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Portfolio - Part One

Leyla Milani, Iranian International Fashion Model Portfolio
Part One

Leyla Milani
July 26, 2008

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Leyla Milani is an Iranian Canadian model and actress. Leyla was raised in Canada and at the present time she lives in California.

Leyla had performed in various TV productions such as Las Vegas and Curb Your Enthusiasm. She performed in a number of MTV shows including: True Life, My Fair Lady and I’m a TV Star. She had appearances in the shows such as “Last Comic Standing” and “Phenomenon”. Leyla had recently made a cameo appearance on the LOGO channel series Noah's Arc as a woman applying for a job.

Leyla played in movies such as “Wrestlemaniac” and “The boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down”!

She played in pro wrestling events such as World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Search and RAW. She also hosted FOX Sports Netwrok’s Celebrity Golf Tournament. She had appearances in FOX News conservative satire show “The Half Hour News Hour”.

Leyla had played in a number of commercials including a Super-Bowl Commercial. She is also the carrier of the briefcase number 13 in the famous game show Deal or No Deal. Number 13 is known to be unlucky; however, Leyla made number 13 a lucky number! In Deal or No Deal, she is known as the “Lucky Leyla” or “Lucky 13”. A number of times this briefcase was loaded with million dollar prizes.

Leyla is also a fashion model and had posed for many fashion websites, events and publications such as Maxim. Leyla Milani is an Iranian model who made it in the mainstream American media and publications.

This three-part portfolio is Leyla Milani’s first debut appearance in IPC. In this series, Leyla appears in a various fashion publications, events, television programs and media networks. This is Leyla Milani’s first fashion modeling portfolio in IPC.

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Enjoy Layla Milani’s Debut Fashion Modeling Portfolio in IPC:

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