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Islamic Problem & Solution Debate
Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex


Islamic Problem and Solution Debate
Is Islam Reformable? Can Islamic Terrorism be Defeated?

Dialogue on Islam and Philosophy
2 Views = 2 Solutions
Dr. Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex Debate
Introduction: Ahreeman X
Dr. Ali Sina
Nicholas Ginex
December 31, 2019

Islamic Problem and Solution Debate
Dr. Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex


On this last day of the year 2019, we will publish an enlightening debate on Islam and philosophy by two great minds; therefore, the IPC readers, the free thinkers, the students and the public can gain more knowledge on this crucial subject of the 21st century. By starting 2020, we are starting a new decade of the 20s. With the hope that this informing debate will open new horizons and put forward new solutions to this grave problem of our century: Problem of Islam and solution to the Problem.

Islamic Problem and Solution Debate
Dr. Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex

Dr. Ali Sina is a free thinker, Islam exposing activist, Islamic scholar, author and a philosopher.

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Nicholas Ginex is a critical thinker, aerospace engineer, Egyptologist, historian, author and a philosopher.

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This is a magnificent and informing debate between these two great minds. Both are IPC authors, both are fabulous free thinkers and both have contributed greatly to enlighten the public with their research, knowledge and input.

Enjoy the informing debate:


Nicholas Ginex:

Hello Mr. Sina, with copies to Dr. X and Catayoun,

Thank you for your article, Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year.  I agree with your 5 steps but it would take more than one year to change the mindset of 1.7 billion Muslims to understand that Islam must change its ideology.

Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year

You wrote that for a change in Islamic beliefs, "It however requires understanding of the phenomenon and a drastic change in attitude."  Of your 5 steps, the one that comes close to having Muslims understand the problem is your last one, in which you wrote, "Speak the truth about Islam. Islam’s Achilles’ heel is its own demonic book, the Quran, and the truth about its founder. The Quran is full of errors, absurdities, violence and hate. It is the ugliest book ever written. And the one who dictated it was a mass murderer, a pedophile, an assassin, a lecher, a despicable individual who committed horrendous crimes."

Key to providing an UNDERSTANDING of the problem is to inform and educate Muslims, and people world-wide, about WHAT is in the Quran that incites bigotry, hatred, violence and the murder of people who have religious or personal beliefs other that Islam.  To provide that UNDERSTANDING, I have written Allah, We, Our and Us, which Dr. Ahreeman has posted on the IPC website. 

Allah, We, Our and Us Book

But to UNDERSTAND the problem is NOT enough, there Must be an Islamic Reformation.

I have written a Press Release that introduces the article, need for an Islamic Reformation and plan to release it in a few weeks.  It resides on

Nicholas Ginex World Press

and was posted on IPC.  The way to change Islamic ideology is to UNDERSTAND that the Quran Must Be Revised.  Such an effort can be accomplished successfully if wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, government counter-measure agencies, news media in many countries, and people, including Muslims, become informed about WHY the Quran Must be Revised. Both the article and book, Allah, We, Our and Us, if disseminated or distributed throughout the globe will cause tremendous pressure on Islamic religious leaders to Revise the Quran.

A Needed Movement: Religious Reformation of Islam

Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis


Dr. Ali Sina:

My five-step plan does not depend on Muslims changing their mindset.  Muslims will not change their mindset unless they are defeated.  They will leave Islam, but only when their delusion of conquering the world is over.

It is about getting serious with Muslims, declare them as the enemy and treat them as such.  Muslims will never change, unless they leave Islam.  No one can reform Islam because it is not possible. But we can expel its adherents.

The very idea that Islam can be reformed is a deadly mistake.  Hell may freeze but Islam will not reform.

If we are serious about defeating Islamic terrorism these five steps are the only way. Let me recapitulate:

1- Do not elect clueless politicians who think Islamic terrorism is a fact of life. It is not. It can be defeated if there is a will.

2- Stop the immigration of Muslims. It is more likely for Muslims to radicalize when they immigrate, and especially their children pose a greater risk.

3- Shut down the mosques and ban the practice of Islam. How can we allow a subversive parallel government hostile to us to operate under our protection?

4- Unless Muslims denounce Islam, they must be deported. All Muslims believe in a terrorist creed and a terrorist prophet. All of them are potential terrorists, especially their children.

5- Speak the truth about Islam without the fear of being called Islamophobe, which is a fallacy devised to silence us. We must protect our lives, not the sensitivity of those who want to kill us.

Wisdom means knowing the difference between what we can do and what would like to do, and act on the former and give up the latter. We can expel Muslims, but we cannot reform Islam.

We can solve the problem of Islam only if we ban Islam and kick Muslims out. The very belief in Islam should be considered a crime.   If there is the will, we can solve the problem of Islam in one year.  It does not take long to put Muslims in planes and send them to where they or their parents came from.   Our problem, is our mental block and our inability to act on what needs to be done.  No one likes surgery but sometimes it is the only thing that can save the life of the patient.

Only truth can set us free and the truth is that Islam cannot be reformed. Not a syllable of the Quran can be altered, and as long as Muslims believe in Islam, they will continue killing others when they can. Muslims are peaceful only when they are under your boot.  Remove that and they will jump at your throat.

My five steps work. The reason they are not happening is because of those who push the illusion of reforming Islam.  This is a hard pill to swallow, so well-intentioned people prescribe their snake oil remedies and more lives is lost as the result.

“There is a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to heal and a time to kill, a time to build and a time to tear down, a time to gather and a time to scatter, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up searching, a time to love and a time to hate, and a time for peace and a time for war.”

It is time to give up searching. It is time to refrain from embracing. The only remedy is my five-step plan. The more we wait the more lives will be lost and we will lose this war altogether.

Before writing on reforming Islam, I suggest you read mine on why this is not possible.

The Illusion of Reforming Islam


Nicholas Ginex:

Thank you Dr. Sina for responding to my Press Release Preview titled, Need for an Islamic Reformation.  Your approach to STOP Islamic terrorism has much merit and our discussion can provide a valuable dialog for IPC readers.

It would be very instructive for Dr. Ahreeman to place our dialog on this topic within your post, Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year.

First, I am appreciative of your efforts in describing why it is impossible to change Islam ideology through education that could energize an Islamic Reformation.  I have read your article via

The Illusion of Reforming Islam

and your logic is excellent.

I agree with your opening paragraph was that there are no moderate Muslims as they are all indoctrinated with the Quran, which lays the ground-rules to ensure Islam prevails over other religions.  Allah, We, Our and Us, hosted on IPC as a Free Read, reveals the many suras that incite bigotry, hatred, violence, and the murder of people that have personal or religious beliefs other than Islam. A good Muslim is taught to follow the Quran and in so doing, there CANNOT be good, peaceful Muslims unless they become exposed to Judaic-Christian or other religious beliefs.

You then made another important point, which is “The problem with Islam is that it is rotten from its core.  The evil is in its holy book.”  You are 100% correct, it is the Qur’an itself that is the source of discontent that occurs in every country where Muslims migrate to.  WHY?  Because Muslims are infected with the many abominable verses that are in the Quran.  My next Press Release will highlight some of those verses to present that the Quran is NOT perfect and MUST be REVISED to redirect the poisonous ideology they are taught today.

Dr. Sina, you indicated that Muslims are taught Islam is perfect and complete by citing the verse Q.5:3, which states:

“Today have I perfected your religious law for you, and have bestowed upon you the full measure of My blessings, and willed that self-surrender unto Me shall be your religion.”

History of many religions reveal that their leaders profess that their scripture is inviolable.  This is a law set down by the powerful religious leaders to inhibit any other prophet or imposter from changing what is believed to be inspired by God.  But this is protectionism to maintain the status quo.  Such a law prohibits the growth of a religion to higher spiritual values because the minds of the followers are confined to a cage, which stagnates mental growth as they become more knowledgeable of the world.

However, history reveals that the Egyptians were intelligent and astute enough to revise their ideology many times until they have advanced from the worship of many gods to one-universal god; his name is uttered by many people, and yet, many do not know that AMEN was the greatest Egyptian God.  Knowledge of this god has been hidden because the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions all have emulated the beliefs of the Egyptians; such as a soul, heaven, a Son of God, and one-universal God.  This has been documented in Future of God Amen.

Future of God Amen Book

Dr. Sina, your development of the comparison between Islam and Christianity was instructive. Whereby you made the distinction that Islam is an anti-Christian belief. Christianity advocates freedom of man, Islam, his slavery. One brings the message of liberation, the other, of submission.

Reformation vs. Transformation

Dr. Sina you wrote that there are “new reformer wannabes that don’t want to go to the origin of Islam. They want to eschew a part of the Quran and the entire Sharia and invent a different religion, still calling it Islam. These neo-reformers want to change Islam and bring bid’a. Is that possible? Can believers have an opinion contrary to what the Quran says? We already saw that the Quran 33:36 prohibits the believers to have any choice in their OWN matter when Allah and his Messenger have made their choice. How can they decide what is good for the RELIGION?”

Key to reform is education.  Muslims and people around the world have got to know WHAT is written in the Quran.  When Muslims and people around the world are able to communicate WHAT is in the Quran, they will be able to SHAME Islamic leaders, to strongly pressure them to revise the Quran – if they are indeed men of God, they will revise the Quran.  To NOT REVISE the Quran, there is only one clear alternative, Islam must be defeated PERIOD.  That, Dr. Sina, needs to be the message for an Islamic Reformation.

At the beginning of this dialog, I indicated that I will write another Press Release.  It will reveal WHY the Quran Must be Revised and that it is a document written by despot religious men.

Dr. Sina you wrote, “How can one claim to believe in the Quran and disregard all these warnings?  The so-called reformers of Islam are misguided at best and deceptive at worst.”

It is not deceptive to reveal that the Quran itself was written by powerful religious leaders and are NOT the Words of Allah.  My next Press Release will demonstrate that the Quran is Not the Word of Allah.

Dr. Sina, the most conclusive logic you presented that Islam cannot be reformed is poignant and I must admit, true.  It is presented again below:

“By sugarcoating Islam, you cannot change its nature. You can purify filthy water and drink it. You can even purify urine into drinking water. But can you purify gasoline enough to make it drinkable? The essence of Islam is evil. It is not a contaminated good faith. You cannot reform it enough to make it a humane faith. Can you reform Nazism? This whole notion is misguided and absurd.

What is the point of reforming a religion founded by a mentally deranged man who committed so much evil on Earth, lied, deceived, raped, tortured, raided, looted, massacred and committed the most despicable crimes? Why keep his cult alive and his memory honored? He deserves scorn, not recognition?

Reforming Islam is impossible. It is either a dilution or a ruse. Jihad is based on two pillars, war and deception. I don’t want anyone to be fooled by the soothing promises of Muslim reformers. Moderate Islam does not exist. It’s a myth.”

Of noteworthy reading was learning from you, “The only serious reformer of Islam was Baha’u’llah. He realized Islam cannot be reformed. So, he founded a new religion and announced that he was vested with authority from God to annul all His previous mandates in the Quran.”

You also wrote, “Baha’u’llah is the only credible transformer of Islam. But again, Baha’i Faith is not Islam. It’s entirely a different religion.”  So, what if it is entirely a different religion if it can replace Islam.  You would honor this man by resurrecting his words and have them replace many verses in the Quran.   So impressed was I over Baha’u’llah, that his words must be repeated for IPC readers to read.

The Credo of Baha’u’llah’s Religion for Islam’s Reformation.

“He told Muslims, whereas before you were told to slay the unbelievers, now God wants you to love all the people irrespective of their faiths. Whereas before He told you women are deficient in intelligence, beat them if you fear they may disobey you, now He says men and women are equal and give preference to the education of your daughters, because they will be the mothers and the primary educators of future generations. Whereas in the previous dispensation God told you all non-believers will go to hell, now He says it’s your deeds that matter and your faith without good deeds is worthless and that He is not going to discriminate against anyone because of his belief. It’s the purity of heart that matters not what you profess with your tongues. Whereas before He had built a huge rotisserie to burn humans for disbelief, He has actually shut it down. He wants you to obey him for the love of Him alone and not because you fear him. Just act as mature people. There is no threat. Whereas before He said,” fighting is good for you,” now He is tired of all the fighting and says fighting behoove the ferocious beasts and choiced deeds behooves humans. Whereas before you were promised virgins, there are no virgins. Your body will rot here. The rewards are all spiritual in nature, like joy and love. There is no hanky-panky in paradise. Also, there is no punishment, except the regret that you’d feel for losing the chance to develop spiritual limbs in this world.”

Dr. Sina, I respect your concluding remarks that Islam cannot be reformed.  You have presented a powerful case, for which reason it is repeated below:

Islam cannot be reformed. “They tried it in every imaginable way. The Mu’tazelis tired it, the Sufis tried it, hundreds of old and new schools tried it and they all failed. If you cannot stomach the Sharia, why do you want to keep Islam at all? Islam belongs to the toilet of history. Dump it and flush. Get rid of it and don’t fool yourself with this nonsense. Accept the truth. Yes, truth matters. Islam is a lie. Muhammad was a mentally sick conman. Get over with it and stop this ridiculous farce of reformation.”

Dr. Sina, I am a fool like the man among men, Baha’u’llah.  To accept Islam as a cancer, to tolerate it is to be a fool.  Your alternative is to defeat Islam in an all-out war.  A war that will destroy billions of people because Islam has penetrated just about every country.  That is WHY I elect to inform and educate people and Muslims WHY the Quran MUST Be REVISED.  We can no longer live in ignorance.  If we fail to educate ourselves and people around the world, we will surely face WWIII.  Education is the only logical alternative to avert a world war and have Muslims freed from their slavery to join the world as loving and respectable human beings.  If Islamic religious leaders cannot understand the problem must be resolved then Islamic terrorism will continue to exist.


Dr. Ali Sina:

Dear Mr. Nicholas Ginex

I am not advocating war with Muslims. I am proposing separation so we can leave in peace and avoid war.  It is the present status quo that will lead to war.  People will get tired and eventually there will be backlash. More mosques will be blown up, and more Muslims will be gunned down.  The spineless governments who have shown to be total cowards vis a vis Muslims will not be able to exercise brute force against their own people. They will try but this will lead into a civil war. Blood will flow like river in the streets of European countries.

People are running out of cheeks to turn. They are angry and this anger will explode resulting in mayhem and bloodshed.  I am not prescribing it. I am predicting it, like an economist predicting the crash of the market.

You wrote. “We Must Understand the Islamic Problem in Order to Solve the Problem.” I could not agree more, while at the same time I am afraid most people do not understand Islam. I read books written by great orientalists and scholars such as Montgomery Watt, Sir. William Muir, Ignaz Goldziher, D.S. Margoliouth, Rev. Cannon Sell, Aloys Sprenger, Louis Bernard, and many more. They all have failed to understand the nature of Islam and the psychology of Muhammad.  Their ignorance has spread to the general public and as the result the western world, unable to know the enemy and is ill-equipped to defend itself.

I have written a book titled Understanding Muhammad and Muslims, available on Amazon, which I attach.  I think those who want to prescribe remedies for the Islamic problem should read it.  One can read many books on Islam, and still not understand it. This book makes everything clear.

You wrote, “My next Press Release will highlight some of those verses to present that the Quran is NOT perfect and MUST be REVISED to redirect the poisonous ideology they are taught today.”

I already addressed this point. We may want lots of things that are not realistic.  The Quran cannot be revised.  So, this discussion is mute.  It is much easier to convince Muslims that the Quran is a book of lies than convince them to revise it.  Millions of Muslims are leaving Islam every year but there is not a single Muslim who would agree to revise the Quran. I don’t understand why should we keep beating a dead horse.

Yes, most founders of many religions including Christ profess that their teachings are inviolable.  The difference is that teachings of Christ are divine while those of Muhammad are demonic. The Church went through reformation but no one suggested that the Gospels of Jesus should be revised.  His teachings are good as they are while the teachings of Muhammad are not.

You say, this is protectionism and it prevents the growth of a religion to higher spiritual values.  The teachings of Jesus cannot be surpassed by any higher spiritual value.  In any case if the followers know better why they need to follow a religion?  The whole argument is a logical fallacy.  It is unrealistic and will not work. Why waste our time prescribing a remedy that we know is not going to work?  Isn’t it time to drop this snake oil of revising the Quran and reforming Islam and start thinking of a real solution?

Yes, key to reform, as you say, is education, but for that to happen one must find receptive ears. Muslims do not have receptive ears. You’ll get a more attentive ear talking to a chair than to a Muslim.   Even though I have helped thousands of Muslims to leave Islam a great majority of them refuse to read my book.  They write to me and say they accept my challenge and want to debate. I tell them they have to read my book first and I send it to them for free. They refuse to read.  You cannot educate a people who have no ears to listen.  Education does not work.  That was my idea 20 years ago. Now I am wiser.  It is time to get serious with Muslims. I am not suggesting waging a war with them.  I am suggesting sending them back to their own countries. We need to ban this cult and expel anyone caught promoting it.  This is what works.  And I bet that this will help them come to their senses and leave Islam.

Yes, Islam must be defeated. But this is an empty slogan if we don’t tell how. Education does not work because Muslims will not listen.  Waging war is stupid.  We can’t kill millions of Muslims among us. Apartheid is the only thing that works. I am not talking about a racial apartheid. I am talking about a religious apartheid, the same thing that Islam prescribes in the Quran 3:28 and 9:23. And if they get offended, we remind them that this is what their sacred book teaches.

You wrote, “At the beginning of this dialog, I indicated that I will write another Press Release.  It will reveal WHY the Quran Must be Revised and that it is a document written by despot religious men.”

The Quran cannot be revised. Why you keep repeating this? And this book is not written by despotic religious men. Yes, it is deceptive to make that claim with no evidence to back it up.  The Quran is the verbatim words of Muhammad. There is some minor tampering but the core message of this book has not been changed.

As for Baha’i Faith, it is entirely a different religion and it CANNOT replace Islam.  This Faith has been around since 1844 and it is not growing.  It does not have any attraction for Muslims.  Furthermore, why replace a lie with another? The best remedy for a lie is truth.  Christianity is advancing fast among Iranians and other Muslims, despite the risk and persecution.  Why not promote Christianity? When entangled in a web of lies, only truth will set us free, not by weaving more lies.

Baha’u’llah’s teachings are good, but they do not have divine origin.  They are commonsense. He did not bring anything new.  On the surface his teachings are great, but beneath the surface lurk many disturbing truths.  The Baha’i Faith is innocuous as long as it remains small. If it ever becomes a world religion, as it aims to, it will become the most repressive and totalitarian regime that would make Orwell’s 1984 look like child play.   Bahais are wonderful people, trustworthy and sincere.  Among other things they believe it is better to be killed than to kill.  So, they are entirely harmless.

However, the Bahai Faith itself is not harmless.  It openly promotes New World Order, one government, one world police force, and one currency. It incorporates the three branches of the government, in one world unelected body that responds to no one but to God. And we know what that means for the average people.

No, the answer to Islam is not the Bahai Faith. It is Christianity. But our immediate problem is that Muslims will not listen. So, the only thing left is to apply my five-step plan and expel Muslims from among us.  Let them fight with each other until they realize Islam is taking them to hell and leave it.  We should stay out of it.  Islam is like fire. It will keep growing as long as it finds fuel. If you cut its fuel it dies. By allowing Muslims to immigrate to the west we become fuel to Islamic expansionism.  If we keep them to where they are, Islam will die.  That is good for us and good for them.

Understanding Muhammad and Muslims Book


Nicholas Ginex:

Dear Dr. Ali Sina,

Thank you for your book, "Understanding Muhammad."  I will read it even though I have no respect nor care to understand this man.  You have opened my mind to new avenues of thought by providing your views about the Quran as not able to be revised and the Baha'i Faith as having its flaws to become a new world order with possible decrease of the freedoms Americans now enjoy.

I agree with all you have written but in the same way Muslims are leaving the Islamic faith, they will do so after their Holy Scripture is exposed as being written by despotic religious men.  What makes you think the words in the Quran are all written by Muhammad when in fact, the Quran was not created and assembled until a decade after his death?

I have shown in a new article titled, Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis, that the Quran was written by a Party of Men who have abrogated two of God's commands given in the Old and New Testament.  A link is provided below for your review.  Yes, you are correct that indoctrinated Muslims will not, and are not interested in revising their Holy Book.  However, to make more and more Muslims leave the Islamic faith, it is necessary to expose the flaws in the Quran to people around the world.  Such exposure will SHAME its religious leaders as Muslims and people world-wide come to know WHAT is in the Quran.

The attached article unquestionably shows that the Quran had to have been written by a powerful religious leader or commander of high rank.  It could NOT have been written by Muhammad who died ten years before the Quran was compiled.

Yes, there will be resistance but, in the end, more Muslims will leave the faith as they become educated with people being exposed to its flaws around the world.  It is clear that it takes great pressure and force for a people to think of revising their religion.  Few people know that the New Testament was created due to the near decimation and annihilation of the Hebrew people and destruction of their temple and towns by the Romans.  It was Hebrew priests that wrote the Gospels in order the preserve their belief in one God.

I agree with you that people are easily fooled into believing their Scripture came from God.  Most people believe that a righteous man, a prophet is inspired to create words that appear to come from God.  But this is FALSE.  All Scripture, be it the Torah, the Gospels, and the Quran were written by inspired men of God, NOT God.

In Figure 1 of the article attached, one can "see" that Scripture matures through many years of man finding better ways to live with communities within a society.  All Scripture has been conceived by the minds of men NOT God who is the inspiration that is still in transition for we still do not know how God came to be.

Let me know what you think of the new article.  It has been placed on IPC and may be viewed via the link:

Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis


PS:  Dear Dr. X, please provide an image for the article.  Each time I followed your directions, it just re-posted the entire text. Also, the dialog between Dr. Sina and myself may be instructive as commentary to his article, Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year.


Dr. Ali Sina:

Dear Mr. Nicholas Ginex

I don’t blame you for not having any respect for Muhammad and not caring to know him. However, as long as you write about him you need to have a good grasp of Islam, its founder, its sacred books and its followers.  As Sun Zi said, to win any war we must know the enemy.  You yourself said that the key to change Islam is through education. How can we teach others something we don’t know?

Your thesis that the Quran must have been written by a group of powerful men because many verses that are allegedly attributed to Allah start with the pronoun, we.  This is the “we” of majesty. It does not imply plurality.  In the Quran Allah often refers to himself in plural first person pronoun.  But that is not the only pronoun he uses for himself. Sometimes he refers to himself with the third person singular pronoun.  This change of pronoun happens sometimes in the same verse.  This confusion is due to the fact that the author of the Quran was an illiterate man.  There is plenty of confusion in the Quran and switching from one pronoun to another is one of them.   The Queen of England also refers to herself in plural.

There is plenty of evidence that the Quran is a collection of the saying of Muhammad.  Here are a few:

The Quran is composed of Meccan verses and Medinan verses.  The Meccan verses are almost entirely influenced by the poems of Zaid ibn Amr. Zaid was a learned man and a poet. He converted to the religion of Abraham, the Hanifi Faith and was scornful of the religion of the Quraysh.  His half-brother Khattab (Umar’s father) chased him out of the town.  He took refuge in Cave Hira. Muhammad used to visit him bringing him food and water.  Zayd was also a second cousin of Khadijah. They spent countless hours in that cave together and Zaid would read to Muhammad his poems and narrate to him the stories of Biblical prophets.   Muhammad’s rudimentary knowledge of the Bible is mostly based on his acquaintance with Zaid.

After some time, Zaid left Mecca, leaving behind his children who eventually converted to Islam. His daughter married Umar.

The Meccan suras of the Quran are almost a replica of Zayd’s poems. They cover the same stories, rehash the same themes and even rhyme. But they are not as beautiful as the poems of Zayd. It is clear that they are written by someone who had very little knowledge of grammar and syntax.  Sometimes the verses are too longs and should be divided in two or three to make sense and sometimes they become clearer if a few of them are joined together.   Sometimes they contain useless appendices and unrelated subjects that should be expressed in parenthesis or even in a different paragraph. It is obvious that whoever wrote or dictated the Quran must have been an illiterate person, unfamiliar with the art of writing and composing sensible themes.

Had the Quran been written by powerful men as you claim, they would most certainly would have employed someone with better understanding of the language. The incoherence of the Quran is the best proof of the claim that its author was an illiterate man.

Muhammad was very much impressed by Zayd.  Even though he prohibited praying for deceased unbelievers and did not pray for his own mother and uncle, he told Muslims they could pray for Zaid.  Fortunately, as the result Zayd’s poems were not destroyed.  Most of them have survived and we can see that without a doubt they are the inspiration behind the Meccan verses.

Muhammad must have thought that Zayd had died.  But according to his son Saeed, he died at Aqiq and his corpse was carried to Medina where he was buried.

The following is one of Zayd’s poems.
In the days when I had little sense,
I wondered (for in the night much is strange,
Which in daylight is plain to the discerning),
That Allah had annihilated many men
Whose deeds were thoroughly evil
And spared others through the piety of a people
So that a little child could grow to manhood.
A man may languish for a time and then recover
As the branch of a tree revives after rain.
I serve my Lord the compassionate
That the forgiving Lord may pardon my sin,
So, keep to the fear of Allah your Lord;
While you hold to that you will not perish.
You will see the pious living in gardens,
While for the infidels, hell fire is burning.
Shamed in life, when they die,
Their breasts will contract in anguish.

After Muhammad migrated to Medina and started raiding and looting, he put aside his prophetic career and put on the hat of the statesman.  The Quran also changed accordingly.  He stopped talking about the prophets and biblical stories that dominated his Meccan writings.  From thereon, his verses reflect the events that happened in his life.

The Quran is a book without context.  The context is in the books of Sira and hadith.  If one does not know these books one cannot interpret the Quran.  Every verse of the Quran is stated in reaction to a specific event that happened in the life of Muhammad and those events are in the Sira.   That is why it is imperative to be familiar with these books if one wants to opine on the Quran.  There are some scholars who claim Muhammad never existed.  This is a gross misunderstanding and it is all due to the fact that these people are often unfamiliar with the Sira or have a very limited knowledge of it.

For example, the sura 8 from which you quoted a verse was dictated after the battle of Badr, about 18 months after the hijra.  It relates entirely to the events that happened in that battle.

The verses of the Quran were memorized by several Muslims known as hafiz. They were then collected and compiled without any regards to their chronology.  The memorizers, however, remembered when and in what occasion the verses had been ‘revealed’.  This was recorded separately in hadith and Sira and later compiled as tafseer.

The suras were created often ad hoc and by approximation.  For example, Sura 4 contains reference to several events that took place between the end of A.H. 3 and the beginning of A.H. 5.  The Sura 9 is related to two different events that took place almost a year apart.  One is about the Muslims who avoided to take part in the battle of Tabuk and the other is about the edict of Muhammad after the conquest of Mecca.  We know why each verse was said and to what they refer.

So, there is no basis for claiming that the Quran was written for the first time by some mysterious despots, years after Muhammad’s death.    Had this theory been true, the Quran would not be so confusing. The very fact that this book is so confusing is evidence that it is not a book at all, but a collection of the utterances of Muhammad without any reference to their context.


Nicholas Ginex:

Dear Dr. Ali Sina,

I have begun to read your well-written book, Understanding Muhammad and Muslims and was impressed not only by its content but the book reviews from exceptional scholars on Islam. You have provided for me historical facts about Islam, Muhammad, and Muslims, which will widen my search to understand the Islamic problem and hopefully STOP its cancerous growth around the world.

Having read blurbs of your book, foreword, synopsis, and several pages at the beginning and ending where you listed your Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism, -I am impressed with your knowledge and devotion to educate concerned people about the dangers of Islam. In my mind, you are gift to humanity for putting into written words history, knowledge and perceptions to awaken many people who are either silent or arrogant about a threat that could someday end their lives.  I will read you book in its entirety.
In response to your comments of July 12, 2017 at 9:42 PM, I am very interested in learning about the life of Muhammad and your book does a fine job of examining why he had developed a distorted understanding of God and believed he was a messenger, a prophet of Allah.  However, I deliberately limited my research to the source document of Islam, the Quran, and to learn how Sharia law developed.  I have no interest in all other ancillary Islamic books, deemed sacred by Islamic religious leaders and scholars.  One can get lost in the myriad of written works about Islam and is why I choose to stick to the founding document to analyze and understand.

My approach to understand the Egyptian, Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions was to read their scriptures, the documents that are taught to their followers.  The ancillary documents by other holy men that confirm the existence or laud the attributes of their esteemed prophet are nice but they tend to muddle the sacred scripture, which provides the foundation of the religion.

Therefore, for my research, I primarily read the sacred hymns of the Egyptians, the Torah, the five Gospels and Revelation, and finally the Quran line-by-line.  Other documents I will read are to learn who are the perpetrators that cause terrorism.  Yes, I have an interest in how Muslims think, which you have provided in your book.  It is necessary to understand the scripture of a religion and why followers accept its beliefs.  It is necessary to learn how are they indoctrinated and what are the values instilled into their minds that either make them peaceful-compassionate people or enemies against the cultures of other civilizations.

Thoughts about the Quran written by Muhammad or a party of men.

I bolded the above sentence because there is much controversy and confusion about the authenticity of the Quran being totally written by Muhammad. I have read about the Islamic scholars’ defense of Allah being referred to in the plural term “We” and have included “Our” and “Us” in the book, Allah, We, Our and Us.  The Queen of England argument is simply an obfuscation by Islamic leaders and scholars to muddle and confuse the issue.

Yes, you are partially correct that the Quran was written by an illiterate man.  When you consider that the Quran was assembled and compiled by Islamic men about ten years after the death of Muhammad, it becomes very suspicious and likely that more than one man contributed to the Quran.  There is no doubt that many passages were written by Muhammad for it was written in his person as a messenger of Allah.  But you cannot neglect the fact that a Party of Men were entrusted to enforce the Quran.

I am knowledgeable of the poet Zaid ubn Amr and his second cousin Khadijah who read poems and stories of the Biblical prophets to Mahammad. The exposure to Hebrew and Christian beliefs helped shape the beliefs in Muhammad’s mind until one day he truly believed he was a messenger of Allah.  Here, we have evidence that was it Gabriel the Archangel or the thoughts of men that shaped the mind of Muhammad?

Dr. Sina, you wrote, “Had the Quran been written by powerful men as you claim, they would most certainly would have employed someone with better understanding of the language. The incoherence of the Quran is the best proof of the claim that its author was an illiterate man.”

We must not underestimate the plans of despotic men to use the beliefs of Muhammad to gain the support of thousands of men to conquer the lands and acquire the riches of other people.  The Party of Men sanctioned in the Quran (3:105) were cognizant of the power that religious beliefs can control the minds of followers, especially after they have been successful numerous times to destroy many towns and ravage its people.  After ten years of successful gains of territory and acquiring the riches in other lands, the Party of Men assembled the Quran to be used as a manual to indoctrinate their followers.
The use of “we, our and us” clearly refers to Muslims NOT Allah.  How could Allah kill people in towns while they are asleep or at play without the use of Muslims?  In the verses 7:5-7 and 7:97-100, we “see” that it had to be Muslims NOT Allah that killed innocent and defenseless human beings.  Let’s put the ridiculous “We” argument to bed advocated by religious scholars for their minds have been successfully indoctrinated.

Thank you for Zayd’s poem.  It reveals he was strongly influenced with the concepts of the gardens of heaven and the burning fires of hell.  These are the reward and pains of death concepts prevalent in the Egyptian, Hebrew and Christian religions. In the Quran, more so than in the Torah and Gospels, the anguish and pain for sinners who do not follow the religion is written throughout. 

Dr. Sina, you wrote that the Quran is written without context and to really understand its written words is to understand the events that affected the life of Muhammad by reading the Sira.  Here again, I do not believe in trying to understand why Mahammad wrote what he did but simply understand the impact of his words used to indoctrinate his followers.  I take no stock in the support of Islamic scholars, friends and followers of Muhammad but only care to evaluate what he wrote and if it makes sense.

Dr. Sina, regarding the battle of Badr, which I referred to in Sura 8:16-19, you brought to my attention that it occurred about 18 months after the Hijra; which is when in 622 CE, Muslim followers migrated from Mecca to Yathrib (now Medina).  The Hijra is commemorated in Islam for its role in the founding of the first Muslim community called the ummah. In Sura 8:16-19, I presented the unquestionable fact that it had to have been written by a powerful religious leader or commander of high rank. 

The point that I was making by presenting Sura 8:16-19 was that the prophet Muhammad never referred to himself in motivating the army of Muslims.  That is why it becomes possible that though the battle occurred 18 months after the Hijra, it was handed down and written by a Party of Men ten years later when the Quran was assembled. One can clearly “see” that the intent of this Sura was to use Allah as the motivator and have Muslims believe it was not them that slew the enemy but Allah who even threw gravel in their faces. 

Truly, this scripture is a manual to motivate Muslims to kill disbelievers believing it was Not through their own volition but through Allah who directs their actions.  This is why the Party of Men ingeniously used the plural forms of “We, Our and Us” to enforce the belief that Allah supports and acts for His followers to have Islam become a Theocratic Empire. I do not believe that the Party of Men were that ignorant in not knowing the powerful use of words.  Don’t forget, ten years after the death of Muhammad, Muslims had many educated men from other countries (such as Persia) to join their cause and piece together their masterpiece, The Quran.

Another thought, in the ten years in compiling Muhammad’s beliefs and visionary happenings with the Archangel Gabriel, is it possible that several intelligent, conniving men thought how best to put the Quran together.  To have Muslims believe “we, our and us” is Allah is an effective physiological scheme to induce followers to comply with the commands and admonitions of the “We” Party of Men. 

Education is Key in the 5 Ways to Stop Islamic Terrorism.

Of the 5 ways to stop Islamic terror, I fully support Step 5, “Speak the Truth About Islam.”  You point out that the Quran is full of errors, absurdities, violence and hate.  It is full of abominable verses that incite bigotry, hate, violence and the killing of people that have religious or personal beliefs other than Islam.  Rather than cite the ruthlessness of Muhammad, people need to have frank discussions of the abominable verses in the Quran.  I have least interest in the man Muhammad but great interest in exposing the abominable verses in the Quran.  This is what people around the world need to learn about. Only through knowledge that the Quran is not worth the paper it is written on will people begin to “see” its flaws and ridicule this outlandish scripture. 

It’s nice to know that Muhammad was a pedophile and had physiological problems but it does not solve the Islamic problem. Knowing what’s in the Quran will cause many Muslims to leave the faith as soon as they acquire the ability to think for themselves.  This is WHY I have written two articles, one that indicates that an Islamic Reformation is needed and the other reveals why the Quran must be revised.

Each of the two articles will have a Press Release to introduce the articles since they are a bit lengthy.  The PRs stress that for a successful Islamic reformation and eventual revision of the Quran, it needs to be supported by wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, news media around the world, and government organizations such as the FBI and CIA to amass a propaganda or public enlightenment campaign.  In today’s world, where we have the Internet, news can be disseminated around the world people so that people can learn of the horrors of Islam and HOW to STOP Islamic terrorism.
In my articles, I point out that the book, Allah, We, Our and Us is available as a FREE READ on the IPC website and that wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, news media around the world, and government organizations would be able to defeat Islamic ignorance by having the book distributed to people and organizations around the world.  I have noted that I have no interest in getting rich but that any profits would be put into distributing more books around the world.

Dr. Sina, you are correct in that education is key to solving the Islamic problem.  The Muslims have made better strides in using the Internet to seduce unsuspecting minds to become Islamic terrorists.  The free countries, such as America is asleep and arrogant in understanding the Islamic threat has already invaded our government at the highest levels.  Do you remember that President George W. Bush had the first Iftar dinner at the White House a mere month after Muslims attacked the New York twin towers and other buildings on 9/11/2001 killing over 3,000 people? There, he announced that “Islam is a religion of peace."   However, President Barack Obama also hosted his first Ramadan dinner in 2009 and did so every year of his presidency.  He also brainwashed Americans with the propaganda that, “Islam is a religion of peace.”

It is clear that Presidents Bush and Obama both facilitated the entry of many Muslim operatives into the U.S. government.  How could college graduates, who are supposedly well educated not know the threat of Islam especially since Muslim terrorists had already attacked the U.S.S. Cole on October 12, 2000 during the presidency of Bill Clinton.  Were the presidents arrogant of Islamic history or was it that multinational oil cartels were jointly held and profited from the sale of Middle Eastern oil?  This history of American politicians to understand the Islamic threat is dismally lacking so American gets a zero for your Step 1.

All your other steps will work to keep Islam out of America.  But Islam has already successfully penetrated many countries like France, Germany and England. To stem the growth of Islam, knowledge MUST be imparted to people around the world.  As I said, it can be done if wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, news media around the world, and government organizations support the Islam Reformation Movement.

To remain passive, indifferent, and silent, the free world is in danger.  That is why I will be submitting PRs onto the Internet.  But it will be intelligent people like you to support the movement by communicating the Islamic threat around the world.  The support, if loud and clear, will be heard; for human beings are not that dumb to not understand the Quran is an abominable book.  Just as Muslims are leaving Islam today, tomorrow with more knowledge about the injustices and abominable verses of the Quran Muslims will begin to revolt against their lazy, fat, and arrogant leaders.

There is a possibility that just as el Sisi of Egypt had the courage to call for a change in the “thinking” of Muslims there will be, as in the past, other Islamic leaders that will have the compassion, knowledge, and perceptiveness to “Revise the Quran.” To fail in this challenge, Islamic terrorism will always exist.


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