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Woke TV Solution! - E-mails to Ahreeman X

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat May 14, 2022 1:42 pm

Woke TV Solution!

Folks, this one is an e-mail which we get many of the similar ones. I always try to address 1 e-mail from the many of the similar ones; therefore, I hit many targets with 1 shot! The subject is very interesting and worthy of response and publishing, so here we go:


Ahreeman What do you Watch on TV in Woke Era?

Name: Aria A.
Subject: Ahreeman What do you Watch on TV in Woke Era?
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Date: April 10, 2022

Greetings to Persian God Ahreeman

Old reader and fan here, I’m not beating around and will go right to the point. In this sickening woke era with woke media, TV and Hollywood, what the hell should we watch? Everything is trash, even commercials are woke. Any solutions? Thanks for you being you and thanks for IPC.



From: Ahreeman X
To: Aria A.

Thank you for comments, complements and letter. This is a good subject and a good question. I cannot tell you what to watch but I can tell you of what I watch on TV. Pointers:

I. Buy Smart TVs

II. Get rid of cable and Satellite because they are all garbage.

III. I get my news (for watching and not for IPC publishing) from online sources:

Real News Networks List

I can also watch my favorite news networks on smart TV.

Go to:

Smart TV Smart Cast => Pluto TV

Or if you have Vizio TV:

Smart TV Smart Cast => Vizio TV

Newsmax, RAV, OAN, The First TV and The Blitz are on Pluto APP.
Newsmax, RAV, OAN are also on Vizio TV App.

You can also watch them and more, online or you can go to IPC homepage and click on their logos to watch:

IPC Networks

IV. As far as entertainment goes, I stopped watching woke commercials, woke professional sports, woke Hollywood and woke corporate media networks long time ago. It is hard for me not to watch football but I love America more than football, so screw NFL! I believe I am going to watch world cup soccer in Qatar on November. I’m a hardcore Argentina fan since I was an itsy-bitsy kidney bean!

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke and Wants to Go Broke!

V. My interests are history, historical dramas, historical wars, sci fi and horror.

On Smart TV, Smart Cast, you have over 100 network apps. Some you must pay for and some are free. There is no need for cable or satellite.

I am not a big TV guy. I do a lot of sports, read a lot, work on the website and do house chores.

Mostly, when I have time, I watch Tubi, Prime (Amazon), Hulu, and Pluto TV.

Tubi is free. There are a lot of Russian, Spanish and Persian Movies and TV Series on Tubi.

Prime is paid. There are a lot of Persian Movies on Prime.

Hulu is paid and there are some good movies and series on Hulu.

Pluto is free and I get my news from Pluto.

You can also watch Persian movies and series on YouTube.

Prime is owned by Amazon, Hulu is owned by Disney, Pluto is owned by Paramount and Tubi is owned by FOX. Yes, they are mostly woke but you don’t have to watch woke content on them. You can watch good stuff on them. And if you think these are woke, then wait to see Netflix which is Obama Network with Pedophilia, Transgender content and other liberal garbage! Then you have Peacock by NBC, Apple TV, Disney, and other trash. Basically Prime, Hulu, Pluto and Tubi are the least of the evil and that is why I watch them.

What does Ahreeman Watch? :-k

Russian Movies and Series

I watch a great number of Russian Dramas, Russian Historical Drama, Russian Historical Series, Russian Historical Movies, Russian Historical Battles and War movies and series. I watch a lot of Russian TV series from Russia 1 Network. Russian movies and series are well made, artistic, big budget and deeply meaningful. I also watch Russian Sci Fi movies which are much more superior to Hollywood Sci Fi. Russian Sci Fi movies have much better special effects, stories and are technologically superior. They are realistic and way too hi-tech. Russian historical dramas are supreme. Full of emotion, theatrics, costumes, and acting. They are big budget films with fabulous acting.

Spanish Movies and Series

I like Spanish films and series and no not telenovelas! I watch Spanish films and series from Spain, Mexico and Argentina on history, sci fi and horror. It is good practice for my Spanish language and Spanish culture.

Persian Movies and Series

I watch some particular Iranian movies and series made in Iran, USA and Europe. Many Iranian movies and series are garbage or propaganda or both. I watch specific ones which are art, great stories and serious acting.

Save Money Watching TV

So, as you can see, you can go specific on what you need to watch and then you can watch them on Smart Cast of the Smart TV or online. Personally, I have 5 smart TVs of giant screens and mid screens all the way to smaller size.

Get some Smart TVs, get rid of cable and satellite, save money and watch good TV. You can invest a big amount of money buying some Smart TVs and powerful antenna which now come in small sizes.

Smart TVs provide you with Smart Cast which has over 100 free and paid networks. For local news and TVs, connect very small but powerful antennas to all of your TVs and get them for free. You can also watch some local news on Tubi. Get rid of cable and satellite and save tons of money.

As you can see, I told you what I watch. I cannot tell you what to watch. Only you can decide on what to watch. I can only advise you on how to go about it, save some money and to give you ideas on how to watch good TV as much as possible without woke content.

I suggest to unplug woke mainstream corporate media networks, Hollywood and even local garbage (NBC, ABC and CBS) because it is up to the consumer to deal with these woke crowd! You know what they say:

Corporations go woke, make them broke!

Corporations Go Woke, Make Them Broke!

When Woke Green New Bull Shiite Ruined the World?
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/humor/woke ... /index.htm

I hope that I answered yours and others good question and covered the basics.

In a meanwhile, try not to go woke, because you will go broke!

Wokeness and Liberalism are like Gonorrhea and Syphilis, they are epidemic! Watch out for them!

Adios Amigo y Buena Suerte

El Jefe X
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