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Maryam Razi, Persian Spitfire
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Maryam Razi, Sexy Persian Spitfire Model
Unveiled at the Beach!


Maryam Razi, Sexy Persian Spitfire Model Unveiled at the Beach!
Persian Art and Fashion Model
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Maryam Razi
Maryam Razi
August 31, 2015

A while back, I was sitting around and pondering that how come we don’t have a red head amongst our top Iranian fashion models?! We got them all except a red head! By red head, I don’t mean a fake red head but I mean a full blooded natural Iranian red head! By red head, I mean a hot blooded, burning and sizzling Spitfire, pure Persian red head! So there we went in search of a red headed Iranian model and not just any red head but one who will be good enough to be published in IPC. Where could we find this desired red head?

We figured that we would find a great number of candidates or at least a few good women and then we would select one from the bunch. This way we would choose the best in the group. After conducting a vast search amongst the underground and above the ground Persian models existing in every single field of modeling included but not limited to fashion, runway, swimsuit, print, art, catalogue, commercial, photography, music video, movie star, beauty pageant, musician, etc. it all came down to the fact that there was no major Persian red headed model good enough for IPC. In fact we could not even locate a single decent looking natural red headed Persian model anywhere! How could this be? Were we blind or was there really a shortage of Iranian red heads in general? We almost came to the conclusion that there was no natural red headed Persian model operating on Earth! Or was there?

The hopeless search dragged on for months. Amongst our many tasks to fulfill, we included the search for the desired red head! Every time we found ourselves with some extra time on our hands, we continued this severe search for the rare “Red Headed Persian Phoenix” which we have almost started to believe that she was either extinct or a myth! Was there really a rare breed of “Red Headed Persian Phoenix” alive? If so, then could it be possible that the insiders were keeping them away and hiding them from us? After a while we figured that Persian Red Heads are like Mermaids! They are either endangered species, very rare to locate or they are simply a myth! But we never gave up on the search. We were on and off hopelessly looking but never gave up!

Little did we know that after months of fruitless search and hunt for the rare species of the “Red Headed Persian Phoenix”, the prey would walk in to the trap on her own! In fact, one day the prey walked in to the door on her own! Yes indeed the prey came to predator on her own will! Our natural predatory instinct told us that this was too easy; therefore, too good to be true. She must have been a fake red head! Sad but true, we were wrong and she was a well qualified natural red headed Persian model!

“Come to us darling” we whispered with Eastern European vampire accent! “For centuries, we were looking for you” we mumbled excitedly while drooling! “I didn’t know or else I would come sooner” the Reds replied! So one thing led to another and finally we have managed to finish our task and project.

Maryam Razi is the Spitfire we were looking for. She is an Iranian art and fashion model. She has done various art projects for painters, sculptors, photographers and art schools. She poses for students and masters. She has done a great number of arts, fashion, print and commercial modeling portfolios and projects. Even though she does print, swimsuit and catalogue, yet her main beef, bread and butter is art modeling.

Maryam enjoys long swims, sun tans and reading mystery novels at the stress-free calming shores of San Diego. She loves working out, posing for the camera and swimming. I knew she was a mermaid!

In this shoot, we tried to capture the natural beauty of a natural Persian red head at the beach. Therefore, we gave her a gipsy look and unveiled her on the shores of San Diego. Luckily the chemistry between Maryam, Catayoun and myself was perfect. It seemed like each party knew their part by the heart! In fact, the shoot had turned out better than expected. We developed and picked the best shots for this portfolio.

Imagine a Persian Gipsy girl being unveiled for the first time at the beautiful shores of San Diego! She becomes one with the sand, water and nature. Thanks to Maryam’s natural talent and Cat’s professional shots, what I originally planned and directed, had turned out becoming exactly as desired. Maryam had become our desired model for this shoot.

I call this one: Maryam Razi, the Persian Spitfire Unveiled at the Beach! Please enjoy the story:

This would bring us to the end of our photo shoot. Hope you enjoyed.

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