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Controversial Interview + Wild Lina Album

Lina Rakhsha Sexy Persian Biker Girl Model
Controversial Interview + Wild Lina Persian Biker Girl Album

Director: Ahreeman X
Photography: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Lina Rakhsha
Lina Rakhsha
June 11, 2021

Lina Rakhsha is one of the most interesting, intelligent, eccentric, sexy, funny and controversial models which we had ever interviewed and photo shot. Lina is an ancient Persian name meaning Light and she surely shed some light on many of the Persian Community’s Issues! We are not going to spoil the interview by pre-informing you about Lina, so before further wait, enjoy the interview:

Ahreeman X: Thank you for sitting down with us for an interview and photo shoot.

Lina Rakhsha: My pleasure to be photographed by Cat and interviewed by you.

AX: Why is it a pleasure?

LR: We are on the same wave length.

AX: Explain?

LR: We are both rebelling against the hypocritical Persian community abroad and in Iran.

AX: Elaborate?

LR: In Persian Community, it is not immoral to collude with Democrats in America and oust the president of United States or collude with Mullahs and make profit out of it but it is immoral to pose nude for photo shoots!

AX: Wow, Cat, I think I love this girl (Cat shakes her head in agreement)!

LR: Ok, listen before we go any further, you need to promise to publish my complete interview and photo shoot without censoring and leaving anything out, I want every word and every shot to be published or there will be no session, do you promise?

AX: I give you my word and please elaborate?

LR: Ok listen, you know and I know that Iranians operate the US Social Media and Big Tech, they colluded and with censorship, fake news and bans, stole the 2020 election and ousted Trump, right?

AX: Yes, Iranian American Democrat Billionaires and Millionaires run the Tech Giants and they did collude and were part of the coup against Donald John Trump.

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC in 2 Chapters

LR: Yes, I read your exposes, ok, now check it out, same anally retentive turds who are the elders of the Persian community are also making big bucks by making business with the Mullahs and IRI, right?

AX: Yes, Iranian American Democrats and Silicon Valley Persian Mafia are in bed with Iran Lobby and Mullahs.

LR: OK, the same Dick Wads are also giving dough to Iran Lobby, right?

AX: Yes, Liberal Techie Billionaires finance NIAC, PAAIA, AIC and other Iran Lobby Groups.

LR: And its not just them but Iranian academics, business owners, professionals and big tech management who you call the Persian Moral Majority all together made billions by dealing with Hezbos and Mullahs, lobby for Iran, tech monopoly, and selling out to Democrats and Establishment, right?

AX: Ah, you read my work, ha?

LR: Of course, I read your work, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t! I love your terms.

AX: Persian Moral Majority, you like that, ha?

LR: Yeh, so these self-righteous Jerk Weeds, have the monopoly on morality and they decide what is moral and what is immoral. Like, stealing American election, bending over for Democrats, Dealing with Mullahs, making money doing business with Iran, financing Iran Lobby is allowed but going against Establishment is not allowed, right?

AX: Looks like you’re on the roll girl …

LR: Same Jerk Offs shout that the husband can dance the night away in Persian cabarets and night clubs and then travel to Czech Republic or Iran, screwing little underage girls but their wives must have chastity and stay faithful after marriage and remain virgins before marriage, right?

AX: You said it girl …

LR: Having 4 wives flies but nude modeling and erotic arts are considered pornography and banned! See the hypocrisy?

AX: Not to mention double standards, like Google allows all types of promiscuous behavior on YouTube as long as Liberal Whores and LGBTQ do it, but Google AdSense has problems with erotic arts and nude modeling when it conducted by conservatives like IPC!

LR: Exactly dude, check it out, do you know how many times I have been banned in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter?

AX: I can imagine! All of them are run by Iranian managements.

LR: At the same time, Liberal Sluts shake their butts in leotards and Drag Queens and Trannnies teach on how to give head to big boys on YouTube! They don’t get banned but I get banned for being sexy and for talking my beliefs!

AX: So, you have firsthand experience …

LR: Persian Moral Majority Hypocrisy imposed by a gang of self-serving jerk weeds whom have the morality of a cockroach but they demand morality from the community!

Persian Cultural Month of March is Alive!

AX: What’s the root of the problem?

LR: Persian women are the problem. Cat is right! Atusa is right! It is women who enable these pigs of men to enforce double standards and enslave women! Nude modeling is no problem in Europe, naked bodies in TV series on regular channels is no problem in Europe but it is in America and Iran that everything is taboo and must be censored!

Women are the Main Problem!

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture? Thread

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture?
All Roads Lead to Islam!

AX: Lina, what is morality?

LR: According to Persians, morality is that virginity curtain in girls’ vagina between their legs! Morality is also not to wear sexy dresses and definitely not posing nude!

AX: What is morality in Lina’s book?

LR: Morality is to live and let live freely and carelessly with no fear of Cancel Culture, Political Correctness and Wokeness imposed by the Woke Mob on everyone. All you have to do is to be a good person, don’t steal, don’t cheat and don’t lie. Make honest money, do hard work and not to be ashamed of how you live, how you dress and what you do, just live your life and be decent …

AX: What do you do, are you a student?

LR: I’m done schooling, now I’m working …

AX: What do you do?

LR: I’m a gunsmith and do gun sales online and in the shop.

AX: Really, I could never guess?

LR: Why, because I’m a girl?

AX: No, you just didn’t seem like doing so …

LR: Listen, I don’t dress like this in my daily routine, I dress in black leather from head to toe, riding my bike, I’m a tomboy. I dress like this for photo shoot.

AX: I love fishnets, you look great in it …

LR: Just letting you know …

AX: So, you actually fix guns?

LR: I service and fix guns, I’m one of the best around, and I’m a great sales girl too …

AX: How on earth did you get in this line of work?

LR: I grew up with guns, I’m from a gun family and I love bikes, I have been shooting guns, take them apart and fix them since I was a little girl …

AX: Wow, that’s cool, so you are an expert?

LR: I like to believe so …

AX: How about bikes?

LR: I been riding bikes since I was not even a teenager. My family are cool with me being a tomboy, ride bikes, shoot guns, fix guns and kick ass …

AX: You like to fight?

LR: I do martial arts and I know you’re a Kung-Fu Master, you must teach me some of your special moves, I heard you can kill someone with one finger in 10 seconds!

AX: 5 seconds …

LR: Awesome, you must teach me some …

AX: So how is the family?

LR: Family is good, my family are very openminded and supportive of everything I do, they have no problem with my lifestyle, decisions and jobs.

AX: I know your immediate family, distant family and your complete clan. Our families were friends in Iran, we were like family, very close …

LR: I know, I heard stories …

AX: I know your parents, your uncle, your aunt, your grandfather, I have the highest respect for the Imperial Iran Generals, those who did not sellout, send my highest regards to the General …

LR: I will, so what’s the story between you and my aunt?

AX: Back in Iran, during summertime, we had a ton of guests vising from around the world and Iran and staying at our house. We always had guests over for parties or guests who stayed for days, weeks and some the whole summer! Our house was similar to a hotel.

LR: Nice …

AX: Well, it was good to have friends and family over but then again, I had no privacy, my room was always occupied by guests!

LR: Who stayed?

AX: You know half of my mother’s side of the family are Germans, so some summers, one of my Half German female cousins would come over for a couple of weeks and stay over, so did your aunt who was a friend of my cousin. They would stay in my room …

LR: Am I getting this right, 2 hot girls and you slept in one room during a couple of weeks in hot summers of Tehran?

AX: What are you insinuating?

LR: I’m not insinuating anything, everyone knows that you are a player and a pervert, so what have you been doing with 2 girls for 2 weeks?

AX: You have a twisted mind!

LR: Fess up, what have you done to my aunt and your cousin?

AX: Does your family know you have a dirty mind?

LR: Late night wild orgies after everyone went to bed?

AX: Are you trying to get me in trouble with your family?

LR: I mean 3 young teenagers in one room …

AX: I had 3 beds in my room …

LR: But were all of you on one bed or maybe on the floor or …

AX: Ok, we are now moving on …

LR: Public wants to know …

AX: This is my interview and I am interviewing you …

LR: Changing the subject?

AX: Moving on …. So, you use bikes for transportation?

LR: I have a car but I often ride my bikes including this one. Suzuki Bandit V400 is one of my favorites. I race bikes, I ride dirt bikes, street bikes, amphibian bikes, I like bikes, they are fun, fast and hot. When I feel that hot vibrating engine between my two legs, that’s an awesome feeling, so powerful, I like riding bikes, fast bikes in the freeway, wind blowing my hair and fast breeze in my face, the roaring sound, makes me feel alive, fast bikes turn me on …

AX: Wow Nelly, too much information, pretty cool …

LR: That hot engine, so warm, vibrating between my two legs and roaring loud, it makes me feel …

AX: Yup, too much information indeed…

LR: What can I say, I love Hot Bikes, Hot Guns and Hot Men …

AX: That’s too hot …

LR: You used to ride, right?

AX: Yes, I’m an old biker but not allowed to ride anymore. As much as I’m a conservative driver in cars, I’m a speed demon on bikes, many accidents, near death, so they don’t allow me to ride anymore.

Racing with the Death!

LR: Yes, I read the poem, but that’s a shame … who doesn’t allow you to ride?

AX: Girls around me who act like my mother (Cat looked at me left left, a deadly look)!

LR: Howzat?

AX: We are not interviewing me but we are interviewing you …

LR: I’m trying to find out …

AX: Don’t, this is about you, not me! Don’t twist things around girl, answer the questions?

LR: SAVAK style?

AX: Here we go again …. (sigh) … (Cat is cracking up listening to us)!

LR: Ok shoot?

AX: What do you do when you’re not fixing guns, shooting guns, riding bikes and being nosey?

LR: I dress up in hot leather and jack boots, enter the night club and burn it down with an explosive entrance!

AX: Quite a sight when you enter, ha?

LR: I love to put on a show, a big show, a grand entrance, dress up in full shining black or red leather, practice my dance moves before I get there and tease the guys by kissing the girls and not them! I like controversy …

AX: You are controversial alright …

LR: You haven’t seen anything yet …

AX: I can tell …

LR: Hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot and you better use it before you lose it!

AX: You Rock Lina …

LR: I also like the beach, swimming, wood hiking, rock climbing, reading good books and sites.

AX: What do you read?

LR: I like history, politics, motorcycle magazines and of course your site!

AX: How long have been reading IPC?

LR: Forever …

AX: Why?

LR: IPC is very informative, you are very informative, IPC writes about everything which the Persian and even American or European media censors, slide under the Persian Rug and considers taboo. But aren’t all models read IPC?

AX: You know what they say, you are not a relevant Persian Model unless you are published in IPC!

LR: That’s why I am honored to be photographed by Cat and interviewed by you. It’s like I know you guys for all my life and now I get to meet you!

AX: Don’t make me blush (Cat is cracking up again)!

LR: Yeh I like IPC ….

AX: Thank God, or else we would be in trouble! So, where do you enjoy most?

LR: Everyplace has its own beauty, I love Europe but States is something else, I love San Diego.

AX: Any travels to Iran?

LR: Yeh sure, especially after publishing this photo shoot and interview, I thought you liked me, what are you trying to do? Getting me killed?

AX: How about future?

LR: If Iran becomes free and I mean Islam Free and Mullah Free, I will be the first to go there and walk the red carpet and pose for the cameras.

AX: Lina when modeling, do you use stage names and why?

LR: Yes, sometimes I do and because of the Persian Moral Majority which are fanatical and ignorant.

AX: How do you like modeling?

LR: Modeling is good and I have been doing it a while, I do art, erotic, commercial and nude but modeling is not my business. It’s a side dish for me. My business is guns.

AX: What’s your favorite gun?

LR: Uzi, any Uzi, Long Uzi, Mini Uzi, Semi Auto Uzi, Fully Auto Uzi, I love Sub Machineguns, the Machineguns are hot, the feel of vibrating hot machinegun …

AX: Between the legs?

LR: No silly, that’s bikes, between my hands (Cat is literally on the floor laughing)!

AX: What’s your favorite pistol?

LR: Smith and Wesson Revolvers, 44 Magnum, 357 Magnum, I love Magnums …

AX: Powerful, ha?

LR: Yeh boy, nothing like holding a 357 Magnum in the woods, the warm feeling of holding a hot 357 Magnum between …

AX: Your legs?

LR: Oh my God, you are killing me, so funny …. (Cat already died laughing during this interview)!

AX: Do you like shotguns?

LR: They are cool but nothing like machineguns …

AX: So, do you consider yourself political?

LR: Hell Yeah!

AX: You’re not a Liberal, are you?

LR: I didn’t know you're also a comedian? Do I look like some Liberal Slut, Drag Queen, Bull Dyke or Numb Nut to you? Why do you think they ban me on Social Media?

AX: I’m just pulling your shorts …

LR: You already saw everything inside them (Cat smiles)!

AX: What’s your politics?

LR: Listen dude, I’m a biker, have you heard of Bikers for Trump? Do I look like a Gay Liberal to you? I can’t stand Liberals and I hate RINOs. I don’t consider myself Republican, screw that Bull Shiite, I consider myself a Trumpist. I don’t care about Republican party. I love Trump. The man is the Real Deal. He is the only politician not full of Bull Shiite, because he is really not a politician.

AX: You like using my terms, ha?

LR: I love your terms, for example you made this term so popular by constant using of Shiite, Bull Shiite, Full O Shiite …. So much that the Shiites stopped calling themselves Shiite Muslim and replaced it with Shia’. You made the Shiites to change everything in Wikipedia and websites, now instead of Shiite, they call themselves Shia’. The Muslim Shiite community hates you boy!

AX: Yeh, I’m not exactly popular amongst the Shiite! I love creating terms.

My Experience with Shiite!

Persian Slangs Iranian Dictionary of IPC Alternative Terms Room

LR: I love your terms, very creative man.

AX: Thank you kindly love, tell me, is there a special someone in your life?

LR: Private Ownership of the Body is a Sin! Don’t you always say that!?

AX: God, I love this girl, she is eccentric!

LR: My body and my mind belong to everyone, let everyone enjoy them (and Lina shimmied her boobs when saying that)!

AX: But seriously, who do you love?

LR: Me, I’m love of my life!

AX: Beside you?

LR: I love you! That’s why I’m here!

AX: Lina, are you ever serious?

LR: Are you? I learned it from you!

AX: What’s the future plan?

LR: Kick Ass!

AX: Elaborate?

LR:  Do what I do best, guns, modeling, chillax (Chilling and Relax), read IPC, beach time, Oh, can’t wait for Trump 2024!

AX: Where is your favorite place?

LR: Open Woods are my favorite shooting range, I shoot in the wild, open season boy, Lina is coming, Wild Lina in the House …

AX: What’s your favorite activity?

LR: Riding Bikes, I ride till I die …

AX: What do you like most about IPC?

LR: Changing the Swamp Culture of the Persian Moral Majority …

AX: What’s worse about the Persian Moral Majority?

LR: They are Double Infection; they are Democrats and they are Muslims!

AX: What’s your favorite food?

LR: Qormeh Sabzi, for sure!

AX: Favorite Color?

LR: Hot Pink!

AX: Favorite Celebrity?

LR: Of course, me! Screw the Hollywood Turds!

AX: Favorite Bike?

LR: I like Indian, I love Harley, I have one Chopper at home. I have to go with Harley. I’m old school …

AX: Favorite Music?

LR: Classic Rock

AX: Favorite Band?


AX: Your favorite dream?

LR: It just came True, I met you 2 and going to be published in IPC for millions to see and read!

AX: You are so sweet but what’s one thing you would love to do most? One thing you dream about?

LR: To be honest, I have read and learned so much about Iran, one day I love to go there and see the real Iran. I only wish one day in the future, Islam will be out of Iran, so I will be able to go there freely and express myself as a free human.

AX: Your favorite people?

LR: Anyone who reads IPC is my kind of people.

AX: Final words for the readers?

LR: Be Real and Keep it Real. Do not change your heart and your soul for anything, no amount of money and pressure. Be yourself. Screw them Shiites, Full of Bull Shiite! Follow your dream!

AX: Lina jan, it was a hoot sitting with you, interview, photo shoot, chat and enjoying your company.

LR: It was an honor meeting you people up close, so good to actually see and chat with you 2.

AX: Give my highest regards to the General, your parents, your uncle, the whole family and friends and especially your aunt, will you?

LR: Will do … BTW, you never told me, what have you done to my aunt?

AX: Ask her!

LR: Ahhhhhhhhh, I knew it, tell me the details?

AX: Just kidding, we were just friends …

LR: With benefits (Lina shimmied again)?

AX: Lina jan, time for you to go home, interview is over …

LR: You’re no fun …. You promised every photo and every word will be published without censorship?

AX: My word, I gave ….

LR: Thanks guys, love you 2 to death, it was a thrill.

AX: Fabulous Controversial Interview and Shoot, Love you Lina …

And while Cat still laughing crazy, we said our goodbyes, hugs and kisses on both cheeks, right, left (Persian Style) and not 3 times, right, left, right (Muslim Style)! Lovely time indeed! One of our best shoots and interviews ever!

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