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Mah Model Portfolio 2
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Mah in the Heavens - Mah 2
Mah, Persian Art and Fashion Model


Mah in the Heavens - Mah 2
Mah, Persian Art and Fashion Model Portfolio 2

Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Mah
New Extended Edition: January 13, 2017

Persian Goddess Mah

Her name was Mah and one night she came to visit us …

Mah under the Moonlight

After the return from Earth, Mah now resides in Heavens. Mah roams around in Heavens like a proud and passionate Persian Goddess. Mah is the Ancient Persian Goddess of the Moon.

Our Mah is a reincarnation of the Persian Goddess Mah. She believes that she is a representation of the Persian Goddess Mah.

Mah is a great lover of ancient Persian culture and history. Mah is an admirer of Artemisia.

Artemisia Halicarnassus, the Grand Admiral of the Imperial Persian Navy

Like Artemisia, our Mah is a Greek Persian citizen of the Persian Empire. Like Artemisia, our Mah wears ancient Greco-Persian garment when resting and roaming in Heavens. Like a goddess, she roams in Heavens.   

Mah means Moon in Persian. The Persian Goddess Mah is a Yazata (Female Persian God). Mah is the Goddess of the Planet Moon, satellite of the Earth. In Persian Mythology, Mah is a powerful Goddess. In Vedai and Avestan Periods, Mah presided over time and tide. Mah was an aid to Vohuman, the Persian Archangel (Amesha Spenta) who is the personification of wisdom. Mah, Vohuman and the Sacred Zoroastrian Cow (who feeds milk to the Aryans, labors their farms and assists with their agriculture) cooperate and interlink together. The seventh day of the month is dedicated to her. The Persian Goddess Mah is a beacon who lightens the Planet Moon; she shines and enlightens the Aryans in the dark nights.

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses: Chapter 2

Mah Sexy Persian Art Model Updates Thread

In this chapter, Mah is portrayed roaming in Heavens. Once again the Ancient Persian Goddess Mah enters her psyche, takes her over and makes her to rise up in the skies in to the Heavens. Enjoy Mah’s second portfolio, here is the IPC debut of the “Mah in the Heavens” Album. Enjoy:

… and suddenly by the beat of a thunder and lightning from Heavens, Mah let her hair loose, stretched and relaxed under the Heaven’s blue sky ……

After the walk in the Gardens of Heaven, Mah was gone. No trace of her like she did not even exist! She left the Heavens and mysteriously has disappeared to nowhere. Her name was Mah ……

Mah 1: Mah under the Moonlight
Mah 2: Mah in the Heavens
Mah Persian Model Updates Thread
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