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Nadia’s Wild Shots
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Nadia Malina Rojel Persian Spicy Hot Model
Nadia’s Wild Shots


Nadia Malina Rojel Persian Spicy Hot Model
Nadia’s Wild Shots

Nadia Malina Rojel
November 7, 2018

Nadia Malina Rojel is the IPC’s Hot New Model. Nadia is a wild and scandalous Persian girl. Nadia is athletic, fit and ready to Rock and Roll.

Nadia Malina Rojel is a second-generation Iranian American from both Persian parents. Nadia was born in Los Angeles, California. Nadia lives and works at Raleigh, North Carolina. Nadia moved to North Carolina due to her mother’s work. Nadia studied at the North Carolina State University and majored in Public Relations.

Nadia is very athletic. She Loves sports, plays volleyball, watches football and basketball. Nadia’s hobbies are dancing, volleyball, and going to the beach. Nadia loves Alfa Males who aggressively take charge, take control, make plans and lead. She likes funny and modest guys.

Nadia has done Art, Nude and Centerfold modeling. Nadia is pretty much into her Persian Culture, Traditions and Heritage.

Nadia Malina Rojel’s first debut album in IPC is the “Wild Shots” album. These are her select Playboy photo shoots consisting of Nadia’s pool table room, backroom, studio storage and airplane shots. She starts playing pool at the house and then leaves on the plane.

“Wild Shots” is the first of the many future Nadia albums in IPC. Enjoy the “Wild Shots”:

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