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Afghan 101
Part 1

On Afghan Culture, Society, Religion and Politics
December 9, 2007

L. Good Old Afghan Man
R. Good Old Afghan Hound Dog
Which one is more intelligent, sophisticated and progressive?

Afghan 101 Chapters
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The following is from a few books I've read.

My comments are in [-- ….. --]

Afghan Toilet Sign!

Book 1: Ridley, Yvonne: In the Hands of the Taliban

British reporter goes to Afg without visa or passport in Sep 01 & is captured by Taliban
by doing stupid things & not being careful. She tries to be the bitch-from-hell.

Traditional Islamic Value of Women in Afghanistan!

Although burka-clad Afghan women give the impression of servility, the women from
Kama were strong, spirited & resilient. One woman … gently mocked when she asked
if I had any children & I said 'one'.

Putting her hands on a fine pair of child-bearing hips she mocked: 'only one? Ha!
You British & American women can only produce one or two children but I can have 15,
& when you run out of your boy soldiers to send to war we will have many replacements.
Our children are born with guns in their hands. They are fighters & will die fighting. It is
part of our life & our struggle. If I have to fight I will & so will she,' she said, pointing
her long, bony fingers at an old woman whose tiny, crumpled frame & toothless smile
radiated great wisdom.

I was told she was 100 years old & that she had seen many wars. She shouted something
at me & everyone laughed. She had said of course she would fight the American soldiers
& said no one could conquer the Afghan people.

… Most of the adult men had drifted off but the young translator continued to talk & he
admitted sadly, 'here is nothing for me here & we are all very poor. It is difficult to
escape from this poverty & follow my ambitions. Very few of us can afford to have

…she threw me a succulent corn on the cob & roared with laughter because I squealed &
dropped it, it was so hot. One again she made a mocking gesture & told the onlookers
that women from the West were soft. I could tell her by her gesture.

To me this is a very telling story on how stupid the gaav/olaaq in Miran & Afghan are.

1- The culture creates stupid pig headed domineering bullies, men or women.

2- Anybody will use any means to dominate others, men or women.

3- It's beyond me how a female gaav could laugh at a British journalist, but there u have
it. But this is how women in Miran/Afg are brought up to 'think'. Even though women
have been brutally repressed by Men/Islam, they raise their profiles by bragging about
how many gaav/olaaq they could give birth to & treating like shit any woman who could
not do it. Their whole history is full of women being extremely cruel to their havu or
daughter in-laws.

4- The idiots have been fighting each other for centuries, killing & raping one another.
Their rulers & war lords have been on British pay rolls for decades, yet they claim to be
unbeatable fighters, carrying guns from childhood. What's the point of carrying guns &
living in refugee camps by millions of starving gaav/olaaq, who are fanatic idiots without
any proper education, who don't even trust their own people to go back to their own
country, coz their own 'Muslim brothers' will kill & rape them?!

5- Even a 100 year old toothless woman, who doesn't have enough to eat will use an
opportunity to shout & make herself look important, if given half a chance.
This is Y the Taliban or KK Khomeini never gave the gaav/olaaq any chance.

6- They r too stupid to know that it was USA who beat the Soviets, not the Afghans.
Without the money & arms from US, Afghans couldn't do a damn thing. Even with it
they destroyed their own country & killed & raped their own people, coz they were
too stupid to see the big picture & care about their own country & people.

7- British were not defeated by the gaav/olaaq. They knew that the Afghans were
too savage to be governable, so decided that Afg was not worth the trouble, so paid the
Afghan rulers & warlords & used Afghanistan as a buffer zone to protect their real
precious jewel: India.

8- But they are not even united by their stupidity & qurur & EGO. Many of the educated
ones know how bad things are. Many of them have been paid by this or that country
& have fought & killed their own people.

9- If u don't fit the expectations, u'd be laughed at & will be dominated.
If u show any weakness, u'd be laughed at & will be dominated.

10- When she is captured & is being transferred by car, she sees a chanting crowd
& sees a cute boy who is just a child, as old as her daughter. She feels sorry
for the child, who stares back at her. Then the boy raises her finger in the air &
drags the finger over his throat, signaling that they were going to kill her!

11- When she is with the people in the village, she asks if she could take pictures.
She is told no, Taliban won't allow it. Then later, she sees a young boy going around
taking many pictures, using her camera, as if he was plating with a toy.
To me this shows the chaos & stupidity of the whole 'nation'.

In a sense this is what they did, the young men using the toys they got form USA,
going around shooting & killing & feeling important. Even selling some of the toys if
they could. Many of their warlords made a lot of money out of it too.

12- Millions Afghan refugee means that not all Afghans are fighters!

13- What's the point of women giving birth to 15 uneducated fanatic savage idiots, who
would spend their lives fighting their own other 75 (at least 4 wives, each with 15 kids)
half-brothers & have sex with donkeys, following a savage religion in a GOH culture?!

14- Now let's imagine a different scenario here. Imaging she lives in a huge mansion
outside Afg which has expensive carpets & gold everywhere. Then she sends 100 fully
armed Western soldiers with heavy arms to visit the local warlord to organize a group of
local leaders & elders to visit her for an interview. She is reputed to be extremely rich &
cruel. The Afg leaders are taken to her mansion & forced to wear very expensive cloths
& given lecture on how to bow to her & don't look her in the eye & address her with
'your highness'. Do u think that any of them would have dared to 'mock' her?!
Not only they wouldn't have, but they'd have gone back to Afg & bragged about their
visit & exaggerated all the luxury & wealth & power they saw, just to raise their own
profile so they could rise above others.

15- I've heard many Afghans, in many books, complain about how the "West don't care"
about Afg & how no reporter goes there to report the terror & misery there. But this is
one reporter who did & see what happened. She was bullied & mocked!
This is what happens when people become illogical uneducated savage gaav/olaaq.

16- Imagine a blind dog breeder bragging about how pure his German Sheppard dogs r.
U go to see his dogs on his 5Ha property & see all sorts of mongrel dogs of any shape or
form. U see that his property has no proper fence, so all sorts of dogs have gone in to
breed with his dogs over the years. Yet the blind guy can't see nothing & keeps on
bragging about how noble his dogs r.
In a way this is the story in Miran/Afghan.
Not only over the centuries just about anybody has gone in & raped millions, but many
also chose wives from other countries & their descendants r easily seen today.
What is a pure Afghan or Miranian anyway?
Today many Afghans have kids with people from other countries, living outside & inside
their own country. Many don't even consider themselves citizens of Afghanistan.
I haven't been an Miranian citizen for over 20 years. But I'm a much better person than
I'd been had I stayed in Miran to become a savage uneducated brainwashed gaav/olaaq.

17- A dog can give birth to 15 puppies in one go, does this mean that Afghan women
who can only give birth to max 15 gaav/olaaq in a lifetime r worst than a DOG?

18- Now let's imagine another scenario. Say that night there is a massive
earthquake & half the people in the village r killed. Do u think anybody would still brag?
NO! They will all behave like beggars & beg to be helped by the West. They will throw
themselves on the ground & pull their hairs out & will fight each other over blankets or
food. They will throw themselves at the feet of the British reporter & beg.
Did u see the guy in Pakistan recently kissing the hand of the infidel dirty British guy
who pulled his kid out of the rubble? Same guy who most likely shouted abuse at
Americans & British after Sep 11.

19- Afghans still blindly follow the religion of their invaders who raped & killed them
centuries ago & forced them to become Muslims. Some freedom fighter?!

* * *

Book 2: Makler, Irris: Our Woman in Kabul

Reporter from OZ, working in Russia, going to Afghan in 0109

They rent a house & find a big unexploded bomb in kitchen, but the owner later told
them that he did tell them about it.

15 yo Setareh: 'We want to learn English so we can migrate to the West & improve our lives.'

Yes indeed, it's not about helping people, it's about look after #1 & making sure to be
be superior to others. EGO EGO EGO.

Here in Central Asia it's all 'face' - you have to meet officials & then meet them again,
& more often than not pay a small fee before you are granted any favours.

And the most important journalistic enquiry: 'what are the toilets like?'

But translators & drivers are expensive: US $100 per day each.

Massoud killers walked across the Foreign Ministry compound to his home, & set up
their gear. The cameraman had Semtex strapped to his body but Massoud's bodyguards
didn't check them, or their equipment. They would have detected it easily.

Mohammed, another Northern Alliance official, chimes in: 'why didn't the journalists protest
when Ahmed Shah Massoud was murdered by journalists? It is your job to do this.
The people here will not understand - they will be very angry with you,' he says furiously.
....You must understand that the people here will be suspicious of you - they will blame
you for the death of Massoud.

Wow, it was their own holy Muslim brothers who killed him disguising themselves
as reporters.

We tried to explain to a translator why it is important to be punctual.
'In the West time is precious, it is like gold.'
'Here time is like stone.'
Time is like stone, & life is basic. You shit where you stand. You die where you fall.

He brings us pots of tea & the Afghan breakfast of bread - tasteless,
dusty brown 'pitta' bread - & UHT cream ... of the most dismal town squares I've ever seen. ...
A donkey defecates at my feet.

Everywhere, people offer me meals & clothes. Girls take off their headbands to give to me.
Even in refugee camps where people are starving, they offer me their precious bread...
I am overwhelmed.
This hospitality has another side too. The people are so innately generous, they can't
understand why we don't give them our possessions. Give me your scarf, your cameras,
your shoes. 'My shoes? I only have one pair, you can't have my shoes,' I protest.
'But I need your shoes,' the girl replies with unimpeachable logic.
I notice that when my male colleagues are approached for something by an Afghan
man with a gun, they find it harder to explain why they won't give it to him.


Wahab is an older man, a former engineer who speaks excellent English.
Wahab is sensitive & intelligent & I like him straight away. And since
the boys talk about sex a lot - they are from the British tabloid press
after all - Wahab feels he can ask them about Western sexual habits.
'In your culture, do boys, you know, do it with donkeys?'
'No, we tend to stick to our own species,' one of the hacks shoots
back, trying to disguise his distaste.
Then Wahab reveals that he has done it with a donkey, & the boys
lose all control, unable to disguise their reactions. 'Oh, Wahab! Not
a donkey ...'
He realises he's gone too far, & says quickly, defensively, 'I was 15
at the time.'
Now that Wahab has 4 wives, he no longer needs donkeys, of course.
When we're away from Wahab it's all we talk about. I'd never believed
the donkey stories before, even though I can see a lot of sexual energy
is being sublimated into other pursuits in this strange, separated society,
from which women have been virtually removed.

Islam has created khar-kon savages who can't think for themselves & use logic in their
Somebody told me that KK Khomeini was one of the smartest kids in his village.
Only smart kids could become Akhunds, coz they had to be smart to memorize Quran.
But the KK was not smart enough to know one should not have sex with animals. He
even made it OK in his holy book.
If he was smart, he would've questioned the shit version of Islam, like Kasravi did.

Whahb watches one of the journalists talking with me, & after taking
it in with his keen, kindly eye, he comes to have a private word. 'Have
you heard of Mut'a?' he asks.
Mut'a is a Sunni Muslim practice that allows a man to take a temporary
wife when he is travelling. ...
'Wahab, can a woman do this while she travels - take a temporary
husband?' Wahab laughs. 'No, of course not.'
Later, I hear about a very glamorous magazine journalist who is
propositioned by a warlord she is interviewing. He is bewitched by her
... everything about her is alluring. He asks her to marry him. She declines.
'But I have 1500 Kalashnikovs.'
'Yes, but I am in long-term relationship, I have a fiance at home.'
'And how many Kalashnikovs does he have?' thunders the warlord.

They asked NBC if Julian, their satellite engineer, could help. Julian was
happy to, He hopped onto their roof & linked them up, & then asked
them which channels they wanted him to program. It seems the Islamic
warriors desired some adult entertainment for the long lonely nights with
only a generator for warmth. Yep, porn. The Northern Alliance's porn
channel of choice is - Ultra Blue TV ... which leaves little to the imagination
, in distinct contrast to the ultra blue burqas the Mujaheddin bury their
women under.
The Foreign Ministry were so pleased with Julians's work that they insisted
he connect up their other office ...
A room full of mullahs, watching as he did this, gasped & covered their faces.
Julian realised he'd made a mistake, blocked the porn channel & beat a hasty
retreat. As he was leaving, the Defence Ministry boys took him aside, & just
when he thought he was in real trouble, they asked him for the code - for
unblocking Ultra Blue.

Well if the KK Imam said sex with animals is OK, then porno must be OK too.


'If the Americans come here, we will have peace & a better life, & we
will have schools & our children will learn, & it will be better for them.'

During Soviet times, Manesha studied economics in Moldova, near
Poland. ... They are wearing (in the photos) tight jeans & T-shirts,
their hair is out, there's not a headscarf in sight.

It seems the untold story of Afghanistan is that the best time here was
during the Soviet era - for women certainly, & perhaps for men, too.
There was education, travel, & more opportunities. ... They had experienced
other people & cultures. Today most people only leave Afghanistan
for a refugee camp on the country's borders.

Then Manesha sings a Russian love song, investing all her longing for her
former life into this sad Russian ballad. I record the haunting moment.
Aruzu's 8 year old daughter recites a poem about her life:
There is a house, but it is not my house.
There are people, but they are not my people.
There is weather, but it is not my country's weather.
I am a refugee.

It's fascinating how many Afghans loved the times they spent in Russia, but yet many
others hate the Russians coz they were not 'Muslims'.
I bet Afghans couldn't even agree on which side the sun rises.


I find myself finding a small boy called Juma…. Though he is almost
a year old, he is the size of a 3 months old baby. …Juma's father died
before he was borne, & his mother remarried. She has fled to a refugee
camp in Iran, leaving Juma with family here. But he is a burden to them
& they do not look after him properly. He breaks my heart. 'I stand like
a beggar woman, begging them to love him,' says Farahnaz….
'His family do not always feed him, even though we give them the
biscuits,' says Farahnaz. ….
Would I really be prepared to adopt him? …The bribes I would have
To pay to 3 sets of corrupt officials - here, in Tajikistan, & in Russia -
Would bankrupt me, & there would be no guarantee of success.

Not even family members would always help the dying kids in the family!

Ahmed is working at the front of his metal workshop in one of the
Tumbledown shacks in the market. … His business is booming & as
A result he can afford to take a new wife - his forth.

Author & another reporter got o interview Ahmed, who has 15 kids

…a crowd quickly gathers, laughing at his answers to such personal questions.
'Yes, I can earn more than $20 a week - quite enough to support a new
wife. I am a wealthy man,' says Ahmed …
'Yes, 15 children is a lot, it's true, but I think I know all their names.
…I will try to remember the names of any new children too.'

The male reporter asks Ahmed what about the author…

Ahmed's reply gets a bigger laugh, but our translator, Dr Aini, is
Suddenly shy, & won't tell us what Ahmed said. Later, he tells Bill that
Ahmed said if he could have one 'like her' he would be married already.
'You see, he's a charmer - that's how he does it.' Bill says. He does it
because the society allows him to, if he can afford it, & it doesn't matter
what the women think or feel about it.

This is very important example of how stupid gaav/olaaq could be.

1- It shows the insulting attitude of Men in the culture towards women.

2- It shows how stupid the men could be. Not only this idiot has nothing
in common with an educated Australian female reporter, but none of
his 3 idiot uneducated wives have anything in common with her.

3- To him, it's all about SEX & power & EGO & dominating others.

4- The whole damn country is F*ed after many years of war & civil war
& rape & torture & nightmare. Many have starved to death or starving.
Yet anybody who can make some money, by any means they can get
away with, would immediately think of "buying" another young virgin
girl to have sex with.

At the sewing centre, I ask Manesha if she thinks the later wives are ever
happy. 'I think their lives are not good, they are over. Because if the
man is a good man he loves his first wife & the children of his first wife
the most, & not the later wives & children. There are some good men
who also love their second wives & children, but this is rare. And the
women fight, they try to avoid each other, there is always war in the
house.' She sighs. 'This is the difficulty of life here with us, power
resides with the man. The woman have no say.'
Seventy years after a reforming Afghan monarch aimed to impose
Monogamy on Afghan men, for most the perception of family remains
The harem. Men take wives even in the refugee cams.

Yes, the HAVU factor must have done too much damage to the 'Islamic'
culture & must have contribute to too much division & hate among
brothers & sisters & people. Every damn Afghan ruler had at least 20 kids,
many sons ending up fighting their own 'brothers' & killing & blinding
one another.

Some rulers didn't select their eldest son to succeed them, coz his
mother was from a poor family. Often the families of non-chosen sons
would rise against the ruler or fight against the families of the more
favored sons, before/after the death of the ruler.

… Aruzu tells me about her marriage. Her husband is a highly respected
local surgeon & he has recently taken a second wife. …'I am tired of
this, & am always saying to him, "why did you do this? …" He did
not want it either, it was arranged by his family, but he agreed to it
& now my life has been spoilt.'
….if a second mother comes into home & the first mother goes away,
no one will take care of these children. …
… Aruzu invites me to her home …. & I want to see the second wife.
The mud-brick house is large & they don't share it with any other families.
We sit on mattresses on the floor, on a new silk rug that has just been
smuggled out of Mazar-i-Sharif… Like so many things in Afghanistan
it's (the rug) for sale, but the price is steep: $3000.

'Doctor', as Aruzu calls her husband, is a warm man in his 40s who speaks
some English. … His mother lives with them & she is there … as is his
8 year old sister….

And there, like a spider in the web, is a beautiful girl, no more than 20 years
old, who looks like their teenage daughter. Aruzu is a careworn woman in
her late 30s. …The beautiful girl's hair in uncovered & she is wearing a stunning
silk outfit … is also the first woman I have seen in northern Afghanistan wearing
make-up, carefully applied.

As if she really were the teenage daughter, instead of the new wife, the beautiful
girl doesn't help prepare the dinner. Aruzu does that alone, working in the
dark …

But there is such tension around that dinner table - well, the tablecloth on
the floor - that I feel uncomfortable. You get good at recognizing repressed
sexual feelings here. It is apparent that the beautiful girl obviously wants to
touch her husband, but feels she cannot, so she flirts instead with his 10 year
old son. She holds the boy & hugs & pummels him. … Aruzu is patently hurt.
And although our Doctor should be happy, reaping the rewards of a new young
Wife, he looks uncomfortable. No, he's definitely not a happy man.

When Aruzu is cleaning up, …, I ask the Doctor why he's taken a second wife.
He looks embarrassed & lies to me. In front of his non-English speaking
second wife he says, 'But I haven't. I have only one wife.'

The next day I ask Farahnaz why the Doctor denied his second wife. She says
because he was ashamed. He sent Aruzu & his children away to his father's
house for safety's sake during a period of bombing. While they were there he
took up with this young girl from a poor family who helped clean the house.
When Aruzu returned it was already too late to prevent the marriage.
'He is not a peasant or an uneducated man who does not know any better. He
knows it hurts her & he still did it. Because of that, he is hiding from you,
from the Western journalist.'

So after so many years of war & poverty & misery & rape & looting,
Some would have a $3000 silk carpet in their mud houses! If this is
not EGO & the urge to dominate others, what is?!

Even a wife would call her husband DOKTOR!
That's right, doing so will rise her profile too & make her khaanum
DOKTOR. Even parents would call their sons DOKTOR or mohandes!

A 40 yo doctor has 8 yo sister?!

You must also read between the lines that with the animosity amongst
the wives, their families would get involved in the fighting, with lost
of backstabbing & gossip & hate & animosity dragging for years,
which will certainly affect the kids as well, who learn to hate & lie
& fight & become angry domineering bossy people.
Wives constantly trying to out do each other & criticize other wives.
"They can't cook, I can. They can't sew, I can. …."

I'd like to highlight "repressed sexual feelings" because it's very
important! It results in extremely F*ed up oqde'i people who never
really learn to deal with their own feelings & the opposite sex.

It would be a mistake just to blame men, it's a very complicated
problem cause by a GOH culture.


Farahnaz says : 'We too much miss Ahmed Shah Massoud, he cared about the women
These men, these leaders, I do not know if they care about the women.'
With each interview she grows bolder, holding a press conference petitioning American
President & UN Secretary-General to take a stand about the plight of women in
Afghanistan, including in area controlled by the Northern Alliance.
… The story (broadcasted on the radio) includes reference to how local military
commander Quazi Kobir refused to permit Farahanaz to hold baby hygiene classes for
women. Although this is true, when Quazi Kobir hears it he doesn't like it. And in Khoja
Bahauddin, his word is law. If Quazi Kobir doesn't like something, he can exact
whatever revenge he likes. He threatens to have Farahnaz killed.

Another reason y gaav/olaaq can't have democracy.
The guy is a warlord. In his eye, if any guz could talk or act against his authority, he
won't remain a warlord & people will loose all respect for him. This means some young
guz will rise against him to take his position.
No matter how good u'r intentions r to improve things, the Goh culture will override u &
could even kill u for it.

Some young girl was working in TV in Afg in a program that was addressing many
problems, like homosexuality. She was murdered recently. She didn't cover her hair.

Without proper education of the masses of gaav/olaaq, which would take at least 4
generations, the Goh culture will always be there to mess things up, even without the
Masters trying to muddy waters to fish in it.

Authorities removed Ionic columns from Ai Khanoum, one step ahead of the looters, &
put them into a restaurant in the town square to save them for the local area. We are told
that the plain beneath us was bulldozed to facilitate looting, dredging up the buried
treasures for locals to scavenge & sell.
A local air worker says bitterly. 'during this 2 decades of war we have destroyed
everything, we have even destroyed our own culture.'

The culture was Goh to begin with, but now it is far worst than before.


'If you liked Khomeini,' the Russians said as they were pulling out of Kabul in 1989,
'you'll love Hekmatyar.'

This society is essentially feudal. Poor men owe their loyalty to the local leader who pays
their way. They follow him when he changes sides for whatever reason he deems
compelling, such as a change in the overall temperature of a war, or the offer of a large
amount of cash. They will do this even mid-battle.

Need I say more?!
Just read between the lines. It means that anybody could be killed or 'voted in'!
U can buy anybody to do anything!
One reason y monarchy could work better in the short-run.

You never know when an Afghan warlord will turn or, as the British observed during
their abortive campaign here during the 18 & 19 centuries, you may be able to rent an
Afghan, but you can never buy one.

This could also mean that u can't trust the gaav/olaaq, coz they don't follow logic
in the lives & r unpredictable & could do very stupid things that would defy logic.
Miran is a very good example for this.

But, on the other hand, this is pure bullshit!
Most Afghans have been 'owned', meaning fully bought, by their selfish
corrupt warlords for centuries. They have even sold their own daughters
for centuries.

One US reporter asked some people of a Baluch tribe in Pakistan "what do the
Marris want?"
"We do whatever our Nawab tells us." !

Gaav/Olaaq, who r fully owned by their daam-daar leaders & blindly stupid illogical
rules, do not have 'opinions' & can not have democracy!

This means u pay the Nawab so that his people all 'vote' for u!
One reason y monarchy could work better in the short-run.

The US was even shipping Tennessee mules to Afghanistan to carry all the weapons over
the mountains.

It didn't matter that you'd just paid 10 Km back - if you didn't pay here, too, you'd be
shot. Looting, theft & rape were commonplace. Afghanistan was utterly lawless.

And they were all 'Muslims', claiming that Allah was Rahmaan & Rahim.
Such killer gaav/olaaq can not have democracy.


The man the Northern Alliance is pinning its hopes on …is Uzbek warlord Rashid
Dostum. He is a larger than life figure, an ex-Communist who recreated himself as an
Islamic warrior, while remaining a lover of wine, women & song. He famously said of
the Taliban, 'we will not submit to a government where there's no whiskey & no music.
A giant of a man, he has a reputation for brutality, with allegations that his troops
committed atrocities against civilians in Kabul in the early 1990s ….

This is another reason for y Afghan & Miran can't have democracy.
Not only the majority r savage gaav/olaaq, who could kill & rape & loot if there
is nobody on top of them forcing them not to. But there is such a huge gap amongst them
that they could never unite or agree with each other on a democratic government.
Most claim not even touch alcohol, but F* donkeys. Yet many of them can't live without
whiskey & women & music.

Besides, they r such savages that they would only consider a "democratic government"
as weak, which would result in all sorts of uprisings & rebellions & riots.

But instead of seeing the light that their whole culture is F*ed, they go around blaming
individuals or groups, while saying that Afghans/Miranians r brave & nobles, just to raise
their own profiles to feel important.

And, what's more, the Northern Alliance isn't even grateful.
Deputy Defense Minister General Barioali says that the US selected the targets for the
bombings at Qala Qata without consulting them. He tells reporters that … generally he is
not satisfied with the intensity of the US air campaign.

Wow, just see what gondeh-Guz the gaav/olaaq can be!
A savage gaav/olaaq, who would've been a refugee or dead without billions of US money
& arms, is 'telling' US what to do?!
Who the F* does he think he is?!
A savage fanatic idiot who raped & killed his own people, telling US what to do!

This was after Sep 01, when US bombed Afg.

There is not one of those Mujaheddin leaders, even the 'sainted' Ahmed Shah Massoud,
without blood on his hands.

The 'innocent' ones either got killed or left the country as refugees.

Now, make sure u r sitting down, coz u may be shocked by the next bit!

A female journalist is perched on the mud, squatting over the toilet hole, when she hears
giggling. She looks out, & she can't see anyone. But some instinct makes her look down,
to see that 2 boys have climbed into the toilet, so they can look up at her. Those boys
were willing to stand in a privy on a pile of excrement & be shat on just so that they
could stare at a woman.


Not only they r all Muslims, but they even take pride in it & kill for it.
Yet they don't see anything wrong with having sex with donkeys & hide inside toilets in
the shit to look at women shitting on them!

Can anybody be stupid enough to even imagine that such gaav/olaaq could have

US jets have bombed the mountains here almost every day for past week. ... Major
general Yusuf Muhammad watches the bombing. He walks back to a safer spot, satisfied.
'They should have been doing this from day one.'

Probably the author the dropped this bit from the end:
',as I told them, but they never listen!'

Millions of gaav/olaaq bragged that there will be jihad if US bombed, yet many wanted
the bombs form day1, what a mess! They can't agree on nothing!

Every Goh will do gonedh-guzi & sell his own mother for $1, while going around killing
& raping his own people if given half a chance.


I find Massoud's bodyguards - with the exception of Samin, a clansman of Massoud's -
positively creepy. .. The way they look at women leaves little imagination. One of them
has a very unsettling stare. I try not to around him when I am alone at the NBC house.
.... When one of the Americans catches a moth, the soldiers grab him & lecture him
sternly about letting it go because 'it is a living creature'. Human life seems to be more

Did u pay attention to 'sternly' bit, it is very telling.
Savage gaav/olaaq will bully anybody if given half a chance.
If u don't dominate them, they will dominate u!


AS far as we can see here, homosexuality flourishes. In the Taliban stronghold of
Kandahar, it is so common they joke that crows fly above the city with one wing clamped
to their bums, just in case.

He (Mountstuart Elphinstone in his book: an account of the kingdom of Caubul, in 1809)
says of Afghan man: 'their vices are revenge, envy, avarice, rapacity & obstinacy. ....
they are less disposed than the nations in the neighborhood to falsehood, intrigue &

I think the bit about 'falsehood & deceit' is no longer true.
After many years of pain & misery & rape & killing & looting, the whole culture if F*ed.


A UN special rapporteur who investigated the Taliban deaths, wrote in his report that
many bodies were also tossed down deep wells, then hand grenades were thrown in, &
the wells were bulldozed over.
In a desert land, who would poison a well?

Stupid savage Gaav/Olaaq, who else.
Another example why they can't have democracy.
Once logic goes out of the culture, it would take over 4 generations for it to return.

Inoyatullah, 2 26 year old fighter, tells Levon that they speak with the Taliban soldiers
several times a day.
'It gets boring here, there is nothing to do,' Inoyatullah says. "So we talk on the
walkie-talkies. They tell us to come to their side & we tell them to come to our side. If
they are nice to us, we speak nicely to them. We don't like to swear & curse, we are
Muslims.' Inoyatullah says that often after shooting at each other, they ask about each
other's health & family. 'But that doesn't prevent us from fighting.'

Most of them can't even read books. It never occurs to them to use the time to
educate themselves.

It's OK to kill Muslim brothers as long as u talk nicely to them?!

All being stupid savages, following a religion that doesn't make
sense, killing each other & destroying their country & the image of their religion. While
the rest of the world regard all of them as ignorant fanatic Muslims.

'Morgh good' - chicken good - he says, mixing Dari & English in his delight. I teach
him the English word, & he repeats 'Chick-en' laughing. And then you really know it's
Afghanistan, because once we get the chooks home, the locals fight over who gets to kill

Culture has created hyperactive shur/hayaajaan-driven savages who can't think & use
logic in their lives. Any excuse is used for anger/shur/hayajaan/killing/da'vaa/fighting.


He (Mullah Ahmed, a Taliban leader) says he supports the rules against rape, pederasty,
fornication, gambling & drinking alcohol. … He says that he doesn't agree with all of the
Taliban edicts, like the ban on music & kite flying, though it appears he was happy
enough to enforce them, ordering the religious police to beat people who broke the rules.
He says he opposed the Taliban's destruction of the giant Buddhas ar Bamina.

They stupidly join a savage group & rule with terror in the name of 'God', but when
defeated, they say "Oh, I didn't agree to doing those things'?!
It doesn't work like that. 'GOD' is not a joke, if u rule in God's name, u better make sure
everything makes sense & is 'Godly'.
But if they r stupid enough to fanatically follow a cruel illogical religion, then nothing
good will come out of their lives in the long run.

Akbar is appalled. 'Every time a new government comes into power, the local strongmen
change their disguises. They face up to no responsibility for the misfortune their wars
cause to the civilians.'

Others also blame the foreigners for cementing the rule of the gun, which allowed
fighters to gain control of the country & push out or kill Afghanistan's educated elite.
Now, people say, the few who remain are powerless to speak out, in the land where the
Kalashnikov is king.

Everywhere, people look to these same foreigners whom they blame for their
predicament to intervene & enforce a reasonable political solution. Like a mantra, every
man I interview repeats that he is sick of war.

The problem is that the culture has created stupid savage bully gaav/olaaq over centuries
who can't think or agree on anything. If they could, they wouldn't be fooled by nobody.
Even when the Masters go in to calm things down, the gaav/olaaq still can't agree on
nothing & will go on for years fighting amongst each other, as has been seen in
Until the mass gaav/olaaq is properly educated to THINK & use logic in their lives, they
can't have much of a future.


…the Northern Alliance conquered Kabul in the early 1990s, & the Mujaheddin of
Ahmed Shah Massoud emptied libraries at Kabul University, burning books on a pyre.

A whole generation, including some of the teenagers translating for us, have known
nothing but war. Sabi is a 19 year old from the Pamjshir valley & we drive through the
ruins of Kabul listening to his favourite tape. He is a great fan of Titanic. 'Did you like it?
It is my favorite. The story is too sad.' He plays his pirated cassette of the score over &
over again. It provides a surreal soundtrack to the devastation. I want to tell Sabi that
what is 'too sad' is outside the window, but for him, this is just Kabul.

The destruction occurred in layers, caused not by the American bombardment which just
ended, nor by the decade-long war with the Soviets, but mostly by the bitter civil war of
the 1990s. Afghans did this to themselves.

In fact millions of them still live outside, many doing gedaa'i or work like slaves, & don't
want to go back coz they don't trust their own people.

Zoo officials say Taliban visitors would tease Khers (the bear) by holding out food, then
smacking him on the nose with sticks when he reached for it, though his injuries look
more severe than that to me.

Yes indeed, u can tell a lot about a culture from the way animals r treated in it !
Many Miranian parents telling their kids, who try to touch animals in the parks, even in
the West, "na baabaa jun, dast nazan, kasifeh, chub bezan pehesh yaa sang bendaaz".

He (a Dr in the hospital) paused outside the door of the ward.
'The people of Kabul & Afghanistan are very unfortunate. Al we want now is for the
world to be serious about Afghanistan.'

To me this is shocking.
A medical doctor expecting the world to fix problems the Afghans, as if he or the
Afghans themselves have no role or responsibility for it!
What did the Afghans ever did for the 'world'?
Millions of them hate outsiders & have for centuries invaded & looted other countries if
they could.
It was the Afghans who got sucked in, who were 'used' to fight the Russians. The very
same Russians who were supported by many other Afghans to be there, the very same
that provided education for many Afghans.
U can't be a stupid gaav/olaaq, fanatically following a stupid religion, kill & rape & loot
u'r own people, destroy u'r own country, then EXPECT the world fix u'r country, so than
then u tell them to get out of u'r country, so that u can then do whatever u like in it.
Actually Afghans have proved this to be possible, but the world is not stupid. If the
Masters go in to help, they will expect to 'profit' from it.

Y should the outsiders care about Afghanistan if the Afghans themselves don't care about it?

There was no trial. Najibullah was beaten, castrated, & dragged behind a jeep before
being killed. Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Rabbani said the 50 year old former
president deserved his fate.

Yes indeed, Islam means killing & rape & always 'castration', as KK Khomeini proved.

'That is the culture of our people,' says Dr Rahima, 'we never work for money. I am a
doctor. I should help my poor people….'

This is classic case of bragging & raising the profile to lift one's EGO.
The whole culture is about hate & revenge & killing & rape & looting, yet some brag
about not-working-for-money, while going around calling themselves Doktor & feeling
like kings.

When we ask about the burqa, she (Doctor) is dismissive. 'People here don't hate it, it is
part of our culture & it is related to the situation in our country. … If we thought that
removing the burqa would bring peace, we would remove it straight away.'

Wow, no limit to Gondeh-Guzi!
Millions complained about the burqa, yet some brag about it.
Taliban, many of whom were Afghans, including its KK leader Mullah Omar, completely
F*ed them all into submission, yet she brags that the Afghans could have removed their
burqa if they wanted to?!


But when asked to access the chances for peace, Dr Rahima is cautious.
'We have only a 50-50 chance. It depends on the UN & especially America. This is the
3rd time the UN will make a decision regarding our country without removing the
weapons from here. You know, Afghanistan is like a laboratory: every country has
offloaded its arms, old & new, for them to be tried out here. Afghanistan does not
produce guns, they are brought in here - by the Mujaheddin, by the Taliban, by Osama. It
is up to the UN & America to collect these weapons.'

Yes indeed. Afghans r all no-bell people who r extremely kind & human & r credit to
God who created only Afghans in His own image. But the Americans exported their guns
into the country & messed up Afghans & taught them to go around & kill & rape & loot
one another.
Afghans r not responsible at all, neither for what happened, nor for trying to clean up the
Because Afghans r the cream of God's creation, they have the right to tell the world what
to do & tell UN & American to spend this/that much fixing problems in their country &
then leave, so that Afghans can make all decisions themselves & fight amongst each
other over who should be the boss.

When a Doktor can be so stupid, what chance is there for the rest of the mass

Afghanistan got F*ed up only because Afghans were stupid bully savages.

Like her older sister Fahima, she says she wants to help people.
'And in Afghanistan, being a doctor is a prestige job.'
Chris tells her that in England doctors are also rich.
'Then I want to come to London!' she laughs impishly.

Yes indeed, it's all about EGO & the urge to be superior to others & be rich!
Helping people has nothing to do with it.
If Afghans were into 'helping people', they wouldn't go around killing & raping &
looting their own people.

...I'm driving with Sabi, the sweet, funny teenager (19), obsessed with the Titanic
soundtrack. ... He's unhappy about not being allowed to drive to the top of the hill. He
gets out of the car &, without warning, grabs one of the guards by the throat. The driver
& I rush to pull him off. The guard has a gun, & I don't want Sabi murdered in front of
me. People here are so volatile.

No, they r not 'volatile', they r 'savages' & will continue to be until the mass is properly
educated for at least 4 generations, so that they learn to think & be 'civil'.

But what shakes me, & almost sends me home, is the murder of Swedish cameraman Ulf
Stromberg in Taloqan. He is shot during a robbery when bandits enter his room at night.

Yes indeed, Afghans don't work for money, but they r happy to loot & rape & kill.
But they also like to brag about mehmaan-navaazi & hospitality!
Just like Miranians.


Taliban commander Mullah Faizal goes from Kunduz to Mazar-i-Sharif to negotiate the
surrender with General Dostum. He promises to hand over the 600 foreign fighters under
his command from the Taliban's international brigade.

Wow, a devout 'Muslim' betraying & selling out his own 'Muslim brothers'.
The culture has created stupid savages who would kill/rape/loot & even sell off their own
religion & 'brothers'!
Surely UN & Americans didn't teach them to do this & there is no way they could teach
Afghans to stop it.

Another story is that Russians want their old embassy back, but many Afghans now leave
in it., so Russians ask them to leave. But it seems that savages r not used to be 'asked', if
u do it will be seen as 'weakness'. Taliban didn't ask nobody, they just bombed their
village & scared the hell out of them, so they just left. But now see below:

'Now the Russians just say "please leave here" & we say we are not ready, we have
nowhere to go,' Wallamschi says.
"Did they offer you somewhere else?'
'No - & we remember them from 12 years ago. They did nothing for us then. They are
non-Muslims, & we don't accept them coming back to Afghanistan.'

See what I mean?
Their own Muslims brothers killed & raped & looted the savages, but they have the
stupidity to say that non-Muslims, just by not being Muslims, r bad & evil.
Also, this is up to the government to decide, not a Goh gaav/olaaq.
This is another reason Y Afghans can't have democracy, coz every Goh gaav/olaaq
thinks he/she runs the country & will give lectures & demand this/that when given any
freedom to do so.
This means the minute u let go of the 'leash' & treat them like humans, they will
dominate u & think they r the boss.
It also means that unless the government forces the gaav/olaaq into submission, every
Goh could take the law into his hands.
One reason y monarchy could work better in the short-run.
Smart people can have smart democratic Monarchy.


I talk to the security chief at the base. He is a Tajik who fought by Massoud's side for 24
years. …. He says in the old days, if he'd found a Russian or American here at Bagram,
he'd have killed them - he passes his finger across his throat … But now that Massoud
has gone, he sighs heavily again, these foreigners are traipsing all over Bagram & he
doesn't know what to do. … He speaks to me in excellent Russian …
I have been translating for Tom & Jonathan, however when our Tajik friend tells me that
I (a woman) am attractive but that Jonathan is extremely attractive, 'like a woman', code
in these parts for liking it both ways, I decide not to translate that bit.

This shows the stupidity of gaav/olaaq, that when their 'leader' dies, the gaav/olaaq can't
think for themselves. So all the Masters have to do is to have some gaav/olaaq kill the
leader & hey presto they have the entire cattle in their hands.
It also shows how the true holy Muslims are into homosexuality!
A savage & sick society, like Miran.

Nothing is predictable in this poverty-stricken slaughterhouse, with a bloody past, a
troubles present & a precarious future. Flying away from Afghanistan, I can only put my
faith in hope for a better future. What did the poet sing? May Allah protect such beauty
from the evil eye of man.

To me the real question is WHY Allah has not protected the Afghans & have allowed
them to be so messed up & practically destroyed?
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