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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Aug 03, 2008 2:12 pm

Sam Ghandchi wrote:

Dear Dr. X,

keep that nonsense for your comrades:)))

I already have answered all these years ago. I am not talking about
world government. You are still using old models to understand
the new world this is why you have become a supporter of McCain
who is a backward idiot. If you did not have insurance for your
family, you would understand that he cannot even do what
Europeans have done a long time ago, let alone to do anything
for 21st century which he has no sense of what it is.

Persian nationalism is a prescription to make Iran another
Yugoslavia. Let alone your pan-iranist version which will
put Iran at war with all its neighbors. We should work
hard to uphold the territorial integrity of Iran but do our utmost
to create *global* NGOs and participate in global economic
scientific and political institutions such as WTO. *Not* global
government. That is the model of *nation-state* which is
outmoded. Countries just like families will be around
for a long time but will lose their political significance
more and more as already we see how head of international
bodies like IMF or UN have more power than many heads of
states and this trend will continue.

Any political leader should try to cooperate with others
in the world rather than drawing a wedge ...

At anyrate, I have already written my views and why
I will*not* participate in any more dialogues is because
I do not have the time and respectfully have
to decline and whoever likes to know my views
on this topic can read the following:


http://iranglobal.info/meinungedit.php? ... b8834I.txt


Best Regards,
- Sam
Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Aug 03, 2008 2:29 pm

In other words:

:Twriter: Sam Ghandchi Wrote:

Dear Ahreeman,

Busy busy busy busy...... :work: :juggle:

Yes Ahreeman, I will continue escaping from this debate, the same as I have been doing so for 8 successful years! Even though you have been throwing 2 attempts in the past 8 years to start this debate, yet I shall continue to escape this debate on the public Internet.

My excuses will be:

Busy with personal and family life ….
(Even knowing that you are the busiest person in Iranian politics and media!)

In the past, I had explained myself about everything ….
[So I will continue throwing some links (Famous Sam Ghandchi Link Hitting) at you and escape the debate!]

We already know where the other stands ……
(So why bother a debate and let’s continue without one!)

You are using old models to understand the new world …..
(You must view the world with Futuristic Vision, like Moi!)

I am so busy with writing articles that I have no time for forum debates ….
(Forum debates are waste of time, I could write more articles if avoided forum debates!)

So the bottom line is that I, Sam Ghandchi would continue chit chat in Iran Global or SCI (from time to time) and occupy myself with writing articles (now only in Persian) and do anything including eating Mast O Khiar with Nun Barbari for 3 hours straight per day and any other task, only to avoid this debate!

Why you ask?

I seen what you have done to others in your famous Ahreemanic Debates!

I do not see the power in myself (same as Parvin Darabi) to face the Ahreemanic Logic and then to Survive afterwards! Even though I am a Rationalist Scientific Debater, yet by no means I am ready to take on Ahreeman in a public debate on the Internet. Knowing that I can not go head to head with the mighty Ahreemanic Logic, I shall continue creating excuses and when the excuses run out, I shall create more excuses (Upcoming Earthquake in DC, Hurricane in DC, Global Warming in DC, Permanent Eclipse in DC, etc.), so I shall continue saving face to survive this debate.


Sam Ghandchi

* * *

:devgrin: Ahreeman Joon to Sam Ghandchi:

:devbrowed: Relax Baba Jan, don't have a heart attack, it’s OK, I won’t pressure you in to anymore debates! Here, have some Chai Shirin Ghand Pahlu, …… Ghandchi Style!
Who loves you Sam?
Ahreeman Indeed!
Who Else?

:devgrin: Ahreeman Joon to Readers:

Well Folks, I guess you will never get to enjoy this Hot Debate:

Sam Ghandchi and Ahreeman X Debate

You simply have to seize awaiting this debate, because Sam Ghandchi is an Escape Artist who has been successfully escaping this debate, now for 8 years!
Now I shall obey Sam Ghandchi’s wishes and allow this never occurred debate to Rest in Peace (RIP).
Allah bless this debate!

Ahreeman X
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Ahreeman X
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Postby PERSPOLIS » Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:07 am

The best form of government according to me is


we can unite all iranian people from india to croatia


increase the aryian gene pool in the country and increase the group IQ (collective intelligence) by 20 points :D


get rid off all the mostazaf (low IQ) people eventually and that will correct the culture and consequently the political system.

As you know the survival of the fitest does not work the lower echelons
who are less intelligent produce more babies than the upper most fitted ones !!! this was Darwin's flow that was discovered by his cousin!!!
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Re: A Vision for Iran of tomorrow: Nationalism

Postby Kargozaran » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:13 am

Hey guys vision this :byefinger:

Persian racist nationalism is trash. Iran is an Islamic country. Islamic economy has made Iran great and a super power. America is nothing, like jelly in our hands.

Our republic has no room for agitators and enemies of Islam. Islam is a part of Iran. Islamic economy has made Iran a global superpower. We are a factor in global affairs. We have recently bitch slapped America and got 150 billion dollars of our money back. We are nuclear and will always be nuclear and America cannot do anything about it. Deal with it bitches.

Long live Islamic Republic of Iran


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Re: A Vision for Iran of tomorrow: Nationalism

Postby IPC » Wed Apr 27, 2022 9:39 am

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