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Gilda Qazan Aral
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Gilda Qazan Aral
Turkmen Iranian Sexy Model


Gilda Qazan Aral the Turkmen Iranian Sexy Model
Persian Hot Spicy Model
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Gilda Qazan Aral
Gilda Qazan Aral
December 14, 2016

Gilda Qazan Aral is a second generation Iranian American. Her parents are Turkmen. Her father is from Gorgan City of Golestan State of Iran. Her mother is from Ashgabat AKA Eshq-Abad (city of love) of Turkmenistan. Yes, another Turkmen model! Gilda is an athlete, student (physical fitness major) and a model. She plays soccer and volleyball. Her hobbies are spending hours in the gym, sauna, spa and swimming pool! She also enjoys dancing.

Gilda speaks 4 languages: Turkmen Turkish, Russian, English and indeed Persian. When we finally accepted her portfolio and agreed to do the shoot, she was delighted with joy. “I am so glad to pose for IPC. I am so glad that you chose me as the IPC Hot New Model” Gilda whispered with delight and tears in her eyes! I said: why don’t we do a Persian Girl with Persian Carpets all over the wall, couch and the floor? Let’s make it a Pure Persian shoot, no? Cat said: Let’s go for it. Actually it came out pretty neat and poetically Persian! I would like to thank Cat for photography and Gilda for modeling. As usual I had directed the photo shoot.

Please welcome the girl who used to actually swim in the Aral Sea (her latest Uzbekistan trip), potential future Persian Supermodel, a fine athlete and our new IPC model, Gilda Qazan Aral.

Here is the select pick of the photo shoot, Bon Appetite:

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