Who Killed More People: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?

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Who Killed More People: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?

Postby CR » Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:27 pm

Who Killed More People: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?
Number of Murders Through the History
For the First Time Read the True History of the World!

Believe Google’s Filtered Algorithms Or Factual History?
Educate Yourselves to What Has Been Hidden From You!
Learn About Liberal Mainstream Media Lies!

Learn About the Persian Holocaust & the Indian Genocide

Learn About the True History of the World: IPC History

Biden’s Socialist Regime Ice Cream Flavor of the Month Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoon 2021
“Democrat Party’s neo ideology is a combination of Marxist Islamism on Nazi Steroids!” (Media)
“Biden spends more leisure time: vacationing, taking naps, brain freeze and guzzling down ice cream cones than actually being awake pretending to work at the White House, but in fact vegetating behind his desk and never responding to the media!” (Media)
Biden awake or sleep, makes no difference, he is in coma!
Democrats’ Clown Show: USA is going down the toilet and Biden loves his Ice Cream Cones!


IPC Factual History & Statistics Presents:

Dear History Lovers, History Students, Readers, Members & Activists

Study the true history of the world for the first time exposed to you in IPC.
Read Ahreeman X new historical piece:


Who Killed More People: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?
Number of Murders Through the History

Ahreeman X
October 27, 2021


Who killed more people throughout the history of mankind? You may have been asking yourselves this important question? To find the answer to this crucial question, you can take what the Mainstream Liberal Media, Social Media, Tech Giants and Wikipedia feeds you as propaganda or you can read the IPC history section and this article to get educated to the real history. You can trust Google’s filtered algorithms spiced up with wokeness and sugar coated with political correctness or you can read what has been hidden from you by the establishment for decades, you can read the facts right here and by me, a historian who has been studying, researching, reading and writing history since age 10!

Read more:

Who Killed More People: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?
Number of Murders Through the History

https://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/wh ... /index.htm

History Index


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Fight Democrats’ Communist Islamist Tyranny in America

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Oct 27, 2021 9:27 am

Fight Democrats’ Communist Islamist Tyranny in America

Great research by Doc and post by Cat. Truth hurts and it may bleed the liberals’ bleeding hearts but bleeding hearts cannot change the world history. We knew that Communists and Muslims mass murdered humanity but not this much! May this be a lesson for the present Biden Regime and West European Woke regimes that Socialism, Communism and Islam had brough nothing to the world but murder and misery.

Yesterday’s hippies and radical revolutionaries of the failed 1960s American riots who wanted to make a Communist Revolution in America are today’s Hollywood, Media, Big Tech and Government leaders, celebrities and policy makers but the worst part is that they own the academia. They are your kids’ teachers and college professors. Communists teach in universities and colleges. Don’t hide it or be shy to speak of it because today, parents and concern citizens are standing up to the Critical Race Theory and Woke teaching at schools and universities. We cannot stand by and let these teachers and professors train terrorists and anarchists out of our kids.

We need to take our country back and we need to revive America. Our country is under occupation of Communists, Anarchists and Islamists. We have Muslim Terrorists in the congress! These people have allowed Afghan terrorists to enter and residence in USA along with their child brides. These same people abandoned American citizens, residents and our Afghan allies in Afghanistan to be held hostage and to be killed. People like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC and the rest of the Squad need not to be rewarded as congresswomen but they need to be tried for treason and put in the state prison.

Democrat party of today is a Communist party powered by George Soros, Big Tech and Media who are along for the ride as globalists aching for profit. These liberal Jews who own the Hollywood, Media, Big Tech and Academia are both enemies of Israel and America. Leading them is Soros and his billions who finances BLM, ANTIFA, Iran Lobby and Communists to create chaos in America and ultimately to bring down Capitalism and Democracy. Woke corporations follow Soros not that they care for blacks and minorities but because of profit. George Soros does anything to destroy the American system and replace it with a Socialist Globalist system. Soros makes his billions by creating chaos in America and the West.

We should not be reluctant to shout it from top of our lungs: Liberal Jew Masters own the Liberal Plantations and use Blacks and Minorities as slaves to do their dirty deeds. Unfortunate for them, the blacks and minorities are becoming wise and turning their backs to the Democrat party. Every day, more blacks and minorities become Trumpists! That’s why Democrats are needing new slaves now. Open borders bring democrats new slave labor and voters from around the world.

These illegal aliens are dumped literally from prisons of the 3rd world into America. USA is now the dumping hole for trash of the world! Democrats do not worry about this fact because Democrats don’t care about America. They only care about remaining in power and controlling the money by controlling the Liberal plantations even if they have to steal elections and establish tyranny in America.

We need to get rid of Democrats by election reforms and never allow them to regain power. Democrats are a group of corrupt, criminal elements. They are at best socialists and globalists but at worst, communists and anarchists. Democrat party is a virus which needs to be exterminated or they will exterminate America and Americanism.

They hit us with many attacks for speaking the truth, but we stood our grounds.
It took much guts for Ahreeman to tell the truth:

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/l ... /index.htm

Democrats Want to Destroy America
Stand Up and Destroy Democrats

Not shy to speak of truth

I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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