that still progressed Iran even under strict reactionary rules of Mullahs!

"Where is she anyway?"

What am I? Do you think I keep track on every psycho who steps in IPC? She is probably in Looney Bin, where you should be!

"Plus as far as my behavior goes notice nobody here has given me trouble yet."

Peter, your first name is Trouble & your last name is Issues! You are an incident waiting to happen!

"Peter Khan Zendran"

You mean Peter The Turkmeno Mongoliano Aryano ILkhan?! :question:

"Monarchy may be good but reza pahlavi, who is not even a pahlavi,"

Listen Peter, I got 2 questions for you: :question:

1. Do you have any evidence about this issue? :dr:

2. If not, then are you insane or do you only pretend to be insane? :wow:

I mean for Allah's sake, are you blind? 8)

Put a picture of RP and Shah next to each other and from a Mile Away, you can see the same face structure, chin, eyes, hair line and specifically the nose! The damn nose! The Zucchini Nose! Of course RP's nose is turning to an Egg Plant Nose!

I admit Shah, despite the big nose, was a handsome man, & as he got older, he aged like wine, but RP, oh lord! I don't know what went wrong! As he gets older, he is becoming sort of deranged! Kind o mushed like Torshi Liteh!

But back to the issue, any two bit bozo can see that RP is son of Shah and a Pahlavi! The picture speaks better than 100 Genealogy test!

Even Anne Kline Pahlavi looks like Shah, Shams and Ashraf! Every Pahlavi looks like a Pahlavi. Just look @ the structure of the face, eyes, chin & the Damn Bloody Nose!

What is your evidence? :inqeyes:

Just because years ago, some crazy woman in Iran said that she was the daughter of Shah switched @ birth with RP and then the Wako Left grabbed this news & documented it without any evidence, so now you make such insane accusations?!

That woman is in Looney Bins now! Even Mullahs know she is full of it, otherwise, they would have make her to take a DNA Test!

Listen, no one is more critical of Reza Pahlavi than I am! (@ least among the people who are not his enemies)! Don't you think if there was a shred of evidence or truth about this case, I would have rubbed it in RPs face, every day of his life?! I mean I am not keen @ all on RP & I have a very low oppinion of him as a leader but lets be fair, he is my fellow opposition member and for sure he is son of Shah. Maybe the unworthy son of Shah but still do not deny the man his blood line!

What do have against RP? Is it a Penis Envy?! :scared:

Personally before I open my mouth, I make sure that I can prove what am I about to say! Unlike Hizbollahis & Shahollahis, I do not run rhetorics out of my mouth, due to fanaticism & no evidence! So before you speak, think first! Do you have any hard core evidence when making such bizaar statements?

Everyone else would ignore you & laugh @ you but you are like my long lost insane little brother! I feel responsible for you! I only tell you this for your own good!

Actually when you make twisted insane accusations or obcert crazy talks like you done 100 times in the past, then people from outside IPC hear you! This is a public forum & everyone can read it, so when people read your rhetorics, they pass judgement on us! In fact there was this Sissy Lilly Ass boy elsewhere who said, all IPC members are Lampoon Low Life Thugs who are insane!

So please behave, because you are not damaging only yourself but you ruin the prestige of IPC members in general!

People pass judgement against us, because of your Out There Statements!

" is nothing more than an American collaborator who's actions will ruin Iran."

Golly Gee, you say the same thing about me! :hystery:

Actually remember when once Reza Pahlavi, Head of CIA, and I, accidentally farted @ the same time & right away you screamed to the world that all 3 of us are collaborators?! And of course, next I added also Haji Kuchike to the list as the 4th collaborator, collaborating with us?!

Remember when RP, CIA Agent (Robert), Haji Kuchike & myself were sitting on a round table & collaborating?!

Peter, Peter , Peter..................! :pcharm:

I love your terms, Collaborator, Provocateur, Imperialist, Hermaphrodyke, turd, ....... you must teach literature along with Senator Kennedy (and the Booze Bottle in his hand) in Boston University!
:intel: :dsalute:

" There are plenty of Iranians of royal blood more fit to run Iran than that hermaphrodyke reza pahlavi. "

I totally agree with you, even Ali Reza is more qualified than RP; however, what is an:

Hermaphrodyke? :-k

Is it like Hermaphrodite (a man with both penis & vagina) + Dyke (a butch girl lesbian)?

What creative mind you have?! :googly:

So RP is a Natural Lesbian Transexual?! :bozo:

I know you went to school with Pahlavis, & another bizaar statement that you make, is that RP & Pahlavis killed Leila! Why don't you elaborate on that one for us? Inquiring minds of IPC want to know?!

So did you get a chance to examine RP personally? Does he infact has both sexual tools? Is that why he looks a bit like Iranian Old Ladies in scarf (Nane Noqli)?!

How big is his shambool? :runaway:

I know Ham Mihan-e Dooli in Jebhe Meli had an Penis Envy towards RP, hows about you?

"Peter Khan Zendran"

You mean Peter Khan ibn al Chingizi?! :westox:

"Pahlavi my ass,"

Now do not get sexual here, will ya? We do not want to know any kind o relations between your Ass & The Pahlavis! Thats between you & The Pahlavis! This here is a political joint, not the corner bar! Git it?!

" reza pahlavi was a little turd who was switched at birth for Mohammed Reza Shah's real child."

There you go again with that gossip from the Wako left about the psycho woman in Iran.........

" Don't you know anything?"

If he did not know anything before, Now I am sure that he is totally shocked with your great amount of knowledge on the history!

Actually I think you have impact my Immortal Petty Officer in such manners that they had to take him to hospital overnight! After listening to your Bits O Wisdom! He could not have digested the whole oodles & oodles of knowledge from you! So he passed out, got really sick in the stomach & they had to take him to hospital to pump his stomach!

Not every IPC remember like Ahreeman has the stomach to listen to your insane rhetorics!

This morning they called me from hospital & they said his condition is not critical anymore! Thanks Allah!

You almost cost me an Immortal Commander, a Club Moderator and an Operation Member! You almost killed him with your tales o Bang & Salavat!
:restpeace: [-o<

Next time you do this, I have to sue you! Do you think Immortals come cheap? I go around the globe collect the best that we have & train them to become Immortals, & then you go ahead & make some Cockamame Qol O Vallah story & call it Facts & feed it to them, make them ill & send them to hospital to have a near death experience! You are lucky, this time my Immortal Guard was saved by Doctor!
:marine: :dr:

Try to behave! Hit people gradually with your bizarre tales! Not everyone can handle these tales!

Have Mercy, will ya? [-o<

Peter, :pcharm:

I truly enjoy these moments of truth with you. Please continue enlighten us about all of these hidden truths. Will you keep these Expose Pieces coming?

But do it gradually & have mercy on the folks! Forgive them, if they are not evolved enough to dig your conspiracy theories! Pardon me, I mean The Hidden Agendas exposed by you!

I cherish these moments with you! Guitarrock:

I have one request, :roll:

Would you invite more Out There Politicians to IPC to enlighten us?
I know that you know plenty of them!

Loves these moments! :)

"Peter Khan Zendran"

You mean The famous PKZ? :winking10:

Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?

Cheers, :anxhi:



someone who's infatuated with your Bits O Wisdom!
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Ahreeman X
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Mon Jan 31, 2005 1:36 pm

Get your dool out of that boston creme donut when you address me as well as your facts straight.
I simply trained those protestors at the dnc in protest tactics, I did NOT go there, read what you get.
if you were for Iran you would not be going on about using american forces to go into Iran. It didn't work for Chalabi in Iraq, it didn't work for Mohammed Zahir Shah in Afghanistan, and it sure as hell will never work in Iran. You support american intervention, you are against Iran and Iranians. And if Iran has achieved nothing since 1979 then why is bush so edgy about invading Iran? Because he knows he would get his ass kicked if he did.
Oh you want evidence about reza pahlavi not being a Pahlavi just ask Fumika Pahlavi. Plus reza looks NOTHING like the rest of the Pahlavis. Richard Nixon looked more Pahlavi than reza pahlavi. Just ask yoursef why have the mullahs not demanded the extradition of reza pahlavi, Iran's most wanted fugitive, for this case? Because he is secretly colaborating with the mullahs that's why. Any kun tanbul can see that for themselves.
Peter Khan Zendran
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