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Analysis of the word “Qaza” (Food)
Maziar Aptin
September 22, 2011

Unfortunately great number of Iranians, either unknowingly or due to their national pride, are not ready to accept that the Arabs of 7th century AD, after the conquest of Persia, have taken their ancestors as slaves, (Mavaly).

The full slavery status of Iranians began right after Abubakr invaded Persia in 631-34 Ad, and Omar continued the invasion after Abubakr’s death.

Even though partial occupation has taken close to two decades and the total occupation took over two centuries with the defeat of Maziar and fall of “Tapourstan” (Mazandaran) in 225 Tazi calendar, the slavery law was being enforced from the very beginning as areas used to come under occupation.

The first 141 years, up to the down fall of “Bani Ommayeh”, by the hand of “Abu Moslem” (Behzadan), full slavery law used to be enforced on all Iranians, even for those who converted to Islam, to a lesser degree. The Arabs were fully aware that all conversions were superficial, not a true belief in Islam.

After the fall of Bani Ommayeh and empowerment of Bani Abbas by Abu Moslem Khorasani, the slavery rule was relaxed but still in the book. During Bani Abbas still Iranians were considered “Mavaly” but its meaning was changed from slave to “freed-slaves” with many restrictions still enforced such as; prohibition of weapon manufacturing profession, horseback riding, judiciary profession etc. etc.

Usage of the word “Qaza” (Ghaza) by Iranians

In order for us to picture the day to day life of Iranians in that era and why they had to accept things that do not make any sense to us today, let’s analyze why we Iranians use the Arabic word “Qaza” or “Ghaza” for food or eating instead of “Khorak or Khordan”.

In Arabic language the word “Teaam or Tiaam” is used for food. The word Ghaza, in Arabic means urine of camel. Please refer to “VajehNammeh” (Persian dictionary) by Dehkhoda. The Arabs never used the word Ghaza for food or eating but they used to force the Iranians to say; “I am eating or drinking the urine of camel”.

Actually the Arabs used to and still use the word “Qaza” as the nullifier of prayer (Namaz), so do all Muslims around the world including in Iran. The reason for that is; the Arabs of 7th century constantly used to travel in search of better pasture and camels were one of the means of transportation. At the resting places, the Arabs used to keep their camels very close to their campsite and because camels do their urination while standing and due to their height, the urine can splash to a long distance and could reach the praying Arab. In that case the “Sharia' Law” says the prayer is considered null. Since the cause of the nullification was the Qaza, the word gradually was adapted as nullifier of Namaz.   

Why Iranians had submitted to such an insult and humiliations on daily basis! The answer is to avoid slashes, rape of their women, jail time, and confiscation of all their belongings, and in some cases loss of life the same technique that the Arabs had used to impose their religion, change of names from Persian to Arabic and more.

There was a historical reason that why the Arabs of 7th and 8th century AD used to deeply hate the Persians and wanted to humiliate them every which-way that they could was:

Prior to the Arab invasion, Persia for centuries was, either the only superpower of the world or shared that status with one, sometimes two other nations. For that reason the Persians used to take pride for their superior status and with that pride came the arrogance and put-down of other nations and ethnic groups.

The Persians, for centuries were considering their Arab neighbors to the south as an inferior race, desert-dweller barbarians, rat and snake eaters and so fort. Now that the Arabs were in-charge and had absolute power over this “superior people”, it was time for retaliation and daily humiliations were the best method to kill that arrogance.

Unfortunately adaptation is a built-in characteristic of all living organism including us the human animal. Adaptation to environment, to kind of food available, to the weather were we live and also to way of life, even if that way of life has been imposed upon us several generations before.

 We Iranians, every day from early in the morning, without realizing, are insulting ourselves by saying; I am eating or drinking the urine of camel and never tried to do a research and find out what the real meaning of the word is and why we use such a humiliating word! Where did it started and why!

By the same token we still, after over 1300 years, have Arabic names such as: “Gholam Hossein”, “Kabl Ali” Mohammad-this and Abol-that and from early in the morning we face Saudi Arabia and prey to Allah not even knowing who Allah really is or was or who the real Mohammad, the real Ali, and the real Hussein were. Please refer to “Tavallody Digar” by Shojaldin Shafa.

One needs to ask him/herself If the Arabs could force a grown person to insult himself/herself on daily basis by saying “I eat, drink urine of camel”, wouldn’t it be possible that the religion and the Arabic names were imposed upon our ancestors through force as well! Would a rational person accept the name and the religion after such a humiliating act was imposed upon him! Think about it.    

In conclusion I would like to ask my fellow Iranians who after three decades of observing the real Islam and Islamic laws at work in Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere, still stayed Muslims and still kept their Arabic names, Isn’t it time for an in-depth analysis of what you have inherited from your parents before you transfer those to your beloved children?

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