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Iranian Soccer Babes 4
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Iranian Sexy Soccer Babes - Part 4
Persian Football Fan Girls


Iranian Sexy Soccer Babes # 4
Persian Football Fan Girls

Iranian Soccer Babes
September 12, 2022

Iranian Soccer Babes

Iranian Soccer Babes AKA Persian Football Fan Girls are some of the wildest, rowdiest, fanatical and loud female soccer fans in the world. Just go to the Iranian National Team AKA Team Melli games in the World Cup, Asian Cup or other tournaments and see for yourselves! Yes, IRI had finally and officially allowed women to attend to the soccer stadiums, not that women did not get in to the stadiums, any which way they could in the past! Now they can officially and legally do it!

It is amazing how Persian women go around the issue of hejab, so slick and so smoothly! If the games are away games, then mostly, they take off the hejab in full! If the games are home games, then mostly they go around the issue of hejab by wearing bad hejab or use fashion to the point that you will not even notice that they are wearing hejab! Persian women are masters of ignoring the hejab rules of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) or go around it! Persian women are very fashionable, very lively and basically show Muslims!

Iranians for most are show Muslims and only Muslim by tradition because 1400 years ago they were forced by the Arabo-Muslims to become Muslims. Today, by majority, Iranian women are the Worst Hejabed women in the Islamic world. They barely wear hejab. Hypothetically if tomorrow the IRI hejab laws are lifted, at most only 20% of the Iranian women would wear hejab. On the contrary, you will see a rise in Persian women wearing miniskirts, short shorts and hotpants!

Asian soccer is becoming very strong. As you can see, even Australia joined the Asian Cup and the Asian Federation because Oceania is very weak. Even though no part of Australia is technically in the Asian continent, yet they joined Asia because they want to make their national soccer team strong. Staying in Oceania would make Australia to stagnate and remain weak. You need to play with the strong teams to become strong! Now Australia Socceroos play and practice with the strong Asian teams. It is good for them.

Asian soccer is much stronger than African, North American and surely Oceanian soccer. There are soccer power houses such as Iran, Japan and South Korea in the Asia. Even Arab teams are becoming strong. That’s why it is a challenge for Australia to play in the Asia. We will discuss this issue in the future article on the World Cup.

Iranian National Soccer Team is facing America again. Last time they faced USA, they beaten the USA. The USA – Iran games mean so much to both sides and the world.

1998 World Cup France
Iran become 3rd place in the group level, didn’t go up
1 win, 0 draw, 2 losses
Iran 2 – USA 1

In the last world cup in Russia, despite the fact that Iranian team was strong, yet it failed to go above the group level.

2018 World Cup Russia
Iran become 3rd place in the group level, didn’t go up
1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss
Iran 1 – Morocco 0
Iran 1 – Portugal 1
Iran 0 – Spain 1

2022 World Cup Qatar
Iran Plays with USA, England and Wales in the group level

Eyes will be focused on this group, specifically the USA – Iran match.

Iranian Soccer Babes are sizzling hot and ready to explode the world cup, especially when the 2022 world cup is next door in Qatar! You will see a massive number of the Persian Footfall fan girls invading Qatar in November! The games are held outside Iran, so in addition, you will see hejabs coming off or women go slightly around them! Wild and rowdy Persian football fan girls will be all over the Qatar world cup, stay tuned and focused on the wild and crazy Iranian Soccer Babes in the upcoming world cup soccer!

Iranian Soccer Babes chapter 4 is the latest and so far, the best chapter of the series. Iranian Soccer Babes have outdone themselves! Enjoy the Iranian Soccer Babes # 4:

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