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Mah under the Moonlight - Mah 1
Mah, Persian Art and Fashion Model


Mah under the Moonlight - Mah 1
Mah, Persian Art and Fashion Model Portfolio 1

Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Mah
New Extended Edition: January 12, 2017

Persian Goddess Mah

Mah means Moon in Persian. The Persian Goddess Mah is a Yazata (Female Persian God). Mah is the Goddess of the Planet Moon, satellite of the Earth. In Persian Mythology, Mah is a powerful Goddess. In Vedai and Avestan Periods, Mah presided over time and tide. Mah was an aid to Vohuman, the Persian Archangel (Amesha Spenta) who is the personification of wisdom. Mah, Vohuman and the Sacred Zoroastrian Cow (who feeds milk to the Aryans, labors their farms and assists with their agriculture) cooperate and interlink together. The seventh day of the month is dedicated to her. The Persian Goddess Mah is a beacon who lightens the Planet Moon; she shines and enlightens the Aryans in the dark nights.

Her name was Mah; she came for a visit uninvited! She said,

Mah: You are aware of Mah, the Persian Goddess, right?
X: Yes I am.

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses

Mah: My name is Mah.
X: Glad to make your acquaintance.
Mah: I worship Mah (The Persian Moon Goddess).
X: How beautifully intriguing!
Mah: I cherish Persian Mythology and I enjoy your writings.
X: I enjoy you to enjoy my writings!
Mah: On certain dark nights with the full moon, I roam around outdoors on the grass, with only a sheet covering my naked body. I gaze at the moon, then I sit on the grass, meditate and worship the moon. I connect with Goddess Mah. She enters me and we become one.
X: So you believe you are a representation of the Goddess Mah?
Mah: At certain moments I am.
X: Mah under the Moonlight, how about that?
Mah: That is me.
X: You know I am a Moonchild (Cancer). Tell me more?
Mah: I am deeply mystical and believing in the reincarnation, teleportation and personification.
X: I believe in you!
Mah: I love paranormal.
X: What do you do for living?
Mah: I am an artist. My body is my art.
X: That’s good enough for me!
Mah: I have to admit; you intrigue me, captivate me and fill me with curiosity.
X: I am getting an idea for a photo session!
Mah: I love your photo sessions.
X: There are other good sessions …
Mah: They are contenders to the throne, you are the Real McCoy.
X: Would you like to hear about my photo session?
Mah: Tell me more …
X: This is the plot …

Mah under the Moonlight

It was a dark night and suddenly a full moon had appeared in the sky. Her name was Mah. She came for a visit uninvited. She lightened our dark night, joined our passion and shared our loneliness! Her name was Mah …

She landed on Earth reclaiming her domain …

After centuries of silence she reappeared to make a stand …

She drew her Persian sword and marked her domain …

She shone like a beacon in the night …

Mah was here at last …

I bring you light, she stated …

The everlasting light …

Mah is here to light up your dark nights …

I am the Persian Goddess Mah …

She stretched like a willow, stood tall from Earth to the Heavens …

She bent like a Willow praising the Ancient Persian Myths …

She shone like an Aryan Persian Goddess and lit the globe …

She scattered amongst the flowers …

The night was over, Mah was gone. No trace of her like she did not even exist! She left the Earth, back to Heavens where she belongs. Her name was Mah ……

Mah 1: Mah under the Moonlight
Mah 2: Mah in the Heavens
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