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Betty Besky Persian Biker Girl Model
Finding Betty, the Persian Wild Rider


Betty Besky Persian Biker Girl
Persian Wild Rider Album

Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Betty Besky
Betty Besky

Finding Betty, the Persian Wild Rider

It was a while back when the boys and I, grabbed our guns, knives and bikes to take a ride to the San Diego East County. Once a while we go there to visit the pits for dirt bike riding, visit the woods for knife throwing, visit the range for outdoor shooting and visit the Maw and Paw Café which is an out there in the boonies joint with great breakfast and a bikers’ hangout. A perfect travel plan for the Rednecks and you know that I am The Eye-Rainian Redneck!

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So we got there, done our shooting, hooting, throwing, howling, dirting (dirt bike riding) and rebelling. Once we got all that stuff out of our system, we cruised to the “Inspiration Joint” (we have a few inspiration points and this is one of them). By then, we looked like a gang of misfit thugs in black leather rolled in dirt (from dirt bike racing at the pits) riding on and coming in on a truck (loaded with dirt bikes) and Harleys (chopper street bikes)! I was riding a custom made Harley Davidson Low Rider Chopper Bike.

This was a scene out of a Mel Gibson’s “Mad Max” Doom and Gloom sequel! Showtime boys and girls! A glance to that sight and a few good folks down there whispered to each other: “Oh Oh, Oh Shiite, Trouble is here)! Once we started walking to the joint, a great number of people hanging outside were staring at us and whispering Oh Shiite! I mean we were not entering Ritz Carlton like this but we were entering a Redneck Boonies Joint like this, so you figure everyone must be used to see folks like us down there! But I guess we were too much even for this crowd! We looked like Rebels without a Cause looking for a cause or a trouble, whichever comes first!

So I led the gang dressed up head to toe in black leather with my black leather gloves tucked in the shoulder strap on the top of my black leather jacket, stomping my black leather boots to the ground, trying to get the dirt out.

Once we got to the Maw and Paw Café, amongst the bikes and bikers at the door, there was this Biker Chick dressed in black leather on her bike.

I took my shades off, glanced around and that’s when I saw her! One of the boys said: “Holly Guacamole”! Another one said: “Hey Ahreeman can you handle them gears?” I was just standing still, staring at this site! She was a sight for the soar eyes alright!

There was this tall gothic biker chick dressed in black, wearing jack boots, sitting on her Harley, getting dirt out of her nails with a jack survival knife! This chick looked tough, rowdy and chic all in one! Before the boys start drooling like a hungry pack of wild dogs, I took the initiative and walked towards her like a wolf approaching a new juicy prey! After all, I am Gorg Ali the Exiled Wolf (one of my pen names)! I approached her and it went sort of like this:

X: Wow, it is amazing!

B: What the hell is so amazing (with a sarcastic and unenthusiastic face like she heard it all before).

X: You look just like this round and juicy pale white skinned but red hot inside, large peach from the peach tree in my fruit garden!

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(Suddenly the indifference turned to enthusiasm and laughter, her facial expression changed to a smiling beautiful face)

B: … and I thought I heard it all before!

X: Never a dull moment with Ahreeman!

B: You have a fruit garden?

X: Yes Ma’am.

B: Wow a gentleman!

X: Indeed …

B: Can I see your garden?

X: You can even eat my peach!

B: Oh can I (with a willful anticipation)?

X: Yup (I shook my head up and down in agreement).

B: Then it will be only appropriate if I also let you eat my peach (with a big smile)!

(At this point I cracked up and I knew that once again the Wolf has captured his prey, praise be upon Ahreeman!)

X: You are wild (with a smile)!

B: You haven’t seen anything yet!

X: Ooh Ahreeman likes that!

That is how the conversation started. The boys went inside to grab some chow, while cracking up from my dialogue with the voluptuous biker girl. The Amazon Biker Chick and I took a seat outside, sharing some ice cold float on a hot day chatting away!

Amazingly I found out that she is a Persian graphic designer! Imagine a Persian tomboy biker chick who is also in to S&M and Heavy Metal! This defies the entire norm about the Persian girls!

It is so awkward for me to ask because it is always the models who jump over each other’s heads to be published in IPC; however, this time, I just had to put it forward!

X: What if you pose as a model for us?

B: Who’s us?

X: My website?

B: what’s your website?

X: I give you my card …

B: No just give me the URL and I punch it in (grabbed her smart phone) …

(I told her the URL and while punching it in, she started to look at the phone and me amazed and with eyes and mouth wide open!)

B: Nooooo way, no FAQ-ing way, it is you, I should have known, it looked like you!

X: What, who?

B: you are Ahreeman X, aren’t you?

X: Guilty as sinned!

B: I read your site, I know you, well on the web until now in person!

X: Cool!

B: I knew it looked like you …. You are one crazy, bold, obnoxious, rebel rouser. You are psychotic dude!

X: Well, I guess that’s a compliment so thank you, thank you very much (with an Elvis style lip twitch)!

 B: Wow, it’s you!

X: That’s me!

B: you look taller and bigger than your pictures.

X: What can I say, I’m a Big Boy!

B: I’m honored but I’m not a modeling type. I’m a tomboy and too rough on the edges for modeling. Models are too wishy washy and I’m not a bache soosool!

X: Well that is the whole idea! You are not a model type, but on the contrary, you kick butt and you haul ass! You are a knockdown, drag out kind o gal! You are the rowdy wench and a tough girl who knocks the guy’s tooth out and kicks him in the ball! I want someone like that, totally the opposite of the norm!

B: Don’t get me wrong, I’m honored and I love hanging with you off cameras but modeling? Are you kidding me? That’s not my beef! I’m not a model.

X: Exactly my point, you are an Anti Model!

B: True … (I interrupted her)

X: Listen, take a walk on the wild side, trust me, it will be a smash. I am Ahreeman and I know what I’m talking about.

B: Fine, let’s do it!

X: This will be awesome!

That was how we originally met. Betty is an amazing wild spirit, something totally different, unorthodox and uncategorized for a Persian girl. You can’t help falling in love with her wild spirit, passion for action and love for speed. Betty is truly living it up on the edge of sanity! Let’s say, she is my kind of a gal!

Once I introduced her to Cat, that was a bomb! Cat fell in love with her and asked me:

C: Where did you find her, have you been holding out on me?!

X: Me, holding out on you? Well I never! Can you believe she was right on the corner under my thumb?

C: Don’t monopolize the chicks, especially someone so interesting! You didn’t want to bag that dish all by yourself now, did you?

X: I would not dare to hold out from the Great Catster Feline!

C: Always be like Vikings and share the spoils of the war!

 X: I always share, deep inside I’m of the proletariat, us Bolsheviks always share everything!

C: you nut job!

X: Listen, I’ll do better than only sharing her with you, I will share her with the whole world! Let’s shoot her!

C: I’ll enjoy taking that shoot.

So finally the three of us managed to schedule for a shoot and it went awesome. As promised, now I will share Betty not only with Cat but with the whole world, specifically, you the beloved IPC readers and fans!

Are you ready for this?

Ladies and Gentlemen please meet the Speed Demoness Betty in person! Betty Besky from Tehran, now living in San Diego and hanging out in East County is a graphic designer, a rocker, a Persian Goth girl and now a model. As usual Cat has done the photo shoot and I directed the shoot on this album.

Betty is in to Gothic Metal, Heavy Metal, Modern Graphic Design and Alternative Lifestyles! Her hobbies are art, dance, bikes and the Dark Side. Betty loves living on the edge of life.

We asked her what do you love? She replied: My art, music, politics, motorcycles and speeding down the highway with wind blowing my hair away! We asked her what’s your favorite band? She replied: Black Sabbath. We asked her what do you read? She replied: IPC of course (This girl just says all the right things)! We asked her: How many hours a day do you spend in front of the mirror to do your Gothic makeup? She replied: Do I interfere with you (Cat and Ahreeman) on how to run IPC? We said No! She replied: Then stay off my case before I break your face! Ooh this girl is Hot tempered (the Persian temper)! We asked her to describe herself in one term? She replied: Speed Demoness! Pale face, dark features, large eyes and leather all over are her trades. Heavy Metal, Fast Bikes and Rock Clubs are her games. We asked, any future plans? Rock till I drop, she whispered!

Betty is deeply in to Ancient Mythology, Occult, Astrology, Runes and Gothic Texts. Enjoy the final results of our work: The Persian Wild Rider Album!

Bon Appetite

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