The Benghazi Deception

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The Benghazi Deception

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:44 pm

The Benghazi Deception
Nicholas P. Ginex - April 24, 2016

The Benghazi Deception Begins with the 2012 Presidential Election

This article reveals a deception by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the American public. President Obama advocated a strong foreign policy leading up to the November 2012 presidential election. This was a false deception supported by Hillary Clinton prior to the Benghazi terrorist attack on September 11, 2012. To support the Obama deception, Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, did not respond to the urgent e-mails by Ambassador Chris Stevens that indicated on-going terrorist attacks. Her inaction to provide military support for the safety of Benghazi personnel and President Obama’s poor reaction, as Commander and Chief of the U.S. forces during the Benghazi attack, led to the deaths of four Americans. To introduce Americans to Benghazi geographically, it is the second largest city in Libya, which resides south of the Mediterranean Sea on Africa’s northeastern coast.

Due to the liberal media’s lack of coverage to report the details of this deceit, Nicholas Ginex, a man who does not like to have Americans being made into fools by lies and false propaganda, wrote and published the book, Obama, Islam and Benghazi. Figure 1 illustrates the cover of Obama, Islam and Benghazi and it is available as a FREE read on ... /index.htm.


Figure 1. Cover of Obama, Islam an Benghazi

The Title’s 3 Theme Connection.

As the title infers, there is a connection between Obama, Islam and Benghazi. Ample evidence is provided to inform Americans that Obama’s early indoctrination in the Qur’an developed an affinity for Islam; why the Qur’an is the source of discontent in many countries; and why the Obama foreign policy deception led to poor military action that caused the loss of American lives in Benghazi.

This article emphasizes the title’s three theme connection by presenting each topic in three parts. It also informs concerned Americans that in the last chapter of the book, Ginex provides 36 questions for the Select Committee on Benghazi. Chaired by the renowned and highly capable lawyer, Trey Gowdy, it is hoped that the Select Committee will attain answers to validate if Americans are justified in their mistrust of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Figure 2. Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the Benghazi Select committee)

To insure members on the Select Committee may answer the questions provided, each member was mailed on February 1, 2016, a copy of Obama, Islam and Benghazi with an Open Letter that may be read on the following link:
Open Letter on Obama, Islam and Benghazi

Part 1 - Obama

Obama was Indoctrinated in the Qur’an.

Very few people know that as a young boy, Obama was instructed in the Qur’an. An Indonesian school record shows Obama attended school in the Asian nation registered as an Indonesian citizen and as a Muslim. School documents listed Barry Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen and his religion was listed as Islam. He spent three years at Franciscus and as an Indonesian student of Muslim birth he was required to study Islam daily at school. In his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Obama mentions studying the Qur’an and describes the public school as "a Muslim school."

Obama’s father, grandfather, step-father and nearly all his half-siblings are or were Shiite Muslims. His indoctrination of the Qur’an was so intensive that he was able to recite to columnist Nicholas Kristoff the opening lines of the Adhan in Arabic. It is a Muslim call to prayer, which he has recited with a perfect Arabic accent. Obama has described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” It reads as follows:

Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
I witness that there is no God but Allah
I witness that there is no God but Allah
I witness that Muhammad is his prophet …


Figure 3. Obama, Proud of His Islamic Faith.


Figure 4. Obama Receiving Islamic Instruction.)

The media in American and the Democratic political party made little effort to vet the qualifications of Obama to be president of the U.S. A young senator with a gifted voice and personal appeal to win votes to become a promising black president was incentive enough not to raise his Muslim birth and Islamic indoctrination. Obama has claimed that he was never a Muslim to clearly disassociate himself from his Muslim heritage. Once born into a Muslim family, Sharia law regards anybody who leaves or denounces the faith to be accused of “apostasy,” which is cause for severe punishment and even death. Though Obama may not consider himself a Muslim and claims he has never been a Muslim, he is a Muslim because his father and grandfather were Muslims.

After applying many Internet searches, it was not possible to find out what Christian name Obama was baptized with. However, he makes known that his middle name is Hussein, which is the first name of his paternal grandfather. But if Obama claims to be Christian, why doesn’t he use the middle name he was baptized with? However, to speculate whether Obama is a Muslim or not depends not on a name but on his actions. Let us enumerate the actions that clearly indicate he has an affinity for Muslims and the Islamic faith.

Obama’s Actions Favors Muslims.

The indoctrination of Obama into the Islamic religion at a very early age and having lived in predominately Muslim communities well into his teen years has developed deep feelings for the Muslim people and the Islamic religion.

During Obama’s election campaign he made two formidable slips that (1) revealed he was strongly indoctrinated in the Islamic faith and (2) that his education of American history was sorely lacking.

Obama Slip of 57 States in the U.S.

In 2008, Senator Obama said he's going to campaign in 57 states, which indicated he was poorly educated in American history. Elementary and high school students in America were taught there are 50 states. Perhaps Obama was tired when he indicated 57 states. But his subconscious mind gave the number of Islamic states, which was what he was taught in a Muslim school. His answer indicates that his education in a predominately Muslim country did not emphasize American but Islamic history.

Obama Slip Reveals His Religious Faith is Muslim

As the Democratic nominee for President in 2008, Barack Obama was interviewed on ABC’s This Week news program by George Stephanopoulos. Obama provided was expressing his concern that Republicans were attempting to scare voters by suggesting he is not Christian. He acknowledged that John McCain did not talk about his religious faith. However, in response to Mr. Stephanopoulos’ comment that John McCain did not question Obama’s faith, Obama made a slip of the tongue in the following exchange:

Stephanopoulos: And John McCain said the same thing about questioning your faith.
Senator Obama: And what was the first thing the McCain campaign went out and did? They said, look, these liberal blogs that support Obama are out there attacking Governor Palin. Let’s not play games. What I was suggesting – you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith, and you’re absolutely right that that has not come…

Here, Stephanopoulos quickly interrupted Obama:

Stephanopoulos: Your Christian faith.

Senator Obama: My Christian faith - well, what I’m saying is. . . . . . I’m not what who I say I am when it comes to my faith, something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.”

Clearly, Obama’s slips of the tongue, though involuntary, were mental lapses that surfaces a truth - his early studies of the Qur’an deeply impressed upon him the fundamentals of the Islam religion.

Obama Supports Muslims Over Americans at the White House.

Since 2009, President Obama has consistently honored Muslims at his White House annual ceremonies. He praised them for their contributions in building the United States and establishing the core values that enhance American life. However, his recognition given to Muslims neglects to praise the millions of immigrants from the rest of Europe. They were the first people that built America and made it the greatest country on earth by providing the freedoms that allow any person to achieve their potential. Obama neglects to emphasize that America’s legacy was not only the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but the fostered humanitarian values endowed with the beliefs taught by leaders of the Judaic and Christian faiths.

Obama’s praise of Muslims was a propaganda attempt to influence the America people to accept a foreign people after the loss of over 3,400 Americans by an Islamic terror attack on September 11, 2001. But his praise was a distortion of the truth. A review of the history of Muslim immigration into the United States reveals that the first wave of Muslim immigrants occurred between 1880 and 1924, and the second wave occurred in 1952. For the most part, these waves of Muslims were poor and uneducated and by this time, America had already become the world leader in the technical, scientific, medical, and aerospace spheres.

If the American media had done their homework and not given President Obama a pass to give a false impression of Muslim contributions to America, they would have reported that a low percentage of Muslims, less than 1 percent, received any recognition for contributions that built America.

Several Internet searches revealed that Muslims have not made any contributions that Americans can be proud of. It was found that Nobel prizes given to Muslims were from other countries and not for sacrifices and efforts made in America.

Some of the distortions (lies) or unfounded praises given to Muslims by Obama were:

Distortion 1: “The contributions of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalogue because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country.”

However, Obama’s distortion becomes apparent with an estimate in 2016 that there are 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States and they comprise about 1% of the total U.S. population.

Distortion 2: “The Muslim religion, as long as we know it, is part of America and like the broader American citizenry, the American Muslim community is one of extraordinary dynamism and diversity.”

This distortion is flagrant because the Muslim religion in American has not been tolerant to accept the diversity of other religious faiths. In accordance with the Qur’an and Sharia law, Islam does not tolerant other religions. This is evident as Muslim charitable contributions to Americans are nil compared to the charity and aid given by Judaic and Christian religions.

Obama’s Commitment for Muslims

A review of history will validate that Muslims who follow the Qur’an and Sharia law have never contributed to the welfare and growth of any country they inhabit. History reveals Islam became a Theocratic Empire as Muslim armies acquired wealth, land, and killed human lives in every land they conquered. That history is being repeated today by a theology sanctioned in The Qur’an and implemented under Sharia law. It is well documented in the historical novel, Allah, We, Our and Us that the Qur’an identifies a party of men whose business it is to invite goodness, enjoin equity, and forbid evil. It reveals that this party of men dictate and command Muslims to perform atrocities against humanity to have Islam prevail over other religions and ultimately dominate the world.

Perhaps it is the long history of intolerance of the religious beliefs of other people by Muslims that has made President Obama make a personal commitment to foster mutual respect for Muslims both in America and abroad. He eloquently stated his commitment to the American people as follows:

“Together we have a responsibility to foster engagement grounded in mutual interests and mutual respect, and that is one of my fundamental commitments as president – both at home and abroad. That is central to the new beginning I have sought between the United States and Muslims around the world. That is a commitment we can renew once again during this holy season.”

Unfortunately, President Obama is so strongly influenced by his Islamic indoctrination as a young boy that he fails to “immediately respond” to the threat by Muslim extremists throughout the world. He certainly has the intelligence to comprehend the threat to the security of the United States but does he have the objectivity to fight what he may consider his own brothers? Perhaps his statement in his book, The Audacity of Hope, provides the answer, “America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II,
and that I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Distortion 3: At the 2011 Iftar annual dinner, President Obama reiterated his previous praises for Muslim contributions to America extolling their diversity and tolerance of Americans. However, his statement below is a distortion of the truth.

“This evening reminds us of both the timeless teachings of a great religion and the enduring strengths of a great nation. Like so many faiths, Islam has always been part of our American family, and Muslim Americans have long contributed to the strength and character of our country, in all walks of life. This has been especially true over the past 10 years.”

President Obama spoke of the timeless teachings of a great religion and enduring strengths of a great nation, which has contributed to the strength and character of America. His words are false for Islam has never been part of our American family. Obama’s lack of American history is even more lacking of Islamic history.

From the time of Muhammad’s death in 632 CE Islamic armies have conquered many countries and subjugated people to follow the religion of Islam or be put to death, unless they pay a tax. This is a religion of extortion, fear and intimation. Even Muslims who are disenchanted with Islam and desire to leave the religion are put to death as apostates.

The teachings of The Qur’an and its implementation with Sharia law have resulted in millions of deaths and destruction of towns and cities in many countries by Muslims since the inception of Islam. This very knowledge may be why Obama tries to ameliorate the animosity Americans may harbor for Muslims by praising them with unsubstantiated statements.

At his annual White House ceremonies, it is evident that President Obama has tried to reach out to Muslims around the world. But due to his prior indoctrination of the Qur’an as a young boy, he cannot “see” the amount of Muslim extremism occurring around the world. If Obama cannot “see” the Islamic threat growing like a cancer, he fails to acknowledge the murder of innocent Christians, Jews, and other people who have religious beliefs other than Islam. Blinded by his belief in the Islamic religion, he has been reduced to being an ineffective president who does not have the conviction to have Americans aggressively fight Muslim extremists around the world. Even after the killings of Americans by Muslim extremists, Obama refuses to associate Islamic terror with Islam. This is endemic of a thoroughly indoctrinated mind.

Obama’s 2009 Cairo Speech.

On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States. Several months later, on June 4th in Cairo, Egypt, President Obama delivered a direct appeal to the Islamic world for a "new beginning" with the United States by stating,

“I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles - principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

Obama’s speech was well received and had a strong influence in the selection process to obtain the honorary Nobel Peace Prize in December of that year. However, there are statements by Obama that need to be further pursued for they undermine the truth in his noble attempts to consolidate a peaceful existence between the West, America, and the Muslim world. Before a new beginning of mutual respect and peace between Muslims and the world can be achieved it is necessary to understand why there is a problem that continues to exist since the initial beginning of the Islamic Theocratic Empire established in 750 CE. Only by understanding the problem can nations hope to solve the problem. The problem is clearly presented in Allah, We, Our and Us. It conclusively reveals that it is the Qur’an itself, used to indoctrinate all Muslims, that advocates bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of all people that do not believe in the Islamic God Allah. The Qur’an clearly states that Islam is the true religion, the religion of truth, and Allah will make it prevail over every other religion (Qur’an 9:29 and 9:33).

The most unconscionable and troubling Obama statement in his Cairo speech was, “The enduring faith of over a billion people is so much bigger than the narrow hatred of a few. Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism - it is an important part of promoting peace.”

This is a very naive and disingenuous view from President Obama. More importantly, it is a lie by an educated man who was indoctrinated with Islamic religious beliefs at a young age. In an address given to the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, two weeks after the Benghazi terror attack, Obama compounds his defense of the Islamic religion by opposing any slander against the prophet Muhammad by stating:

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

This statement can be expected by a Muslim leader – NOT the President of the United States. It is a threat by Obama towards all those who slander Muhammad. This announcement at the UN to the world is unbefitting a U.S. president as it reveals he will openly defend Islam.

It is true that the Islamic religious faith is followed by more than a billion people, but to say that all Muslims have noble aspirations for peace and love for people of other religions is presumptuous, naïve, and reveals a lack of Islamic history. History shows that Islam IS the problem. It is the violent teachings of the Qur’an that drives Muslims to terrorism. The more a Muslim tries to follow the Qur’an, the more likely it is that he will become violent. In Allah, We, Our and Us, it is shown that the Qur’an is an effective manual, which is why it is used by terrorist leaders in their training camps. For Obama to advocate that the Islamic religion does not promote violence and murder of innocent people but is simply a disgruntled group of Muslim terrorists is not only foolish but shows a lack of Islamic history and a mind that has been successfully indoctrinated to defend Islam.

Islam is Not a Religion of Peace.

In what way does Islam promote peace? President Obama neglected to indicate the peaceful measures that Islamic leaders have or will take to promote peace around the world. To say that it is only the narrow hatred of a few Muslims is disingenuous when all Muslims are indoctrinated with The Qur’an that advocates bigotry, hate, violence, and the killing of innocent people who follow a faith other than Islam.

Have imams, caliphs, and mullahs stood up to loudly proclaim what they propose to stop the violence and killing to promote peace? No; these Islamic leaders are all thoroughly indoctrinated in the dogma of the Qur’an and their lives are controlled under Sharia law. Very few intelligent men have been able to “see” the abominations of the Qur’an after they have been indoctrinated early in their youth or just learning to walk. Even President Obama, an educated man, who was indoctrinated in the Qur’an in his early formidable years, cannot be honest with himself and the American people to say the terror attacks are due to Muslims influenced by Islamic dogma.

It is impossible to have a peaceful relationship between any Islamic country and the free nations of the world when the basic teachings of the Qur’an advocates that Islam is the true religion and will prevail over all other religions. No policies by American presidents will change the direction of world domination by Muslims when it is the Qur’an that is used to indoctrinate all Muslims. Chapter 5.4 of Obama, Islam and Benghazi provides recommendations to revise the Qur’an. To ignore the recommendations given will cause Islam to continue to be the source of discontent in many countries.

Part 2 – Islam

The Qur’an and Sharia Law.

The religious beliefs of Muslims and their dedicated efforts in the worship of the one God Allah reveals that their lives are totally committed to The Qur’an, which spawned the development of the Sunni-Shia Hadiths. It is the compilation of hadiths that initiated the development of the Sunnah and Sharia law. Though there are differences in Sunnah and Sharia law between the Sunni and Shia Muslims, the law developed and used to control an Islamic theocratic government throughout the many countries conquered by force is referred to as Sharia law.

The Rise of an Islamic Empire.

The perceptive and intelligent Muhammad grew up amid a diversity of religious traditions and tribal customs. Many years after he received revelations from Allah’s angel Gabriel and his death in 632 CE, it became clear to his Companions that to accomplish his objective of unifying the Arab tribes, they had to put in writing his revelations. Two decades after Muhammad’s death, the Companions compiled his revelations into Holy Scripture known as The Qur’an. This religious group of leaders compiled the first official document of his revelations. They put the longest suras at the beginning and the shortest at the end. But they also ensured that the Qur’an justifies their authority to spread the Islamic faith to other countries.

Islam Spreads by Conquering Other Countries.

No other religion has grown as rapidly as Islam. Through the conquest of other countries and offering the people a choice they cannot refuse, pay an extortion tax and convert to Islam or death—Islam has grown to claim more than 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide. Many sects have emerged, but all adhere to The Qur’an. Two dominant sects have become readily identified as the Shia and Sunni. The key difference between the Sunnis and the Shiites is that the former believe in a democratic choice of their leaders, called Caliphs, not by birth but by their capability to teach Islam; the latter, on the other hand, believe that their leaders, called Imams, should be descendants of Muhammad’s family.

In addition to the Shia and Sunni sects, there are smaller extreme fundamentalist sects with Islamic reform movements that aggressively fight for Islamic dominance, such as the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Movement and the Muslim Brotherhood. These Islamic reform movements are briefly described in Obama, Islam and Benghazi.

In just 29 years from the death of Muhammad (661-632 CE), under the leadership of the first four caliphs, the Muslims had established an Empire. The first caliph had been concerned only with uniting the Arabic tribes and imposing Islam throughout Saudi Arabia. Motivated by power and wealth, Muslim leaders went on to force conversion to Islam not only in the Byzantine and Persian empires, but as far west as Spain and all of North Africa, including its east coast down to the island Madagascar, and further east to the northern half of India. Figure 5 titled, Rise of the Islamic Empire from 632-750 CE, illustrates the boundaries of the Islamic Caliphate encompasses an extensive amount of territory that was captured within a 118 year (750-632 CE) period.


Figure 5. Rise of the Islamic Empire from 632-750 CE.)

As stated in The Qur’an, there is an authorized party of religious leaders who operate to enforce the objective of total Islamic control of its followers to worship Allah. Islam has spread through the use of force and never by the grateful acceptance of Islamic beliefs. Since the rise of an Islamic Empire in 118 years. Islamic expansion in the eastern part of the world has occurred through force prohibiting conquered people from following their religious beliefs. Other religious beliefs are not acceptable to the minds of Muslims because they have been steadfastly indoctrinated to believe Islam is the true religion and Allah may make it prevail over every other religion as stated in Suras 9:29 and 9:33 below.

Sura 9:29. Fight those from among the People of the Book who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last day, nor hold as unlawful that which Allah and His Messenger have declared to be unlawful nor follow the true religion, and who have not yet made peace with you, until they pay the tax (tribute) willingly and make their submission.

Sura 9:33. He it is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may make it prevail over every other religion, even though those who associate partners with Allah may dislike it.

The following figure illustrates that Islam has steadily increased into many other countries after establishing the 750 CE Caliphate. It omits the incursion of Islamic communities into France, England, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, China, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia and Russia. These and other countries that have felt the effects of Islamic terror because Muslims do not assimilate their values, culture and laws. Instead, Muslims adhere to the dogma taught from the Qur’an and implemented under Sharia law.


Figure 6. The Expansion of Islam into the Eastern World.)

It is unfortunate that most Muslims have not read the Qur’an line by line and fully understand that it promotes bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of innocent people who do not subscribe to the beliefs of the Islamic religion. Such hate and intolerance is revealed by Sura 7:97-100 below. It tells us that many innocent people were killed as they slept at night or while they and their children played during the day. Note that WE and Our is bold to emphasize the atrocities were done by Islamic armies of men and NOT Allah, the all-forgiving and merciful God.

Sura 7:97-100. We afflicted them suddenly with chastisement, while they perceived not the cause thereof. If the people of those towns had believed and been righteous, We would surely have bestowed blessings upon them from heaven and earth, but they rejected the Prophets, so We seized them because of that which they did. Do the people of these towns now feel secure against the coming of Our punishment upon them by night while they are asleep? Or, do they feel secure against the coming of Our punishment upon them in the forenoon while they are at play? Do they feel secure against the design of Allah? None feels secure against the design of Allah, except those that are losers.

Read the Qur’an to learn the truth about Islam.

It is astounding that after many years in reading and comprehending the Qur’an, educated, intelligent men, theology scholars, schooled imams, and caliphs have not challenged and surfaced for discussion its deplorable suras. This verifies the sad reality that education may not be the answer for Muslims trapped in the mental cage of religious dogma; never to escape from the beliefs imprinted on their minds. Much of the success of Islamic expansion is due to the indoctrination of Muslims at a very early age. The religious rituals of prayer five times a day, kneeling in a submissive manner to Allah, and inculcated with the belief that all other religions are not the true religion give Muslims the superior mind-set that they must establish harmony and preserve order for all mankind and lead humanity into the path to God.

It is the utmost responsibility for Muslims and non-Muslims to read an early translation of The Qur’an. One of the first English translations of the Qur’an was published in 1970 by the honorable and esteemed Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, titled The Qur’an. Mr. Khan was foreign minister of Pakistan in 1947, president of the 17th Session of the UN General Assembly, Judge, and later President of the International Court of Justice at The Hague (major city in the Netherlands). Over the past four decades the Qur’an has been altered, which is why Mr. Khan’s translation is recommended.

By reading the Qur’an, people will be able to discern for themselves that its suras reveal “We, Our and Us” is not Allah but a party of religious men. This finding is presented in Allah, We, Our and Us. A book on, which is available as a free read. The association of We, Our and Us with Allah allows religious leaders to indoctrinate Muslims to conquer the cities and towns of other people and subjugate them to follow Islam by paying a tax or be put to death.

Any person who fails to read the Qur’an but then accuses people who have as being Islam phobic is ignorant of what the suras reveal. These accusers need to become knowledgeable of a very real threat that may someday befall them. For the defender of Islam and those insulated from the reality that it causes terror, hate and violence, the following figure shows Muslim extremists will behead and massacre those that insult Islam.


Figure 7. Muslims inciting hate, terror and violence)

The indoctrinated values of Muslims stem from their religion, which is defined by the Qur’an and implemented with Sharia law. These moral and religious values are antithetical to societies run by the people and for the people with laws based upon justice and truth.

The Qur’an is the Source of Discontent in Many Countries.

In America’s political environment, we are taught to be ‘politically correct’ (PC). This approach is a sure way of creating a veil of ignorance that hides the facts and truth needed to arrive at sound solutions. A more deserving term would be ‘politically stupid’ (PS). The Obama administration, Islamic organizations, and for the greater part, American News Media have made political correctness an acceptable way of communicating. An outcome of the PC/PS administration objective has directed military manuals and many government papers to eliminate negative words written against Islam and Muslim terrorism.

To understand why Islam is the source of discontent in many countries around the world it is necessary to examine how Islamic religious leaders are able to indoctrinate the young and adults into their theology. Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind, an article on accessed on the link below, ... /index.htm

is provided to inform people what techniques are employed to indoctrinate unsuspecting people into complete submission to Allah. It reveals an insidious brainwashing technique inherent in the Qur’an that allows religious leaders to effectively indoctrinate the novice with the use of the plural pronouns “We, Our and Us.” It is this association that empowers followers to believe they are authorized and commanded by Allah. It is why religious
leaders use the Qur’an as an indoctrination tool; even the educated mind can be duped into believing Allah is fighting for Islam to be the dominant “true” religion that will prevail over all other religions. Figure 8 shows the effectiveness of such indoctrination to incite Muslims with the belief that Islam will dominate the world. To insure successful implementation of Islamic beliefs they are indoctrinated at a very early age.


Figure 8. Effective Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind for Islamic Domination.

Muslim Leaders MUST Revise the Qur'an.

For any religion to use God as an accomplice to kill people with other religious beliefs is an abomination that can only destroy the belief in God. To strive for truth, compassion, integrity and love for all people, imams, caliphs and mullahs must revise the Qur’an to clearly propound the greatest command given us by a man of God - love one another. If Islamic religious leaders fail to accept the greatest command given by the greatest prophet who taught love one another and never used force as the prophet Muhammad did, then Muslim followers must take on that challenge. Muslims world-wide must strip their religious leaders of their misguided authority and demand, more importantly, revise the Qur’an and Sharia law to institute love, truth, and justice for all people. To fail to do so, the alternative is World War III. Today, free people in nations around the world are beginning to understand the threat Islam is to their way of life and they will unite to eliminate that threat.

Part 3 – Benghazi

President Obama Must Be Impeached.

Muslim indoctrination is so pervasive and subtle that even an intelligent man, such as the president of the United States, who has a high level of responsibility for the security of American citizens, may compromise their safety as demonstrated by the Benghazi debacle and his weak response to destroy the expanding military treat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It is very possible that his early indoctrination of the Qur’an subconsciously creates his tendency to be hesitant and indecisive when a well-thought out response based upon logic for the safety of Americans is necessary.

This article informs Americans why Barack Obama must be impeached for lying to the American people that he had a stable or normalized foreign policy during his 2012 presidential campaign. His lie was supported by Hillary Clinton by not responding to many e-mails from Chris Stevens that indicated terrorist attacks on the Benghazi Embassy. More egregious was his Stand-Down Order that only Obama, Commander-and-Chief of the Armed Forces, can issue. Together, with no military support provided to stop the Benghazi attack and the Stand Down Order given at the start of the attack, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are culpable for the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. The Benghazi deception was extended by lying to the American people, and the families that lost their sons, by blaming the Muslim terrorist attack on a YouTube video.

Terrorism before the Benghazi attack.

Before the September 11th 2012 Benghazi attack by Islamic terrorists, President Obama publically announced he had a successful foreign policy in the Middle East after Osama bin Laden was killed on May 1. Obama’s campaign promise of transparency was broken as he did not speak of the true conditions of Islamic terrorism prior to the November 6, 2012 election for president.

Chris Stevens e-mails to Secretary of State.

As early as June 25, 2012, Ambassador Chris Stevens signed a document to the U.S. State Department that assessed an increase in violence near the Benghazi embassy. It was titled, “Libya’s Fragile Security Deteriorates as Tribal Rivalries, Power Plays and Extremism Intensify.”

Stevens wrote, “From April to June, Libya also witnesses an increase in attacks targeting international organizations and foreign interests.” He described, “attacks on a United Nations official in Benghazi, buildings were fired upon an International Committee for the Red Cross in Benghazi and Misrata, an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) exploded at the mission in Benghazi, a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) was fired at the British Ambassador’s convoy, and an attack was made on the consulate of Tunisia.” No response was made by the Secretary of State or any of her appointed senior members to inquire if Ambassador Stevens required increased military support.

Another cable from Stevens, titled “The Guns of August; security in eastern Libya,” dated August 8, 2012, states “Since the eve of the (July) elections, Benghazi has moved from trepidation to euphoria and back as a series of violent incidents has dominated the political landscape during the Ramadan holiday.” Stevens describes the incidents as “organized, but this is not an organized campaign.” The Supreme Security Council, the interim security force, he says, “has not coalesced into a stabilizing force and provides little deterrence.”

The August 8, 2012 cable was also not responded to by the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Following this cable, on August 15 an emergency meeting convened by the U.S. Mission in Benghazi issued an August 16 cable marked “SECRET.” A senior security officer, designated as RSO (Regional Security Officer) sent the cable to the Office of the Secretary of State. Fox News reported that the communication stated:

“RSO expressed concerns with the ability to defend Post in the event of a coordinated attack due to limited manpower, security measures, weapons capabilities, host nation support, and the overall size of the compound.”

According to a review of the cable addressed to the Office of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Emergency Action Committee was also briefed “on the location of approximately ten Islamist militias and AQ (al Qaeda) training camps within Benghazi … these groups ran the spectrum from Islamist militias, such as the QRF (Quick Response Force) Brigade and Ansar al-Sharia, to ‘Takfirist thugs.’” Each U.S. mission has a so-called Emergency Action Committee that is responsible for security measures and emergency planning.

The details in the cable seemed to foreshadow the deadly Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. compound, which was a coordinated, commando-style assault using direct and indirect fire.

However, again, the Secretary of State was nonresponsive to the August 15 cable.

Investigating the Benghazi attack, Republicans Darrell Issa and Jason Chaffetz, respectively House Oversight Committee Chairman and Subcommittee Chairman on National Defense, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations, learned that the Obama administration “repeatedly rejected requests for increased security despite escalating violence, but it also systematically decreased existing security to dangerous and ineffective levels,” and did so “to effectuate a policy of ‘normalization’ in Libya after the conclusion of its civil war.”

Issa and Chaffetz concluded that Obama’s “normalization” of on-going terror attacks “appeared to have been aimed at conveying the impression that the situation in Libya was getting better, not worse. The administration’s decision to normalize was the basis for systematically withdrawing security personnel and equipment – including a much-needed DC-3 aircraft – without taking into account the reality on the ground. They learned from Mr. Eric Nordstrom, former regional security officer in Libya that Hillary Clinton’s State Department routinely made decisions about security in early 2012 without first consulting him.

Issa and Chaffetz also listed thirteen incidents leading up to the Benghazi attack – ranging from IED and RPG attacks. Questions directed to Secretary Hillary Clinton were, “Was State Department headquarters in Washington aware of all the above incidents?” If not, why not?” They requested written responses from Hillary Clinton but the above questions were not answered.

To be fair, Hillary Clinton could not have acted on her own to deny the urgent requests sent by Ambassador Chris Stevens. The State Department must follow the orders dictated by the President. Clearly, President Obama was at the helm that dictated policy to deny military support for the personnel whose lives were vulnerable in Benghazi. The false public relations (PR) to the American people that his foreign relations policy in Africa was stable had to be convincing and the terrorist attacks would reveal that such PR was a lie. Still, Hillary Clinton was complicit in the deaths of four Americans because she did not stand up against President Obama’s inept foreign policy. Later, she and Obama contended that the terrorist attack was due to a distasteful Muhammad YouTube video. It is reasonable to conclude that a political rather than a military decision was made by Obama, which was that Hillary support his policy to boaster his reelection efforts in order to convince the American people that he had a normalized foreign policy in Libya.

The Stand Down Order given During the Benghazi attack.

The glaring question that has been avoided by most of the American media and still unanswered by the White House is who gave the order to all U.S. military personnel to “Stand Down” to the terror attack in Benghazi. Such an order to inhibit the military to confront the attack could only have been given at the highest level of government, namely Obama, the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The White House has avoided the question of who gave the Stand Down Order ever since whistle blower Greg Hicks, who was number two to Ambassador Chris Stevens, testified that U.S. special forces were ready to board a plane in Tripoli but were prevented from going to the aid of those under assault inside the consulate. This order also prevented General Ham, head of AFRICOM, to rapidly respond when his second in command apprehended him saying he was to be relieved from his command by disobeying the order.

Within days of an announcement that General Ham was relieved from his command, it was revealed that Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three, was ordered back to the carrier’s home port in Bremerton, Washington. It is highly unusual for the Navy to replace a carrier strike group commander during a deployment, especially considering the volatile situation in the Middle East.

Rear Admiral David Gaouette was replaced on October 27, 2012, according to news, “pending the outcome of an internal investigation into undisclosed allegations of inappropriate judgment.” He received and disobeyed the Stand Down Order because he readied vital intelligence and communications operations for an extraction effort to be launched by General Ham. A Navy spokesman declined to comment on the Admiral’s removal. As of this writing, Gaouette has not been called to testify about Benghazi before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform or, the Select Committee on Benghazi chaired by Trey Gowdy.

To further substantiate that a Stand Down Order was given at the highest level of authority, three security operators at the secret CIA annex in Benghazi gave a first-hand account on Fox News TV hosted by Bret Baier on September 5th, 2014. Contractors Kris Paronto, Mark Geist, and John Tiegen spoke about what they saw and did the night of the Benghazi attack. They indicated that word of the attack at the CIA annex came about 9:30 pm and within 5 minutes they were geared up for battle and ready to move to the compound a mile away. But they told Bret Baier they were held back from responding to the attack by the top CIA officer in Benghazi, whom they refer to only as “Bob.” It is to be noted: the investigation committees and American News Media have not identified who was “Bob.” Is it because the White House did not want the Stand-Down Order to be substantiated?

After a delay of nearly 30 minutes, the security team headed to the besieged consulate without orders. They asked their CIA superiors to call for armed air support, which never came. The security team said they believed that if they had not been delayed for nearly half an hour, or if air support had come, things might have turned out differently. Bret Baier asked if the Ambassador and Sean Smith would still be alive. Paronto said, “yeah, they would still be alive, my gut is yes.” Tiegen concurred by adding, “I strongly believe if we'd left immediately, they'd still be alive today.”

In the televised special, Baier also asked about the infamous YouTube video that was blamed for the violence in Benghazi. Paronto laughed at the suggestion that the video played any role in the events of that night, saying he did not even know of the video until he was out of Libya and on his way home. “I didn't know about the video ‘till I got to Germany,” he said. “(I had) no idea about any video, no. No sir.”

Obama and Hillary fabricated story after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

To capitalize on the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Obama made it a centerpiece of his reelection campaign scheduled for November 6, by stating al-Qaeda was “decimated” or "on the run" or "on the path to defeat.” On September 18, 2012, shortly after the Benghazi terrorist attack, Obama associated the 9/11/2001 New York twin tower attacks by al Qaeda at a fundraising event stating:

“I ended the war in Iraq, as I promised. We are transitioning out of Afghanistan. We have gone after the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11 and decimated al Qaeda.”

Prior to the November election, and within a week after the Benghazi attack, Obama made reference to a YouTube video that was highly negative about the Islam prophet Muhammad. Both Obama and Secretary of State Clinton publically stated to the American people that the YouTube video was responsible for inflaming Muslim anger causing them to initiate a spontaneous attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Their public statements were made in spite of their knowledge from U.S. military officers that the Benghazi attack was preplanned and not a spontaneous reaction to the YouTube video.

The political position taken by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton was that the YouTube video instigated violence in Benghazi by an angry mob. This strategy became the talking points for Susan Rice, United Nations Ambassador who appeared as a surrogate for Secretary of State Clinton on five separate Sunday morning news programs on September 16th, 2012.

It is strange that although the prime responsibility for the safety of U.S. ambassadors in foreign countries is the Secretary of State a substitute White House official, Susan Rice, was appointed to respond to questions by the news media. It is Clinton that is a senior official of the federal government principally concerned with foreign affairs and is considered to be the U.S. government's equivalent of a Minister for Foreign Affairs. And yet, Clinton opted out of her responsibility to inform the public of what transpired in Libya that caused the death of four Americans in Benghazi. Could it be that Susan Rice was elected to go before the public on the Sunday talk shows because if Hillary performed poorly her election chances for the November 2016 presidential election may be in jeopardy?

Americans are justified to Impeach Obama and Disgrace Clinton.[/b]

It is beholden that Americans insist on the impeachment of President Obama. His actions to give a false account of his foreign policy eventually caused former Secretary of State Clinton to join in his deception. It has been shown that the President and Secretary of State are both culpable for the tragedy and murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, State Department Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who worked for the CIA.


[b]Figure 9. American Heroes killed in Benghazi.

The evidence in this article, only partially reported, reveals that the President and Secretary of State fabricated a lie to blame the Benghazi terrorist attack by Muslim terrorists on a distasteful YouTube video about the prophet Muhammad. The deceit perpetrated on the American people about a strong foreign policy in Libya, which was supported by Hillary Clinton, led to poor performance of Obama as Commander and Chief by issuing a Stand Down Order, and Hillary’s non-military support of personnel at the Benghazi facilities. Finally, they fabricated a story to blame the attack on a YouTube video rather than their inept performance at the White House. This all began with the propaganda of a ‘normalized’ foreign policy to win the 2012 presidential election. But also, the false allegation that the attack was stimulated by a YouTube video verifies they were culpable in the death of four Americans (which motivated the need to fabricate the YouTube story.)

To not impeach the President and the Secretary of State by accepting their dishonesty and failure for not responding to Chris Stevens urgent requests for military support would be a stain on the American people. It would dishonor and ignore the service of four Americans who went to Libya to improve our relations with Islamic factions.

The behavior of the President and Secretary of State prior to, during, and after the Benghazi terrorist attack reveals that these two principals were concerned with political repercussions just before the November 2012 presidential elections. They did not want the American people to be informed of the increased violence by Muslim extremists in Libya. After learning of four Americans killed by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi, nowhere on the front pages of liberal media did they report the evidence that surfaced to conclude Obama and Clinton were part of a political cover-up as was done with the Watergate scandal.

The four Americans murdered in Benghazi is immensely more unforgiving than the impeachment of President Nixon, who resigned, for lying about a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s. His team was caught during a June 17, 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters. It was known as the Watergate scandal that occurred in an office complex in Washington, D.C., whereby the Nixon administration attempted to cover-up its involvement.

The resignation by President Nixon was done as a man of honor who recognized the extent of his complicity in the scandal. However, it did not result in the death of any American. Nixon resigned simply for lying to the American people but will President Obama have the integrity to resign for the deaths of four Americans in the Benghazi attack? The four deaths were surely due to his poor judgment compounded by lies prior to and after the Benghazi attack in order to attain his political objective to win the November 2012 presidential election. Surely, it appears that the moral integrity of our elected officials have weakened since Watergate. Of greater concern, have the values and morality of the American people weakened, whereby they may be willing to forgive the deception of President Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Questions for the Select Committee on Benghazi.

The author of Obama, Islam and Benghazi has provided 36 questions for the Select Committee on Benghazi to substantiate if Obama and Clinton lied to the American people, which ultimately led to the deaths of four Americans. As indicated in the beginning of this article, each member was mailed a copy of Obama, Islam and Benghazi with an Open Letter. The Open Letter link is repeated below:

Open Letter on Obama, Islam and Benghazi.

Can our elected officials jointly agree and strongly fight for truth and justice that must not be compromised to preserve the honor of four brave Americans? Will truth and justice prevail?
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