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What Media Hides from You?

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:14 pm

What Media Hides from You?

I. Immigrants Love America Most
Why Immigrants love America most?
Because many of them have lived under Socialism and Islam. That is why they escaped to come to America so they can live free in a democratic, free market system.

II. Why Millions Come to America?
If America is such a racist, oppressive, evil place, then why is it that millions of people from around the world, specifically from Africa and Latin America jump over each other’s shoulders to come to America?

III. Who Screams Social Justice?
Mostly there are a few categories:
* Privileged rich spoiled white and black kids from the suburbs
* Rich white liberals with white guilt
* Black Lives Matter Communist Terrorists
* ANTIFA Anarchist Marxists
* Thugs, Criminals, Gangsters and Lovers of Chaos
* International Globalist Corporations wanting to destroy Americanism
* George Soros and his funded organizations making money off of chaos

IV. NBA, NFL and MLB Cartoon Characters
It is so ironic to see a bunch of black millionaire players and white billionaire owners kneel and scream social justice and oppression! What do they know about the injured souls of that hungry black kid in the ghetto running around without diapers?!

V. Democrats invented Confederacy and KKK
Democrats are the creators of Confederacy, KKK and Jim Crow. Republicans freed the slaves and were abolitionists. Now, Democrats claim social justice and become the defenders of the poor, minorities and the oppressed; furthermore, they accuse Republicans of being racist!

VI. Trump has done Most for the Blacks amongst the presidents
Trump is not about playing the race card and screaming racism (like Democrats) but he is about action. He has done at least 20 different actions for the blacks to improve their lives, communities and culture. No one had done anything for blacks for the past 30 to 60 years except Trump, but liberals call him racist!

VII. Liberal Cancel Culture
The last attempt of liberals to avoid Trump to win the 2nd term is playing the usual race card, scream social justice, claim racism, riots, protests, flag burnings, destruction of public and private property and kneeling. Democrats attempt to create chaos is to bring Trump down even if they have to destroy America. Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), along with the Deep State are the Establishment. Trump took the power away from them, now they want the power back!

VIII. People vs. Establishment
National Populist Movement of the American People had made a 2016 Revolution and brought power back to the people. Trump is the spokesman for the voiceless people, average Joe and Jane, and American patriots. People will not go back to pre-2016 to become once more slaves to the Establishment.

IX. Indoctrinated and Brainwashed
Not everyone in the streets destroying America and screaming Social Justice is necessarily in the pocket of George Soros but their leaderships are! BLM, ANTIFA and other terrorist groups are in the pocket of George Soros and Globalist Corporations and then you have the brainwashed and indoctrinated by the liberal educational system, Hollywood and Media to follow them like sheep! In total, they are destroying America.

X. BLM Destroys Black Businesses
Black Lives Matter is responsible for the destruction of the Black Neighborhoods, Burning Down Businesses, Loss of Black jobs in burned corporate stores, murder of innocent black children bystanders, murder of cops and looting. Black Lives Matter is the worst enemy of the black people and the black community.

XI. Why Not Leave America?
The lifestyle standard of the lower-class Black Americans is higher than the Middle-Class Black Africans! I have been around the world. Why ANTIFA and BLM do not put their money where their mouth is? Why don’t you try living in the most advanced African countries such as South Africa or Liberia for a month? I encourage you to leave America and try living in Africa for a month! You will run back to America like Hell!

XII. If America is So Evil
If America is so evil and horrible, then who is forcing you to be here? For God’s sake leave and make room for millions of immigrants who only dream of being here! Why are you here? Please pack up and leave instead of burning down America!

XIII. The problem with the Black Community is not the cops.
Without cops, Black Community will be chaos, poverty, crimes and disaster much more than what it is today. The problem with the black community is:
* Democrats
In old times, Democrats enslaved the black bodies but today they enslave the black minds!
* Lack of Father Figure
Black family unit must be restored.
* Poor Education
Disastrous public schools in the urban areas. Trump brought Charter schools and school of choice for the blacks and improved their educations but Democrats want to destroy them!
I can keep on going until tomorrow!

XIV. Democrat Run Large Cities Chaos
Democrats have been running the large cities of America for 30 to 60 years. As the results, they created poverty, crimes, pollution, poor education, bankrupt economy and disaster. Today, they are exploding with riots, looting and chaos. This is the direct result of the Democrat policies. Take a good look at New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and others! Do you see nay war zones amongst the Republican run major cities?!

XV. This is about the People
This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. Republican establishment is worse than Democrat establishment, they are both horrible. This is about People vs. Establishment. Trump and the People have made a revolution on 2016 to destroy the Swamp. Today, Swamp is fighting back to regain control!

XVI. How do you like Socialism?
Democrats and Deep State are using COVID-19 to impose Socialism and Big Government Control upon you. They are taking away your rights, jobs, livelihood, freedom and prosperity via lockdowns. They are forcing you to live as dependent victims to the government. So, how do you like Socialism? This is only the beginning. Vote Democrat and your city will become Chicago, your life will become chaos and your safety will be gone. Defunding cops will come to your city and ANTIFA + BLM Militia will run your city. How do you like Socialism so far?

I strongly encourage you to inform and self-educate yourselves because your failed liberal educational system and media won’t!

Do yourselves a favor and inform yourselves:


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Re: What Media Hides from You?

Postby CR » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:47 pm


So unexpected. When did you get back? I know you been updating the ads on the website. God job. I like your points.

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Re: What Media Hides from You?

Postby Shahrzad BB » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:53 pm

Black Lives Matter is a joke and enemy of the black community.

If you look close, you can see that all of these rioters are also democrat voters! That’s the goal for these cry bullies to destroy Trump economy and America along with it.

Black Thugs Matter

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Re: What Media Hides from You?

Postby Qambujiye » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:02 pm

Black Guns Matter

These thugs are in the streets with semi-automatics, Molotov cocktails and Amos but the Big Gov wants our guns! Big Gov wants to disarm business owners and private citizens who defend their homes from Democrat anarchy and chaos amid no cops around amid Democrats defunded cops! BLM and ANTIFA can riot and burn cities without social distancing and masks because they are Democrat voters!

Armed People are a threat to Deep State Tyranny


Rock & Roll Against Big Gov Deep State Tyranny
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Re: What Media Hides from You?

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:08 pm

=D> :stirthepot:
Ahreeman are you causing trouble again? You walk in and trouble follows you. You only got in a minute ago and enflamed the base. Homeostasis is gone and people got out of coma!
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Re: What Media Hides from You?

Postby CR » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:40 am

Media is the root of Violence in America

Media is the agitator and preacher of the leftist violence. By promoting fake news, media promotes a sub reality and a parallel reality narrative and talking point for the uninformed public to brainwash. Fake News creates a surreal world for the left to hate Trump and Trumpists. Media has been doing a great job to keep the public ignorant and dependent to the fake news. The explosion you are witnessing in streets of Democrat run cities was agitated by media, cooked by the media and promoted by the media. The media is responsible for riots, protests, looting, burning, destruction of property, lockdowns, violence and public ignorance.

The good news is that by the day, more and more people wake up to the reality of the media. People are getting informed, educated and well read. People are finding alternative sources of news.

The Great Awakening is upon us. The Storm is here. People are waking up. Deep State cannot cap the bottle anymore. The Genie is awake and the silent majority is deeply angered by the lockdowns, imposed socialism, media lies and Deep State control. People hate the present chaos in the streets of America.

Government’s sole purpose is providing safety and security for the citizens but government cannot even do that! Democrats defund cops, tie their hands and thugs are free to riot, burn, loot and destroy. Social distancing and masks are not necessary for thugs. Lockdowns do not concern thugs.

Lockdown, social distancing and masks are for decent American citizens and business people. Lockdown is only to destroy economy, business and prosperity which Trump created. Democrats, Media and Deep State do anything to block Trump winning in 2020. Do not be fooled by media lies.

This COVID-19 Hoax will also pass. People will once more win 2020 election like they did 2016 election. Deep State will lose again and Democrats will permanently pack their bags and move to their infested suburbs. You cannot win elections when you hate the country which you are campaigning in! Democrats hate America.

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
Fake News and Lies Central
Part 1: CNN Fake News


Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
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Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
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Paul Ryan the RINO Needs to Get Out of FOX News Board

Postby CR » Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:20 pm

Paul Ryan the RINO Needs to Get Out of FOX News Board
Paul Ryan is the Mitt Romney’s RINO Protégé
Paul Ryan will Cost FOX News Great Loss of the Viewership
Paul Ryan the RINO, Neo Con, Never Trumper

















Paul Ryan in FOX News!

Paul Ryan the RINO has been on the board of FOX News. Since he got on the board, Pro Trump people were laid off work. Diamond and Silk got fired for questioning the legitimacy of the COVID-19 cases stats in Dem cities.

The other day, in the middle of White House briefing by Kayleigh McEnany, FOX pulled off the press conference because she started to show the real new footage of ANTIFA and BLM burning federal properties, attacking, looting, rioting and cussing the federal troops. FOX’s excuse was that they were not prepared for such un-pc clip and there was violence and profanity involved.

ANTIFA were shouting “FAQ Cops” and “We Can’t Wait till Burning Your Precincts”.

An ANTIFA Woman told the cops:

I hope someone kills you.
I hope someone kills your whole family.
I hope they burn down your whole precinct.

The clip showed statues being pulled down off their bases and on the base was written “FAQ Cops”.

Of course, there was violence and profanity involved. That was the whole point for the White House to show what is really going on in Dem controlled cities and how rioters attack the officers and cuss them out while threatening them for future violence! Media shows a peaceful and rosy picture of protests while the reality is that BLM and ANTIFA wanting to overthrowing the American Democracy by extreme violence.

It is a good thing that I watch the White House Press Conferences on the White House YouTube Chanel and not on FOX, so I watched the uninterrupted uncensored version.

FOX is becoming more pc by the day and it is becoming more Anti Trump by the day. FOX is getting affected by the Never Trumper Republicans, Neo Cons and RINOs.

Paul Ryan got to go or FOX, the same as other Media will lose viewership.

RINOs are the enemy within GOP. RINOs are a greater threat than Dems.

Here is the uncut version of the briefing and clip on the White House Channel:

Real Uncut Video

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing - 07/24/20

White House YouTube Cahnnel

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