- An Open Letter To Exiled Iranians / Persians -

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- An Open Letter To Exiled Iranians / Persians -

Postby Bahram Maskanian » Mon Dec 06, 2004 3:20 pm

- An Open Letter To Exiled Iranians / Persians -

My Dear Fellow Compatriots,

Now that the United States of Nation-Less Corporations CEO-President election show is over and done, I thought we can begin a civil discourse, a constructive dialogue and a debate about the future of our beloved country, Iran.

Ever since the dark ages of the mullah's invasion and destruction of Iran in 1979, polarized exiled Iranians have been and still are hard at work tearing each other apart over who and what foreign power is going to come to our aid to free Iran and the Iranians from the tyrannical barbaric rule of the Muslim mullahs. But we never had a debate about how we, the Iranians can save and free our country and people from the terrorist mullahs.

Past twenty-six (26) years, British prime ministers and American presidents came and went and yet we are still bowed down in a kneeling position, waiting like desperate anguished beggars holding our cups begging for our dignity, freedom and homeland from the very same bastards who gave us the terrorist mullahs in the first place, whose Nation-Less Corporations have been actively and openly supporting and working with the Islamic terrorist regime thus prolonging its heinous existence.

We have invested our hopes and inspirations for twenty-six (26) years in the British CEO's or Prime Ministers like Margaret Thatcher, John Majors, Tony Blair and the United States of Nation-Less Corporations CEO's and Presidents, like Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. When are we going to learn from our history that ever since these American and European CEO's have been in charge, terrorists and mullahs have been thriving, growing richer by reaping Iran's fortunes.

Iran has developed into a nuclear power thus threatening the stability of the region and increasing the potential for nuclear conflict, which could mean the end of Iran, all Iranians and the people in the region, if not the annihilation of the whole world. These CEO's-Presidents have merely placed the Iran's ruling mullahs as an - - axis of evil - - with no plan to castigate the criminal mullahs for their evildoings while the Iranian population has to continue to endure mullah's self-serving sadistic terrorist government with no human rights policies, in particular towards women.

Under the watch of these CEO's-Presidents, the mullahs have had ample time and means to foster the most dangerous international terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, by funneling funds, stolen from the Iranian people for the terrorists to conduct monstrous crimes in Iran against the Iranians and around the world. The CEO's-Presidents of the United States of Nation-Less Corporations and the European Union of Nation-Less Corporations have done nothing to stop this flow of funds from the terrorist mullahs' regime. In fact, they have exacerbated the situation by creating and supporting the Al-Quaeda terrorist organization during the Afghanistan invasion by Russia, giving them funds and training, which in turn led to one of the most atrocious direct terrorist attacks on the American people, whose government had bred them!

And now for another four (4) years during the George W. Bush second term, here we are again, back to where we were twenty-six (26) years ago. Fighting amongst ourselves over whether or not the CEO Bush is going to change talk to action and actually do something to get rid of the mullahs' regime, which incidentally happens to be one of the biggest corporate clients of the United States of Nation-Less Corporations. To make matters worse, now China and Russia are beginning to play dirty politics, exerting dominant roles by trying to keep mullahs in power for obvious reasons, their self-economic interests at the cost of the Iranian people.

Any help substantiated from foreign governments will have grave consequences attached to it. In 1953 when Eisenhower, a republican, and Churchill overthrew Mossadegh they did not do it for humanitarian reasons, rather they did it for purely selfish interests: OIL and not wanting democracy to take root and grow in Iran and consequently in the region.

Job well done. Here we are in the year 2004, fifty-one (51) years later and yet no democracy is anywhere to be found in the region.

In order to capture American and European public opinion and foster their support to shut down corporate and government aid to the mullah's regime, we must learn to organize and present a united front. If we are unwilling or unable to unite and help ourselves why should anybody else help us? Wishing or hoping or praying for freedom and democracy will not work. It requires action. We must illustrate our determination and the ability to unite by working together as a strong united federation in pursuit of freedom and democracy.

It is unconscionable for those who can speak for the voiceless not to raise the world's consciousness, and sit idle while waiting for others do what needs to be done. Iran and the Iranian people are deeper in the hole, worse than ever before. The window of opportunity is still wide open. Our motherland needs her children. My dear fellow compatriots we should never forget that dignity and freedom given to us by others could be just as easily taken away by those who gave it to us in the first place.

There is nothing to fear. We must not be fearful of our future. We must embrace the strength of our unity and our bright future with open arms. Be optimistic and realize our limitless possibilities. Fear has always been an effective psychological trick, used in order to discourage the public to take part in charting the future course of action determining their destiny. Believe it or not, it is not that difficult to get rid of the mullahs through a - Tranquil Evolution - Tahavol e Aram - a Non-Violence Transformation of Power. It takes some organizing skills, a few creative talented minds and unambiguous all-encompassing democratic platform.

I, as an Iranian have humbly presented a comprehensive and futuristic alternative means of governing to replace the Islamic terrorist regime, Jounbesh e Ayandeh or Visionary Movement and its platform. Please for freedom and democracy sake, for the sake of our country, Iran, do spend the time, just a couple of hours and read it. Express your thoughts and let's vote to ratify it and create a viable platform for the future of democratic Iran and free Iranians.

Please engage your friends / loved ones and spread this text wide and far. Let us set aside our trivial differences and unite. Time is running out.

Below is the new revised of - The New Bill of Rights And Model Constitution - for our beloved country Iran. Let me know what you think. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Vote on the - The New Bill of Rights And Model Constitution - below and support it as a unifying and centralizing document by becoming a member of this liberating movement?

* The Iranian's / Persian's New Bill of Rights And Model Constitution *

* * * * * * * Other Related Articles And Information * * * * * * *

The reasons why I refer to our Homeland and Nation as Iranian / Persian. My use of (Iranian / Persian) is to invite those who perceive themselves as Iranian and also those who perceive themselves as Persians to come together as one.
    1 - The vast majority of the Europeans and Americans know Iranians as Persians.
    2 - Our language is known as Persian.
    3 - The gist of Iranian / Persian: it represents unity between the two words as - either / or, - meaning whichever one is used it means the same.
    4 - Up to 1935 Iran was known as Persia to the whole world.
    5 - Arabs of Arabia have been hard at work to erase Persian-Gulf from the map and replace it with Arabian-Gulf.
US National Geographic Society has unilaterally decided to use a wrong and an illegitimate name of Arabian Gulf, instead of the original ancient name, Persian-Gulf in its 2005 Atlas.
- October 24, 2004
Unfortunately due to powerful anti-Iranian activities by Arabs and others and the typical incompetence of the Criminal Islamic Republic regime, the southern states of the Persian Gulf who have only come to existence thanks to foreign powers, have slowly become more brazen. As a result the US National Geographic Society has printed at least three major erroneous statements in its Atlas of the World 2005 (Eighth Edition, ISBN: 0-7922-7543-8 & ISBN: 0-7922-7542-x) regarding Iran and the Persian-Gulf.

Best regards,

Bahram Maskanian

Support The Liberation Of Iran By Casting Your Vote Here

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Bahram Maskanian
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Postby Bahram Maskanian » Fri Dec 17, 2004 1:42 pm

My Dear Fellow Compatriots,

I am happy to report that as of today, December 17, 2004 one thousand and thirty two (1032) Iranians have joined the - Visionary Movement - Jounbesh e Ayandeh -.

Jounbesh e Ayandeh will soon form our first meeting to ratify our plan of action.

Thank you all for making this Iranian grass-root movement a vibrant united coalition.

Best regards,

Bahram Maskanian
Bahram Maskanian
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Postby IIRF » Fri Dec 17, 2004 2:40 pm

Dear Compatriot,

Best of luck to you on behalf of the Imperial Iranian Resistance Forces. If you require any help please do not hesitate to ask as we are here to help any Iranian that has good intentions for Iran and wishes to overthrow the current regime regardless of their politcal stance. May you and all your loved ones be safe and well.

God bless Iran and all true Iranians.
Long Live Shahanshah!

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Postby IPC » Fri Dec 17, 2004 8:12 pm

Dear IIRF:

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Dear Bahram:

Best wishes to you & other compatriots.


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