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Melody Max, Sexy Iranian Model
Blonde Bombshell Album


Melody Max, Sexy Iranian Model - Blonde Bombshell Album
Forewords: Ahreeman X
Melody Max
December 25, 2013

Here is our tribute to our dear friend, the lovely Melody Max. Sweet Melody Max has been a Persian pioneer in the erotic art modeling, erotic photography modeling, and erotic movie industry. Iran Politics Club Networks is Melody Max’s home away from home. This tribute consists of four albums. The first three albums feature Melody Max in blonde, brunette and red hair photo shoots. The final album features Melody Max in a special presentation, the Butterfly album.

Melody Max Albums
Melody Max 1 - Blonde Bombshell Album
Melody Max 2 - Hot Brunette Album
Melody Max 3 - Sizzling Red Album
Melody Max 4 - Butterfly Album

Melody Max is a second generation Iranian American. Melody’s father is Persian and her mother is French. Melody Max was born in San Francisco, California, USA. Melody Max has been a swim instructor, an erotic art model, and an erotic movie star.

Why Iranians are so uptight about nudity and Nude Modeling? What's wrong with naked bodies? This is all Shiite Islamic Foreign Culture, which has infected our culture and dictates to us that nudity and nudism is bad and a sin! This is the Arabo-Islamic Guilt Trip Garbage and it has nothing to do with the Persian Culture! We are Persians and our Persian Culture has nothing against nudity or nude modeling. On the contrary, the Persian culture cherishes the naked bodies; just take a look at the Persian ancient art.

 The traditional Persians claim that nudity is immoral! If you want to be moral, then stop stealing, cheating, lying and the corruption inside and outside Iran! The complete Iranian Shiite Social Structure is corrupt and Iranians are worried that nude bodies and modeling is immoral! I suggest that primarily Iranians should dump the Shiite Islam in the toilet and cleanse their inside and outside Iran communities from corruption, unethical lifestyle and behaviors. Only then, they can be concerned about morality! In fact morality has nothing to do with the amount of women’s breasts and vaginas shown, yet morality has everything to do with cleansing the Persian culture from the corrupt, inhuman and unethical Shiite Islam, flushing the Shiite down the crapper and once more purifying our glorious Persian Culture.

To the Iranian Moral Majority, I say “Get a Life” and “Get the Stick out of your rectums”, so you will be less stuck up and snobbish!

To Persian women, I say “Let’s take it all off” (of course if you have the body for it)! That's what I'm talking about, that's the Persian Free Spirit which we are looking for.

Melody’s passion is swimming and she has been a swimming instructor for a long while. Melody is very much into different cultures. She cherishes and adores her rich Persian culture and traditions. Melody speaks French, English and indeed Persian.

Melody Max has been an active Adult Entertainment Star from 2002 to 2007. Melody has retired from the adult entertainment industry. Presently, Melody resides in the San Jose, California and her hobbies are water sports, travelling and reading passionate novels!

Iran Politics Club Networks will always remain Melody’s home away from home. Folks, the secret is out of the closet, let’s break all the taboos and please welcome Melody Max.

Our first Melody Max portfolio is the “Blonde Bombshell Album”. In this album Melody poses with the blonde hair.

Please enjoy our feature presentation by Melody Max:

This would bring us to the end of our album.

Melody Max 1 - Blonde Bombshell Album
Melody Max 2 - Hot Brunette Album
Melody Max 3 - Sizzling Red Album
Melody Max 4 - Butterfly Album
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