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Farah in Chains
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Farah in Chains
Farah, Sexy Persian Mistress S&M Art Model


Farah in Chains
Farah, Sexy Persian Mistress
S&M Art Model
Director: Ahreeman X
: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Farah
April 27, 2018

The Chains

Welcome to the Ahreemanic Dungeons of Pleasureful Pains! You twisted Persians have been asking me: “Ahreeman, why don’t you push the envelope?”

The Willful

Well, now I am pushing the envelope so far that it is ripping! Well, boys and girls, we will now get really Freaky and Funky! I am taking you for a special tour of the Ahreemanic Dungeons of Pleasureful Pains! Farah, Cat and I will be your guides to the Deep Dark Persian Underground! Ready, Set, Let’s Rock and Get a Load O This if you can?

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The Shame

For all of you twisted Persians out there, we have read all of your requests and we have granted your wish by doing an actual S&M model shoot! Nothing like Farah in Chains! We are talking extreme S&M Persian Mistress Farah. That Greek, Aristotle always spoke of Persians as Barbarians! Persians are too civilized, that is why so far, we could not provide your request; however, now we have found a “True Persian Barbarian”! Aristotle the Greek bastard, get a load o this Persian Barbarian if you can! Make no mistake, we are not talking about Farah Pahlavi, but we are talking about Farah Barbari because she is a true Barbarian!

Do you recall my article “Domestication of Persians”?

Domestication of Persians

Well, here we got some live “Domestication” going on! We can’t reveal much about Farah, except that she is originally from Tehran, City of Night Lights, where else did you expect?

The Doubt

I have to give credit to Cat for discovering Farah and conducting photo shoots and promotions of various action portfolios; however, I have to give credit to myself for the direction of each extreme pose.

Finally, these were the selected poses: Chains, Willful, Shame, Doubt, Will, Anticipation, Glance, Chained, Ravished, Rip, Rapture, Seduced, Blooming, Raw, Primitive, Free and Soul.

In this album, Farah will tell you a story. This is a story of breaking all taboos to reach freedom! Farah found the will to do it. I tried to capture the very essence of the danger, guilt, joy and pleasure of breaking all taboos by flipping the finger to the mainstream superficial traditions and religion.

The Will

Farah takes a wild ride from the innocence to the corruption, through the Pleasureful Pains Highway! Let the Ahreeman be your guide on this Highway to Hell!

Enjoy the best of Farah in Chains Album by Farah, The Sexy Persian Mistress!

The Anticipation

The Glance

The Chained

The Ravished

The Rip

The Rapture

The Seduced

The Blooming

The Raw

The Primitive

The Free

The Soul

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