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Nadia Bjorlin, Iranian Actress, Singer & Model
Album 1. Lady in Black


Nadia Bjorlin, Sexy Iranian Actress, Singer and Model
Album 1: Lady in Black

Nadia Bjorlin
January 29, 2015

Albums Index
1. Lady in Black
2. Classic Beauty
3. Red Carpet
4. Sexy Wild

You are not a relevant Persian Model until you are published in IPC and that is a known fact in the Persian Global Community. Well, Nadia Bjorlin is surely relevant and not only as a model but also as a singer and an actress. This is why it is Nadia Bjorlin’s turn to be the IPC Model of the Season. We are celebrating Nadia Bjorlin’s career in a 4 photo album special collection in IPC. This is Nadia Bjorlin’s debut in IPC.

Nadia Bjorlin is mostly noticed for her beautiful almond shaped eyes; however, she is a talented and well trained opera singer! Nadia is not just a bubble headed pretty doll but she actually has brains! Nadia Bjorlin is a well trained opera singer and musician who have a scientific knowledge of the Classical Music.

Nadia Bjorlin is an Iranian American with Persian and Swedish Roots. Nadia was born in Newport, Rode Island in United States. She moved and lived in Sweden until the age 7. Nadia recalls some discrimination and tensions towards her siblings and herself back in Sweden. This was due to the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the shenanigans caused by the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) during that era. While the Imperial Iran (before 1979) made the world to look up to and speak highly of the Iranians, yet the IRI (after 1979) made the world to look down upon the Iranians.

Nadia is the daughter of Ulf Bjorlin the Swedish world-renowned composer and conductor (1933 – 1993) and Fary a Persian interior decorator and painter. Later on in life, Nadia moved back to USA and settled in West Palm Beach, Florida. Nadia operates from Hollywood, California.

Nadia is an Ex Beauty Pageant and a trained Soprano opera singer. She has performed with Palm Beach Opera and competed in international level competitions. Nadia also plays the flute, harp, piano and guitar. She attended the Boston University but later on became a model and danced in a few music videos such as Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon”.

Eventually Nadia landed the role of Chloe Lane, a mysterious young opera singer on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives”. In a way, the role of Chloe made Nadia’s fantasy as an opera singer to come true in a soap opera! Chloe was a geek girl turned to a beautiful opera singer!

Nadia also made guest appearances on the TV shows such as "Jake in Progress," "Sex, Love and Secrets," "Out of Practice," “NCIS,” “Two and a Half Men,” “2 Broke Girls,” and others. Nadia played in a number of motion picture films. For instance, Nadia starred as Natasha Martin in the 2007 action film "Redline." Nadia has also played the role of a lesbian author Lara Miller in the web series “Venice: The Series”.

Nadia has 2 blood and 3 half siblings including the other Persian model and actress Kamilla Bjorlin. Nadia speaks and sings in Swedish, English and indeed Persian.

Aside from music which is her passion, Nadia’s hobbies are horseback riding, ice-skating and swimming. Nadia’s favorite color is blue. Nadia in fluent in Persian, Swedish, English and she was also schooled in French, Italian and Russian languages.

Nadia Bjorlin is proud of her Persian heritage. Nadia is in to Persian culture, customs, music and surely food. Nadia loves the Persian Cuisine and the Persian food culture. We like to call Nadia Bjorlin, the Persian Swedish Meatball because she is appetizing!

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These are Nadia Bjorlin’s new photo albums and her debut in IPC. Please welcome the talented Persian artist, Nadia Bjorlin and enjoy her albums:

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