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Anahita Lexi Bloom: Lexi 3
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Anahita Lexi Bloom Persian Sexy Model
Lexi 3: Lexi the Sexy Book Worm


Lexi 3: Lexi the Sexy Book Worm Album
Anahita Lexi Bloom
August 21, 2020

Lexi 3 Album is out hot out of the oven! Did you know there is a “Book Worm Geek Girl” side to Anahita! She is much into reading books. In many occasions she reads books naked! Some intense moments indeed! Anahita Lexi Bloom was born as Anahita Roshani in Portland, Oregon, USA. Anahita is a second generation Iranian American. Anahita is in to fitness, sports, dancing, reading books and modeling. Anahita loves Persian food, dance and culture.

This album is Anahita Lexi Bloom’s third album in IPC. Anahita being somewhat of a book worm was the inspiration to create this photo shoot. View Anahita’s other albums in Iran Fashion Models Index. Let’s spend the afternoon with Lexi the Sexy Book Worm. Enjoy Anahita’s third album in IPC:

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