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China Manufactured COVID-19 to Steal the US Election

Postby CR » Thu Aug 12, 2021 4:47 pm

China Manufactured COVID-19 to Steal the US Election
Collusion: China, Big Tech, Media, Soros & Deep State
Creation of Chinese Puppet Democrat Regime & Leader in USA

Chinese Agenda: American Communist Regime in Making

Joe Biden, Democrats and Media Chinese Puppets Branco Cartoon
Xi Jinping the Puppet Master with Deep Pockets!
Billions of Dollars of Chinese Bribes, financing the Biden Crime Family, paid off at last!
The Unthinkable Came True!
These things only happen in Banana Republics (like California). These things don’t happen in America, but they did!

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in China Bed Branco Cartoon
Biden and Xi after sex in “Where’s Hunter Bed”!
“If Biden gets elected, forget about the America First Agenda of Trump!” (Media)
“Biden Agenda is loved by the world leaders (shafting America) and hated by the American Workers!” (Media)

Preview of the Upcoming Article

The article will be focusing on:

* COVID-19 Virus is Manmade
* COVID-19 Virus was made in Wuhan Lab
* China locked down COVID-19 internally while released it to the world externally
* China with a calculated effort and plan exported COVID to USA
* Stealing the election from Trump was the goal
* China established a Democrat puppet regime in USA
* China appointed its agent Joe Biden as the Regime leader
* Collusion: China, Big Tech, Media, Democrats & Deep State
* Fake News, Hidden News & Censorship tactics drafted by Big Tech
* 40 Million Biden votes turned to 81 Million in 3 hours
* China’s response to Trump Tariffs were COVID-19 & Stolen Election
* SARS, H1N1, COVID-19, what’s the next gift from China?
* China warns about the new COVID Mutations
* China has plans to drag the pandemic for years
* China exported the virus via Iran’s help
* China infected the world
* China’s plan was to destroy America and win Cold War II
* Election 2020 Fraud plan originated in Beijing, China
* George Soros – China – Big Tech Connection to Steal US Election 2020
* Joe Biden the China, Iran and Russia Lobbies Agent
* Democrats’ goal to establish a Chinese Style Communist Regime in USA
* Today’s Democrat Party is the Party of Socialists and Communists
* China’s grand espionage, lobby, influence and bribe plans in USA
* Chinese and Iranian spies work together
* Biden’s Open Borders invites Chinese and Iranian spies and terrorists to USA
* China’s future agenda for destruction of America

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Joe Biden in China Pocket Branco Cartoon
President Xi Jinping has Deep Pockets!
China Financed and Erected American Puppet on the Take: Joe Biden
Media’s President Erect and Deep State’s Choice: Joe Biden
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