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Iran Commands Contact System Instructions

Postby CR » Sat Jun 04, 2022 6:51 am

Iran Commands Contact System Instructions
Organization and Operations Plans
Situation: Red

Attention Network Central Commands Listed

Tehran Central, Rasht Central, Anzali Central, Esfahan Central, Shiraz Central, Tabriz Central, Ahvaz Central, Abadan Central, Khoram Abad Central, Ilam Central, Sanandaj Central, Kermanshah Central, Shahre Kord Central, Yasuj Central, Bushehr Central, Ardabil Central, Masjed Soleyman Central, Karaj Central.

Connection: Undisclosed Mobile Meeting System Network
Zone: Alpha
Hour: + 24 Approximate
Network: IPC 1
Code: Power Now
Color: Red
Plan: 1 to 0

Connect to San Diego Central Command and Iran Central Commands
Network System: Group A
Color: Green


Attention Network University Commands Listed

Tehran Commands, Esfahan Commands, Shiraz Commands, Ahvaz Commands, Abadan Commands, Shahre Kord Commands, Yasuj Commands, Bushehr Commands, Masjed Soleyman Commands.

Connection: Undisclosed Net Meeting System Network
Zone: Beta
Hour: + 48 Approximate
Network: IPC 2
Code: Power Next
Color: Orange
Plan: Next

Connect Only to San Diego Central Command
Network System: Group B
Color: Green
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New Wave of Iran Roller Coaster Protests

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Jun 15, 2022 6:06 pm

New Wave of Iran Roller Coaster Protests
Economy Protests Spreads
People are Fed Up with the Regime

IRI Regime Suppresses & Arrests the Protesters
Protests Slows down But Fire Never Goes Out
After a While, Protests Star Over Again & Again & ……

Until Victory





Iranian Protests Spread As Discontent Over Sanction-Hit Economy Grows ... 99835.html

Pensioners, Public Employees Protest Iranian Government's 'Lies,' Hypocrisy' ... 98100.html

As Iran Blames 'Foreign Enemies' For Anti-Government Rallies, Protesters Blame 'Real Enemy' Within ... 88912.html

Squeezed By Soaring Inflation, Iranian Pensioners Hold Nationwide Protests ... 87557.html

Anti-Government Protests, Strikes Continue For A Fourth Day In Iran

Retirees and shop owners continue strikes, protests in several Iranian cities ... an-cities/

Anti-regime protests expand across Iran ... ross-iran/

Sixth day of anti-regime protests by Iranian pensioners and retirees ... -retirees/


Squeezed By Soaring Inflation, Iranian Pensioners Hold Nationwide Protests

Pressure mounts on Iran as pensioners protest living costs
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