New Banned in Iran Books in IPC Iran Online Library

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New Banned in Iran Books in IPC Iran Online Library

Postby IPC » Mon Aug 28, 2023 7:23 am

New Banned in Iran Books in IPC Iran Online Library
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Iran Online Library


Banned in Iran Books

Ali Sina
Leading Critic of Islam

Ali Sina
Debunking the Myth of Science in the Quran
Ali Sina on Zakir Naik and Miracles of Quran
Debunking the Myth of Science in the Quran ... nQuran.pdf

Ali Sina
Probing Islam

Debate: Ali Sina vs. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and Khalid Zaheer
Critic of Islam vs. Islamic Scholars
Probing Islam ... gIslam.pdf



Revolutionary Fiction

George Orwell
George Orwell was a British Author born in India. Revolutionary social critic, author, poet and journalist who displayed his social criticism against the Totalitarianism in the form of mostly fiction, and some nonfiction. He used various literary methods including realism, metaphor, analogy and symbolism in his work. A number of his works are considered classic masterpieces.

Hezar-o Nohsad-o Hashtad-o Chahar
1984 ... l-1984.pdf

Animal Farm
Qal’eye Heyvanat
Animal Farm ... alFarm.pdf

Clergyman’s Daughter
Dokhtar-e Keshish
Clergyman’s Daughter ... ughter.pdf

Coming Up for Air
Coming Up for Air ... ForAir.pdf


Philosophy – Science – Critic of Religion

Banned in Iran Books

Victor John Stenger
Victor John Stenger was an American physicist, scientist, philosopher, author and religious skeptic. Victor Stenger was a distinguished author and an enlightened atheist who repeatedly exposed religion.

God the Failed Hypothesis
How Science proves there is no God!
Khoda, Engare-ye Varshekasteh
God the Failed Hypothesis ... thesis.pdf


Master Philosopher and Critic of Islam

Banned in Iran Books

Dr. Ahamd Kasravi

500 Years History of Khuzestan
Tarikh-e Pansad Sale-ye Khuzestan
500 Years History of Khuzestan ... zestan.pdf

Court ... -Court.pdf

Inquisition in Iran
Ankizision dar Iran
Inquisition in Iran ... InIran.pdf

Read and Judge
Bekhanand va Davari Konand
Read and Judge ... dJudge.pdf



Dr. Mohammad Javad Mashkur
Distinguished historian, scholar and author

Iran in Ancient Times
Pre-Islamic History of the Iranian Tribes and Kings
Iran in Ancient Times
Iran dar Ahd-e Bastan
Dar Tarikh-e Aqvam va Padeshahan-e Pish az Eslam
Iran in Ancient Times ... Bastan.pdf

Iranian History
From Ancient Times to End of Qajar Dynasty
Iranian History
Tarikh-e Iran Zamin
Az Ruzegar-e Bastan ta Enqeraz-e Qajariyeh
Iranian History

News of the Roman Caesars
From Roman Caesars to Establishment of the Ottoman Empire
News of the Roman Caesars
Akhbar-e Salajeqe-ye Rom
Az Doran-e Salajeqe-ye Rom ta Esteqrar-e Dolat-e Osmani
News of the Roman Caesars


Dr. Abdollah Razi
Valuable historian and author

Complete History of Iran
From Median Dynasty to Present
Complete History of Iran
Tarikh-e Kamel-e Iran
Az Selsele-ye Mad ta Asr-e Hazer
Complete History of Iran


More Books

Critic of Islam

Banned in Iran Books

Salman Rushdie: Satanic Verses in Persian & English

Psychology of Muhammad & Other New Books – Ali sina

23 Years: Muhammad’s Prophetic Career (Professor Ali Dashti)

Islam: Sex and Violence – Anwar Shaikh

Islam: The Arab Imperialism – Anwar Shaikh

Anwar Shaikh: Why Islam Can’t Coexist with Other Religions?



Ayatollah Khomeini Books

Ayatollah Khomeini Books: Original Persian & English Texts


Islam Comic Books

Banned in Iran Books

Prophet Muhammad Biography Banned Comic Books & Strips - Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh

Mohammed’s Believe it or Else! - Dr. Abdullah Aziz

Mohammed’s Believe it or Else! In Persian - Dr. Abdullah Aziz ... /index.htm


Mitra and Mitraism

Persian Sun Goddess - Roots of Christianity

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess: Foundation of Christianity! – Ahreeman X

Pagan Christs: Persian Mitraism, Mani by John Robertson

Mitra, Mitraic Mysteries & Other Books by Franz Cumont

Persian Mythology by Professor John Hinnells

Internet Sacred Texts Archives



Shah of Iran Books

Banned in Iran Books

Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Books

Last Persian Emperor

Last Persian Emperor: Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar, the Real Story

Ahreeman X Books

8000 Years of Iranian History – Ahreeman X

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran – Ahreeman X

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags - New 3rd Edition – Ahreeman X


Revolutionary Story Books for Children and Adults

Samad Behrangi Children Story Books in IPC Library


Science - Raciology

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology - Ahreeman X


Trump - Politics

Trump MAGA Book: How to Make America Great Again?
New 3rd Edition of Crippled America!
The Book that Revolutionized America & the World!



IPC Iran Online Library
Largest Iranian Online Library

Iran Online Library

Iran Online English Library ... /index.htm

Iran Online Persian Library ... /index.htm

Iran Online Multimedia Library

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