IRI Attacks US Embassy in Yemen

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IRI Attacks US Embassy in Yemen

Postby CR » Sat Nov 13, 2021 1:02 pm

IRI Attacks US Embassy in Yemen
Houthis with IRI Dollars & Guns Captured US Embassy
IRI is All Over Middle East: Syria, Iraq & Now Yemen

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Biden Defeatist & Appeasement Policies Invites IRI
Biden Bends Over to IRI Again
Biden Making a Nuke Deal with IRI

Biden has Become Mullahs’ Bitch
Mullahs Urinate All Over the American Flag
Iran Lobby Rules Washington DC

No One Respects America Anymore!












IRI Attacks US Embassy in Yemen

Commentary and Analysis

US Embassy in Yemen is taken over by Terrorists and its employees are held hostages but not a single word from the US Lying media! The American media has become the State Media run by the Democrats. DNC dictates what to be said and they send it to all the media. The American media parrots what the White house and DNC orders them to parrot! America is now run as a replica of the Communist China and the media is a pawn of the Democrats.

Media’s job is to cover up Biden Regime’s 101 bloopers and they try but no matter how hard they try, they cannot make the regime look good! The Regime made America to collapse.

No matter what Iran does, Biden bends over and gladly takes it! Biden as a half a century corrupt politician on the Capitol, has been on Iran Lobby’s payroll for decades. Biden is all about appeasement of Iran and flirting with the Mullahs. Biden has been French kissing the Mullahs sine Hussein Obama Years!

United States under the Biden Socialist Regime is a symbol of appeasement and weakness. Biden’s US leads from the back and allows China, Russia and Iran to rule the world. One after another, we see disasters fold from Biden’s administrant. Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Yemen where US refuses to fight back. Biden allows and blesses terrorists to take Americans hostage and capture American allies in to slavery.

After the disaster in Afghanistan, where Biden’s occupational socialist regime abandoned 5000 Americans and 10,000 Afghan allies of America to rot, they handed $ 85 Billion Dollars’ worth of weapons and equipment to Taliban. Biden like a rat, put his tail between his legs and fled Afghanistan. American weak and woke military under the leadership of traitor Generals like Milley, is a disgrace.

Next came Iraq, where the boldened Iran backed Militia attempted to assassinate the Iraqi prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and it failed. Iran is let free in the Middle East to now openly roam around in a wide range of states and to assassinate other countries’ leaders!

Now we see that Yemenis Houthis whom Biden got them off the Terrorist list, got so bold that invaded the US Embassy in Sana’ and captured 25 Yemenis employees of the American embassy! While Houthis ransacked the US embassy, Biden Regime officials claimed that they are not sure what has happened and they heard about “Things” that might have happened there!

With Biden, everything is a “Thing”! You know the “Thing”! God is the Thing, China is the Thing, Houthis are the Thing, you know, the Thing! The moron is completely absent minded that he cannot remember the name of the God, China and Houthis! So are the morons working in his regime!

IRI is now boldened to the point that they are taking over the Middle East! The same IRI which was defeated like a rat by Trump is now pulling assassination attempts in Iraq and takes over the US embassy in Yemen! As usual, IRI never directly does her dirty deeds but its satellites such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad Al Islami, Houthis, Iraqi Shiite Militias, Bosnian Shiite Militia, Bahraini Terrorists and other criminals, do the jobs.

Let’s make one thing straight that without IRI permission, none of these assassinations and ambassy take overs would occur. IRI is behind every dirty deal and terrorist action in the Middle East.

IRI is a disease and Biden allowed it to grow, the same as Obama allowed it to grow. Democrats are the best friends to the Mullahs and the Iran Lobby. Now Biden wants to make a deal with IRI and grant them Billions of more dollars. IRI sees a weak America and so they are back in to their old adventures in the Middle East! IRI is now boss of the Middle East.

It is the norm now for the Biden Regime the same as the Mullahs to fund the Palestinians! If one does not know better, they would think that Democrats and Mullahs work together to destroy America!

IRI is playing the Biden Regime to see how far they can push, how much more money they can get, and how long more they can stall to become fully nuked up!

Democrats always bend over and open wide for the Mullahs!

Persian Cat Wide Awake


Yemen’s Houthi Terrorists – Delisted by Biden – Stage Mass Kidnapping of U.S. Employees



The State Department said on Thursday that the Iran-backed Houthi insurgency abducted at least 25 Yemenis who work for the United States. President Joe Biden lifted the Houthis’ designation as a terrorist organization as one of his first actions in office.

The State Department claimed most have been released, but “several” employees of what used to be the U.S. embassy in Sana’a – which has not been functioning normally since the Houthis seized the city in 2015 – are still being held captive. The Houthis have also occupied the building that used to house the embassy.

The Biden State Department seems reluctant to make any statement about the hostages unless directly asked about the situation by a media organization. As of Friday morning, no official statement about the situation had been posted by the State Department or White House.

When Al Arabiya, a Saudi news agency, asked for a comment about the detention of local U.S. government employees and seizure of U.S. property by the Houthis, the Biden State Department responded by email, “We are concerned that Yemeni staff of the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a continue to be detained without explanation and we call for their immediate release.”

The State email said most of the detainees have been released, but confirmed, “the Houthis continue to detain additional Yemeni employees of the Embassy.”

Supporters of Yemen’s Hothi movement raise firearms as they chant slogans during a demonstration in front of the closed US Embassy, in the capital Sanaa on January 18, 2021, to reject the outgoing US administration’s decision to designate the Houthis a “foreign terrorist organization”. (Mohammed Huwais/AFP via Getty Images)

The State Department confirmed to Al Arabiya that Houthi fighters have “breached” the former U.S. embassy compound in Sana’a.

“We call on the Houthis to immediately vacate it and return all seized property,” the email said.

State Department spokesman Ned Price gave a substantially similar answer when asked about Yemen at a press briefing on Tuesday:

What I can say at this point is that we are extremely concerned by reports of detentions of some of our local Yemeni employees in Sana’a, and we call for their immediate release. We have been unceasing in our behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts to secure their release. We’ve seen some progress and we’re continuing to work this critical issue. The majority of those who have been detained are no longer in custody. We are committed to ensuring the safety of those who serve the U.S. Government overseas, and that is why we are so actively engaged on this matter, including through our international partners.

Pressed by a reporter for more details of how many U.S. employees were detained and why, Price responded: “I don’t have any update I’m in a position to relay at this time. But again, the majority of them have been released, and when we have more details to share, we will.”

The Houthis reportedly rounded up 25 or more Yemeni employees of the former U.S. Embassy in Sana’a and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) over the past three weeks. The insurgents did not provide any public explanation for the detentions.

Some early reports on the situation suggested an embassy hostage crisis similar to Tehran in 1979 or the assault on the Benghazi consulate in 2012, but the Sana’a compound has not been an active U.S. embassy since the Iran-backed insurgents overthrew the legitimate government of Yemen and drove it out of the capital six years ago.

The American ambassador and most staffers were long ago relocated to Saudi Arabia. The internationally-recognized government of Yemen is currently headquartered in the city of Aden, which is largely controlled by a third faction called the Southern Transitional Council, a secessionist group that formed an alliance with the Yemeni government in 2019

As the State Department indicated, the former embassy compound remains U.S. government property. A State spokesperson told the Washington Post on Friday that some of the Yemeni employees kidnapped by the Houthis are “security personnel who had been guarding the exterior of the compound.”

The Houthis launched a brutal offensive in February to capture the rest of the country and destroy the U.S.-supported government in Aden, which received a visit from U.S. Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking just four days ago.

The regional military coalition led by Saudi Arabia to support the Yemeni government is fighting a fierce battle against the Houthi rebels for control of Marib, the last remaining government stronghold in the northern part of the country.

Houthi supporters’ step and walk on a representation of the U.S. flag during a demonstration outside the closed U.S. embassy against the United States over its decision to designate the Houthis a foreign terrorist organization in Sanaa, Yemen, January 18, 2021. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

The Saudi coalition claimed it killed at least 125 Houthi fighters with airstrikes on Thursday, bringing total insurgent casualties from the Marib offensive to over 3,000, and also destroyed some of the Houthis’ Iran-supplied missiles and drones with strikes near Sanaa and another northern city, Saada.

The United Nations on Thursday announced sanctions against three Houthi leaders over the bloody Marib offensive, which has severely hindered humanitarian efforts to aid the sick and starving Yemeni population, and also because the Houthis have launched cross-border missile and drone attacks on civilian targets in Saudi Arabia.

The sanctions, which also covered arms smuggling and Houthi theft of assets from the people of Yemen, were imposed at the request of the British delegation to the U.N.

Also on Thursday, a car bomb in Aden killed a pregnant Yemeni journalist named Rasha Abdullah al-Harazi and severely wounded her husband Mahmoud al-Atmi, also a journalist.

Al-Harazi worked for two news channels owned by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a member of the Saudi coalition fighting the Houthis, and also for a U.S.-Saudi media collaboration called Bloomberg Asharq.

Her husband Mahmoud al-Atmi is a contributor to Al Arabiya and Saudi news channel Al-Hadath. Al-Atmi has reported death threats from the Houthis and recently learned Houthi operatives were attempting to locate his home in Aden and obtain a description of his car.

The Houthis were officially designated as a terrorist organization by the Trump administration, but President Joe Biden rescinded that designation soon after taking office.

The Biden administration has occasionally expressed “concern” and “alarm” about Houthi terrorist activity since then, and ostensibly became “fed up” and “horrified” with the insurgents after they slaughtered civilians and children during their Marib offens


Iran-backed Houthi rebels detain Yemenis working for US Embassy, compound breached

FOX News

U.S. Embassy in Yemen breached, State Department spokesman says

Houthi rebels backed by Iran continue to hold Yemeni employees of the U.S. government hostage, the State Department confirmed Thursday.

Earlier this week reports surfaced that showed 25 Yemenis in Yemen's largest city of Sana’a, who worked for the U.S. Embassy and USAID, had been arbitrarily detained by the rebel group. ... ?ve=1&tl=1
Young supporters of Yemen's Houthi movement raise their fists as they chant slogans during a demonstration in front of the closed U.S. Embassy in the capital of Sana’a Jan. 18, 2021, to reject outgoing US President Donald Trump's decision to designate the Houthi group a "foreign terrorist organization." (Photo by Mohammed Hamoud/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A State Department spokesman told Fox News the "majority" of the hostages have been released, but that embassy staff "continue to be detained without explanation."

"We have been unceasing in our behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts to secure their release," press secretary Ned Price told reporters Thursday. "We’ve seen some progress, and we’re continuing to work this critical issue."

The U.S. closed its Yemen embassy in 2015 amid a violent civil war that has since led to the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the United Nations.

Though while American diplomats were sent stateside, some Yemeni staff continued to work from home or as security guards at the embassy, Bloomberg reported. ... ?ve=1&tl=1
Impoverished Yemen is mired in a devastating conflict between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and government forces backed by Saudi Arabia that has left tens of thousands dead and sparked a dire humanitarian crisis. (Photo by Mohammed Hamoud/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

It remains unclear which members of the embassy staff have been arrested by the rebel group, but the compound has also been breached, according to a State Department spokesperson.

"We call on the Houthis to immediately vacate it and return all seized property," the spokesman said. "The U.S. government will continue its diplomatic efforts to secure the release of our staff and the vacating of our compound, including through our international partners."

The U.S. has long called for an end to the conflict that has placed more than 20 million in "dire humanitarian need." ... ?ve=1&tl=1
Supporters of Yemen's Houthi movement raise their fists as they chant slogans during a demonstration in front of the closed U.S. Embassy in the capital of Sana’a Jan. 18, 2021, to reject outgoing US President Donald Trump's decision to designate the Houthi group a "foreign terrorist organization." (Photo by Mohammed Hamoud/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Saudi Arabia also joined the fight in 2015, following calls for military assistance from Yemen President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi after he was ousted by Houthi rebels.

Saudi Arabia’s use of air raids has been condemned by human rights groups for contributing to the humanitarian crisis.

But calls for a ceasefire have been largely ignored by the Houthi rebels, who have made advances throughout Yemen over the last six years.
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