A Vision for Iran of tomorrow: Nationalism

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A Vision for Iran of tomorrow: Nationalism

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed May 18, 2005 12:52 pm

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow
Part One: Fundamental of Nationalism


People often ask me, in many surveys taken by IPC Office & designed by yourself, you had distinguished & separated Nationalist Republic with a Democratic Republic, why is that?

Allow me to elaborate. First of all, there is a fundamental difference between a Monarchist, a Republican and then a Nationalist. But before we get there, allow me to clarify an important point to you.

Fundamental of Monarchy

When my friend & my comrade states that he is a Monarchist, he is not necessarily throwing his support behind Reza Pahlavi, a Rival Shah or Fath Ali Shah! What he is throwing his support to, is "The Fundamental of Monarchy". When one says I am a Monarchist, then he believes in the nature of Monarchy which in itself, it can be Constitutional, Absolutist or in between (Limited Authority).

Fundamental of Republic

Same goes with a Republican. When one states that he is a Republican, then he is not necessarily throwing his support behind Khatami, Maryam Rajavi, Mr. Madani or Jebhe Melli! When one says he is a Republican, then it means that he believes in the nature of the Republic, which could be Parliamentary, Federal, or other forms. This person cherishes the fundamental of the Republic.

Fundamental of Nationalism

When I say, I am a Nationalist & I believe in Nationalism, it doesn't mean that I like to wave the Iranian Lion & Sun Flag, & sing Ey Iran, Ey Iran songs! Yet it means that I do believe in the nature & fundamental of Nationalism. When I say, I am a Nationalist, then it means that the greatest form of a government & the most practical form of a government which can rule over Iran & be according to my linking, in my opinion is a Nationalist Government.

A Nationalist Regime's priority is not a Monarchy or a Republic. A Nationalist Government's priority is to establish an Iranian (Persian) Independent State with Iranian (Persian) values, Iranian (Persian) way of life & a type of economy, society, ethics, spiritual philosophy & cultural needs in which Iranians desire.

A Nationalist Government, can be a Monarchy, can be a Republic or can be neither! It can be an Empire, it can be a Syndicated Regime, it can be a Totalitarian Regime, it can be a National Socialist or a Fascist Regime, it can be an Elite Oligarchical Regime and then it can be a Government of The Technocrat Intellectual Elite over the masses.

In returns, A Monarchy or a Republic can also be a Nationalist Regime or possibly not!


Nationalist Republic

A Nationalist Republic emphasizes on Nationalism, Nationalistic Values, Persian Values & Persianhood before Republican Values.

Democratic Republic

A Democratic Republic emphasizes on Republicanism, Republican Values, Democracy & nature of the Republic, before Nationalism or maybe not even Nationalism @ all! A Democratic Republic could be an Internationalist Republic with no Nationalistic values whatsoever! A Democratic Republic could be a Socialist Republic!

Now when masses question me on what do you believe? I say "Nationalism"!


I am a Nationalist, actually a Hard Core Nationalist. I believe in 100% Pure Persian Pride. My priority is neither a Republic or a Monarchy! My priority is Iran, Persianhood and Nationalism. I believe in the Fundamental of Nationalism. I believe without Nationalistic Values, Persian Values, & Persianhood, the meaning of a Republic or a Monarchy or whatever regime established in Iran is equal to Zero, zilch & furthermore, garbage!

As a Nationalist, my priority is to establish:

First, a Nationalist Regime in Iran.
Second, a Democratic Regime in Iran.
Third, a Republic, a Monarchy or other forms of government comes afterwards.

So the order of priority would be:

1. Nationalism
2. Democracy
3. Forms of Government

That's my agenda & its clean as a whistle. I state it proudly & I clearly preach that I am a Nationalist. I am informing "All" about my stands right here & right now; therefore, later on, there will be no unsolved issues or claims of me, not clarifying my ideology!

I am a Nationalist before I believe in a Republic, Monarchy, Oligarchy or other forms of the government. I am a Nationalist, before I even start a new regime in Iran. The future Regime of Iran before anything else, must & has to be a Nationalist Regime to begin with, or else Islamic Republic of Iran might as well remain in power!

I do not want to hear anyone in 10 years from now, to speak or write anything, anywhere that I have deceived the masses & did not reveal my true stands & beliefs to the public, before my participations in The Regime Making!

I hope I have clarified my stands & left no doubts in the minds of the readers.

So ask me, what is my political ideology?
And I will tell you "Nationalism"!

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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue May 24, 2005 5:09 am

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow
Part Two: Examples of Present Nationalist Regimes

I. United States of America

Presently, GOP Ruled USA is based on American Nationalism which is called Patriotism. Like it or not, right or wrong, this nation is built on Anglo_Saxon Judeo_Christian Republican Values, yet with Separation of Church & State in mind. Since the begining of its creation, GOP insisted on Patriotism. No matter if you belong to Christian Wing, Republican Wing or Moderate Wing of GOP, but all of them vote GOP because they are all patriotic. What clings "All" GOP members together is primarily great sense of Patriotism and next comes Free Market Economy, Tax Cuts, Small Government, Competetive Nature, Moral Values, etc. GOP rules America & GOP rules by American Patriotism.

Liberal Democrats do not have these characteristics. They are Multi Culturalists, Socialists, Big Government Control, Global Government, Welfare Government, Big Expenditure, etc. Multi Culturalism is fine & dandy but America has not been found on Islamic or Bhuddist Values! And America certainly does not appreciate desecrating & Burning of her flag!

So GOP rules because All GOP members are heavily patriotic or in other words are American Nationalists. America first, World second. That's why I am a GOP member & thats why every single person that I know in the party, may they be Christian, Republican, Moderate, Rock & Rollers, Veterans, Military, Corporatists or Freelance, All & All are heavily patriotic!

On the other hand, I have never seen a Strongly Patriotic Liberal in my whole life! GOP rules America with Strong Nationalistic Values.

II. Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin has won 2 elections & Russians vote strongly for Putin becaue of Russian Nationalism. They want to primarily revive Russia. They want Russia to regain her greatness in the globe. They want to revive the Russian Empire. Economy, Society, Orthodox Christian Values, Freedom, Democracy & everything else is secondary. Also pro Putin voters beleive that by rising a strong Nationalist Government, Russia will rise again & solve all her problems.

Putin's Government rules Russia with an Iron Hand & Land Slide because it is a heavily Russian Nationalist Government. Russia is not an Islamic or Tartar or Yakut based nation! Russia is a White Slavic, Oethodox Christian, Russian Central Collectivist Government & Nation. Vladimir Putin's Regime is rulling Russia via Russian Nationalism.

Above are two examples for present Nationalist Regimes. Two regimes, GOP ruled USA and Putin Ruled Russia, two of the greatest nations in the present world.

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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue May 24, 2005 5:12 am

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow
Part Three: My Vision for Iran of tomorrow!

My vision is to survive & revive Iran via revival of strong Persian, Aryan, Zoroastrian, Nationalistic values combined in one term called Persianhood. I vision to replace the Islamic, Shiite, Internationalism with a great sense of Persian Nationalism. I want to continue where Reza Khan stopped! I want to continue the Secular, Strong, Collective Economy, Industrialism, Militaristic, Militant, Aryan Culture based on direction in which Reza Khan was moving towards it, yet Alahazrat due to his upbringing by his mother as a Muslim, never had the determination, strength nor secularism to continue..........., This is the way to push Iran into the Information Age.

I strongly believe that if Reza Khan would have not given in to Monarchists, Aristocrats, Mullahs, Feudals & Darbar, & would not become the Shah & continued the path of what he realy wanted for Iran, the same as Attaturk, a strong presidency, then after him, one after another would take over strong secular presidents elected democratically by the will of the people & due to their worthiness, moving Iran towards greatness, secularism, & 21st century.

This means Alahazrat would have never become Shah & ruled Iran, 1979 would have never happened, Monarchy would have rested in peace on 1925, then 1953 & definitly 1979 & Mullahs Rule, would have never happened! A strong Nationalist Secular Militant Government, in the style of Turkey would have taken Iran to 21st century & beyond. Islam would have never become strong & useless bums like Reza Pahlavi would have never be heard of! Only if I could truly traveled in time, I would have stopped Reza Khan to give in on 1925!

I want to continue when & where Reza Khan stopped or forced to stop by Imperial Darbar & Religion! Through 1925, the destruction of the future Iran was unknowlingly planned by the joint hands of Darbar & Mullahs. Monarchists & Mullahs always went hand in hand, but the difference is that before 1979, Monarchists ruled & Mullahs prospered, yet after 1979, Mullahs ruled directly! Darbar, Feudals & Religion were 3 reasons that Iran got screwed in 1925 & changed direction. The history of Iran would have been different if it wasn't for Monarchists, Aristocrats, Feudals & Mullahs of 1925. I hold them directly responsiple to force Reza Khan to become a Shah!

My vision is to revive the Persian Empire by primarily changing regime in Iran, build a strong Iran with Persian Nationalism & secondary, make the Persian Union a reality. Persian Union, meaning returning all Ex-States & present independent nations of Central Asia & Western Asia including:

Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Lower half of Pakistan (Baluchistan half), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greater part of Iraq, Bahrain and a small part of Kazakhstan,

..... back to Mother Persia by creating a strong Federal Economical Union called the Persian Union.

The Persian Union will be similar to European Union, yet with a powerful central Unified Military. All states will have total autonomy in their internal affairs, the same as states in America, but they have to obey Tehran for foreign policy & Military needs.

Federalism is the key to keep all states intact & happy with total internal autonomy. This has been the way which has been done during Achaemenids.

The Persian Union will be a great economic & military entity, crucial for survival, salvation & blooming of all Persian Rooted Cultures of the region. Persian Union will be the path to glory.

What I have mentioned, is not a dream! It may sound like a dream but only a strong determined Uber Mensch or a few Uber Menschen can make this dream a reality! Iran has never been pushed forward by a group effort, a Dynasty of Shahs or a Republic! Iran has always been pushed forward by visions of an Uber Mensch & other Uber Menschen around him!

Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes, Shapour, Yaqub Leis, Abbas, Nadir, Reza Khan, were the 8 Greats who had this vision & made it a reality. Iran went totally off course, ........... in my opinion on 1925 & for sure on 1941. To create Pahlavi Dynasty was a Grave Mistake. A mistake that ended up in 1979 Islamic Reaction. Only Fools, are still singing Diseased Pahlavi Rule & returning it to Iran songs!

There will be no return of Monarchy in the future of Iran! History does not go backwards! Monarchy died 26 years ago on 1979. In my opinion, it had to die on 1925 but Reza Khan @ that time was too weak politically, to make a stand against the combined forces of Monarchists, Feudals, Aristocrats, Mullahs & Darbar! We cannot force Iran & push it back in the history! Monarchy is done & dead for 26 years.

The future vision is to create a true Republic in Iran & then to turn this republic into an Empire, the revival of Persian Empire, yet in the format of "The Persian Union" taking control of the whole Western/Central Asian Region. The most powerful economy of the Western Asia.

We must experiment something which has not been done to Iran since Achaemenid Era, The Federal System of Government! The problem with Iranians are that they are stuck in the history, they see Yesterday & they always want to go back in history!

Monarchists want to go back to how things were before 1979!
Jebhe Meli wants to go back to how things were on 1953 Mosadeq Era!
Islamists want to go back on how things were 1400 years ago!
Communists want to go back to how things were before 1990 Fall of Communism!

I do not desire to go back in history! I go forwards to build the history!

I see tomorrow, I vision tomorrow, but the problem is that many cannot see that far! Majority is lost as a lost tribe! Majority is running after their daily bread in Iran & the majority is corrupt outside Iran. The Cyber Majority is doing cheap talk, chit chat & Hip Hop talk in their small stupid forums & websites. Majority is too occupied, too small minded & too weak to vision the future. Silly Exiled Iranian Community with their Gossip Media, Tabloid Press & Bang O Salavat Cabarets are too narrow minded to see beyond their Penis or Vaginas! Inxiled Iranian Community is chasing after daily bread & busy screwing one another up the Shiiter!

Small Men with Small Minds can never see beyond the tip of their nose! Great Tasks has never been done by Small Men! We will vision & build the future. Majority is just a tool which we shall use to build this vision & make it a reality. The Elite Super Minds always lead the Nation to Greatness. That's our salvation.

"I point to the Moon, yet not everyone can see beyond the tip of my finger"!

I have a vision. One day, This Vision will be a reality!

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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue May 24, 2005 10:05 am

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow
Part Four: To Change All Social Fabrics

The Blue Print

Steps of The Game:

I. To make a Regime Change in Iran via Coup, Revolution, other means and by "All Means Possible"!

II. Replacement of Islamic Republic of Iran with a Nationalist Regime.

III. To Change every aspect of today's Iranian social fabrics by total destruction of the complete social patterns of Iranian Society and to replace them with Nationalistic Patterns.

IV. Establishment of Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

V. Economical Revival and to push Iran forward into the Information Age by the speed of light!

VI. Creation of a blooming economy, prosperous society, super powerful military and with emphasis on international trades, economical self sufficiency to produce & to supply All or Most of our own industrial, technological, agricultural & economical needs.

VII. Transformation of Iran into a major Regional, Asian & Global Industiral, Hi Tech & Military Power.

VIII. Creation of "The Persian Union", to return all Ex-Persian States back to Mother Persia. This transformation is beneficial for all present scattered, Independent, Persian Rooted Nations which are presently suffering on their own to economically compete or survive in today's global economy!

IX. Revival of "The Persian Empire" by committing to economical treaties, social unions, political tactics and by All means possible. All present Persian Rooted, Weak Independent Nations of West & Central Asia will transform to prosperous powerful Autonomous Federal States of the Future Persian Empire.

X. Establishment & Organization of The Persian Empire via economical self sufficiency, industrial society, internal autonomy & equal rights for All Federal States & cultures of the Empire, & creation of a super powerful Imperial military.

XI. Final Transformation of Iran and other Persian rooted Western & Central Asian Nations, including:

Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Lower half of Pakistan (Baluchistan half), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greater part of Iraq, Bahrain and a small part of Kazakhstan,

to "The Persian Empire" and then Transformation of The Persian Empire to an Economic & Military Super Power, beyond harms reach.

XII. Once more, The Persian Empire will become a Global Super Power.

Mission Accomplished.

This is The Vision. We shall concentrate all our efforts to make this vision a reality. Eventually, this vision will be accomplished.

And this is the Blue Print

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Postby Atusa Qajar » Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:32 pm

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow (Nationalism)
Part Five: 3rd Pars

Experts from a 2004 university speech by Dr. X:

Revival of The Persian Empire
(The only chance of survival for our people)

The Ultimate Goal is the creation of The 3rd Pars. The 1st Pars and The 2nd Pars were the golden ages of the Persian Empire. The 3rd Pars will be the revival of the Persian Empire (post Persian Union).

1st Pars: Persian Empire (539 BC - 651 AD)
Cyrus The Great of Achaemenids Dynasty's reign was during 559 BC - 530 BC; however, by 539 BC he had built the Persian Empire. So the official starting date of "1st Pars" is since Cyrus had started the Persian Empire (539 BC) until the end point of Yazdgird III, last emperor of the Sassanid Dynasty (651 AD). This period covers the Iranian history during Achaemenids, Arsacids (Ashkanids) and Sassanids Dynasties of Iran.

2nd Pars: Persian Empire (1501 AD - 1797 AD)
2nd Pars started on 1501 AD, the reign of Shah Ismail I of Safavids Dynasty (1501 AD - 1524 AD) and ended on 1797 AD, the final year of the reign of Aqa Mohamad Khan of Qajar Dynasty (1795 AD - 1797 AD). This period covers the Iranian history during Safavids, Afsharids, Zand and Qajar (Only The 1st Qajar Emperor) Dynasties of Iran.

3rd Pars: Future Dates
We must deal with AIOG with unshakable determination and extreme prejudice. Destruction of AIOG is crucial to rebirth of Iran. For once and for all and for the last time in history, Islamic Abomination must be dealt with.

After the overthrow of AIOG (Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government) also known as IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), establishment of a legal, secular and democratic Free Iran, Speedy progress of the Iranian economy, technology, industry, military and society; Iran must and will return all her past Khashtarahs (States) to the Mother Land. A "Persian Union" will be formed, consisting of: Greater part of Iraq (Kurdistan, parts of central and south Iraq), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Small Parts of Russia (Ossetia and small part of Caucasia), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Small part of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Lower half of Pakistan (Baluchistan Half), Bahrain and Iran. After the creation of "Persian Union", this Union will make a speedy move towards the creation of the Persian Empire. This 3rd revival of the Persian Empire will be known as The 3rd Pars. The goal will be for The 3rd Pars to become a major Global Super Power.

The Creation of 3rd Pars is a fundamental factor for the survival of "All" Iranians, presently scattered amongst tens of different 3rd world independent yet irrelevant struggling nations of the Western and Central Asia. The only guarantee for Iranian people's independence, survival and salvation comes from the future creation of the mighty 3rd Pars as a global super power.

As Iranian Nationalists, it is our duty to step by step complete this task or die trying. This is our only chance of survival as an independent nation. Is this a dream? Is this imagination? But people with dreams and imagination are the only people who will build the tomorrow!

Rise up to revive your identity thus without your identity you are Dog Meat! Rise up now and make a pact and take an oath to your lost prestige to Do or Die. Rise up to the level of,

Pure Persian Pride
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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On Pan Iranism & Pan Iranists

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:35 am

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism)
Part Six: On Pan Iranism & Pan Iranists

Dear Oslonor:

I am going to respond to this post

Over here, because it is directly related to the topic of discussion here.
And please edit your title:
"The Rise of Afghan Empire and The Fall of Iran Islamic Repu"
Cause you did not get enough room to finish the word "Republic".
In Ahreemania, everything is perfect, thus Ahreeman is a perfectionist!


Welcome to IPC. Allow me to make some comments on your article:

I. I love Afghans, I have many Afghan friends & I also find you interesting, intelligent & somewhat history literate. That is why I am responding to you. By no means, take my response as an insult or a put down.

II. My bet is that you came to IPC through Pan Iranist Forum. Unfortunately, friends @ Pan Iraniast Forum are semi confused! They are preaching Pan Iranism & Islam both! This is the same as preaching Tora & Mein Kampf both! I do not want to say that these friends have their heads up their rectums, yet they are obviously extremely confused! I certainly hope that you are not also a "Muslim Pan Iranist" (Contradiction in Contradiction)!

III. I have spent years studying Afghans, their culture, their social behavior, their traditions, their language & their belief system. I have associated with many Afghans. I can speak Dari (Persian via Afghani dialect) with you & you will never know that I am not Afghan! I imitate accents & languages to a fine point!

IV. I have read your profile:


A friendly advice: The picture you have chosen as your persona, is actually a female photo! People may assume you are a woman or Gay! I strongly suggest for you to replace it with a similar, yet a male photo.

V. There are 2 kinds of Afghans! Afghans are either extremely illiterate & ignorant or they are extremely knowledgeable & intelligent! There is no in between with you people!

* Ignorant Afghans: Are the majority.
a) Typical Muslim Afghans, Mojahedin, Dahati or Backwards who are more Muslim than Arabs! The Typical Afghans are the most extreme Muslim in the world! Even Arabs are not more fanatic than Afghans!

b) Typical Westoxicated Afghans, men drowned in Booze & Opium or Hashish, driving Mercedes Benz, owning businesses, a good Muslim @ day time & a certified drunk & Jendeh Baz @ night! Women, wear shorter Micro Mini Skirts, shorter than Persian girls (How can it be)! They act more flirty, more sluty & more promiscuous than Persians (Iranians)! They are truly liberated women!

* Intelligent Afghans: Are a slim minority.
a) Afghan Hard-core Communists & Marxists, highly schooled, somewhat educated, very sophisticated, Anti Islam, very modern & very intellectual.

b) Afghan Nationalists, well, you would be a good example!
And of course Afghan National Socialists (Nazis)!

So basically, Afghans are either Morons or Intellectuals, but there is no in between!

VI. You mention that your wife is Persian! Do you mean Iranian? Are you sure? How can a sane Persian woman marry a crazy Afghan such as you?!

VII. I disagree with you. Persia & Persian are the Latin terms for Iran & Iranian.

VIII. Your so called Afghan Empire & in my opinion Afghan Rebellion, actually did not start with Ahmad Shah of the Durrani or on 1762, yet it started, officially when Afghans (Mahmoud, Ashraf, Others) occupied Safavid Capital (Esfahan). The Fall of Safavid Persian Empire (1715 AD = 1135 Hejri Qamari) by Afghans was basically the starting point for Afghan Independence or Semi Independence!

IX. As you mentioned, Afghanistan has under 300 years of history (to be precise, 291 years). I have to give you credit for that, because most Afghans are so illiterate which do not even know that! They believe Afghanistan has been an independent country for thousands of years! Afghanistan (same as Iraq) is basically a fabricated, made up nation by British (specifically during Qajar Dynasty), to disintegrate Iran! Your history is actually part of the Iranian history, going back 8000 years.

Through the years, specifically after Median Kingdom, your nation (Afghanistan) was basically consisting of 2 states (Khashtarah) of Iran: Bakhtar (Bactriana) & Ariana.

British policy during Safavid, Afsharid. Zand & Qajar was to undermine the 2nd Pars (Persian Empire) by agitating various nationalistic feelings around different states of Iran. The whole independence episode of Afghanistan, along with many other states of Iran was indeed cooked up in British Ovens in London!

X. I do not look @ Afghans as separate people! I look @ you as Iranians. We are one in heart & soul! But this doesn't mean your language or your race is the pure Persian one! Actually the language originated in Persia (Pars State) & so did the race established (not originated) in Persia (Pars State)! So do not even go there that your "Dahati Dari Dialect" is pure Persian & your "mixed up race" is the pure Persian race!

XI. Your analysis of Azeri Turks are not Persian is flawed! Azeris maybe mixed with Turks but still, majority of Azeris are Aryan (Atropats). Azeris are as Persian as you are; therefore, your whole theory that Iranians have been degenerated by Azeri Turk blood is flawed! Iranians maybe degenerated by Arabo_Islamic blood much more than Azeri Turkic blood!

But then again, look @ you people! Afghans are more Arabized, more Muslim & more backwards than Arabs! Your lingo & race is more mixed with Arabs than Iranians! You got room to talk!

XII. For your information, the roots of Safavids, Afsharids, & Qajar goes further back than Azerbaijan! They have moved from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan & then Iran. So originally all three tribes go back to Aq Qoyonlu, Qara Qoyonlu & Turkmens. And what are Turkmens? Original Turkmens (before mixing with Orientals) were Aryans. They are indeed an Iranic Aryan Tribe. So as you see, Safavids, Afsharids, & Qajar are not Ottoman Turks rooted but Turkmen Iranic rooted.

I even go further than that & tell you that, some of the people in East Turkey are also Aryan rooted people.

So this whole concept of Pan Turkist against Pan Iranism is flawed because Azeris (by majority) & Turkmens (by great majority) are Aryan! They are as Persian as you are!

XIII. My friend, with all due respect, this Afghan Empire concept of yours:


is extremely cheesy! Afghanistan was never an Empire!

Definition of an Empire:

Empire = Vast amount of lands, stretched through numerous geographical areas, either connected or separated via strips of water.

Kingdom = Limited amount of land basically in one geographical area.


The First and Last Persian Emperors

Afghanistan @ most was a kingdom in central Asia. Your so-called Empire lasted a short while after the death of Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid. Actually Nadir Shah Afshar leveled your Empire along with 10s of other Empires in the region! Once again during Late Zand & Early Qajar, Afghans started a rebellion but once again crushed by firm hands of Qajar starting from Aqa Mohamad Khan all the way to Naser edin Shah! So what is this Afghan Empire in which you are talking about? Throughout history, Afghans for off & on rebelled against Persian Empire's central control in Esfahan, Mashhad or Tehran (Capitals). For scattered short periods of times during Safavids to present, they have managed to gain a full control of the present Afghanistan or partial control of half of today's Afghanistan. Now if you want to call this Rebellion (Yaqi Gari) as a Kingdom or an Empire or an Independent Nation, then by all means, I want fellow Afghan Nationalists (oxy moron) to be happy, so by all means, please call it an Empire!

Afghans have a history of killing each other & it goes back to Ashraf killing Mahmoud! Then Northern Alliance killing Taliban! Brother kills brother for a dollar bill! And you want to build an Afghan Empire?!

XIV. My friend, Afghans, same as Kurds, same as Tajiks, same as ................, have tendency to over exaggerate their historical, geographical & racial importance & effects in the Persian Empire! Actually they go as far as claiming that they were each the controlling force in the Persian Empire! For instance Kurds consider The Median Kingdom as the glorious starting point of the Persian History, Tajiks do the same with Samanid Dynasty, or you Afghans claim that you ran an Empire! In your minds, Mahmoud & Ashraf Afghans (couple of Outlaw Rebels) become Emperors!

The reality knocks! Knock knock! Anyone home? Hello.............

Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, etc. etc. etc. were historically always a few states of the Persian Empire. In your case, Afghanistan was 2 states of Iran. Nothing more, nothing less. You are as Iranian as I am. You have as much right to Iran as I have.

XV. My friend, may I ask, how are you going to build this future Afghan Empire? Your sole product is Hashish & Poppy! Your resources in Afghanistan are Poppy Fields & Gav O Guspand Cattle, set aside that majority of your population, themselves are cattle! Most of your population are some of the most backwarded people in the world! Afghanistan is basically a desert surrounded with mountains with no resources, no fertile lands, no sea shores & no riches! The most fanatical & backwarded Muslim in the world are Afghans!

And then you got the nerve to call Iran, a Mexico! My friend, this Fragged Up, misfortunate Iran of today which we call IRI is 200 times more advanced & sophisticated than Afghanistan! Who are you kiddin?

Islamic Republic of Iran maybe my enemy, but she is a Regional power. She is also a relevant factor in Asia. IRI is basically The 2nd Shiite Empire after Safavids!

My friend, Iran produces 22 different automobiles, missiles & now building her own airplanes! Iran is an industrial nation which produces her own products from food to can goods, to soda pop to tools, to agricultural goods, to raw construction material, to machinery, to ...................., Iran is basically self sufficient! How do you think they survived 27 years of sanctions & 8 years of war?

Iran is not Iraq who does not even produces aluminum or soda cans or bottles! Iran basically is producing everything from Caviar to Hand Tools, from machinery to raw material & from Cars to Planes! Iran even produces many of her own arms from machine guns to canons!

Are you calling Iran, a Mexico! Check it out, Mexico is a third rate, corrupted, arm pit of American Continent! Iran is the most advanced nation in Middle East & Central Asia! If you consider the combine elements of Technology, Factories, Industries & Stock Market as a united force & power, then Iranian power of Technology, Factories, Industries & Stock Market can take on the combine forces of Israel, Turkey, Pakistan & UAE, heads & hands down, any day of the week!

Who are you calling Mexico? Sniff the reality my friend! I may call Iran of today, a Shiite Hole, but this doesn't mean that she is actually a Shiite Hole! Iran of today is a Shiite Hole by my standards! I see potential to make Iran a continental & a global super power. But even Iran of today is a Regional power.

XVI. My friend, a reality check:

There are 3,000,000 Afghan Immigrants/refugees (legal & illegal) living & working in Iran of today. Afghans are the largest immigrant minority in Iran.

Afghans to Iranians
are like
Mexicans to Americans

They are doing all the low pay, labor jobs of Iran. Afghans are glad to live in Iran. By their standards, Iran is heaven in comparison to Afghanistan! Try to kick them out of Iran & they will kill you! Afghans love to live & work in Iran.

They do not see any reason to go back to Afghanistan, even now! Because no one can guarantee, if America pulls out, Afghanistan will not be worst than Taliban Era! No sane Afghan is willing to leave Iran & go back to Afghanistan! You even have Afghan Businessmen living in Iran who are not going back to Afghanistan to rebuild their own country! They rather stay in Iran & make that money out there!

There are Hard working Afghan people & then there are Afghan Gangs of Criminals & cutthroats, both living a happy life in Iran!

Now, you are sitting in LA & writing cockamamie Bologna on Web Logs about your past imaginary Afghan Empire & your future Afghan Empire?!

You call Iranians Degenerates, Azeris as Turks! You say: Iran, a continental & a regional economic & military power should look up to Backwarded Afghans to join & create an Empire?

My friends, there are still Donkeys & Cows used as vehicles in Kabul & Qandahar! You do not even have a decent road system, set aside a rail road system! And you want to save the Iranians?

XVII. A Friendly advise:

Please do not go around the Internet, like your Kurd & Afghan buddies in Pan Iranist forum, try to create an illusion, a fabricated history & a racial identity for yourself & your people! People, specifically historians such as myself may laugh @ you!

If you will be allowed, soon you will claim that Iranians are Afghans!

My friend, Afghanistan has always been 2 backwarded states of Iran. Today, Global politics & British policy has separated you from us! In the future, not only you but all past states of Persian Empire will return to Mother land via a Persian Union. Read:

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow (Nationalism)

Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Baluchistan Half of Pakistan, Greater part of Iraq, Ossetia & Caucasia of Russia, Part of Kazakhstan, Bahrain, etc., are past states of Iran, nothing more & nothing less. Please do not over credit yourselves! And please do not sing independent songs! The only reason you are independent nations, is due to British & Russian Foreign Policy to reduce & powerless Iran!

All of you are Iranian. Always been Iranian, always will be Iranian. In the future all of you will be returned to Iran. We make sure of it.

But, I also promise you that things will be different. All of you will have absolute Autonomy & free to do as you please in your states. You only have to obey Tehran for Military, International Trades & Foreign Policy. Otherwise, absolute Federalism & Internal Autonomy will be yours!

This is not an If or a But, yet it is a Must. The only reason, all of these past states have not returned with Iran, is because the government of Iran is not a Nationalist government but a Bull Shiite regime! Once we establish a Nationalist Government in Tehran, then we straight up our own house & the next step will be creation of The Persian Union & ultimately revival of The Persian Empire.

When there is a will, there is a way.

XVIII. Overall, you are an intelligent person, yet flawed in history; therefore, flawed in your present economical, social & political assessments. All you need is to be polished by Ahreemanic Metal File to become a fine useful Revolutionary Persian, a useful pawn in creation of the future Persian Union.

You can be a very useful person because you are an intelligent person. Compare to Brain Drained Pan Iranist Forum or Pan Iranist Types, you have a brain up there in your skull! And of course that is the reason which I chose to respond to you. I do not just respond to any Average Brain Drained Man-Cattle! Let's say, you were worthy enough to be responded to by Ahreeman. I see a prospect in you.

XIX. Here, allow me to speak your language. let me finish with Dari:

Aqa jan, A Becha,
Porsan konam to ra,
Cha hal dari, khubi, khoshi?
Jam'atan jur ast?
Kaifatan kuk ast?
Basyar, basyar khosheman shod,
Basyar gap-e mazah dari bud,
Basyar ma'lumat dari,
Va basyar-e degar,
Agar kalan Boulani va Ashak nakhori,
Shah-e Afghanistan mishavi!
Kho, bayast ravan shavam,
Ba aman-e khoda

More power to you, my Afghan Brother


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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue May 01, 2007 2:54 pm

It Never Ends, it has just started. For more information, read:

Question on Nationalism?
https://www.iranpoliticsclub.net/club/v ... =6055#6055


We shall get back to this topic on a later date.
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Nationalisms are the solution for our future

Postby Jaff Sassani » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:46 pm

Nationalisms are the solution for our future

We believe every nation on the earth have the right to decide their own future. We Aryan people have the same right as other people enjoying under many different names. They used the religion or Politic to cover their nationalistic agenda for example the Arab are using Islam and Chinese or Russian they used Communist but in reality all of them are nationalist.

Since the fall of the Sassanian Empire, the principal victims of genocide or attempted genocide by the Arab Imperialists and their agents, the Sayed families, have been the Aryan nations. These people were known as Ērānšahr, or speakers of the Aryan languages, during the Sassanid Empire era. They have since come to be known as Iranian people, although these people are not limited to modern day Iran. These atrocities have been committed against our people under the pretext of the Islamic doctrine.

The campaign has never stopped. It began first with the destruction of our religion, and then continued on with the destruction of our culture. The Arab Imperialists accomplished this by creating division among the Aryan nations using nationalistic ideologies. They have used Shitte and Sunni Islam to create further division. They accuse western countries, the USA, and Israel for our division while in reality these three forces did not exist in our homeland at all when the process began. For over one thousand years, before the emergence of these forces the process was started and has never stopped. They continue even now without any end in sight.

We believe the solution to our miserable and divided Aryan nations will come when we are united economically.

One of the most powerful nations today within the Aryan people is the Persian nation in Iran. The turmoil among its people started less than one century ago when The Pahlavī (in Persian: دودمان پهلوی) dynasty started. The Pahlavī dynasty began with the crowning of Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925 and ended with the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979. The division started among the Iranian nations when the Pahlavī rulers used force to impose the Persian language alone on all the other Aryans in the region.

Suppose the Pahlavī dynasty were to come in and rebuild the modern Iranian nation. They started by imposing the Persian language and culture on the other Aryan nations. This policy made Iran very weak among the other nations in the region. The assimilation (Farsification or Annihilation) of other nations is wrong and it is what divided the Aryan peoples. The policy led to a failed state and allowed the emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the leadership of the Shitte Sayed families of Arab origin.

The Islamic Republic of Iran came to build a Shitte state led by the Sayed families. They promised Aryan nations for over one thousand years to rebuild the country based on Islamic laws and justice for all the nations within Iran. But soon, they followed in the footsteps of the Pahlavī dynasty and began ignoring the needs of the other nationalities within Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is very weak now. The monopoly of power by the Sayed families and the assimilation policies in Iran are wrong again. The Persian nation should give up these failed policies and power mongering ways, in favor of rebuilding a modern country for all. In the past the idea of the Sassanian dynasty was workable for Aryan nations. Today the world has changed, so to rebuild the country we need to look at other nations experiences.

The Pahlavī dynasty borrowed the idea of nationalism from Europe at that time. They aimed to build one nation by the policy of assimilating other nations. This eventually turned out to be the wrong policy and not workable. The countries were divided, weak and vulnerable to civil war.

The European people got away from nationalistic ideas after World War II. They have built a European Union that works for every nation in Europe. The nations, for instance Czechoslovakia, divorced to build their own countries and then got united again under the European Union.

The Persian and other Aryan nations should look at the European nations again, but this time for a better idea. The ideas implemented by the Reza Shah Pahlavi came out to be the wrong idea. Now the people should use successful ideas instead of insisting on using failed idea. The Aryan nations should be free to form their own independent countries. The people will come together very fast to form an Aryan Economic Union similar to the European Economic Union.

The Aryan Union (AU), will save our people from the harmful policies of the Sayed families. It will bring the people peace and prosperity. We will be known as Aryan nations among the European nations, Chinese nation, Japanese nation and other nations in the world.

The Aryan Union (AU) can be achieved if we approach the only super power, the USA, and ask them for help. The US helped the people in Europe achieve their Union in the past. So, we the people should ask the USA and the European Union for help to build the Aryan Union in the Middle East.

The Aryan Union (AU) should be built based on friendship and cooperation with the USA, the European Union (EU), and Israel in the Middle East.

This is an idea diametrically opposed to the ideas of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran and the terrorist leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. Their plan of confrontation and destruction, of declaring war on the western people, has not brought peace and prosperity to our Aryan people in the world.

The opportunity is here for our Aryan people to get liberated from the Iranian Sayed families and their Arabic doctrine. They are no different from the other Arab tyrants in the history of our people. To balance the Arabs power and their imperialistic ambitions under Islamic pretext, we need to get united and form our own Aryan Union.

The use of the Islamic religion to take over other nations is an outdated idea now. We should give the people freedom of religion and freedom of thought. Allow them to decide what they want to worship. The use of force must be brought to an end.

The ideology of the Shitte Sayed families is bankrupt. They are no different from the Abbasid dynasty in the past. We, the people have waited for over one thousand years to bring the Sayed families (the descendent of the Ali ibn Abi Talib) to power. The Sayed Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s bovernment showed us what kind of the people they are when they have power. They are killers and destroyers like other Arab tyrants in the past. They turned out to be as bad as Dahag (Modern Iranian: Zahhāk).

The Shitte Sayed are not peaceful people. Our thoughts turned out to be wrong. We were taught for over one thousand years that Sayed Imams are full of kindness. We were taught that they were gentle. We were taught that they love people and all humanity. Now you see with your own eyes what kind of people they are.

The Government of Imam Sayed Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini proved to our people that there is no kindness in their hearts. They are killers who are full of hatred toward humanity in general and poor Aryan people in particular.

t would fill a hundred books to write about the carnage of their unjust rule in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. Look at the statistics and see how many women and poor people they have killed so far. We see what kind of Sayed they are as they put thousands of people like Mr. Abbas Amirentezam in prison for life because of their political views.

The Sayed are in power now. They are not very kind people. When you test their unjust rule, you quickly see that they come out to be harsh and heartless, without mercy for any life or humanity.
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Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:03 am

Dear Aryan people

The collapse of the Sassanian Empire in the hand of the Arab Imperialist Nationalistic ideology under the pretext of Islamic doctrine opened the gate for the Turk and Arab migration to our land.

We lost our land to the Arab in Iraq and Persian Golf on our west border plus lost of the land to the Turk in the East and North border.

Today we are facing the same problem in many directions. The populations of other nationality are growing around us. They need more land, for the survival of the Aryan nations we need unity among us to stop this unjust migration, killing and destructions.

The answer to our problem is Unity. When we give each other the right to form the independent country for each of our nations then the freedom of religion, language, economy, election and many other freedoms will follow.

We are getting united under the umbrella of the Aryan Economic Union (AU) just like the Europian Economic Union (EU), with our defensive forces to protect us from the unjust migration of the Turk and Arab just like the Sassanian Empire military force kept the Turk and Arab in the bay.

We are not looking to take other people’s land. We just want to protect what ever is left otherwise in very short time we all be immigrant in Europe, America and Australia.



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The Kurdish Nation’s Past and Present Dilemma

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:39 am

The Kurdish Nation’s Past and Present Dilemma

History is the best guide for any nation on Earth, especially for people like the Kurds in the Middle East, to review before making any decisions on which direction to go. In the old days we used to be a very powerful nation during the Medes, Achaemenids, Seleucids, Parthians, and the Sassanian Empires. This was especially true during the Sassanian Empire during which we ran the Sassanian Government and military. The Kurds became part of the royal family by marriage and the capital of the Empire was in the Kurdistan region.

The Arab invasion of the Sassanian Empire under the pretext of teaching the Islamic religion destroyed the hopes and aspirations of all the Aryan nations in Middle East, especially the Kurdish nation. The Arab nationalists destroyed our culture, religion, and personality while simultaneously dividing the unity of the Aryan nations which remain divided to this day.

The Kurds experimented with every ideology in the region including Sunni Islam (Ottoman Empire in Turkey), Shitte Islam (Safavid Empire in Iran), communism, democracy and socialism. You name it, they have tried to use it for liberation and to gain back the dignity of the nation. So far they have all failed and yet they keep repeating the failed experiments over and over. Every time they have end up being second or third class citizens of the countries they live.

The Kurds have had a few successes whenever they worked with other Aryan (Iranian) nations in the past. History informs us that when we are united with other Aryan (Iranian) nations, we Kurds are very successful. We can look at Nader Shah, founder of Afshar Dynasty shah of Iran (1736–1747); Karim Khan Zand (1705-1779), founder of the Zand dynasty in Iran; and Dr. Karim Sanjabi (1904-1995), an Iranian liberal political leader of the 20th century. We need to come to realize that our survival is connected to other Aryan (Iranian) nations in the region.

The Kurds in the northern part of Kurdistan allied themselves with Sunni Islam (Ottoman Empire in Turkey) against Shitte Islam (Safavid Empire in Iran). Even the founder of the Safavid dynasty’s origin was Kurdish. The betrayals of their own people for personal gain are haunting the Kurdish population under the iron rule of the Turks in Turkey now. The people should learn from their past mistakes. When you sell out your own people sooner or later it will come back to haunt you.

In the modern day the Kurdish nations are measuring up the other nations around them. Like the President of the USA said, are you with me or against me? Maybe the US Government can get away with such statements because they are a very strong nation. In contrast, the Kurdish nations are very weak and hopeless in the Middle East, they should be careful with other nation’s interests.

The USA, Israel, European Union, Russians and many other nations protect their own interests. They are not on the payroll of the Kurdish nations, to listen to their grievances and serve the Kurds interest. They are dealing with Turkey and other nations based on their own interests. Like once Dr. Henry Kissinger said once, we are not in the charity business.

Four or five countries divide the Kurds now. We are the people with Aryan (Iranian) origin. Our nations are part of the larger Aryan nation in the Middle East. The Kurds, Persians and other Aryan (Iranian) nations are under pressure by the Arab Imperialist through the use of Islamic religion as a tool for superiority and dominations. They are under pressure by the re-emergence of the Turkish Imperialists whose goal is to dominate all of the Aryan land through the use of the Turkish Torani doctrine.

It is logical for the Kurdish nation, the Afghani nation, and the Persian nation to get united for their survival. As one nation you can be free from the occupation and annihilation by other nations around them. When you are united then other people will think twice before taking your land. This is an idea to think about it for your own good.


Jaff Sassani

From the SKDC



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Postby Surena » Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:10 pm

Hi people !

I just discovered this forum and the subject is interesting there. I would first like to respond to oslonor, the future afghan emperor and to joint the point of view of ahreeman, oslonor must do some hard drugs. I was born myself in afghanistan, I always considered our culture as persian culture and nothing else. Since the most old ages the territories nowdays called afghanistan were part of aryana as everyone know and belonged to aryan culture. Also that territories have always been parts of persian empire.
I think it is very important to not confuse between nowdays afghanistan and iran and ancient aryan realms. There are two main facts : The first religious, after the tazi invasion, nowdays iran became shiite as most of afghanistan is sunite and of course that islamic rivality creates differences and disliked between people sharing the same blood.
The second fact is the nature of afghanistan itself : This country exists since the rebellion of the afghan tribe who are the pashtuns and had always been part of iran zamine as parthians medians etc. Since this time the governements tried to create some kind of independant afghan culture, for exemple by favorising pashto litterature instead of persian, they never succeed for the simple reason that they cannot erase the cultural identity of these lands which is persian.
So in my point of view the concept of afghanistan is just absurd, first because it is just a political independance and the culture is part of iranian culture, not more or less persian of aryan, it is juste the same thing. Also the very important thing is the nationalism you mention is the dream of achaemenid kings, the dream of Cyrus the great : Unifying all the aryan (mean iranian) tribes under a same banner. If we want to resurect that aryan empire, we have to start by cultural union, being proud of our blood and of our lost civilisation instead of trying to know who is more persian than who.
So to oslonor and all losers spreading that kind of stupidities : try to make something constructive to help Aryan culture ( like this website for exemple) instead of dividing bloodbrothers.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:15 pm


How many Afghans do you think are there to know who was Surena? Ask the average Afghan: Who was Surena? They will ask you back: Is it a new type of Shir-e Yakh (Ice Cream in Dari Accent)?! But how many Afghans do you think there are who know by the heart about who was Omar, Othman and Abu Bakr? Can you find one who doesn’t know them? This is what I call a cultural catastrophe. This is where Afghans as slaves, identify with their masters (Arabs) as the perfect example of the Stockholm syndrome!

Surena, an Interesting name! Great commander. First of all, allow me to inform you (if you have not already found out), that I am not in the habit of responding to every person who sets foot in this club. One reason is that I do not have time to do so. You can picture how much work do I have to do to run this Virtual Empire (IPC), set aside to consort with everyone here. Second reason is that I only reply to posts, which are worthy of my response.

Obviously I found your post interesting enough and you worthy enough to reply to. You will be amazed that what types of coocoo nuts walk on by in here! Before we invented the IPC club, we had no idea that so many nut-jobs do live around the world!

Now, with that intro, you as well as myself, know that Afghans are either the most backward, fanatical, brain dead sons of bitches in the world (Ex: Muslim Afghans) or they are the most intellectual and bright of the brightest Aryan brothers in the world (Ex: Old Marxist Afghans)! However, for each intellectual afghan in the world, we have 1000 + Gav O Olaq (Cattle) in the world. For god’s sake, Afghans are more Muslim than Arabs!

You are obviously one of the bright ones! Listen buddy, you made a few great points. Let’s review:

There are absolutely no differences between you and I. The way it was in the past (The Federal Persian Empire of Darius), you (from Ariana) and I (from Media) were both equal citizens of the Persian Empire, and in the future, you (from Ariana) and I (from Pasadej aka Tehran) will be both equal citizens of the The Great Secular Democratic Federal Persian Union. You and I are both Iranians, same culture, same blood, same heritage, same race, same “Persianhood”.

The rest of these Bull Shiite countries created by British, Russians or your buddies Pashtuns are indeed Bull Shiite! Every one of us are Iranians, from Samarqand to Abadan and from Tibilisi (Teflis) to Baluchestan in Pakistan. If we are so stupid that we allow foreigners or Islamic factions to divide us into 25 countries, then we may as well all rot and die as weak people living in many little backward nations!

Religious Bull Shiite, Ethnic Bull Shiite, Political Bull Shiite all and all are the reason that, such Gusaleh in Qandahar assumes that Afghanistan was a country for 10,000 years! The Gusaleh has no clue that Afghanistan was and will always be only 2 states of Iran!

My Friend,

Soon or late we will regain our place back in the history, not because we are right or wrong, but because we are fighting for the survival of our culture and Persianhood.

Our worst enemies are Islam and then those separatist baboons who want to create a separate Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Arabistan (Khuzestan), Turkmenistan, Baluchistan, Afghanistan and other Bull Shiite Istan countries such as Dickistan or Kos Kashistan and Jakeshistan! These morons are worst than British and Russian who screwed us over!

Brother, soon or late, the 3rd Pars aka Persian Union aka Persian Empire will happen. It will happen, not because it makes a good sci fi plot, but because it is the unchangeable destiny of our people and we are determined with our unshakable will to make this a reality.

And don’t assume that everyone knows this or that info about our roots! People are stupid and surely they have no clue about our rich 8000 years old history. They assume that 8000 years ago, there was a kingdom of Afghanistan with a king named Abdul Kos Kash Khan who was a good Sunni Muslim! People are simply ignorant. Some people are born in to this world as Gav and they evolve to die out of this world as Olaq! This is the Evolution of many of our people! Why do you think that IPC was created for? To educate the people about our common roots, goals and destiny.

Do you want to know how stupid are our people? Go read Admzad’s Afghan 101 in 3 parts, now on the homepage of IPC Website. I have more respect for Afghan Dogs than Afghan Retarded Men!

Now, I am curious, if you want, go to the “Introduction” room of the club and tell us a little bit about yourself. You were born in Afghanistan, where? Where do you live now? How good is your Persian? Wait a second, you are an Afghan with a brain, so your Dad must have been an official in Najibollah or Taraki’s Marxist regime! Or else, how can he be bright enough to produce you as a son?!

Your Mom and surely your dad must be bright, or else you would have been some Retarded Muslim Afghan in baggy shalwar and turban, eating a lot of Ashak and Boulani and cheering for Quran and Mohammed!

Brother, when I see Kurds such as SKDC Representative or Afghans such as yourself, it makes me believe that there is still hope to salvage this broken ship!


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Postby Jaff Sassani » Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:16 pm

Thank you for your reply to our brother Surena
We appreciate the knowledge by every individual within our society. We have to listen and learn from each other. We are not stupid; we used to be equal to Roman, Chinese, Japanese and other nations around the world. In matter of fact the world civilizations learn from us, but after the nomads concurred our country and destroyed our civilizations we become slave of the religions and lost our dignity and pride of our heritage.

We want to take this opportunity to thank AhreemanX for his knowledge and wisdom plus many hours of hard work to run this platform for all of us, so we can communicate and be ready for the coming days ahead. The liberators are gaining momentum let write and write about our past and our glorious heritage that will make us to be united again as one nation under the sun.
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Postby Surena » Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:15 pm

Ahreeman :

I completly agree with you about the stupidity of afghans, I used to talk with some taleban guys so i understand it very well.
And of course a very little minority there knows about their heritage, race and real culture. Islam wanted to destroy our culture, in some way they succeed.
So I think the very simple way to free our people from Islamic tazi chains is education and knowledge of our own culture. Islam is based on stupidity, I think every intelligent person refuse this kind of hideous and barbaric belief.
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Why Nationalism is Crucial for Our Survival?

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Aug 02, 2008 11:20 am

Why Nationalism is Crucial for Our Survival?
(Soon to be published article)

Sneak Peak from a Soon to be published article

Question: What triggered it?
Answer: An E-mail Dialogue!

Sam Ghandchi wrote:

For Your Information


The above is the English version of the original version of the following article which I wrote a year ago at this time:


* * *

Ahreeman X wrote:


Your Persian article is much different than your English article. In the Persian article, you had basically bashed Nationalism.

There is no doubt that in the future, there will be a global government, but there will be stages for this to happen. Primary stage is the creation of political and economical unions (European Union, American Union, Persian Union, etc.)

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism)
https://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/n ... /index.htm

We must be on the same level as the American Union and the European Union, so we cannot be oppressed and so we can create the global government. If the situation is not ready and prepared, then Imperialism will replace the United World Government and the smaller nations will be oppressed.

Internationalism means nonsense until the world will be reached to the equal level to create the Internationalist Government.

Nationalism is necessary for us to create the Persian Union, revive the Persian Empire, return all our states back to motherland and stand on our own feet before we commit to any global union.

In other words, Nationalism is our lifeline. Without Nationalism, Iran may as well be destroyed, burned to the ground and Iranians may as well be dead.

Any Internationalist ideology (Islam, Marxism, your blend of Futurism) is poison for Iran until we stand on our feet and establish the 3rd Pars (refer to the article).

Therefore, I differ with you and am a Hard core Nationalist. I am a Nationalist (as a system of government) before I am a Republican or a Futurist.

You can’t jump from basement to top of Empire State. It takes many levels to get there.

I would gladly debate you in a formal debate room of the IPC Club, anytime you desire. That is if you will find time for it. Soon or late you have to debate me on various issues. This will be an extremely beneficial debate for the young Iranians to evolve their brains. This debate will occur in the club (Formal Debates Room) and afterwards will be published in the website. Eventually when you get time (you must create time) you must commit to this debate unless you are afraid (same as Parvin Darabi) to be slaughtered by the Ahreemanic Logic, hee hee hee how howl!

You liberal, internationalist, pacifist reformist, can you hear me now?

Cheers buddy

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