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The Persian Juicy Pomegranate - Album 1

Aylar Dianati Lie Iranian Sexy Model
The Persian Juicy Pomegranate
Album 1

Aylar Dianati Lie
March 6, 2012

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Aylar Dianati Lie is a Persian model, singer, dancer and actress. Aylar has done print, catalogue, fashion, art and video modeling. She has appeared in music videos as a dancer and as a singer. Aylar has also done some TV acting.

Aylar Dianati Lie (originally Sharareh) was born on 1984 in Tehran, Iran. Aylar’s roots go back to Azerbaijan. She is an Azeri Iranian. She moved to Norway when she was only 3 years old. After arriving in Norway, her parents separated and Aylar was placed in the custody of the Child Protective Services. After a few years she was taken into the foster care system. Aylar has been moved eighteen times before she began the elementary school. Finally Aylar found a loving foster parents. Her biological mother had moved to the United States of America, while her father remained in constant struggle with the Norwegian authorities.

When Aylar turned 16, she went to Iran to visit her estranged family (father's side). Her father and the family kept her in Iran against her will. A short visit to Iran had turned to a year and a half of struggle to escape back to Norway. Aylar’s foster parents, Norwegian Child Protective Services and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs assisted her to get out of Iran and return to Norway.

Once in Norway, due to the Iranian episode, she developed mental illness and depression. Her relationship with her father and his family was ruined.

Little did she know that soon things would get worst! Suddenly her biological mother got in touch with her and wanted her to travel to USA. Aylar’s foster parents urged her not to go but she finally left to USA. Aylar went to LA to visit and stay with her biological mother. She turned 18 and she assumed that she will start school in LA. Aylar would regret this trip for the rest of her life.

After having spent a month in the United States, Aylar, her mother and her mother’s new husband, went on a weekend trip to Las Vegas. Her mother’s husband took advantage of the situation and assaulted her. Frightened and confused, she ran away from them.

Without having anyone to turn to or anyplace to go, and strongly affected by the incident that had taken place, Aylar didn’t find the courage to call her foster parents and once again ask them for bailout and help. Instead she decided that she had to handle the situation on her own, but she had reached a physical and mental low in her life and was desperate. She quickly got involved with the wrong crowd and started using drugs to escape the reality. She ended up hanging with the Iranian American degenerates of LA. Sex, drugs, booze, bad environment and the wrong LA Crowd, she was on her way down ……

The drug abuse and her desperate situation soon led her to the adult entertainment industry. On 2002 and 2003 she played in a number of adult films. Soon a drug overdose landed her in the hospital. Her hospitalization led her back to Norway. Even more affected than she’d been after returning from Iran, depressed and down on her luck, she started to try again and put together the pieces of her life.

On 2004 she started modeling and later on attempted to run for Miss Norway Beauty Pageant. She was dreaming to next run for Miss Universe. On 2004 she became a finalist in Miss Norway Pageant but disqualified due to her earlier X-rated career. Her past caught up with her and disqualified her for the pageant and also ended her modeling contract. The news of her past shocked the nation as well as her family. Her secret was revealed, and there were no turning back. Aylar’s life had soon turned into a media frenzy.

At the same time (2004) Aylar started receiving death threats from local and international Muslims.  At the time (2004) there were a number of “Honor Killings” of Muslim girls by their families in Scandinavia, so she had to leave Norway for security reasons. Muslims claimed that she had disgraced Islam and Iran. This incident made her more outspoken against Islamists and Islamism.

In spite of the disqualification and her sudden isolation from former friends and relatives, she decided to benefit from the unwanted publicity she had gotten, and make a career as a glamour model. She was an instant success, and in the course of a single calendar year, she managed to grace three covers for Norwegian FHM, a record she still holds, and graced the covers of several other magazines. Aylar’s modeling career was officially launched.

From 2006 she started appearing in the music videos as the dancing girl, then the actress and then the singer. She started her singing career. She associated with various singers and bands. Eventually she started singing and recording her own songs.

From 2007 to 2010 Aylar decided to keep a low profile in Norway and decided to go back to school and prepare for higher education. This was something that she meant to do a long time ago.

So the Muslims kept on with their Anti Aylar campaign and tried to trash her. Due to these Islamic rhetorics, Aylar has become an icon. All of these banning and branding Aylar as a worthless disgrace to Iran and Iranians has worked for her best and has become positive publicity. No publicity is bad publicity and if one knows how to use the publicity for her benefits, then one can gain from even bad publicity.

Islamists despise Aylar. As Imam Khamenei states: Testicle of Islam is in danger due to Great Satan (America), Global Zionism (Israel) and Shameless Acts! Well, this last one “Shameless Acts” includes Aylar’s behavior; therefore, I must sincerely support Aylar and her efforts to hurt and damage The Testicle of Islam! Folks, I am only doing my best to piss off the Muslims and poke the testicle of Islam with my Ahreemanic needle; morely, I do anything to piss off the pious Muslims and the Iranian Moral Majority! Aylar dear, not to worry, take it all off and show the world your assets and have no fear, thus Ahreeman supports you in full! Aylar dear, as long as you’ll be the Daisy, I’ll be your Huckleberry! You’ll always have a home in IPC.

Aylar an Ex-Porn Star is now turned singer and model. Aylar speaks Persian, Norwegian and somewhat English. Today she is leading a successful career. Aylar’s past mistakes has made her a strong woman and an independent woman. Aylar took the entire negative and created a positive out of them. For her, sky is the limit and we wish her a bright future.

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