Why Iran is a Mess (Psychology of the youth)?

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Why Iran is a Mess (Psychology of the youth)?

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:02 pm

Why Iran is a Mess (Psychology of the youth)?


People often ask me why Iran is a mess?

Allow me to primarily give you one example and then I give you the solution.

This is a perfect example of why Iran is a mess:

Example of why Iran is doomed?
Dos Bache Kunis!
Kamran and Hooman, 2 Iranian Qorbati Bache Kuni claiming they’re Canadians!

Kamran and Hooman, The Canadians!

Iranians Response (Esfahani) Part 1 (Awesome)

Iranians Response (Esfahani) Part 2 (Funny)

Diss Track Rap (Radical)

No wonder I mocked these two bozos long ago. View bottom of the page:

Only in Iran (Part 4)

Now do you want to get philosophical about it and dig deep?

Domestication of Persians
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/do ... /index.htm

Now do you want to dissect the roots of the problem and do an in depth analysis?

The Iranian Disease (3 Parts)
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/ir ... /index.htm

Finally you can ask a clear cut question. Observe:

Why Iran is a Mess?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/founder/opp ... /index.htm

Straight Question deserves a straight answer.
Here is the sole solution to our problem:

Moral Revolution
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/mo ... /index.htm

Participate in the discussion:

Moral Revolution Thread

So now you have full information about why Iran is a mess and what you can do to fix the problem.

What say you?


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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Mar 11, 2009 4:55 am

The Missing Point

The missing point here is not the fact that these couple of Bache Kunis deny their Persianhood and call themselves Canadians, but the main issue is that they lie and exaggerate about their fame! They tell the reporter that everyone knows them in Canada and then they go further and state that they are known globally!

The fact is that no one knows these couple of faggots except a bunch of other Iranian Bache Soosool Dancing Sheeple who listen to Persian 6/8 Lollypop Disco Pop Music! It is understandable to listen to this type of garbage in your teen years, but there are grown Iranian men and women as young adults and middle age professionals who still listen to this type of trash!

These couple of faggots make their money from the Iranian community who only listens to them because they do not know any better music! Because if they did, then they would never listen to this type of meaningless garbage! Even though these Bache Kunis make their money from the musically challenged Iranian Teen community, yet they go turn around and deny their Persianhood!

There is no shame in these two Faggots to behave this way, simply because they are a couple of bold faggots (no offense to the Gay community), but there is a shame on Iranian teenagers who waste their money on purchasing CDs and Concert Tickets of these Bache Kunis or similar other Jendejat-e Ba Dool or Bi Dool! What Iranians need is musical knowledge so they can have music appreciation, so they don’t continue being Dancing Sheeple.

In the future, I am planning to write a series of articles to introduce real music to the Iranian youth so hopefully we can develop their taste of music!

Let’s face it, except Iranian Traditional Music and Classical Music, and except a few pop legends (Dariush, Ebi, etc.) and a few new Rock or Rap bands, the rest of the Modern Iranian Commercial Music is garbage and not worth listening, set aside purchasing their CDs or going to their concerts!

Media who promotes this garbage are garbage Tabloids themselves.
People who listen to this garbage are shallow Sheeple themselves.

It is time to evolve your musical taste, knowledge and appreciation, so you would not even bother listening to garbage like these Bache Kunis!

With Moral Revolution, comes Cultural Revolution, Sexual Revolution and indeed Musical Revolution. Iranian Teenagers need to evolve their brains, so they would not piss on these faggots even if they were on fire!

If someone would not know these couple of faggots bragging about themselves, they would have thought that maybe David Gilmour and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd are speaking about themselves to the reporter! Bache Kunis have 2 characteristics:

1. They are bold and exaggerative.
2. They need to be fragged deep and hard in the Shiiter.

For their boldness, we can allow them to Kun around (Kunning) in Persian Cheesy Satellite TVs, but for their Anal desires, remind me to import a couple of prime Persian Donkeys from Tabriz to Hollywood, each with a couple of feet long schlongs to anal rape them and satisfy their everlasting quench for Kunming around!


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