The New IPC Website

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The New IPC Website

Postby IPC » Wed Apr 13, 2005 6:49 pm

The New IPC Website is coming soon!
Dear Members:

The New IPC Website is in the process of making and soon, it will be up on the air. Here are some information about the new website:

- The New IPC Website will be the most complete, gigantic database of information, Graphics and reference about Iran.
- The new site will be full of articles, books, poetry, photo albums, cartoons, humor, animations and graphics by various best of the best in these fields.
- The format will be of a monthly electronic magazine.
- The new IPC Website will be a fully commercial site.
- The new IPC Website is estimated to be the most popular and most read, Iranian political website in the globe and one of the most trafficked Iranian sites.
- The new site will have many fun sections for the average Joe and stimulating sections for intellectuals.
- The research process for the site is done.
- The material collection for the site is in progress.
- The Web Development is in process.
- The New IPC Website will be a smashing site, something totally new and different than the present site and any Iranian site you have seen.

Please be patient because everything will change and you will love it. The New IPC Website will be amazing and we estimate massive readership much greater than present. This means of course the Club will be much more busy too.

Stay tune for future announcements.

IPC Office
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