What is happening??

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What is happening??

Postby LOJ » Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:19 am

Hello people, what is wrong with this room or club or is it just me, there haven't been any formal debates since 2008, and then that one wasn't up to par. I have belonged to this club since 2002, April I beileve, and Doc and I used to tear up the place with debates.....although he eventually became overly defensive due to being wrong all the time :-: !
I have been traveling promoting my book and have had a lot of time to think, we need the old style club back, where people aren't afraid to post or disagree with AhreemanX.

To begin with my opinion on Ah"deceit"ahjad, is that he is denying the holocust due to setting up a precursor for a defense mechanism against the USA.
See this asshole knows there are camps like there were in the Holocust days that are right there in Iran and run by the govt. So he is coming out "again" with this BS that the holocust never happened, so when they do find these type of camps in Iran in the near future, he will have the perfect alibi,
"You see the USA is accusing our country "IRAN" of having camps like they did in Hitlers time, to get back at us for denying their holocust".

Now this is just an opinion.
This might not be the meat and bones of a good debate but c'mon people we have to start somewhere.
And Doc, btw: I have had a lot of people ask me about your club, are you getting any new members due to MOI? :D .
There I've had my say.......
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Religion is a war that antagonizes our conscience, but
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Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:10 pm


I think the problem lies in Persian culture.
Persians were never a free people.
Persians never aspired to personal liberty.
Persians never even grasped the concept of personal liberty.
Persians were always the subjects of some king:
  • sometimes a Persian king e.g. Cyrus the Great,
  • sometimes a Greek king e.g. Alexander the Great,
  • sometimes a Turkish king e.g. the Qajars.
But whoever the king was;
wherever he came from;
as long as he was a good king;
or at least not a bad king;
then Persians were happy and content.
Because they were always the subjects of their king,
they were never citizens of Persia.

In this, Persian civilization was and is inferior to
  • Greek civilization
  • Roman civilization
  • Christian European civilization
  • Anglo-American civilization
  • the emerging World civilization
These civilizations succeeded and evolved because
they grasped the concept of individual personal liberty.
They aspired to achieve it.
And they worked and fought to achieve it.

Persians have never grasped the concept
of individual personal liberty.
Many Iranians in Exile still do not understand the concept!
Look at all the Iranian Monarchist political "opposition" parties!
They think the solution is a king!

The Persian language has only one word for freedom, azadi.
The Persian language has dozens of words for penis!
Shows you what Persians have been thinking and
dreaming about for thousands of years!
No wonder Persia failed!

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