Theory of Everything!

Science vs. Faith / Materialism vs. Idealism: How has everything started to exist, the fundamental question of philosophy!?

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Theory of Everything!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:29 pm

Theory of Everything

IPC Update
Before begin reading this discussion thread, please visit these links:

Theory of Everything
Chapter I: The Basic Concepts ... /index.htm
Chapter II: Parallel Universes ... /index.htm
Theory of Everything Discussion Thread

Part One

September 25, 2005


Lean back, relax and free your minds,
Lend me your open minds,
Allow me to show you the other side of the coin,
Allow me to preach to you,
Words of Science and Logic,
Will you take a ride with me,
Into the Deepest Corners of Thought and Mind,
Take a ride with me through The Time and Space,
Let us together seek and search for the ..............

Fundamental question of philosophy:
How has everything started to exist?
To answer this fundamental question, we must search for the answer to "The Theory of Everything"!

Scientific Theories and Explanations:

[ ? ] = Sign of Singularity
Simple Definition: Singularity is the set starting point of Time, as we know it. There was a singular combination of everything including Energies and Matters. The time as we know it, started to exist @ this point.
Einstein brought up the definition of "Singularity".
Einstein stated that first came Singularity.
He questioned: What was before Singularity?
What caused The Big Bang?
And of course Fundamental Question of Philosophy:
How has everything started to exist?
But Einstein's main question remained:
How did Singularity form? How did Singularity started to be?
And the question remained ............
[ ? ]

Big Bang
Simple Definition: After Singularity, came Big Bang, a Great Clash of Singularity, which exploded to many pieces. This Clash is called The Big Bang. That's how the Universe (our universe) created.
Evolutionists expanded on Big Bang as the cause for existence of our Universe.

Strings Theory
Simple Definition: There are different strings (Cello, Viola or Violin Strings) which represent various dimensions, versions and existence. Scientists found up to 5 strings. Co-existence of everything in 5 strings. Picture the whole existence of All Elements as a set of strings going back & fore in various directions, the same as cello strings.

We have 3 dimensions and All Elements can move in these 3 directions: Length, Width & Height.
Einstein enlightened us & turned us on to the 4th Dimension!

Time, The 4th Dimension
What if there is a 4th dimension & it called Time? What if Time is the 4th unit of measurement for dimensional usage, Einstein stated? Eventually Time became the 4th Dimension!

Other Dimensions
Next came the 5th & 6th Dimensions all the way to 10th Dimension! The Strings Theory worked well with up to 10 Dimensions, but suddenly, came the 11th Dimension!

The 11th Dimension
The 11th Dimension ruined everything & clashed the whole theory of strings! The "pro gravity" physicists questioned the Strings Theory and strengthen the 11th Dimension. But the outcome of this battle between the String Theory Enthusiasts & 11th Dimension Enthusiasts was something totally unique & unpredicted by both parties!

Looking Through The 11th Dimension
Out came this vision:
What if we look @ the 11th Dimension from a totally different angle?
We have dissected Singularity to Strings & then 11 Dimensions:

Singularity => Strings (5 Versions) => Dimensions (11 Dimensions)

We have always looked @ the situation, from Whole to Specific, from One to Many, from Great to small, from major to minor, from Single to Pieces.......... but, how about looking @ it from a totally different angle?

What if we look through the 11th Dimension's Telescope, but not as a view to find more specific & more pieces, yet as a view from "a piece" to "the whole"?

Let's view from this perspective, & vision The Complete, from the Part. Lets look through The Piece, on through to The Whole. Lets look @ the "Some" & then find the "All", why not?

By going from a piece to the whole & looking into the situation vise versa, we can see that in fact, "All" Dimensions can come to a united Singularity. Singularity as a whole. But again, how the singularity started to exist?

The "M" Theory
Call it the Theory of Magic or Main or Membrane. Picture "All" Existing Elements (Matters, Energies) as Membranes. Our universe as a huge membrane. All universes as membranes. All that exists, as membranes.

Now picture all these universes (membranes) co-exist with one another, floating as bubbles in space, in an eternal float full of bubbles with no beginning & no end. Can you?

I want you to expand your horizons & unlimit your limited minds & turn on your mind for self-preparing to see the Big Picture. Let's try:

Universes are membranes in shapes of 3 dimensional clouds of gas (matters & energies), some spongy, some oval, some donut & some abstract shaped. These membranes are not steady, yet they are moving elements. They float in space. They float as bubbles in a sea of bubbles.

But have in mind that:

Bubbles are Membrane Universes
Bubbles are floating in Space
Space is flooded with Bubbles
Space consists of Matter, Energy & Non Matter
Non Matter is absolute abyss of emptiness (Black Holes)

Can you picture this?

So view the existence of everything through The "M" Theory or shall we call it "Theory of Multiverse"?!

The "M" Theory defines the existence of everything (All Elements) as a Multiverse. The Multiverse has always been there, is here now, & will be here forever. The Multiverse is Eternal.

In a way, isn't that the definition of God? However, Multiverse is a Scientific Reality but God is a Myth!

Theory of Parallel Universes
Now picture 2 different membranes (universes) floating in space. 2 universes, 2 membranes moving around, floating around, passing one another in the space................, and what if they crash? 2 similar but not identical universes hit each other. Have in mind that these membranes do not have smooth and flat surfaces, yet distorted, rippled and edged surfaces, so the possibilities of a crash can magnify. The Clash of Titans will occur. And envision this:

The Clash of 2 universes, causes a "Big Bang"!
And that's the definition of Big Bang for you.
That is the latest scientific definition of Big Bang by physicists.
This is how the Big Bang occurred & our universe got created from billions of shattered pieces from this crash!

Nature of Big Bang
Big Bang is not a unique phenomenon! Big Bangs happen all the times and all over the space and amongst membranes (universes). Our Big Bang was only one amongst many. Nothing unique about it. Our Universe had created as the direct result of one Big Bang.

Parallel Universes
Parallel Universes, similar to one another, float around space. The universe next to ours may have or may have not contain systems & planets containing life forms.

In our universe
Earth is a planet in our Solar System located in our Milky Way Galaxy existing in our Universe.

Whole => Part
Our Universe => Our Galaxy (Milky Way) => Our System (Solar System) => Our Planet (Earth)

Andromeda Galaxy is our neighboring galaxy. It is possible that there is a system containing a planet in Andromeda, which contains life forms.

Same way, it is possible that there is a parallel universe to our universe, which contains a world similar to our world but you do not live there. Maybe someone or some life-form similar to you lives there but not you.

These Parallel Universes have been created as the direct results of Big Bangs occurring from clashes of two other Parallel Universes. Are you still with me or do you have a headache by now? The concept is very simple & scientific. All you have to do is to grasp it with an open scientific mind.

This is how Theory of Parallel Universes explains The Theory of "Multiverse" (The "M" Theory) or vise versa.

And that my friends, is The Answer to "The Theory of Everything" and how everything got created! As you see, The Theory of Everything teaches us that Everything has never been created @ a specific Time frame. Everything has always been there, is here now, and will always be there.

The Conservation Law of Matters & Energies
Matters and Energies have never been created, will never be eliminated, yet they always change from one form to another.

Most people have limited mind frames which condemns them to look @ the whole existence & universe in the form of The Creator and The Creation! The Creator/Creation Model is fine and Dandy for a Bakery, a Pizza Parlor or a Jewelry Shop but not suited to answer the fundamental question of philosophy!

Holy Books teach us to look @ the Earth, Sun and Skies and picture them as Shoes! Someone must have maid these shoes & that someone is God (the shoemaker)!

This is the most simplistic way of explaining the complex patterns of Everything! This is Religion 101 for Brain Drained! Unfortunately, majority of human life forms, own simple minds, and as we all know:

Simple Minds seek Simple Pleasures (Belly & Under Belly)
Simple Minds read Simple Books (Quran, Bible, Torat, Aqdas, etc.)
Simple Minds seek Simple Questions (Who created us?)
Simple Minds accept Simple Answers (God created us so we shall obey & worship him!)

And then they go bend over, up and down, praising some Black Rock called Allah or whatever else ..........

Global population consists of Simple Minds. Simple Minds are limited Minds and that's all they can comprehend or else they shall burn a fuse for over thinking!

So, The "M" Theory is the most up-to-dated answer & response to the old question of Einstein on Singularity!

[ ? ]
Singularity was not the setting point for beginning of time. Time is the 4th dimension but it was started way before Singularity! Time existed as long as the Space existed! Time and Space fulfill one another:

Time <=> Space

Space had never started to exist @ a certain point; therefore, time has never started to exist @ a certain point. Space was always there to begin with and so was Time. Space is eternal & so is Time.

Time & Space come together as one & they are eternal.

The most scientific response to Einstein's question on Singularity is:

Before, Singularity, there were 2 membranes (universes) which clashed with one another. The clash of 2 parallel universes created The Big Bang. In a way, there has never been a Singularity, but there always existed a Duality!

Now expand this symbolically & figure that there is Duality in All aspects of life. There is no absolute Good or Evil. Little bit of both exists in all of us. Good & Evil are Religious concepts and not scientific concepts.

This is the latest Scientific Theory. We base our Facts upon the latest Scientific Theories. If tomorrow, science comes up with a new theory, then we shall change everything & base it on the latest scientific invention & enlightenment. Change is good. Scientific & Logical people progress with change. To Change, makes one avoids the dogma.

Above is the latest scientific alternative to believing in the myth of God and Story Books for Adults, named Holy Books and Salvation Businesses named Religions!

And That's All Folks.

For more thirst for philosophy, please review:

Alien Factor

Evolution vs Creation

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology

Atheist Wisdom

Famous Atheist Expressions and Idioms

Two types of people thrill me,
The ones who seek the Truth (Researchers and Students)
The ones who contribute to the Truth (Free Thinkers and Scholars)

I welcome your opinion and I shall be enlighten to hear your input. I specifically welcome our wise scientists, philosophers and Free Thinkers inside and outside IPC to ponder much and inform us of their views. Presently I am busy with creating the new IPC Website; however, I shall try to keep up with your inputs. Once, I get more free times, I shall expand and add to this thread.

Thank you much for taking this ride with me through the deepest corners of your minds, through the Time and Space...................

We shall meet again.

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Postby iranazadbad » Wed Sep 21, 2005 7:44 pm

Mr X,
Baba nadashteem. I though the Mullahs created everything, big bangers they are. but, now you give us the string and M theory. So, I know the big bang theory came from mullahs, this is when they are finished eating the chicken and rice and right before the tea.As for the other two, they must have been Iranian made.
On a serious note, thanks for the writting. Really good stuff. I knew little about the String theory but did not know anything about the M theory.
Unlike those who wants absolute answers to some of the world most difficult questions, I like to wonder in the state of not knowing. How can a finite mind describe or explain an infinite existance? We better learn to enjoy the very magnificent of the experience, while giving the greater minds credit for trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.
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Theory of Everything - Parallel Universes

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 08, 2006 4:47 pm

Theory of Everything
Part Two
Parallel Universes

February 8, 2006


Lend me your minds & for a moment, depart from your daily lives & political issues. Go beyond the specifics & look @ the Big Picture. Philosohpically speaking, go Universal! Take a ride with me through the scientific world, moving towards Tomorrow. I am your Train Conductor for a day! All aboard? Let's roll ...........

Let's get back to physical science & let's emphasize on Parallel Universes, shall we? In the past, the concept of "Parallel Universes" was more of a Sci Fi notion; however, today, it is moving towards becoming a scientific fact!

The Theory of "Parallel Universes" was basically an "Out There" Science Fiction episode; morely, a great concept for a sci fi movie! Yet have in mind, science is not dogma & science evolves. Yesterday's theories are today's garbage (Earth is flat); furthermore, yesterday's sci fi are today's strong concepts. There will be a day for today's strong concepts to become tomorrow's "Facts".

Science evolves, things change & the only "Absolute" factor is the "Change" within itself. In the scientific universe, nothing is absolute; therefore, the concepts of Creator (God), Prophets (Messengers), Saints (Holy Elements), Creationism, Supreme Spiritual Factors, & other "absolute" idealistic concepts, are simply illogical, unscientific & myths.

New Scientific Discoveries

Now you may ask me, why the sudden emphasis on "Parallel Universes"? Because science has evolved & there are new evidence & factors which are moving the Theory of "Parallel Universes" towards becoming a Valid Candidate for a "Strong Scientific Theory", possibly a "Scientific Fact"! So what's the new discovery, you asked?

Atomic Particles

According to the latest analysis, experiments, lab reports, scientific documentations & observations:

Scientific Fact
"At any specific time, Atomic Particles do not have a specific place."

Meaning, at any given time, Atomic Particles of any matter, are not each, at a specific location!

Recent scientific observations, vast super microscopic & atomic monitoring via super computers, Nuclear analysis & definite scientific experimentations are now telling us that beyond a reasonable doubt, each Atomic Particle belonging to different Atoms from different matters, does not have a specific & a steady location at each given moment in time. Do you understand this amazing discovery?

So what does this tell you?

Scientists Say:
According to Modern Physics, each Atomic Particle can be at more than one location at the same time. Actually it can be at infinite locations at the same time.

Picture this,

The Body of Atom:
Protons are positively charged particles found inside the nucleus of an atom.
Neutrons are the neutral particles found inside the nucleus of an atom.
Electrons are negatively charged particles that orbit around the outside of the nucleus.

An Atom consists of many Atomic Particles which together, they form a combine, lets say sphere of the Atom (Proton, Neutron, Electron). This Atomic 3 dimensional Sphere does not have a steady location, because all of its particles are shaking so quickly in various directions. These movements of Atomic Particles are so fast that the scientists have come to the conclusion that each Atomic Particle is actually at many different locations at the same time period. The possibilities are endless.

Expansion of The Theory

For instance, Atomic Particle "A.Tron" belonging to the Neutron of a specific Atom from the wood of your office desk, at any specific moment (Time Period) can be found in X, Y, Z, ..........Axis in space.

Therefore, each Atom can also be found in X, Y, Z, .............Axis in space.
Therefore, each Element can also be found in X, Y, Z, ...............Axis in space.
Therefore, each Animal, Plant can also be found in X, Y, Z, .............Axis in space.
Therefore, human & everything else can also be found in X, Y, Z, ...........Axis in space.

Now expand this to everything, & you will get "Parallel Universes"!

Universes, where you maybe a paper pusher or maybe a world leader!
Universes, where America maybe a British Colony or a Nazi Colony!
Universes, where Islam does not exist & The Persian Empire still rules the world!
Possibilities are endless!

Now the question remains how to cross over in Parallel Universes?

Gates and Leaps

Well, my friends, for ages, I have been studying, researching & experimenting with Time Travel & Time Machines. When all options come to halt, then The time Travel remains the only option! However, in case of "Parallel Universes", we are not talking about the "Time Factor", yet we are talking about "Leaping or Beaming" into various universes possibly through a gate! And what if I will be able to do so, but there will be another Ahreeman living there? What will I do with him? Send him over here?

More & more, each day which passes by, "Parallel Universes" Theory, is becoming a Scientific Theory, moving towards becoming a Scientific Fact! Now there are many conditions, hows, buts & ifs, yet I have a promising belief that these are elementary factors & eventually we will get to the bottom of it all.

I keep the study, research, & experimentation going. Once I discover the Gate, I will leave a light on, for yous! Who knows, maybe we can all, cross over to an alternate universe where Persian Empire still rules the world, Sassanid Empire still in power, Shapour The XXX is Shahanshah, Ctesiphone is center of the Earth & the next Emperor of Persia, the sole super power on Earth will not actually be an emperor, yet an Empress! Her name will be Azarmidokht Amertat II of Sassanid Dynasty, Shahbanu of Persia! Picture that if you can?!

And then I leap from today's our California to today's California Satrapee (state) of Amri-Ka (a protectorate of Persian Empire), which after 60 years, there is still a territorial conflict between Rome & Persia, over territory of Amri-Ka! Imagine that if you can?!

Where are we?

Possibilities are endless. How various universes had developed in different systems are an infinite number! Scientifically speaking, we have just slightly opened the door into the Theory of "Parallel Universes"; we are not even in! Scientists are moving by speed of light to explore more & more about this theory. Eventually the time will come to locate various universes & leap in to them. Would we find our desirable universe to move into?

The Motto will say:
Have you ever felt like a fish out of the bowl & out of place? Have you ever felt like you don't belong in the environment which you live in? Well now, there is a solution! Leap through our Gates to your desirable universe!

Time Travel & Parallel Universes

Unlike Time Travel, where you can mess with Time & forever Change the future by Changing the past, in Parallel Universes, you cannot damage the Time nor history, thus the Time is not a factor! At the same Time, all parallel universes are co-existing! The only odd issue will be if you encounter a possible carbon copy of yourself in another universe!

Scientific Aspect

Science is the only key to salvation, to progress & to Change. There is no doubt in my mind that during up coming years & decades; we will come up with amazing discoveries. We will discover factors, which were always right under nose, but we had never thought it would be so easy to discover them! One day, we will laugh at the way we are thinking today!

One day, we will turn today's Science Fiction into Science.
One day, we will joke about how idiotic our today's belief system, were!
One day, The Science will be The Only God!

Today, people's brains are incapable of picturing that day, but scientists are people with huge imagination. Scientists are the people who will turn the Sci Fi into Documented Science. Through the history of mankind, they have always done so!

Now I must go back to my studies. Not to worry, once I create The Gate & be able to Leap, I will leave a light on for you! Don't be afraid, follow me!

I leave you with these thoughts & always remember that possibilities are endless!
Think about it, will you?!


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Theory of Everything updates

Postby IPC » Tue May 19, 2009 4:42 pm

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Theory of Everything - New Edition

Postby CR » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:02 am

Theory of Everything - New Edition

Theory of Everything explains the fundamental question of philosophy:
How has everything started to exist?

New Updated Version of Theory of Everything by Ahreeman X:


Seeking the Truth

Lean back, relax and free your minds,
Lend me your open minds,
Allow me to show you the other side of the coin,
Allow me to preach to you,
Words of Science and Logic,
Will you take a ride with me,
Into the Deepest Corners of Thought and Mind?
Take a ride with me through The Time and Space,
Let us together seek and search for the ..............
Fundamental question of philosophy:
How has everything started to exist?
To answer this fundamental question, we must search for the answer to "The Theory of Everything"!
Read More:

Theory of Everything – Part 1: Basic Cponcepts ... /index.htm

Theory of Everything – Part 1: Parallel Universes ... /index.htm

IPC Philosophy

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress

Time Machine, a device which can be used to leap through the Fourth Dimension, The Time.
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Re: Theory of Everything!

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:13 pm

Theory of Everything – New Edition

Part 1: The Basic Concepts – 2nd Edition Dec 11, 2016 ... /index.htm

Part 2: Parallel Universes – 2nd Edition Dec 11, 2016 ... /index.htm

Response by Nicholas Ginex » Tues Dec13, 2016

Dear Dr. Ahreeman,

I read your philosophical article, Theory of Everything, posted initially Sept 21, 2005 and updated December 11, 2016. You presented in Part 1, Basic Concepts, some scientific theories and explanations, in which you gave definitions of Singularity, the Big Bang, String Theory, existence of Dimensions (from 3 to 11), the Multiverse Theory, discussion of our Universe and Parallel Universes, and the Conservation Law of Matter and Energy.

Part 1 presented much to discuss and because I am always interested in exchanging both scientific and philosophical thoughts about how everything, that is, how the Universe began. I will try to share what may be of use for others to ponder, question, and perhaps arrive at better answers to understand how the Universe came to exist.

Part 2, Parallel Universes, offers much to question and certainly consider for the possibility of being valid. You presented Atomic Particles, the latest ideas about Time Travel and Parallel universes, and that religious beliefs will eventually change as scientific discoveries further reveal the beginning of our Universe.

Dr. X, at the end of your article for both Part 1 and 2, you provided an IPC Philosophy Index that opens the door to many other philosophical writings that IPC members may wish to read. When I went to that index I was disappointed to not “see” the Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X Dialog titled, Philosophy of Existence. It dealt with many of the same topics in the updated Theory of Everything by presenting, How Everything Came to Existence?This was provided in 3 Parts: Micro Aspects, Macro Aspects and General Aspects. Perhaps you will add the link to our dialog underPhilosophy Articles under your name, Ahreeman X. Thank you. It is an honour I humbly cherish.

I will like to be part of the discussion, Theory of Everything, with you and other IPC members. This is a great opportunity for our members to share their thoughts. It is true that many of us will be hypothesizing and developing philosophical thoughts that may not have any relevance. But by exploring and tapping into our insights for others to read there may be a light that stimulates others to arrive at conclusions that have merit.

Since you covered much ground in your post, I will take selected pieces to discuss and keep my responses short so others may comment.
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