Disenchantment with Religion

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Disenchantment with Religion

Postby maxjasper » Sun Jul 24, 2005 9:55 am

Few today among those who have some degree of objective familiarity with the subject are likely, therefore, to entertain an illusion that any one of the established religious systems of the past can assume the role of ultimate guide for humankind in the issues of contemporary life, even in the improbable event that its disparate sects should come together for that purpose. Each one of what the world regards as independent religions is set in the mould created by its authoritative scripture and its history. As it cannot refashion its system of belief in a manner to derive legitimacy from the authoritative words of its Founder, it likewise cannot adequately answer the multitude of questions posed by social and intellectual evolution. Distressing as this may appear to many, it is no more than an inherent feature of the evolutionary process. Attempts to force a reversal of some kind can lead only to still greater disenchantment with religion itself and exacerbate sectarian conflict. [details...21]
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jul 24, 2005 12:21 pm

Dear Bahaii Brother:

Allah O Aba

Dear Preacher :preach: ,

Scripture teaches us:

"...... and @ last, it came time for Ahreeman to Finger "Max", as his Evilness Fingers "All", He Whom no one but no one is safe from his Evil Fingering ............., and Ahreeman Fingers All!"

(Book of Lucifer - Satanic Verses - Chapter 6 - Verse 666)


Dear Brother "Mobaleq Max", :intel:

It has been a long time since I pulled your shorts :wedgie: ,

Oops sorry, I mean it has been a long time since I talked to you! Slip of a tong! You know, us Persians are not fluent in English, so from time to time, we goof in our vocab!

So Max,

How are you? How have you been? You survived the London Blasts? That's good to know that you are safe & sound. Now that you survived the blasts & you are safe & sound, then please allow the good old Doc to examine you & make sure that all your parts are fine, after all, I am a Computer Scientist & you are a computer, no?! What did you say? I cannot hear you? Wait a second, let me turn up the volume............

Lets try again,

Max, do you speak English?
Max, Parsi sohbat mikoni?
Max, Hablando Espanol?
Max, Sprechen sie Deutsche?
Max, parlez vou Francais?
Max, Voi, parl Italiano?
Max, Dari gap mizani?
Max, Turki anishtok migi ya bilmazi?!

Max, so far in the old club, we have came to this conclusion that you might be a Gigantic Work Station or Main Frame, placed in a server room, somewhere in London, installed & operated by the one & only, the sole: "Universal House of Justice" of Bahaii Faith, to propagate to & convert humen to Bahaii Faith.

The orders or as Persian Bahaiis call them "Dastur" comes from Haifa to London & then you distribute it around the globe! You are the latest method of propaganda for the Bahaii Cult System.

You are:

Max-Propagator; Model 067-77 Artificial Intelligence

The Multi Tasker, all in one propaganda machine.

You are the latest result of co-creation by UHJ, British Intelligence, and Freemasonic Center of London!

However, if I recall correctly, in the old club, you have started to show some human characteristics! Strange as they maybe, you have even chose a human avatar for your image lately! Your human side is coming out of your Robotic side!

Remember that one by Kraftwerk:

We are the Robots......... Doo DooDoo Doo
We are the Robots......... Doo DooDoo Doo
We are the Robots................

So allow me to try to communicate with you, yet once more!


Do you understand Binary (Computer lingo)?



Ay Caramaba?!

So, Max, Am I getting through @ all?!
I see you posting links to articles from one gigantic Bahaii database cyber system! Now, I understand that "All" Bahaiis are not allowed to self reason or self ponder, & they must "All" await the Order (Dastur) from UHJ & above! Self Logic is a strange phenomenon to Bahaii!

Ask a Bahaii a question & they will tell you: "Let me check with UHJ & get back to you (Riot, Killer)!

But seriously, I am very familiar with your Cult, Oops sorry, I mean Religion! Some members of my own family are Bahaii Preachers (Mobaleq)! You see, Bahaiis are like Blacks! Once you go Bahaii, you never go back (Killer)!!! No, really, aside jokes, what amazes me from the hierarchy of Bahaiis, is that every single one of them always awaits from the Order of UHJ, to tell them how to live, what to say, how to dress, how to think & how to even Frag! Ain't this kind o like Nazi Germany?!

OK enough pulling shorts!

Say Max:

Seriously, would you answer these questions to assure us you are human?

a few questions:

I. Are you really a machine or a human?

II. Do you have any opinion of your own or whatever UHJ dictates to you?

III. Are Bahaii allowed to marry Non Bahaii (Gentile)?

IV. If such marriage happens, would the resulted child from the marriage be named as "Jendahii"?!

V. Have you read the complete Book of Aqdas?

VI. What makes you think that Bahaollah was a prophet or better said, the last prophet?

VII. How can Bahaii believe in Islam as a religion & Muhammed as a prophet but then again bad mouth them by rejecting that he was the final prophet?!

VIII. Would you say Bahaii is a sect of Islam?

IX. Do you read Namaz in Persian or English?

X. Do Bahaiis same as Muslim, bend over up & down while reading Namaz?!

XI. Would you say, there are more evidence for Bahaollah to be a prophet of Allah or for Bahaollah to be an Agent of British Intelligence Service?

XII. You know how British are so creative to control the globe, so they often come up with amazing configurations such as "British Protectorates", "Commonwealth", "FreeMason" (Framason), ....., could it be "Bahaiism" is the latest British Masterpiece to control the globe?! Of course just a conspiracy theory!!!!!

XIII. Say Max, don't you find Iranians amazing? Home to so many religions:

Mithraism, Vedaism, Zoroastrianism, Maniism, Mazdakism, Shiitism, Babism, Bahaiism, ...........

God Damn Iranians create Religions out of their Rectums, no?!
How do these folks come up with all these religions?!
Them God Damn Persians! Amazing people they are! No?!

XIV. Max, Can you say or write anything by yourself, without linking it to some article by UHJ? Can you write a word of your own? Prove us wrong & show us that you may be a human being? I been telling these folks that you are human, but no one believes me! Everyone here believes you are a computer system! Max, say something aside propaganda & links? Max, save your humanity & for humanity's sake, say something human?! Will ya Max?!

XV. Max, you know, lately, when I ask a question from my friend "Sam Ghandchi", he be giving me some links to his articles to read! Kind o like you be giving links to UHJ sites to read! What kind o behavior is this? Is there a possibility that Bahaiis got to Sam?! Is this the primary step to become a Full Blown Bahaii?! Is linking this or that, a Bahaii behavior? Did Bahaiis get to Sam?! Are we gonna wake up one day & see Sam Ghandchi had turned Bahaii (pulling Sam's Shorts)?!

Remember that song in 80s:

I think I'm turning Bahaii, I think I'm turning Bahaii, I think I'm turning Bahaii,
I really think so!
I think I'm turning Bahaii, I think I'm turning Bahaii, I think I'm turning Bahaii,
I really think so!

Oh & one semi non Bahaii Religious question:

Q. Do you believe, British Intelligence killed Diana, so the Mother to the present Earl & future Prince of Wales, would not be marrying to a measly Egyptian Arab?! I mean it would be kind o drastic for British Snobbish Royal Family & Elizabeth, to digest that a Big Schlonged Camel Jokey is banging Princess Diana, no?! Inquiring minds want to know? What is the Bahaii opinion on this issue?!

Politically Correct Remark:

Not that there's anything wrong with Big Schlonged Arabs, Banging Snobbish English Princesses or even Elizabeth (Seinfeld)!


Jesus, Moses, Muhammed & Bahaollah may love you,
But Ahreeman Truly Lovese Lovse Loves you!
Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?

ps: Max remind me to hook you up with a nice Persian Bahaii Desk-Top, Oops sorry, I mean girl! Will ya?!

Allah O Aba Brother Max

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