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Part 1: Bodybuilding & Bikini Album

Hoda Jarrah Persian Bodybuilder Bikini Model
Part 1: Bodybuilding and Bikini Album

Hoda Jarrah
August 22, 2021

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Hoda Jarrah 1: Bodybuilding and Bikini Album
Hoda Jarrah 2: Fashion and Modeling Album

You are not a relevant Persian model until you are published in IPC. This young lady is surely qualified as one! She has an amazing life story! Hoda Jarrah is about Girl Empowerment! The Empowered Girls grow up to become strong independent women!

Hoda Jarrah has an interesting life story, not because she is an international athlete, model and activist but because of her character as a stubborn, strong and independent woman who actually stood for her principles, free spirit, individualism, feminism and love of Iran. Hoda’s fight for free speech dragged her all the way to the Prison in Tehran!

Hoda Jarrah is a first generation Iranian American Bodybuilding Champion, Fitness Coach and Free Speech Advocate. Hoda Jarrah had done Bikini, Fitness and Fashion Modeling. Hoda is based at Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Hoda Jarrah is an international health and fitness professional, motivational speaker, entertainer and model. Hoda was born in Tehran, Iran. She is from a Downtown poor neighborhood of Tehran. She was raised as a child of divorce by a single mother. She has a brother and a sister. Back in Iran at age 7, she got turned on to bodybuilding by watching Arnold Schwarzenegger films. She started pumping old rusty iron weights and watching old bodybuilding videos.

Hoda was raised in a religious family, school, surrounding and society whom all of them were against female bodybuilding sports. She knew that there would be no future for her as a female bodybuilder in Iran, so in her mid-twenties she left Iran on her own.

Since early youth she was an independent, strongminded girl. She achieved everything on her own. No one helped her in any step of life. Hoda built her body and mind, left Iran on her own, came to USA on her own, become an athlete on her own, ended up as a bodybuilder, bikini model and a trainer on her own.

Her first bodybuilding championship tournament was on 2015 where she won the 3rd place. Afterwards, sky was the limit. After hard training and various championships, Hoda attended the North American Bodybuilding Championship.

In one of her first international tournaments in which she entered, she wore the Iranian outfit and entered the championship under the Iranian flag. Hoda is a lover of Iran and a nationalist. Her heart is in Iran, so she entered the tournament under Iran and as an Iranian athlete. Hoda wanted the country of her birth to be proud of her.

Hoda returned to Iran to visit her mother on 2018. During this trip, Hoda got arrested, jailed and even tortured! Iranian authorities did not like it a bit when Hoda competed outside Iran, under the flag of IRI and under the name of Iran! Instead of being proud of her as an international athlete who loves Iran and brought glory to Iran, they made it clear to her that she had no business and no permission to compete under Iran’s name and flag! The regime strongly believes that women have no rights and are not allowed to do bodybuilding competitions and sports, set aside Fitness Bikini Contests! Hoda posed in bikini and shown her body; therefore, this was a crime not an honor for the regime.

The Islamist IRI Regime convicted Hoda for the crimes of touching the Iranian Flag without Hejab! This act had put Islam and Sharia’ Law in danger!  For this actual crime, she was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison plus flogging of 100 lashes! During this shenanigan, Hoda was amazed that how much time and money the regime had invested to follow her career abroad, and framing her for being Bad Hejab or actually with No Hejab competing in sports!

As a preacher for women’s independence and advocate of Persian women to think and act on their own, she was in deep trouble! She got out on heavy bail and immediately fled Iran.

Hoda Jarrah is a powerful motivational speaker. She is an inspiration for young athletic girls and a role model for independent women.

Hoda Jarrah is one of the pioneers in the Iranian Female bodybuilding and is the first Iranian female bodybuilder to compete under the Iranian flag in the bikini category.

Hoda Jarrah is a seasoned model. She had done promotional modeling in North America, Europe and Asia. She represented athletic brands, companies, products, and events. Hoda had done sports, bikini, fitness, commercial and fashion modeling.

Hoda is a free speech advocate, Pro-life activist, bodybuilding coach, fitness trainer, bikini competitor, fitness model and a social media personality. Here are some of Hoda Jarrah’s links:

Hoda Jarrah BBC Interview








Hoda is Azeri, speaks fluent Persian Turkish and English. Hoda’s hobbies are shooting, fishing, aerobics, weightlifting, dancing, swimming and naturally wearing bikini at the beach!

Hoda is into martial arts such as taekwondo and boxing. As a matter of fact, she broke her nose in boxing and she had to do a reconstruction and cosmetic nose job.

Hoda Jarrah is a funny, lively and independent woman full of life. She is a competitor and a hard worker. She knows what she wants and she works hard to get it. Hoda is an American Patriot and an Iranian Nationalist.  She is a hardcore free speech advocate, specifically for women trapped in Islamic nations under the male chauvinist system! As a strong woman, an athlete and a free spirit, we salute Hoda Jarrah and she will always have a home in IPC.

Please welcome Hoda Jarrah’s debut double albums in IPC. Hoda Jarrah 1: Bodybuilding and Bikini Album on this page followed by the Hoda Jarrah 2: Fashion and Modeling Album on the next page. Enjoy Hoda’s albums:

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