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Re: Trump to NFL: Respect America

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:10 pm

NFL Gymnastics around the Kneeling Issue!

Roger Goodell and the owners had a meeting and then he had a tribune speech to inform the press about their decision. Basically they are trying to save face but still have not learned their lesson! So Goodell is stating that the rule to stand up during the anthem is not a rule but a policy. The rule clearly states that the players have to stand during the anthem but Goodell is trying to put Shiite on Shingle by stating that it is not the rule but a suggestion!

The bottom line is that they have given in to the players by doing some actions on all the bologna such as the social injustice, police brutality and so on; therefore, the players would stand during the anthem. Still 6 players are refusing to stand.

This is extremely funny! NFL has to participate in a variety of black causes so the players will stand up for their own country’s anthem! Despite the facts that NFL fans are boycotting TV plans, stadium attendance and merchandise purchase, yet NFL still has not learned its lesson!

The only Social Injustice is that Roger Goodell gets paid $ 40 Million salary! How on earth this baboon gets 40 million dollars a year and for what? While Trump’s salary is $ 200,000 a year which he does not collect and he donates it to the nation, Goodell collects 40 Million and we have to debate him and his owners to get their Anarchist Marxist black players to get the FAQ up, stand like a man and respect the flag which made them multi millionaires!

The only social injustice is that these Jigaboos make millions (thanks to that flag and what it stands for) and then got the nerves to disrespect the Flag, the Anthem, the Troops and the Country which made them multi millionaires!

A bunch of illiterate thugs, women abusers, junkies, gang members, violent cons and ghetto dwellers are trying to justify their action of kneeling for the majority of the fans who are leaving NFL stadiums more and more by the minute! These bozos had no respect for America to begin with! They hate America! They have been taught in schools to hate America! Their leaders have been telling them to hate America!

Police Brutality my sweet Red Rosie Persian ass! If the police pulls out of the ghettos, these baboons will slaughter each other and along with it, murder, rape and rob all the hard working black folks and innocent children with it! Police is what keeps these liberal infested God forsaken Ghetto Communities semi safe and civilized!

A bunch of multi millionaire blacks, bitch and moan about police brutality! Tell that to the cops who guard your ass in and out of the stadiums! Thanks to the cops, your ass is not robed and raped!

As I stated before, these bozos will not change anything in the black community. The only hope for the black community is Trump who is actually doing something for them by providing security, creating jobs, changing the education system and emphasizing on family importance. The rest is all Bull Shiite!


Now you may ask that what will happen?

I’ll tell you what will happen:

The teams who do not kneel (like Steelers) will succeed with their fans as supporters.

The teams which allow their players to kneel will lose fan base.

The teams which are located in unpatriotic zones and the fans do not care, it does not matter and they can kneel. For instance the Gay Liberal Town of San Francisco and the Anarchist Liberal Town of Seattle!

Trump does not back down and that is why we love him.

Kneeling during national anthem = disrespect America

That is the bottom line.

It is so interesting to see Goodell and NFL so desperate for survival. NFL was just becoming a giant with a giant fan base. It was growing huge and then this occurs to teach the NFL a lesson on who is the boss?! It is interesting to see that in the upcoming days what the owners and NFL will do to the kneeling players, even if it only is 6 players! Fans are already turned off and disrespected.

NFL does not want to commit suicide but it also does not want to eat Shiite and admit that he ate Shiite! NFL is presently so Shiite Faced that it is comical!

About time that someone (Trump) spoke on behalf of the American people!

More power to the People


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Re: Trump to NFL: Respect America

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:14 pm

Bottom Line on NFL Players Kneeling

“We can’t have inmates running the prison.”
(Bob McNair owner of Huston Texans)

Even though overboard but it is somewhat true on some kneeling players!

Steelers Fans are supportive because not a single Steeler has ever kneeled; however, many other NFL teams are suffering because fans are not filling up the stadiums, watching games on TV, buying products and supporting the teams.

Is NFL too stupid to know that their fan base are conservatives, national populists and blue color workers?

Liberal admins like Roger Goodell will bring upon the end of the NFL!

The Bottom Line

* You can’t protest during your work hours
* You can’t protest during fans time
* Roger Goodell got to go because he is bankrupting the NFL

This is so sad and the sad part is that just when NFL started to pick up audience, Goodell totally FAQed everything up!

Beware the backlash of the American People!

Liberalism is Syphilis and now the NFL got this Syphilis!

Something got to give!

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Ahreeman X
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NFL Football Gone Gay Woke & Wants to Go Broke!

Postby CR » Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:57 am

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke & Wants to Go Broke!
:gay: :cheer: :Chorus: :bestwish: :gfight: :fkick: :Chorus: :cheer: :gay:
:balls: :voltage: :cheerpom: :sunny: :lolbang: :spanked: :fthrow: :sunny: :cheerpom: :voltage: :balls:
Football is Now Gay Woke with a Cherry on the Top!
NFL Turned to SJL (Social Justice League)!
NFL Supports ANTIFA, BLM & the BLM (Big Long Mandingos)!

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke – New Gay Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!
Dallas Cowboys Gay Cheerleaders’ New Cheer:
Gimme a B for Big
Gimme a L for Long
Gimme a M for Mandingo
We Wanna BLM: Big Long Mandingos!
BLM BLM, NFL Gone Gay Woke!
Yeay Boi, Jump Them Bones!


Check out Ahreeman X new hilarious critic piece on NFL Football gone Woke:


NFL Football Gone Gay Woke and Wants to Go Broke!
Ahreeman X
July 8, 2021

Does NFL have a Death Wish? The worst enemies of football could not plan it better to destroy the American Football better than the Woke White Billionaire NFL Owners are executing! Political Correctness, Pink Ribbons and cleats, Fisting and Kneeling during national anthem, disrespecting the flag, waving BLM Flags, Naming Black Criminals on the Helmets, Wokeness, and now gayshess! These are each perfect scenarios to destroy the American Football, set aside all of them at once! If one does not know better, he may assume that this is a well-planned conspiracy to destroy football! Are White Billionaire Owners and Black Millionaire players really that stupid?

Read more:

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke and Wants to Go Broke!

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