Kurds are Persian!

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Kurds are Persian!

Postby CR » Tue Jan 10, 2006 6:01 pm

Kurds are Persian!

Dear Kurdish Brothers and Sisters:

Dear Roj Bash Kurdistan Forum:

All of the Regional problems are because of historical ignorance which can be solved by dialogues. Please calm your tempers, open your minds and ears. Lend me your time and attention for a short while. I promise, it will worth it. After reading this article, you will be informed about many Kurdish, Iranian, Regional, Near Eastern and global subjects. Ignore this post and you will remain ignorant to historical facts.

There are some people on this forum whom have the knowledge of history, but majority of you are uninformed of your history. I have been reading your forum and I have seen false remarks have been made about the Kurdish history, Kurdish-Persian Relations, and IPC (Iran Politics Club). These remarks have been made because of historical, racial, sociological, political and natural ignorance.

I am here to inform you, clarify the situation and resolve all of the issues. I am the IPC Web Mistress. Some IPC members monitor the web and they inform me of issues related to Iran, Iranian Opposition and IPC. It is my job to give information and try to solve the problems by reasoning with those who have open minds and open ears.


IPC is a coalition of Iranian opposition members from different sides of the isles belonging to different opposition parties and groups of Iran. IPC members are Monarchists, Republicans, Nationalists, Socialists, Communists, Muslim, and every other side of the Iranian politics including right, left and center. IPC exists for 6 years. IPC's primary Goal is:

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

3rd Amendment of IPC teaches us:

3rd Amendment.
Iran Politics Club supports the achievement of equal rights for "All" Iranian (Persian) ethnic groups. Persian is the Latin term for Iranian; therefore, Persian means Iranian. IPC believes in all Iranian ethnic and racial groups including but not limited to: Persians, Azeris, Kurds, Turkmens, Baluchis, Arabs, Jews, Armenians, Assyrians, Blacks, Orientals, Indians and others, to have equal rights, equal votes, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of assembly and all other natural human rights and freedoms.

Please read:

IPC Constitution

In "A Vision for Iran of tomorrow" Lectures, Dr. X informs us:

"My vision is to revive the Persian Empire by primarily changing regime in Iran, build a strong Iran with Persian Nationalism & secondary, make the Persian Union a reality. Persian Union, meaning returning all Ex-States & present independent nations of Central Asia & Western Asia including:

Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Lower half of Pakistan (Baluchistan half), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greater part of Iraq, Bahrain and a small part of Kazakhstan,

..... back to Mother Persia by creating a strong Federal Economical Union called the Persian Union."

Please read:

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow (Nationalism) Series

Kurdistan and Kurds

Kurds are an Aryan Rooted Race, to be precise, Kurds are Median. Meds are one of the 3 major Aryan Tribes of Iran (Persia, Media, Parthia). Kurdish roots go back to 6th century BC, Median Kingdom of Iran. Since then, for off and on throughout the history, Kurdistan has been "a state" of Iran.

Persian Empire, especially Achaemenids Empire had respected and enforced "Federalism" throughout the Empire.

Persian Empire, has always enforced a Federal System of Government. All of the Persian Empire states (Satrapies) had total autonomy in their internal affairs. States had only contacted the central government for military campaigns, defense, international trades and special matters regarding national security of Empire.

Kurdon (Kurdistan) has always remained as a crucial and important state of the Persian Empire. When Islam entered Iran (invaded Iran), ignorance, racism, ethnic problems and centralism also entered Iran. There were no Kurdish or Ethnic problems before existence of Islam. Persian Empire, unlike the Fascist Roman Empire, was a Union of States with Equal rights. Kurds like every other state of the Greater Iran had equal rights. Persian Empire, from time to time was one of the two or the sole Super Power of the globe. Persian Empire stretched from China to North Africa, and from Yemen to Balkans in Europe. Kurdon was one state of Iran.

Kurdistan remained a state of Iran, off and on, after the independence 873 AD. Kurdistan remained a part of Iran until Ottoman Reign and by then there were conflicts over border territories.

Our mentor, Dr. X lectures us:

"Arabo_Muslim invaded us (Kurds and Persians), killed our fathers, raped our mothers, took our sisters as concubines and enslaved our brothers as free labor force. Get your facts straight and know the True Enemy."

Kurdish Roots

Kurds are Aryan. Kurdish Language is an Aryan off shoot Persian Language of the Indo European branch. Kurdish original religion is Zoroastrianism. Kurdish history is a part of the Persian history. Till a few hundred years ago, Kurdistan has always remained as a part of Iran. Primarily Arabo_Muslim (Caliphate) and then British policy has divided Kurdistan in to four parts (Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish and Iranian)!

Persian means Iranian. Persian is the Latin term for Iranian. Kurds were never a Persian Colony, but Kurds were always a devoted State of Iran. Kurds were and are Iranian. Kurds are one of the many Iranian Ethnicities.

Kurds and Persians have the same language, culture, religion, history and roots. You celebrate Persian Celebrations (Nowrooz, Chahar Shanbeh Soori, Sizdah Be Dar, Mehregan, etc.). You have the same race, the same culture, the same language family, the same humanity as Persians and all other Persian Tribes (Azeris, Baluchis, etc.)

British Policy of "Division and Rule" has divided us. Separatism, Independent Kurdistan and other nonsense are Foreign Sabotage to divide us.

Persian Tragedy

The whole region is in shambles because The Persian Empire is enslaved and occupied by Arabo_Muslim Occupational Government which Dr. X calls AIOG. When once again, we end the reign of Arabo_Muslim in Iran, we will free Iran and establish a government of Law and Order. We have done it before! We will establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. After that, we will work towards creation of a "Persian Union".

As Dr. X puts it:

"A Persian Union to revive the Persian Empire by primarily changing regime in Iran, build a strong Iran with Persian Nationalism & secondary, make the Persian Union a reality. Persian Union, meaning returning all Ex-States & present independent nations of Central Asia & Western Asia including:

Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Lower half of Pakistan (Baluchistan half), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greater part of Iraq, Bahrain and a small part of Kazakhstan,

..... back to Mother Persia by creating a strong Federal Economical Union called the Persian Union."


When there will exist a strong economical, political, militaristic global power named "Persian Union", with an internal Federal System of Government, then why would little separate entities of the West and Central Asia rather stay separated from Mother Persia? Why would Kurdistan rather to struggle on her own than to join The Mother Land to fulfill her global duty? Why would you rather remain a small irrelevant country, when you can have blooming economy and sophisticated technology as a part of the future Persian Union? Isn't it beneficial for all of us to form a strong union as a global power by reviving our mother Persia?

We don't look at Kurds as a minority! Kurds are our own body parts and they are our brothers and sisters. You have as much rights to The Persian Empire as we do. Kurds and Persians are two split parts of a same apple.

Kurds are Persians.

If you comprehend the above fact, then fighting for an independent Kurdistan, Separatism, and other silly notions sounds idiotic. You have a greater goal in history. You the same as us, are a part of a greater cause which is called The creation of the "Persian Union" by reviving "The Persian Empire".

This task will become reality by victory over enemies including primarily, The Islamic Republic of Iran and Secondary, Arabo_Islamic Regional Forces.

From now on when you look at the region and the world, please look at it with an historical point of view, because ignorance is not a good excuse.

It is ignorant to talk about Afghans, Tajiks, Baluchis, Azeris, Persians, etc., etc., etc. and Kurds as separate entities! Because we are all, different parts of the same body. All of us are brothers and sisters. It will only take an open mind and some intelligence to review the history and to comprehend this fact.

The only possible future salvation for Kurdistan (All four parts) are to become a united solid Kurdistan, as a State of The Persian Union. This Kurdistan will have absolute autonomy and will be a part of the Federal Persian Union and Persian Empire. This Kurdistan will be relevant in the world. Separatism, Independence and other nonsense will destroy you.

If you are looking for an enemy, then look for Pan Arabism, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah, and their Master: Islamic Republic of Iran! We are not your enemy!

United we stand, divided we fall.

Before I leave you with these thoughts, I know for sure that some ignorant, stubborn, historically illiterate members of this board will start pointing fingers at other IPC members and me. Some of you will shout Persian Racism, Persian Chauvinism, Collaborator and Persian Nazism. I heard it before and dealt with these ignorant remarks before. For your information, The Founder of IPC, Dr. X himself is part Kurd and I am also part Kurd. So don't even go there. We are Kurds ourselves, so your nonsense about Persian Chauvinism will be dumped in trash can of history. Once again:

Kurds are Persian, so put that in your brains and I beg you to look at the Big Picture. We are the same, we are one and we are all brothers and sisters. Please excuse me because I have to leave. We have a global task to accomplish. Another day, another forum, another organization, another part of the Persian Tribe to inform. We always look at the Big Picture.

Our Dream will become Reality

Please remember that Hatred is not the answer. Please remember, our home is your home, so feel free to drop by. We welcome all of you.

Best Wishes

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Operations
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Postby CR » Wed Jan 11, 2006 11:13 pm

To Roj Bash Kurdistan Forum:

In regards to Kurds are Persian! Thread:

To Cheryl:

"Iranians do the very same things in Kurdistan now. "

Correction: Sepah Pasdaran, Basij and IRI Forces do, not Iranians. We have a similar enemy. We work with Komalah, Komala, PDK, Fedayian Khalgh and other groups in Kurdistan.

"You want to USE Kurds to recreate YOUR empire again?"

Our Empire

" Why the hell should Kurds go along with that when they want independence from filthy Iranian/Arab/Turkish rule?"

Why? So together we will be relevant in the globe. That is the logic behind European Union. Separated European nations are irrelevant in comparison to USA or China. Together, they are a global power.

"from filthy Iranian/Arab/Turkish rule?"

You must have had very horrible experiences with all three. These experiences had made you a blind, hateful, Filthy mouthed woman! Hate will consume you alive. Hate will choke you to death. Get professional help before you end up as a lonely, miserable woman with mass complexes.

"your attempt to place Kurds under some fantasy land NEW PERSIAN EMPIRE."

Is creating a Persian Union in tradition of European Union, for all the future states to economically, industrially, politically, militaristically, technologically and culturally benefit from it, considers a fantasy?

Let me tell you what is a fantasy:

I looked at your maps. You want 3 states of Iran (Western Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah), thank god only three! Then you want a small part of Syria! Then you want half of Turkey to be annexed & then all these parts to join Kurdistan of Iraq so in combination they will be together making the Greater Kurdistan!

Anyone claiming such claims, needs to get their brains scanned! Talking about fantasy! In a cold day in hell Turkey will give up an inch of their land, set aside half of it to you! You have been playing these separatist songs in Iran for centuries! Where did it get you? Iran will give away an inch of Kurdistan to you, when hell freezes over! The only reason, you have a semi autonomy in Iraq is because America granted you the green light! If America was not there to throw you the bone, you would still be under Saddam's boots! Who are you kiddin? As soon as America pulls out, you and the rest of Iraq will be in chaos! Talking about fantasy! A United Kurdistan for sure!

The only way, the whole Kurdistan will be united is for you, us, and every other part of the Iranian Family to join, united, to create the Persian Union. Kurdistan will finally have her union & all four parts will become one, but the Persian Union will make sure that Kurdistan will remain united as a state of Iran. You will have your autonomy & freedom but as a state of the union. This is the wave of the future so all of the Iranian family can stand our own ground. We will create this union free of foreign super powers because we will be a super power.

The good news is, most of the Kurds do not think like you. The bad news is, there are some Kurds who do think like you and they are the agitators, separatists, instigators and cause of the problem.

United we stand, divided we fall. With or without you, The Persian Union will form. We do not need your permission or anyone elses permission to form it. With or without you, Kurdistan will be united and join this union, so she can prosper and progress as a part of the Union. We will create this union under our will, not under USA or UK or Russia's will.

"What does a PERSIAN union have to do with Kurdistan or Kurds?"

Everything! Read what I wrote above. Kurds like others will be proud citizens of this union and will gain glory, prosperity and progress. Most important, they will gain internal autonomy and peace forever.

" I don't see anything Kurdish in that."

Go get an eye exam!

"I mean, if you want to prostitute yourself to Persians"

You have a filthy mouth! You need to have some respect for yourself so others will have some respect for you. This is not the way to conduct a dialogue. This type of talk belongs to Sanandaj Zoo, not a public forum!

I do not prostitute myself to Persians because I am Persian, so are you and every other Kurd.

"Iranians or whatever the hell else kind of people you want to suck into your little fantasy"

One out of three words coming out of your mouth is a curse word and your complete paragraph is hostile, bad mouthing, threats and envy! I wonder what happened to you to become such a lonely, hateful, resentful, sad woman?!

"and your racism is quite apparent"

Playing the Race Card, Religion Card, Other Cards are getting old. These kinds of cards cannot fly anymore because we live in 21st century. Get a new game to play! This is getting old.

"Yeah, right. I know I believe you."

If you had any sense you would! You can sit here for another hundred years in dreams of a united Kurdistan, like you have been doing it for centuries, or you can be a part of the future like many other Kurds and other Iranian Hamrazman are already have become. Take action or live in your dreams.

To Heval:

"Iran will undergo another revolution but they never do much more than talk - talk - talk."

You do not know us, if you did, you would not talk so! The founder of IPC has been fighting the Islamic Regime for 27 years. I have been fighting the regime for 10 years. IPC has been fighting the regime for 6 years. You assume things and when you assume, you will make an ass of you and I.

To Dyaoco The Med:

"Kurdish is a shoot of persian language? "

Persian means Iranian. Kurdish is like modern Median. Persian is modern Parsi. Meds, Persians, Parthians are three major Aryan tribes of Iran. Kurdish is an Iranian language. So yes, Kurdish is a branch of Persian (Iranian) Language.

"no offense but I would rather living with Mullahs than Racist Persians. "

I have already told your girl friend that playing the race card will not work. It is getting old. Kurds and Persians are both Aryan so one cannot be racist against the other. It is like Klan be racist against Nazis! Your claim is a void and will not make sense. Get a new game.

"there was a Pro-Kingdom Pro Emprie persian that I talked to in the bus. "

I am not interested in your good old stories of chit chat with some Monarchist in the bus or whatever ........... You are talking to me right here and right now. I am a Freedom Fighter. I have been one for ages. I mean business. I am not running my trap on this forum to just say something. I am a very busy person. I deal with public relations. I work with Kurdish Organizations and I get results. I work with our internal, external and liaison groups and I get results. Save your stories for forum gossip lovers. I talk business and talk action and I mean business. Rhetoric do not fly with me.

"these persian racists are so stupid."

Generalizing is an ignorant action. Are you ignorant?
Would you like a Persian to say:
All Kurds are savage beasts!

Think about the consequenses of your talk, before it exits your mouth.

"there will never be any Persian Union , we are not persian , were are Medyan "

Med, Pars, Parth, same thing. We are all Aryan and Iranian. Stop playing with phrazes and stop lying to yourself. You and I are the same. Get a clue. Go read Geography and History.

"everybody knows Cyrus (the king of so called persian empire) betrayed Harpag [the Mede minster] and took the power of the Medes by Coup Deta. "

This kind of talk results in nothing but separation, division, hate and ignorance.

I am about Union, together, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Persianhood, One Iran for All Iranians.

"Iran was made by Medes , if there was no Medes there was no Iran.
Kurds are sons of Medes, we are not Persian."

Iran has 8000 years of history. Median Kingdom (728 BC - 550 BC) started by Diako (Deioces, Dyaoco) is only one of many other dynasties of Iran. Before Media, there were Susa, Vedaii, etc. and after Media there were Achaemenids, Ashkanids, etc. Iran was not built overnight and by any one dynasty. Meds were only one of many dynasties of Iran. Kurds are only one of many ethnic groups of Iran. Don't over credit Kurds and Meds.

IPC Website is down now (by Hizbollah). The new site will be up soon and you can read one of Dr. X's books: 8000 years of Iranian history, the oldest civilization on Earth. Please educate yourself.

Kurds are Meds, Meds are Iranian, Persian means Iranian, so Kurds are Persian.

Stop playing with words and stop lying to yourself and try to create false separate identity for Kurds as a nation, a separate group or race.

Kurds are Aryan Iranian, the same as Persians. Kurds are one of many Iranian Ethnic groups, nothing more, nothing less. Kurdish history is part of Iranian history. You are Iranian and always will remain Iranian.

Parts of Kurdistan has been stolen from the Mother Land by British and Ottomans. Now it is divided in Syria, Turkey, Iraq. Kurdistan belongs to Iran. Kurdistan will return to Iran, every single inch of it.

By the way, that map of yours is a lie. Half of Turkey does not belong to Kurds! Now thats fabrication!

"an advise for you, the time for Making Empires has expired a long time ago... "

Wrong, tell that to European Union, they have just made one!

"this world is the world of computer and intenret..."

Thats is why we are trying to progress the whole Iran (including you) by speed of light to be compatible with 21st century.

"there is no border. borders are fading."

Then why are you creating borders between two brothers (Kurs and Persians)? You are creating borders, I am breaking them and putting them in trash.

" think about a better thing to do ,"

Better than educating you and a bunch of other separatist Kurds who are making false identity, nation and race for themselves?!

" than making an ampire in year 2006"

Making The Persian Union is the only way that we as Iranian People can survive, have a voice, be compatible and relevant in the world. We must match USA, EU, China and Russia. We are realists. We are visionaries. We are fighting for our independant and survival. We are fighting for you, us and every other Iranian people. Unlike you, we are not waiting for America to throw us a bone in North Iraq!

I am a proud Kurd (part Kurd) who knows what is the game and I got game, how about yourself?

Do you enjoy remaining as a poodle dog to Yanks? Do you enjoy Yanks to fight for your freedom? Do you enjoy putting your brothers (Persians) down? Do you enjoy pig headed songs of I am better than you or childish Med vs Pars games? Get a clue man!

When will it end? I am Dari, I am Kurd, I am Tajik, I am Baluch, I am Parsi, I am bla bla.............

We are all Iranian. Nail it in your brain.

Divided you are nothing, little USA Doggie, thats what you are.

To Piling:

"According to linguists, Kurdish is to Persian what Italian is to French or English to neederlander language : close cousins, no more."

Get a clue! Who are these linguists?

Kurdish to Persian is like German to Swedish, very close. Same family of Iranian Languages. Many words are the same and many others are variations of the same words. Some words are different dialects of the same words.

To Veladimir:

"go make your stupid propaganda somewhere else."

This propaganda will help to make our race (Kurds and Persian) to survive as a Union to see the next milenium, than to scatter in 20 different small countries ruled by the west and Arabs. I do not need your permission or ignorance to help my people to survive and become united.

Next time when you talk to a human being, watch your filthy mouth.

To Diri:


Don't laugh too much, you might choke on your tong!

"Let's start with "Chahar Shanbeh Soori"... In the Persian LANGUAGE - this means NOTHING... "

Wrong, Soor means Party. Go study Persian. I am glad you people are not linguists! But I bet all of you believe that you are!

"In Kurdish it means "The Red Wednsday" - "Charshembe Sor" as it is in it's original version..."

Wrong, the original version comes from Persian: The Wednesday Party.

It is not Sor (Kurdish) which means red, but it is Soor (Persian).

"I will get back to the other two in a bit... I am in a hurry..."

Don't bother, I am leaving because you people are too primitive, rude, hostile, blood thirsty and ignorant.

To All of You:

I came here as a human being, as your sister to open a dialogue with my Kurdish Brothers and Sisters. In return, you have done nothing but to call names, bad mouth, insult, twist the history, lie, divide, create enemies, spread hate, separate yourselves, isolate yourselves, generalize all Persians, create false identities for yourselves as non Iranians, trash me and use the filthy language, race card, religion card and everything else in your power to put me down!

I mentioned it to you before, I am part Kurd and we have Kurds in IPC and we work closely with many Kurdish Organizations (Komalah, Komala, PDK, Fedayeen, etc.) and the Kurds I know, they are about Building the future, not destroying the future. The Kurds I know, believe in Federalism and Autonomy but they also love Iran. The Kurds I know, they don't blame me for crimes of my enemy (IRI). The Kurds I know consider me their sister.

What is wrong with you that you are so resentful to me? I am speaking to you of truth. If you don't believe in this truth, then have a dialogue, but why attack me and want to skin me alive? If you behave like this with one of your own, then how do you behave with others? I am shocked of your behavior! I am surprised to witness Kurds behave so uncivilized! You are giving a horrible name to Kurds.

You can continue lying to yourselves, but no matter what, you are Iranian and that Iranian blood is pumping in your veins. Kurds are Persian, get used to it. What you do here, does not help the Iranian People (including you) to unite and survive. It will not help us fight our enemies and grow strong in the world. You love to play the race card, but you are the most racist people I have seen amongst Kurds!

The idiotic thing is that your Racism is a void, because Kurds and Persians are both Aryan, the same race. Your racism is idiotic! It is like a German being racist against an Austrian! You are very confused, illiterate in history and hostile to truth! It is so sad that it is laughable!

No matter of whatever you responded to me, all your hateful remarks and resentful statements full of hate and confusion, full of ignorance and very sad vibs, I am a realist Kurd.

I am a proud Kurd, I am a proud Iranian and I will continue enlighten Kurds who are ignorant to their own race and culture which is Iranian. It is a shame that you act like this with a stranger half way around the world in a public forum! I wonder how would you act with them if they visit you in Kurdistan?

Despite your sad behavior, I love Kurds, most of Kurds are very hospitable, friendly, wise, brave, strong and smart. I am in constant contact with Kurds, but my experience with you, is the first in my life! I am honestly surprised by your behavior! As Kurds, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Despite your childish behavior, historical ignorance, silly hateful racism and bad and sad behavior, I will always love you as Kurds and people of Kurdistan. I can hope for you to not act as bad as this with the next person who visits your corner of the Internet. Next time, when a brother or sister enters your forum, don't spit in his or her face, that is not how Kurds act!

Please don't say anymore, you have already said enough!

You are always welcomed in IPC. My home is your home.

Best Wishes

A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Postby reply » Thu Jan 12, 2006 12:47 am

I must say thanks for not posting your response in the NorthernIraq.Info forum (and instead posting it in your own) for it contains nothing more than fabrications from the dream of a Persian chauvinist, which is not welcome by us.

Speaking on behalf of my Kurdish brothers and sisters, I would like to say that we have nothing against our Persian, Arab or Turkish neighbors. Instead, we are only against the backwards mentality of which certain members of these ethnic groups hold. Keep in mind that it is YOUR organization who is spreading propaganda in another attempt to undermine the Kurdish Identity. Many Kurds would agree that our ancestry proves an Iranian identity. However, attempting to convince us that this Indo-Iranian identity is parallel to the ethnic Persian identity is not only ridiculous, but also, completely baseless.

You have claimed that Kurds were "always devoted to the state of Iran", however you neglect to mention the countless rebellions by Kurdish tribes throughout the Iranian Empire's history in attempt to gain sovereignty in the lands in which they lived. In addition, you make claims that we want parts of Turkey and Syria annexed to Kurdistan - and say it's a fantasy then go on to say every piece of Kurdistan will one day be annexed to Iran. You also intentionally neglect the facts (or perhaps lack the knowledge) that Kurds are a mixed race of over five tribes decending from the Caucases (Guti, Hurrian, Mitanni, etc) in addition to the Indo-Iranian Medes and have been living in the lands stretching from Turkey to Syria to Iraq thousands of years before the ethnic Persian tribes ever settled in the Middle East.

You also say there are many Kurds working in the IPC. Well, I will inform you that most of us other Kurds don't really care. First of all, most of us are NOT affiliated with any of those Kurdish organizations you listed and personally, I feel they do NOT represent the Kurdish voice by any means. Second, there were plenty of Kurds working for Saddam or still fight alongside the Turkish army. So what's your point?

All in all, there are plenty of other contradictions and misinformations you have posted but I will leave them be.

Best Wishes to you too...
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Postby Shahanshah » Sat Mar 18, 2006 10:40 pm

"Kurds are Persian"

well they do speak a middle persian dialect of Pahlavi. but saying kurds are persian is like saying that persian are kurds. :-k

it is much better to say Kurds are Iranian, which is true. and perhaps it doesnt piss of any Kurdish chauvinist.

and also CHEck out this:


Meet An "Iranian" who Advocates his nation's Disintegration

http://www.rozanehmagazine.com/JanuaryF ... rrokh.html
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Postby Emam Kooni » Mon Mar 20, 2006 9:18 am

Kurds are Kurds deserving a sovereign Kurdistan, should they will so!
'F' the Turks and other self-servants who think otherwise!

And why is the Kurdish tread in mid-east section and not Iran-section?
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Postby IPC » Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:15 pm


Aval Rooboosi Eid kardi?

"And why is the Kurdish tread in mid-east section and not Iran-section?"

Because when she started it, she was writing about the Greater Kurdistan which is divided in four (Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran). She wants all of it back to Iran!

"Kurds are Kurds deserving a sovereign Kurdistan, should they will so!"

Autonomous Kurdistan with equal federal rights same as all other states, Yes.
Sovereign Independent Kurdistan, No!

"'F' the Turks and other self-servants who think otherwise!"

If you want to F them, then you need to equally F everyone who oppressed Kurds including Arabs and Iranians, not only the Turks!


Javid Khodam! \:D/
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Postby Emam Kooni » Mon Mar 20, 2006 4:47 pm

Aval Rooboosi Eid kardi? <--------- So rorry, did not get it first, but U are so kind,Image


For people as brave and proud as Kurds, who have been subjected to travesties for that which is a human right, it is inhumane to impose upon them Turkish, Iranian, Arab or any non-Kurdish oppression and/or interest, baring them from that which remains an innate desire for you, I , and that who identifies himself by "the Free and the Brave", a sovereign right to exercise Democratic Free will in pursuit of such happiness that Kurds deem fit for themselves, a simple right which is the constitutional definition of Civility and Humanity.

And, any foreign interest opposing exercise of such Democratic Free will, can be labeled nothing less than oppressive and as such it is destined to add to the repeated chapters of history illuminating the indisputable conclusion that such human oppression marks a step stone and not a destination.

Fools who have their heads in their asses celebrating their respective religious, ideological, or historical loyalties are blind to the grand reality of the Laws a Nature, entropy of the universe is increasing yielding the least resisted state, as the most stable state, yielding the undisputable realization that arrival to such final least resistant steady state, not matter of if, but when!

Any spell errors Q.?
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Postby xerxes53 » Thu Mar 23, 2006 3:56 pm

As a Kurd Iranian I have to say OFCOURSE KURDS ARE IRANIAN. as a matter of fact a Kurd Iranian is an Oxymoron, since all Kurds wheather from living in present day Turkey or Iraq or Iran are of Iranian origin. anyone who doesn't know that knows nothing about history.

Ofcourse we do not like to be referred to as Persians because we are not. I don't care what the Greeks called Iranians, the fact is Persian means Fars today and Kurds, Azaris, Lurs and others such as Osetians are Medes. Also to comment on what another Kurd said here yes there were People living in the Zagros before Aryans arrived but there were people living in the Iranian plateu as well, so whats your point. The fact is that Kurds are proven to be (genetic studies and historical facts and findings) overwhelmingly from Medes and therefore Iranian stock. Aryans divided into Medes, Persians, Parthians, when they arrived solely on their geographical settlements that was their only difference.

Cyrus was half Persian half Kurd or Medes you all I am sure know that. Any Kurd who thinks Turks , Arabs, and Persians are just our neighbors is an uneducated person, since Arabs and Turks are nothing like us but Persians are Iranians like us. Although Iran's central governments have always discriminated against us in the past (not as bad as Turks or Arabs we must admit) but that doesn't change the fact that we have a common ancestory, traditions, and language. Common ancestory , traditions , new year, language and... . Isn't that what makes a State these days???

Besides the Persians now understand how valuable, Brave, and free we are and they now have tremondous respect for us and I do not see future Iran central governments discriminating against us , specially a pan-aryan/Iranist one which holds Kurds as the purest of Iranians. I as a Kurd who traces his roots back from Sanandaj to soleimanieh for 1000 years not only do not mind but strive for a Bigger Iran with all of us with a common ancestory make a democratic, powerful, vast, federal country which no one can miss with . One that includes Kurdistan e bozorg, Tajikistan, Azarbaijan, and Persian territories.. .

Kurds need to know who we are and we can not deny historical facts, resisting Arab and Turk and even Iranian governments is one thing, forgetting who we really are is another . we are of Iranian stock so we need to strive for a great strong empire once again instead of falling into hands of western plans which is keep dividing and dividing.
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Postby Emam Kooni » Fri Mar 24, 2006 3:13 am

[b]Well fellow xerxes, with one post who just dropped in to promote Kurdish values,

1- Kurds have in common with Persian’s no more than Brits., Irish, or Canadian have with U.S.A..

2- The submissive subordinate essence of you and your argument, along with multitude of mitigating evidence, clearly present U as fake, phony, and fraud. U are not a Kurd, you don’t even have a notion of a Kurdish pride. Your utter simplistically to site the Kurdish history, suppressing the truth about multiple Kurdish uprisings for independence, which uprisings were suppressed by no other than Reza Shah with no less than extreme prejudice, not mentioning continued heavy handed treatment of Kurds by Shah’s SAVAK who granted the Kurds a true freedom, a freedom to choose between KoKa-Kola, Pepsi-Kola, or OssO for Kurdish demand for free will, was less than genuine. From your docile tone, U sound like a broken-Kurd who still, complements of SAVAK, has a bottle of Pepsi-Kola in his ass!

[color=darkblue] If U still Pretend to be a Kurd, then perhaps U can wake up and smell the aroma, it is the aroma of your shame! The Perisian that U call your “neighborâ€
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:07 am

Shahzadeh Khanum Feshang-ol Saltaneh:

Let me jump in here with a couple of questions, cause you have confused me & if I am confused then many others are also confused! I sense a contradiction in your posts regarding the issue of Pan Iraniasm & Kurds. So kindly answer by numbers:

1. Are you a Kurd?

2. If so, then why are you agitating one of the few sane voices amongst Kurds (xerxes53) who wants to compromise?

3. Are you an Iranian Monarchist?

4. If so, then why are you against Pan Iranism?

5. If so, then what are all the rhetorics about Reza Shah & Mohamad Reza Shah oppresing Kurds?

6. Do you even believe in Pan Iranism?

You have truly confused me! Will you clarify your stands so once & for all, we know where do you stand on:
Kurds, Monarchy & Pan Iranism?

BTW, it seems like you are aching for Q to correct your spelling. I don't know if you will get as much pleasure & kicks if I do it, but here it goes:

It is Charmin Toilet Paper. Woman, Read the wrapper when you use it, will ya? What is Sharmen? Is this Dahati pronunciation, English Illiterate pronunciation or Emamic Holy Persian?!

Also, if you think Q is Anal about spelling Bee, then wait till you get a load of Lori Forouzandeh! She was an English Teacher in Iran! She will crucify you!

So Woman, I have a suggestion for you, run the spell check before you post, because in IPC you will be constantly fingered about your Grammar/Spelling!

Adios Amiga

El Hefe X
Watcher in the woods
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Postby Emam Kooni » Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:54 am

Shahzadeh Khanum Feshang-ol Saltaneh <----- Who is this ??? (whom do U want reply from)?
ImageHowever, I assume that U are addressing Emam, so I will respectfully and specificly reply:

1- I am not a Kurd, but have known Kurds and above all understand Kurdish spirit.

2- Are U afraid of the truth? I never thought that voicing the truth and such historical facts that are suppressed from the pages of Iranian history construe agitation, unless your agenda is such failed pursuits.

3- I believe, peoples of Iran are too immature to accept a western style democracy and the only system that I foresee that is capable of reforming Islamic Iran to a mature state, short of an internal civil war, is a monarchy. I have high admirations toward what Shah Reza Pahlavi accomplished through reforms, or at least tried so. I think the son can be a leader who has a chance to serve as a new charismatic leader toward a free Iran, provided that he lightens up on the baggage of his extended family and seeks wisdom, not from traditional ass kissers, but from insightful and free spirited ( kindly count this Emam in).

4- Pan-iranism is analogous to such notion that U will be able to do fifty pull-ups tomorrow, when at your best, U could not do a single pull-up and your conditioning has demised as a function of age. It is an illusive dream, but not realistic, not even a chance.

Hey, if spell checking is the superficial endeavor that drive U, please indulge, since it is the substance that counts and not the superficial shell. A machine can spell cheek and/or translate, but only a sound mind can draft a coherent concept.

And fellow -X, should U pursue the guessing game on the gender, rest assure that U will land under this Emam, faced down.
Any spell errors Q.?
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Postby Emam Kooni » Fri Mar 24, 2006 5:23 pm

Proud Kudish Spirit ---------->
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Postby Emam Kooni » Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:06 am

And, here comes one who lived it:

Mosadeg wrote:<------Good to be back Iranians!

I never agreed with any mullah, but this Emam is on the money.
And, is any one celebrating my birthday and sacrifices?

I really like this X, at least his good side, facing down.

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Postby Atusa Qajar » Sat Mar 25, 2006 4:37 pm

Aha slip of a tong, I knew there was something funny about this Emam! Could this Emam be Jebhe Melli's 5th column in IPC? LOL :-k
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Re: Kurds are Persian!

Postby IPC » Wed Apr 27, 2022 9:45 am

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