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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:56 am

Camran Mirza

“Interesting as expected from founder latest fact finding crusade of Islam click here. I have just read the begging for now but a few questions so far is needs pointing out: “

What is begging? You mean beginning?

“1. The historical article becomes partial since the writer has a bias view towards Islam. This marks the point why historical information can not be trusted upon if their writers are not impartial.”

Alpha) I am not bias, but logical and rational. The most logical author, which you can find. Harsh language but logical.

Beta) Pure Impartial authors do not exist. All authors are partial towards something. The key is to find the fairest authors in the history to read as the middle man.

“2. Missed out the eighth imam's (Reza) scape from execution and refuging to Iran, he dies in the city of Mashhad. “

I did not want to point out all details. There are more important details than Imam Reza! For instance Hussein’s martyrdom is one and Akhund Majlesi’s crusade during the Safavid Era is another. My intention was not to point out details, but to look at the overall theory and write a theoretical piece.

“3. In my opinion, to use the word Arab is simply a mistake people make when they refer to. The word Arabic is the nearest to describe the people of their region and concurred areas of other parts in the world.”

Like it or not, they are all Arabs (as the world recognizes them). Sad but true, many people from rich cultures of Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. hate to be called Arabs, but then again, that is what happens when you lose your language, culture, traditions, religion and eventually your identity! Warning: IRI is doing the same to Iran!

“Arabs before the rise of Mohamad had no resemblance to the Arabs of after mass, except for their looks. Their entire identities changed from nomadic cultured Arabs to Islamic cultured Arabs. Their entire ways of life were different to each other. Their language, religion, culture and all other ways of life has no similarity to each other. How can and Arab before Islam be the same as an Arab after the Islam. The priorly were nomads, unorganized, uneducated, disbelievers and most certainly not conquerers, and the latterly they became high-standard sophisticated army of brutal forces. Therefore, the only way they were connected to each other is their looks. I think if the plastic surgery could do the honor, all muslim world from start to the finish would want to look different than Arabic looks. They simply must hate the word Arab. Poor original nomadic Arabs!”

I. There existed rich Arab (Hemitic) civilizations in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa before Islam.

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/islam/islam ... /index.htm

These cultures were much sophisticated than the Islamic Culture, but the Islamic culture was more brutal. Therefore, Arabs were not “All a bunch of nomads before Islam!

II. Today, we recognize the culture as the Arabo-Islamic Culture. Like it or not, this is a reality on how the world passes judgement. The world does not sees ancient Egyptian, Carthaginian, Phoenician, Sham, Siranaik, Napata or etc. cultures, but they see Arabs!

Thanks to Yaqub Leis Saffarid, we are not yet another Arab nation!

Now it is up to us to stop the Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran (IRI)!


I send letters full of Fohsh & Naseza (Cuss) to Interest Section of IRI in DC, but Dr. Mostafa Rahmani and his predecessor Dr. Zarif are sending me invitation to come to Iran and help the technology and the Islamic Revolution! They just loves me!

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my conclusion

Postby PERSPOLIS » Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:11 pm

Ahreeman I read your post and I concluded

khomeini turned shiite moslem into sunni

by creating vali faghih that has to be elected by khobregan
According to Sunna, the caliph of Muslemin had to be elected by a council of the most wise and pious experts. According to Shiite, the caliph would inherit his caliphate due to being a direct descendant from the Prophet Mohammed! In Shiite doctrine, the ancestral blood of Mohammed would be the sole reason to rule the Muslim world.

what an ahreeman he was to shiitis
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Postby PERSPOLIS » Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:13 pm

this forum is so great i can not get enough of this ...

all ahreeman observations are true, I posted one of your article in a forum I am a member for 4 years and I thought it is a free forum and I posted the links everything , guess what happened ? they banned me ..

I could not believe I will be banned for the freedom of speech, this is not a 100% persian forum www.irandefence.com all of sudden the Morid and Morshed banned me happened to exactly as you said in your posts ...
there are a lot of Hezbollahi around I could not believe ...

btw I read your passage about u getting a hi tech job and iranian saying u got a job with cia, the very samething happened to me 2 of my friends saying the samething , I thought they were joking but one of them one day send me a serious email and last night i read your passage I could not believe my eyes when i saw your passage .... dozari oftad ... wow what a crowd, they actually say i am being trained by cia ....
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Postby PERSPOLIS » Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:01 pm

dear AhreeMAN

" by the way the man part of your name is indo european"

I read your passage on flag crescent , now i can interpret the IRI flag

I think this flag shows the SHAGH AL GHamar of the moon god

meaning the death of Islam by Islamic sword

btw I heard the Shagh Al Ghamar a lot but I never knew about it, till i read your passage =D>

what do you think about my theory? :-k
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Postby PERSPOLIS » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:23 pm

prologicam wrote:
what do you think about my theory?

What theory?

shagh al ghamar on the IRI flag ...

gee yesterday the shiits had a big kheymeh (tent ) in Mason park OC
giving cholo to people someone called me and invited me. :evil:

I never knew they do these things in Orange County, I copy pasted

Ahreeman passage on Ashura and emailed it to her. :D
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