Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

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Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Postby CR » Fri Feb 26, 2021 12:38 am

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism
Who Runs the World? Who Plunders Nations’ Wealth?
New world Order Reset & Green New Deal Hoax!

Liberal Plantation System: Masters, Foremen and Slaves
Political Correctness Out the Door in IPC!
Taking the Mask Off of Liberal Plantation Masters!

George Soros Puppet Master of Military Industrial Complex Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation System of Liberal Plantation Jew Masters
Rothschilds Head Master Puppeteers control George Soros the Puppet Master who in turn controls the MIC - Military Industrial Complex (General McMaster and General Petraeus) and the Pentagon.

Liberal Plantation Slave Blacks Then (Pre-Civil War) Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation Jew Master Then: Liberal Plantation System
Liberal Plantations Then in Richmond Virginia, Confederate States of America
Chuck Schumer’s Great Grand Daddy Jew Master: Listen Bubba Jones, pay attention Boy! You get free food, free housing and free medical care. We be giving you all that for free and you be picking cotton and work our plantation. Now that’s a Great Deal Boy, isn’t it?

Liberal Plantation Slave Blacks Now (Post-Civil War) Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation Jew Master Now: Liberal Plantation System
Liberal Plantations Now in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, United States of America
Chuck Schumer the Liberal Plantation Jew Master: Listen Bubba Jones, pay attention Boy! You get free food stamps, free project housing and free Obamacare. We be giving you all that for free and you be Errand Boy for us and voting Democrat. Now that’s a Great Deal Boy, isn’t it?
But Suddenly, Bubba Jones opened his eye to the century and half of Democrat Slavery of his people and then Bubba woke up to the historical reality. Bubba saw the light of Trump!



Observe Ahreeman X new piece:


Liberal Plantation System and Globalism
Ahreeman X
February 27, 2021

Liberal Plantation System is a globalist economic, social, political, philosophical and fundamental system which runs the west. The liberal indoctrination and mass propaganda are promoting it. The system is owned and operated by the Democrats and the Deep State. Before we discuss the entity and structure of the Liberal Plantation System, we must discuss the Political Correctness and the Cancel Culture disease which is sweeping away our freedoms and livelihood!

Read more:

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism ... /index.htm

Iran Politics Index

Iran Philosophy Index

Iran History Index

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office

George Soros the Most Corrupt Man on Earth and Epidemy of Global Chaos and Evil!
Globalist Liberal Plantation Jew Master Planner of the New World Order
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Re: Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Postby IPC » Fri Feb 26, 2021 9:17 am

Well graphic designed, well tooned, well formatted, well written and well published super expose full of facts and information. Awesome work.
:complimenti: :thmbu:
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Re: Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Fri Feb 26, 2021 3:07 pm

Dr. Ahreeman has presented a well-prepared account of the power bequeathed to the Democrats by the Military Industrial Complex, a surreptitious group that is supported by the CIA and FBI, which has corrupted America’s system of justice. This group has infiltrated Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Academia, and Big Government.

How did it all start?

This author informs the American people by taking them to the very beginning of the collusion of the U.S. military with the CIA and FBI. A period that started with activation of Area 51 shortly after the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. The CIA and FBI provided disinformation about the undercover, top-secret, unauthorized activities in the Area 51 complex, which was used to back engineer Extraterrestrial spacecraft technology.

The disinformation became pervasive through CIA and FBI control of what was printed in the national and local news media. News media disinformation was executed by the highest levels of surreptitious military and CIA-FBI operatives since the late 1940s. Media control of spacecraft technology was mandated by the military industrial complex to keep such knowledge from being used to effect low-cost energy that would affect the entire U.S. economy. The development of zero-point energy and antigravity would not only lead to spacecraft travel throughout our solar system and ultimately, our galaxy, but largely reduce the need for bio fuels such as coal, gas and oil.

In other words, the surreptitious operatives, which includes collusion with the Pentagon as well as all news media, have prevented the well-being of the destiny of Americans to enjoy the transition that eliminates climate change, the opportunity to explore new energy-free technologies, an increase in jobs, and advanced education that offers the wonders of the universe.

So, the control of all news media has been used to promote one political party, the Democrats. Today, we have just witnessed how the public is finding suppression of speech, which means keeping people ignorant of the truth by distorting the facts and mass disinformation by the news media. One would think that the journalists and writers would refuse to support the news organizations they work for. But the disinformation has been fed to our students in all levels of education whereby they have lost a sense of morality, truth and integrity.

To grasp the power and control the surreptitious organizations have, one only has to learn that even to this day, a U.S. president has no idea of the unauthorized top-secret programs being conducted with tax payer money. To “see” the extent of surreptitious control that has transpired since the start of top-secret spacecraft technologies, the reader is urged to read ... echnology/

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is responsible for more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. This list includes non-military people who had developed anti-gravity and zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.

Back to Dr. Ahreeman’s post, Liberal Plantation System and Globalism. The detour provided above was to alert the public that America is under attack by socialism and globalism initiatives, which is systemic at the core by the Military Industrial Complex and CIA-FBI operatives that have control over our news media and ultimately, the U.S. government and judicial system.

To provide a bit of levity the following cartoons are referred to below. They made me laugh. But the reality is so true that on second thought, we all need to vote in the 2022 election to set the ground work for the best president this country ever had, Donald J. Trump.

Joe Biden Rides the Blacks vs. Trump Carries the Blacks Out of Liberal plantations - Branco Cartoon

Joe Biden and Democrats Riding Black Slaves at the Liberal Plantation - Branco Cartoon
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Nicholas Ginex Word Press
Nicholas Ginex Index at IPC
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Is IPC Racist or Pro Workers?

Postby CR » Sat May 08, 2021 1:11 pm

Is IPC Racist or Pro Workers?
Exposing the Liberal Plantation System
Power to the People

IPC Sample Statistics on a Slow Month vs. Fake Stats
Silicon Valley Persian Mafia & Iran Lobby vs. IPC
IPC Exposes the Liberal Plantation System vs. Global Workers

Iran Politics Club vs. Silicon Valley Persian Media Mafia Iran Ahreeman X Cartoon

Ahreeman X Iran and America Graphics & Cartoons Chapter 2
Ahreemanic Toons Chapter 2 ... /index.htm

The Rigged System

Liberals are playing the Race Card Against IPC. It is nothing new to accuse IPC of Racism, Attack with the Race Card, Political Correctness, Cancel Culture, Equity and other Liberal Rubbish. Liberal Plantation Masters are not happy with IPC. They display their anger with spewing hateful propaganda around the net. A coalition of Liberal Democrats, Iran Lobby, Silicon Valley Persian Mafia and other Liberal Low Lives are targeting IPC. As usual, IPC stands all alone, defending the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People.

We will prove the propaganda is rubbish and fabricated by the Liberal Plantation Masters and their Bent Pig Bastards’ Bollocks! These blokes are rigged and bent.

We are going to display only a sample statistic of the IPC total statistics from one of the four sites which monitors the IPC statistics: AWStats:

IPC Sample Statistics
(Our Actual Statistics are much larger)

Slow Month of April
Total Hits on IPC = 1,031,300 Hits

IPC Page Views
1. Direct Connection to IPC
Direct URL, Bookmark, e-mail Link = 593,119 Page Views - 96.3% Traffic

2. From Other Websites = 18,285 Page Views – 2.9% Traffic

3. From Search Engines = 3,369 Page Views - .05% Traffic

4. Other Sources

Top Search Engines
Google = 1,867 Page Views – Top Search Engine Views
DuckDuckGo = 224 Page Views – 2nd Top Search Engine

Top Countries Page Views
# 5. Israel 17,552 Page Views
# 8. India 13,479 Page Views

The reason we are displaying these statistics are for a few reasons:

* Google Fake Statistics
Display True Statistics from one of our internal statistics systems (AWStats) versus fake statistics manipulated by algorithms (Google Analytics).

According to Google Analytics (somewhat fixed lately, only due to exposing their fake stats by IPC) our main source of readership is Google with massive numbers! Direct hits to IPC are only a small fraction of the total hits!

In reality, 96.3% Traffic is direct hit to IPC. 2.9% Traffic is from other sites. Only .05% Traffic is from search engines. From under 1% of traffic, Google is the top search engine.

On the contrary, Google lies and pretends that majority of our traffic is from Google which in reality, only a small fraction of under 1% is from Google. Most of our readers directly tune in to IPC on daily basis and religiously read IPC (about 96.3% of traffic).

* Liberals: IPC is Racist!
Fake Accusations of Racism by biased sources are irrelevant. Observe how many viewers we have from India and Israel on a slow month. On a busy month, Israel lands a #3 spot and India a #5 spot with much larger viewership. We have a steady source of readers from our Israel and India faithful viewers.

If IPC is racist, then why so many Jews and Indians read it? Month after month after month?

Real Story

The reality is that we display the truth about the Liberal Plantation System. The same system in which Liberal Plantation Jew Masters are suppressing the rights and oppressing the people of Israel, Iran and America. The same Liberal Plantation System which in it, the Liberal Plantation Jew Masters brainwash the average Jew and undermine the good Conservative Patriotic Jews of Israel and America. The same plantation system which in it, Multi Billionaire Jew Bosses of Tech Giants do not hire full time American labor and engineers because they don’t want to pay the rate, but they hire Indian labor and engineers either working from India (outsourcing) or through work visa in America (Indians working here), so they can pay them a fifth or a sixth of what they pay to the American workers! The same Liberal Plantation system which in it the Liberal Plantation Jew Masters oppress the Indian Workers, the Jew Workers and the American workers.

The Liberal Plantation System is the exact oppression committed by the Multi Billionaire Liberal Jew Masters against the Indian, Jew and American workers. Liberal Jew Masters such as George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Google Ownership treat their American workers as dirt and their Indian workers as slave labor. In the Liberal Plantation System, the Liberal Jew Masters are getting richer and the Slave Labor getting poorer!

Liberal Jew Bosses in Tech Giants, Media, Social Media, Hollywood, Academia and Deep State run the system and their Silicon Valley and Hollywood Persian Foremen operate the plantation for them. You average Jew, Black, Indian and American slave labor runs the plantation and gets it going.

Liberal Plantation News Interesting Example

In the past, Iran Lobby and Trita Parsi were on George Soros’ Payroll indirectly but now Trita Parsi is directly under the George Soros payroll (Quincy Institute). Do you witness how the Liberal Plantation System, Iran Lobby, Democrat Party and deep State all come together to screw you, the global workers? Naturally when someone like IPC stands for your rights, then they try to smear and destroy it! The Liberal Plantation Jew Masters designed the system so they can pillage the globe and silence everyone speaking against them. These Liberal Jew Bosses will not hesitate to even screw the Jew workers of Israel and America! These Liberal Jew Bosses are destroying the Israel, the same as they are destroying America, India and Iran!

The complete system is against the global workers, national identity, national heritage and welfare of global labors.

Liberal Plantation System is Anti-Israel, India, America and Iran.

No one speaks of these facts but IPC. That’s more reason for the Deep State and the Liberal plantation to play the Race Card against the IPC because we defend the workers and the people. We stand for Global workers.

People are not ignorant. They are getting smarter by the day and they are aware of the Liberal plantation games. While our rating goes up, the Fake News, the Fake Search Engines, Fake Social Media and the Fake Media ratings goes down. People get their facts from an alternative source which they trust.

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Google is Becoming Outdated Technology ... /index.htm

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism ... /index.htm

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management ... /index.htm

New Absolute Proof of US 2020 Election Fraud ... /index.htm
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Tens of Millions of $ Border Wall Material Rotting in Desert

Postby CR » Thu Nov 04, 2021 7:41 pm

Tens of Millions of $ Border Wall Material Rotting in Desert
Biden Stopped Building the Wall for Open Borders
Another 60,000 Illegal Aliens Caravan Approaching

Democrats Plan is to Allow 5 Million Illegal Aliens in 4 Years
Drug Traffickers, Cartels, Sex Traffickers, Child Traffickers,
Rapists, Murderers, Criminals, Gangs, Convicts, Welcome

George Soros Plot to Flood America with 3rd World Prisoners
RAV & Other Conservative TVs are Banned on YouTube
This is Your Tax Money rotting in Deserts

Watch the Video & Try Not to Shoot the Monitor!

George Soros Illegal Aliens Invasion USA Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation System: D Day Invasion USA
Liberal Plantation Motto: Todos En La Lucha (All in the Fight)
Democrats are losing their Black and Hispanic Base; therefore, George Soros floods America with illegal aliens from Central America, Mexico and Muslim Refugees (ISIS)!
Soros Globalist Ship landing in USA the land of Free Stuff! Uncle Sam’s back is breaking due to burden!







RAV Presents

Ben Bergquam reports from the border: They do NOT want you to see this. It's millions and millions of dollars sitting out here, burning up out in the desert.

He discusses the abandoned border wall and continual migrant caravans with Terrance Bates and Jessica Rivera


Footage of millions of dollars of border wall supplies laying unused in the desert ... n-the.html

Biden Admin Leaves Border Wall Materials to Rot in the Sun ... e-sun.html

RAV Rumble

RAV Website
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