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Iranian Soccer Babes 2
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Persian Football Girls

Iranian Soccer Babes
Persian Football Girls 2
Iranian Soccer Babes
February 3, 2017

Iranian Soccer Babes
Iranian Soccer Babes are back! It has been a while! Call them Iranian Soccer Babes or call them Persian Football Girls, makes no difference but they are extremely passionate and they are hardcore fans. They may wave the Lion, Sword and Sun, Old Glory Banner or the New Allah Banner of IRI or just the plain Green, White and Red Banner of Iran, but they all love Iran and the National Team.

Some girls maybe wave the new banner because they could not get their hands on the old banner and the others are doing it out of ignorance because they do not know what it stands for (The Arabic Allah), but they have good intentions in their hearts and they love Iran passionately!

Lion, Sun and Sword has nothing to do with the Monarchy and the Imperial Iran, but it is the national emblem of Iran, now for 8000 years!

Inform yourselves about the History of the Iranian Flags and the Allah Flag of IRI:

Pictorial History of the Iranian Flags: Book in 14 Chapters

Pictorial History of the IRI Flags: Chapter 10

The Wild and Insane Hardcore Persian Female Soccer Players and Fans are legendary.

Iranian Soccer Babes are some of the most passionate football girls in the world; it is a shame that IRI does not allow them inside Iranian Stadiums to watch soccer! They watch international soccer games of the Iranian National Team outside Iran and they follow them religiously but alas that they cannot watch the games inside Iran! All because of the Islamist Theocracy and the Islamic discrimination against women, not counting them as equal to men!

Hopefully things will change in the future, but until then, let us be patient and observe some of the most hardcore soccer fans in the globe, the Iranian Soccer Babes AKA Persian Football Girls! Bon Appetite:

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