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Catherine Lisa Bell Persian Tomboy Actress Model
Album 1: Fashion Dress Album


Catherine Lisa Bell, Persian Tomboy Actress Model
Fashion Portfolio Albums
Album 1: Fashion Dress Album

Catherine Lisa Bell
August 27, 2012

Albums Index
1. Fashion Dress Album
2. Wild and Free Album
3. Military Album
4. Motorcycle and Sports Album
5. Swimsuit Album

Catherine Lisa Bell is an Iranian American actress and model. She was born in London, England. Catherine is the only child of her father, Peter (a Scottish architect) and her mother, Mina (a Persian Nurse). So Catherine is of Persian - Scottish ancestry. After divorce by age 2, Catherine and her mother moved to Los Angeles with her Persian Grand Parents. Catherine became a US Citizen. Catherine was very close to her mother who was also her personal assistant.

There are two sides to Catherine. Catherine grew up as a tough Tomboy! Until this day, she does motorcycle racing (dirt bikes and mountain bikes), automobile racing, kick boxing, sky diving, bungee jumping, snowboarding, skiing, water sports and other Extreme action sports. Catherine Lisa Bell kicks butt! Then she has her feminine side as a model and actress.

She attended UCLA and was torn between studying art or biomedical engineering! She dropped out and became a model. She moved to Japan for modeling. Catherine was also a massage therapist.

She came back to America and started her acting career. Catherine studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas. Catherine Lisa Bell is an established actress.

Catherine Lisa Bell has played in various TV Movies such as:

Good Morning Killer (2011)
Last Man Standing (2011)

Catherine Lisa Bell has played in various TV Series and Mini Series such as:

Army Wives (2007 – Present 2012)
JAG (1996 – 2005)
The Triangle (2005)

Catherine Lisa Bell associated with Shohreh Aghdashloo and Parviz Sayyad in a Persian Animated Movie for children. This movie educates the children about the Persian New Year (Nowruz AKA Norooz). She played the voice of Layla in the:

Babak and Friends, a First Norooz (2005)

In the hit TV Series “Army Wives” she plays the role of “Denise Sherwood” but her most famous TV Series role ever was the role of the legendary “Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie" (Mac) in the TV Series “JAG”. Mac was a USMC commander of Joint Legal Service Center Southwest in San Diego.  Mac was a Marine Corps-woman Tomboy who was involved in all types of action pact trials and missions (somewhat similar to Catherine’s real life)!

Catherine also performed in the Sci-Fi Channel mini-series “The Triangle” where she finally played her desired college job as an engineer, an ocean engineer! Catherine played a number of TV movies and cinema films.

She still loves art and she paints. She has deep Persian roots, loves Persian culture and speaks fluent Persian. Catherine is very proud of her Iranian heritage. Catherine is presently working on a few different TV and Cinema projects. This girl is cute but don’t mess with her. She is a kick boxer and she can kick your butt in a heartbeat! Catherine’s passion is riding fast motorcycles.

Catherine Lisa Bell Website

Catherine Lisa Bell Facebook

Catherine Lisa Bell is a tough tomboy who loves action sports, speed and martial arts. She is also involved in various human rights groups, humanitarian organizations and foundations. Catherine is a solid American patriot, a proud Persian and a hardcore athlete.

Please enjoy Catherine Lisa Bell in her Fashion Portfolio Albums:

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