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Iranian Soccer Babes 5
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Persian Football Fan Girls

Iranian Sexy Soccer Babes # 5
Persian Football Fan Girls

Iranian Soccer Babes
October 18, 2022

Dedicated to the Brave Iranian Women on the Frontline of the Anti-Hejab Protests

This gallery is dedicated to the brave Iranian women who are the frontline of the Iranian Anti-Hejab Protests which has now become the General Protests nationwide. Persian women never accepted the Islamic hejab. Persian women said no to the Islamic hejab on 1979 and they are saying no to the Islamic hejab today in 2022. Persian women will never accept the Islamic hejab. Persian women are too sophisticated, independent, educated and fashionable to accept the Arabo-Islamic filthy shroud. Islam and Hejab have been forced upon the Persian women and that is why they are protesting, rioting and running the streets of Iran facing off with the Muslim half-breed Moral Police and other IRI security forces. History will testify that there will be no Islamic government in the future of Iran. In the future, Iranian women will be walking the streets of Iran without hejab and the Islamic Government will be dead and gone. Islam will be back in the mosques and Islamism will be a phenomenon of the past. Persian women will always have the last laugh.

Iranian National Soccer Team Must Protest in the World Cup Qatar

In a friendly game, the Iranian National Team had worn jackets without the IRI emblem to cover the IRI logos in protest to the IRI regime. Of course, they never openly stated that they are protesting! It would be great for the Iranian National Team to play in the world cup but cover the IRI Logo with a black piece of cloth as the sign of protests against the Islamist Regime. Many groups are calling for the FIFA to ban the Iranian National Team like they done to the Russian National Team. I am against banning the Team Melli.; however, I am pro Team Melli protesting by covering the IRI Emblem on their jerseys. This way, they play the games and protest at the same time. The whole world will love them! If Team Melli wants to show solidarity with the Persian women and protesters, then they should protest at the world cup. Of course, the same as the female Persian athlete rock climber who took off her hejab at the tournament abroad, there will be consequences and maybe jail terms when they get back, but it is worth it. Sometimes you need to go to jail for love of Iran and patriotism! Persianhood is much more important than the world cup. Team Melli can use the global world cup platform to show solidarity with the Iranian women and their fight against the Islamic Hejab, also the Iranian people’s fight for freedom. Iranian National Team must show some backbones and specifically protest in Qatar which is also an Islamic country!

Wild and Crazy Iranian Soccer Babes
Iranian Soccer Babes AKA Persian Football Fan Girl are most definitely some of the rowdiest, craziest, wildest, fanatical and loud female soccer fans in the globe. Go to the Iranian National Team AKA Team Melli games in the World Cup, Asian Cup or other tournaments and see for yourselves!

Persian Women Do Not Care About the Islamic Hejab

Persian women go around the issue of hejab, so slick and so smoothly! If the games are away games, then mostly, they take off the hejab in full! If the games are home games, then mostly they go around the issue of hejab by wearing bad hejab or use fashion to the point that you will not even notice that they are wearing hejab! Persian women are masters of ignoring the hejab rules of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) or go around it! Persian women are very fashionable, very lively and basically “show Muslims”! Specifically, these days Persian women do not care much about the hejab. They take off the hejab and walk the streets facing the Moral Police and other Security Forces head on!

Iranians for most are “show Muslims” and only Muslim by tradition because 1400 years ago they were forced by the Arabo-Muslims to become Muslims. Today, by majority, Iranian women are the Worst Hejabed women in the Islamic world. They barely wear hejab. Hypothetically if tomorrow the IRI hejab laws are lifted, at most only 20% of the Iranian women would wear hejab. On the contrary, you will see a rise in Persian women wearing miniskirts, short shorts and hotpants!

Iran is Again Facing the USA in the World Cup

Iranian National Soccer Team is facing America again. Last time they faced USA, they beaten the USA. The USA – Iran games mean so much to both sides and the world. In 1998 World Cup at France, the results were: Iran 2 – USA 1.

In 2022 World Cup at Qatar, Iran Plays with USA, England and Wales in the group level. Eyes will be focused on this group, specifically the USA – Iran match.

My Favorite Soccer Team

I am always in trouble with the home team fans because I never support the home team as my favorite team! I was in trouble in Iran and I am in trouble in USA! I support the best team and the worthiest team. My favorite national soccer teams in order are Argentina, USA and Iran. I like all three of them but I support them in that order, meaning:

If Argentina plays USA or Iran, I will support Argentina!
If USA plays Iran, I will support USA!
If Iran plays any other team aside Argentina and USA, I will support Iran!

I Love Argentina!

I am an old Argentina fan. I had become an Argentina fan since 1974 world Cup in Germany when they did not even do good. On 1978 world cup in Argentina, I literally fell in love in Argentina. Of course, I admired the Argentina team in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Diego Armando Maradona, Oscar Ruggeri, Jorge Burruchaga and other greats of 1986 team were awesome but my favorite all time Soccer National Team was the 1978 Argentina Team with Ubaldo Fillol (Goal Keeper), Daniel Passarella (Defender), Osvaldo Ardiles (Midfield), Mario Alberto Kempes (Forward) and other greats. I believe the tall, dark and handsome Mario Alberto Kempes is the greatest Argentine soccer player ever. Yes, even better than Diego Armando Maradona and Lionel Andres Messi! Forwards are not often tall, set aside handsome, but Mario Alberto Kempes was! Who can ever forget how Mario Alberto Kempes destroyed the extremely talented and all-star Dutch team in 1978 final: Argentina 3 – Netherland 1?! What can I say, I love Argentina soccer and I am obsessed with their style. It is not only the soccer but I like Argentine culture, food, traditions and surely Tango dance and music! Don’t cry for me Argentina!

Iranian Soccer Babes Rock the World Cup!

Iranian Soccer Babes are sizzling hot and ready to explode the world cup, especially when the 2022 world cup is next door in Qatar! You will see a massive number of the Persian Footfall fan girls invading Qatar in November! The games are held outside Iran, so in addition, you will see hejabs coming off or women go slightly around them! Wild and rowdy Persian football fan girls will be all over the Qatar world cup, stay tuned and focused on the wild and crazy Iranian Soccer Babes in the upcoming world cup soccer!

Iranian Soccer Babes chapter 5 is the latest of the series. Iranian Soccer Babes have outdone themselves! Without further delay, enjoy the Iranian Soccer Babes # 5:

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